The Ultimate Pixel Remaster
Version 1.1.0
Updated on 2024-01-30
Rating 4
Category Role Playing
Package name com.square_enix.android_googleplay.FFPR
Downloads 100+
A remodeled 2D take on the first game in the world-renowned FINAL FANTASY series! Enjoy the timeless story told through charming retro graphics. All the magic of the original, with improved ease of play.

Earth, fire, water, wind... The light that once shone within the four Crystals was lost. Darkness covered the land, until the only hope for humanity rested in legends past. Become the Warriors of Light and embark on your own journey to restore power to the Crystals and save the world.

Switch between classes to improve your characters. Traverse the wide world with your airship and other vessels. Return to the game that started it all.


■ Beautifully revived with new graphics and sound!
・Universally updated 2D pixel graphics, including the iconic FINAL FANTASY character pixel designs created by Kazuko Shibuya, the original artist and current collaborator.
・Beautifully rearranged soundtrack in a faithful FINAL FANTASY style, overseen by original composer Nobuo Uematsu.

■Improved gameplay!
・Including modernized UI, auto-battle options, and more.
・Also supports game pad controls, making it possible to play using a dedicated gamepad UI when connecting a gamepad to your device.
・Additional boost features to expand gameplay options, including switching off random encounters and adjusting experience gained multipliers between 0 and 4.
・Dive into the world of the game with supplemental extras like the bestiary, illustration gallery, and music player.

*One-time purchase. The app will not require any additional payments to play through the game after the initial purchase and subsequent download.
*This remaster is based on the original "FINAL FANTASY" game released in 1987. Features and/or content may differ from previously rereleased versions of the game.
*This version of the game has not had the BGM and font selection functionality available on on some platforms added.

[Applicable Devices]
Devices equipped with Android 6.0 or higher
*Some models may not be compatible.

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Comments about FINAL FANTASY Android Version
So, this not only doesn't have the extra content, but stuff like Astos preventing use of metal weapons isn't a thing, either. It's genuinely a remaster of the NES version, except tons less grindy. However, much like the original version that they delisted, there is somehow STILL no controller support. You can't even run in towns and dungeons unless you switch to tap mode. In terms of the touch controls with moving around, it's eh. Wait for a sale till they put in controller support.
Having beaten the game and getting every achievement, I'd say it's a great remaster! Fantastic rework of the soundtrack, and I was pretty happy with the sprites, art, and now having widescreen. My only real complaints are with the controls. The tap-to-move is a great option and definitely is playable, but there is absolutely no controller support. This was a pretty solid deal breaker for me, and I do not plan to purchase the other remasters unless they add controller support for them.
I've been enjoying the game greatly so far! Everything seems to work as intended, though the achievement for accessing the slide puzzle minigame doesn't seem to work. I've accessed (and beat) it many times, and still don't have the achievement. Other than that, complaints are very minimal: the font is rather small, as are the buttons in the battle menu in general. I also find the virtual thumbstick difficult to move with, but thankfully the tap controls make that virtually a non-issue

Is FINAL FANTASY safe for my device?

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What is an XAPK file, and what should I do if the FINAL FANTASY I downloaded is an XAPK file?

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Can I play FINAL FANTASY on my computer?

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