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Perfect World VNG – PBM My Anh Nguyet Tien: Nguyet Tien, New Edition
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Version 1.602.0
Updated on 2023-07-12
Category Role Playing
Package name com.pg1.tghmm
Downloads 2K+
Perfect World VNG Description
NEW VERSION MY PHOTO NGUYET TIEN is the first version in 2023 of the hit mobile game Perfect World VNG with a series of unique updates: The new sect Nguyet Tien uses Ice Thunder communication, the longest range of all. current sect. The new version of Duc Thich Thien increases the difficulty of the team with precious items waiting, updating the new Flying Equipment to increase the variety for the squad that likes to fly in the perfect world. Which cultivator will write immortal legends in the vast free-flying world of Perfect World?

- Thousands of years ago, Hac Dieu led tens of thousands of Evil Spirits to raid Citadel in the night. But Linh Dieu at that time had been operating the Spirit Spirit for a long time, so there was a situation of spiritual power exhaustion, she had to make the choice to sacrifice. Shen Tu Cang Lan was touched by her sincerity, freed herself to support her. After the explosion shook heaven and earth, countless Evil Spirits turned into fine powder, Linh Dieu died, the god of death was seriously injured, Black Dieu is unknown, leaving only a piece of land mixed with Spirit Qi, Dragon Qi and Demon. Gas. However, the unexpected thing is that these auras interfere with each other under the unexpected moonlight to nurture a new kind of life: Nguyet Tien.
- Weapon: Scythe

- The holy place of super-rescuing spirits from ancient times, surpassing copies to receive CS3 equipment materials

- Abundant flying in the perfect world.

* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Read image information
* READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Save image information
* RECORD_AUDIO: Support voice chat feature
* CAMERA: Support photo feature

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Comments about Perfect World VNG Android Version
The game looks and feels great. Smooth, clear graphics. Easy to navigate controls and menus. I just wish it had an option for English because Vietnamese is only my third language so my reading is really slow. Please release an English option in the settings.
It took a lot of time for updating 1.4GB new version to found that: cannot connect via Zalo account????? Clear cache: same result. Clear data: game cannot load???? Write comment while reinstalling ==!
Small screen, cannot see the words clearly. Also no explanation of system requirements
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