Plant Fantasy

Rule your own GREENdom NOW!
Gacraze Entertainment Limited
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Version 1.0.0
Updated on 2023-12-08
Rating 3.1
Category Role Playing
Package name com.fantasy.plant
Downloads 100+
Plant Fantasy Description
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All the plants have come alive! "PLANT FANTASY" offers a relaxing "UNIVEGGIE ADVENTURE," where you can combine and elevate your facilities through drag-and-merge mechanics – the EASIEST FARMING EVER!
From "Creamy Mashed Potatoes" to "Roasted Cauliflower," they all become your commanding soldiers! Let's unite and conquer the realm of GREENDOM!

● Begin with small farmland patches, expand to cover the entire GREENdom!
● Improve your plant facilities with drag-and-drop mechanics and combining elements.
● Personalize your land with over 450 components to match your style.
● Gather resources like wood, grains, pulp, and more to make surprising food and tools.
● Turn your products into luxury goods and sell them to earn tons of gold coins.
● Command over 50 plant champions to form your Ultimate VEGETEAM.
● Enter PVP battles, face annoying vegetables, and quickly show off your cooking skills.
● Form plant guilds, unite the community to fight the massive enemy.

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Comments about Plant Fantasy Android Version
For a game that wants you to play constantly, it sure does a good job at making the game unplayable with glitches. Can't adventure currently after restarting the game when it was not responding to any screen touches (only an issue in this game; I could toggle out to any other app with no issues). Why would I restart a 3rd time instead of just starting a non-glitchy game??
Edit: No events, no new season, looks abandoned Very grindy! Very! You have to continuously produce, sell, produce, sell and meanwhile produce the building materials. If you are looking for an AFK game, this is not for you. You basically have to log in every 10 minutes or play for hours non stop to progress. Otherwise it's not too bad :D
A fun CoC clone themed around plants. I want to play it while I commute but i cannot! The game automatically mutes other sounds so you can only listen to the in-game music... when this is fixed ill definetely play it more often!
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