Fantasy Tavern

Have fun swiping on fantasy characters, manage your tavern and build your Fame!
Fire Chariot Studios
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Rating 4
Category Role Playing
Package name com.firechariotstudios.fantasytavern
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Fantasy Tavern Description
Welcome to your very own DND type Tavern! Where you swipe fantasy characters to make gold to stay open every day, and manage your tavern to become the most Famous Tavern in the Land!

Fantasy Tavern is a casual and fun (with a dash of strategy sprinkled in) game! You swipe right or left to serve or show away guests.
You can only serve a limited amount of guests a day (5 for each table), and need to make enough gold to pay your bills and stay open!

But it's a good idea to read each guest's bio before you let them in, as there can be un-expected and crazy consequences, impacting your Tavern's health and reputation!

For each day you survive you will be rewarded with Fame! Which will attract higher value customers and win you great rewards in the Most Famous Tavern in the Land event that runs every week!

You can also give your tavern a unique name and unlock special skins for your tavern!

Fantasy Tavern is my very first game I've made. I'm a 1 man indie game developer team! I love free-to-play mobile games, but got tired of them becoming more and more greedy and "pay-to-play"! So my game only has rewarded ads that you choose to watch, and affordable packs that you can buy as much as you want, without being forced to buy more expensive ones each time!

So give it a go, and let me know if you like it and have any suggestions to make it better or more fun! My goal is to keep updating the game to add more and more fun things to do in this wonderful fantasy tavern land!

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