Fantasy Gymnastics

Hey, acrobat girl! Put on makeup & dress up for your own circus! Time to twist!
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Version 1.1.5
Updated on 2021-04-05
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Fantasy Gymnastics Description
Hey, acrobat star girl! You’re cirque-du-so-AWESOME, and it’s about time you showed the world! Create your own traveling Fantasy Gymnastics circus! Your goal: make it the best spectacle in the whole USA! Direct tons of acrobatic shows, collect fame, and climb to the top of the country-wide leaderboard!

You’re an acrobat with a vision: create and direct the best circus performances the country has ever seen! Put your makeup on, dress up and travel across the US and thrill the crowds with magnificent Fantasy Gymnastics shows. Choreograph incredible performances, dress up in extravagant costumes, and twist your way to star girl famous!

Fantasy Gymnastics Features:
> Create and direct awe-inspiring acrobat circuses across the US! You’ll start off small, but you’ll end up a true star girl - larger than life!
> Amaze the audience with your stellar star girl acrobatic twist skills.
> Choreograph the circus performers’ moves and train them to twist like they’ve never twisted before, so each show is perfect.
> Choose an awesome theme for each Fantasy Gymnastics show: Firestarter, Up in the Air, Water World or Animal Kingdom.
> Dress up your acrobats in sparkling, eye-catching costumes.
> After dress up time, do their makeup. This isn’t any ordinary makeup - it’s spectacular! Paint their faces, and give them creative makeup masks and dazzling jewelry.
> Design the stage and the circus ring to your heart’s delight.
> Blow the audience away with amazing acrobat circus acts: juggling, trapeze flying, jumping through fire, tightrope walking and riding the cyr wheel.
> Film the show with professional cameras, and upload the videos to your personal CircTube channel.
> Level up your circus to unlock more acts, more twist moves, more costumes, more everything!
> Collect fame as you put on more shows, and get your name to the top of the national circus leaderboard!
> Play fun mini sideshow games.
> Design beautiful flyers to let everyone know your star girl circus is coming to town.

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Comments about Fantasy Gymnastics Android Version
Very fun app. The graphics are beautiful. The only suggestions I have are more choices in music and be able to have more than 4 performance moves. The routines are a bit on the short side. Also be able to undo the backgrounds or borders for the posters to no backgrounds or borders. Once you select a border you have to keep a border, you can't unselect it. These are small improvements that would make the game that much more awesome. Still super fun to play right now.
It's brilliant. My only complaint is the shows could be a bit longer. I will say that if you can't buy the full version, then it's probably not worth installing. Makeup mechanics are a bit different from other Coco games, layered face paint. And you're not just dressing one girl, but three. It is absolutely worth paying for if you can, but the free version is far too limited and filled with ads to be worth the download.
The graphics are really pretty and the whole cencept is really cool. Sonething that dissapoints me as a player is that most of the outfits are locked unless you pay real money for. If you are a player who is NOT ready to pay money for a game then it can become very annoying. The outfits and settings are what make a game enjoyable, to have to pay for them puts me off playing it. I would appreciate if they made all the items free for a much elevated gaming experience. Please make it free!!
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