Tips and Tricks to Get better at ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest


Tips and Tricks to Get better at ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest


ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest is a mobile turn-based RPG. It is an officially licensed game based on the hit anime and Manga Series One Punch Man featuring iconic characters like Saitama and Genos.


The game has over 5 million downloads and stays faithful to the original by faithfully recreating One Punch Man's entire world with opponents appearing from outer space. Many of the iconic scenes that the anime was known more had been beautifully played in the game.


Drafting the Right Way:


In ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest, there are five factions known to be extremely strong. They are the Heroes, Martial Artists, Monsters, Outlaws, and the Other. They are divided into two main groups called the forces of Good and Evil, with martial artists being members for both.


Generally, when building an excellent balanced draft, you should draft from both Good and Evil characters. Do not stick with just one side, as it can severely disrupt your draft's overall integrity.


You need to have at least 6 Good and 6 Evil characters. So, always have a diversified roster. As a general tip, you should not be recruiting your coupons one at a time. If you recruit all ten characters at once with coupons, you get a free SSR character. We recommend that you reset your name if you are not satisfied with your character's progress.


Tips and Tricks to Get better at ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest


Use Quick Deploy and Auto-Battle:


We recommend using the Quick Deploy and the Auto-Battle feature as they can lead you to easy wins quite quickly. Generally, you can use both these features to breeze through the campaign's initial levels and the story mode. As the game gets more challenging, you might find it much harder to progress. In these cases, you will need to Upgrade Characters, Recruit Characters and get more Saitama Talents as well.


Do not focus on Upgrading Characters:


While in most games, you are always recommended to upgrade your characters in ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest, that is not the case. As this is a Hero Collector game, you will need many resources to upgrade characters as they are quite hard to get by. Try to save your resources for more powerful characters you can get later in the game.


If you go for recruiting characters, it is quite an expensive solution. To recruit more characters, you need to upgrade vouchers. These vouchers are quite hard to get but can be purchased. If you want to go for the F2P Route, you will not be getting many chances to recruit more characters than the initial 12. You should, however, rely on getting as many Saitama Talent points as possible.


Recruiting different kinds of characters gives you a much better chance of facing off against a wide variety of lineups. If you keep upgrading the same draft repeatedly, you will not keep up with the different kinds of lineups present in the game.


Choose the Right Characters:


As said earlier, you can go through much stricter opponents by adding some diversity to your team. If you use Quick Deploy, you are generally put up with a draft that is competitive against your opponents.


Tips and Tricks to Get better at ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest


However, this particular draft will not always be perfect. So, you should never rely on just battle rating or power to dictate the game's pace but should instead look at the particular buffs and nerfs a character has.


For a general example, just like in the Anime Mumen Rider in ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest is not exactly the best character. However, he has perhaps the best skill in the game with his Justice Roar. This skill can buff one ally for that turn making the character faster and allowing them to cast their skills earlier.


Combining Mumen Rider with a character like the Dark Matter Thief can quickly help decimate your opponents with ease. With abilities such as Dark Matter Missile, which let him attack the entire enemy team at once.


Using this ability combined with Mumen Rider's Justice Roar will have you inflict massive amounts of damage on the enemy. Using unique mechanics like these helps you realize the importance of synergizing with the right characters.


Complete your Daily Quests!


Completing the story mode in ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest is not easy at all. If you are stuck on a particular quest, it probably is time to do your Side Quests. As soon as you log in, you can get five quests from your guild, which add up to about 19 quests you can do every day. Use these quests to strengthen your characters as they let you get an Elite Voucher each day.


Tips and Tricks to Get better at ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest


If you collect these rewards, your growth remains extremely consistent. If you keep up with this routine, the PvP and Arena mode should be your top priorities. If you keep up with this routine, you will eventually become a top contributor in your guild leaderboards.


While this routine might feel quite boring and mundane, that is the part of the grind of a game like ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest. You should be able to complete the Story Mode quests much quicker by completing your side quests and focusing on trying to improve your guild ratings as much as you can.




ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest is an entertaining turn-based fighting game. Like the anime, the game is quirky, fun, and includes many references from the original series. With Saitama's corny jokes and Mumen Rider's valiant sacrifices, you will undoubtedly be enjoying the game even if you are not a big fan of the original anime.


If you lean towards the more competitive side of things, you should always emphasize collecting characters and recruiting heroes as much as possible. The game demands a lot of time and dedication. So, try to log in every day and try to complete your quests as soon as they pop up. If you can't, do not leave your characters idle and play them in the Arena instead.

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