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MU Awaken VNG - New version 2021: Extreme awakening, continental proclamation
VNG Corporation
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Version 12.4.0
Updated on 2024-02-28
Category Role Playing
Package name com.gs2.mua
Downloads 2K+
MU Awaken - VNG Description
MU Awaken - VNG - blockbuster mobile game genre role-playing MMORPG.
Copyrighted by Korean manufacturer Webzen - the father of the classic MU Online game series and officially launched in Vietnam by publisher VNG.
MU Awaken is not only a mere upgrade but has reached an outstanding level of perfection, promoting its absolute advantages with extremely high-quality images, a perfect worldview when immersed in it.
Experience the vast and completely groundbreaking MU continent, outstanding from graphics to gameplay, for a more diverse viewing angle, combined with a game interface system designed to optimize for mobile, will bring Mutizen new experiences. Experience the ultimate battle with diverse mission activities in the game such as: Vice Ban, World Boss Hunt, Inter-server Guild War, Territory Battle, ..
The new version "Awakening the Soul - The Risen Knight" introduces a new Class Grow Lancer - Female knight inherits the power of the god of light, wearing a winged helmet, armor body, spear and shield in hand. battle assault. Nothing is unstoppable in her eyes.
Besides, in this update, there is also a feature called "Clan Chien Lien Server" where members of the great clans compete to choose the strongest clan on the continent. Feature "M U Dance" - inter-server activity where players can meet together to exchange, give gifts and receive many attractive prizes and honors. Along with other new features are waiting for Mutizen to discover.
MU Awaken – VNG: Korean Webzen Standard
With a high-end graphics platform and a larger continental map system, Mutizens will freely explore famous and familiar landmarks such as: Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Atlans, Icarus, ...
Classical School - 15 Years Reminiscences
Enjoy choosing 5 legendary character classes of MU Online game series:
- Dark Knight – The swordsman has power in both attack and defense, has great mobility and combat power at close range.
- Dark Wizard - The mage has the ability to control the enemy effectively and destroy the enemy at a safe distance.
- Fairy Elf – Gunner is an extremely powerful career class in the long range attack, which in a very short time can create huge damage.
- Dark Lord - The Dark Lord has the ability to control a wide area, buff allies and deal damage
- Magic Gladiator - Magic sword has the ability to practice both physics and magic, both carrying the power of the Knight clan, and having the ability to control magic from the Wizard race.
- Grow Lancer - The female knight inherits the power of the god of light, balancing attack and defense. Capable of controlling and releasing control.
Rich Skills - Beautiful Moves
Enjoy fighting with 8 skill slots combined with a special "Awakening Skill" system that will bring a lot of new and unique moves.
Live Trading - Free Pricing
Unique trading system:
+ Direct transactions between Mutizens.
+ Freely auction on the exchange.
Feature "Fate - Marriage"
Help players experience new and unique features such as "Proposing - Marriage - Organizing a wedding party", while helping to increase the fighting force and strength for the couple.
Plow Hoe Hoe Free - PK Non-Stop
PK does not leave hands with a diverse system of activities, taking place continuously throughout the day:
+ Feature "Abyss of Controversy": PK 100 vs 100 - A fiery inter-server battle guild
+ PK feature “Temple of Illusion”: Fierce 8 vs 8 arena
+ Familiar copies: Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Devil Square, Lost Tower, Thong Thien Thap, ...
+ Road of Life and Death: PK 5 vs 5 Battlefield
+ Hunting World Boss
+ Zen Edition, EXP Copy, Guild Quest,...
Various Appearance - Unique Riding Animals
+ New system of fashion, wings, mounts and spirits with hundreds of shimmering and fanciful effects specific to each character class.
+ Update many new fashion, unique style.
+ Updated unique mounts and spirits, supporting the ultimate combat ability for Mutizens.
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Comments about MU Awaken - VNG Android Version
Bad custome service, report error but the reply is seem to be "dont care" Highlight: report error of MG character 3 times, and nothing be fixed 1* is the best option
Cannot load the game, stuck forever at loading screen. Cheap graphics and gameplay. Automated bot admin, auto reply within many weeks! and no solution has been provided. Không load đc game, kẹt ở màn hình chờ. Admin tự động, trả lời tự động sau nhiều tuần cho có mà không giải quyết đc gì.
I cant play this game its always say your app or close and i check the game then i surprise because i download 1.9GB now it just a small number 226MB! REALLY????? I really want why please someone can explain it for me and thank you! :((((((

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