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Last Updated: 2021-04-12 Current Version: 1.4.0
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One Punch Man: The Strongest for PC is the mobile game based on the iconic universe of One Punch Man by Murata Yusuke. Destroy your enemies with destructive combos in thrilling real-time battles. Relive every thrilling moment of the anime and manga in the Classic Story mode that follows Saitama’s journey to find fulfillment.

Saitama is a lone hero looking for a worthy opponent to make sense to his life. Kick, smash, and (of course) punch your opponents in frenetic arena battles. Meet memorable characters both old and new as you embark on an unforgettable shonen journey. The anime comes to life; thanks to the state-of-the-art graphics engine that perfectly simulates the detailed animations and whimsical art style of the One Punch Man series. 

Play One Punch Man: The Strongest on PC for a fast-paced combat system that rivals console titles. Each character is unique, with their super abilities and personal strengths; collect them all. Do you think you’re the “baddest” around? Take on the world’s most powerful players in intense 3v3 or 6v6 PvP arena action. Establish your place in the pantheon of legendary heroes by defeating anyone who gets in your way.

There is no better way to experience the dizzying action of One Punch Man: The Strongest than on PC with LDPlayer. LDPlayer unleashes the raw processing power of your personal computer to deliver unmatched Android gaming performance. Take advantage of many features you won’t find on your mobile device: keyboard and mouse support, GPU acceleration, and more. 

Advanced Keymapping is the feature that allows you to create custom control settings for all your favorite Android titles. It supports mouse, keyboard, and even gamepad so that you can get the authentic console gaming experience when playing One Punch Man: The Strongest on PC. Do you think your Guild could use a little help to complete its quests? Use the Multi-Instance Manager to run multiple copies of One Punch Man: The Strongest on a single machine. Then go to war with multiple accounts at the same time.


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-7400
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 680
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 8GB available space


Q: Who is the most powerful in One Punch Man?
A: Saitama

He is the main character of the series and has turned out to be the most powerful character to date. He defeats almost all opponents with one punch, and we haven't seen his full power yet.

Can Saitama be defeated?
A: To sum it up, no. No one can beat Saitama. He could and would punch them all.

Who can survive Saitama's punch?
A: Boros was Saitama’s first opponent to survive after getting punched, much to Saitama's surprise. He is the first of Saitama's opponents to need more than one punch to kill; Saitama also considered him to be the strongest opponent he had faced so far.


  • Exclusive Characters

There are different characters and each of them has a unique beginning, plus they have unique skills and costumes. Choose who you like and use their skills to form a strong lineup.

  • Multiple Game Mode

With a variety of game modes, it allows you to experience different gameplay and have the most fun. And you may also have the opportunity to fight with players from ten countries.

  • Hero X Monster Mode

This is where players have to face a Hero or a Monster/Outlaw. Therefore, only a team of full Hero characters can fight against Monster/Outlaw, and vice versa. Only by defeating these 2 teams can players take the next step to get better rewards.

  • Daily Resource Mode

EXP Challenge, which is the dungeon where EXP bottles drop. In this mode, only Hero characters can be used. Hero characters with Area of Effect (AOE) abilities are recommended, as the main goal is to defeat the assigned number of clones in a limited number of turns.

With its superb presentation and familiar soundtrack, fans of the series can truly fall in love with the game and creating their own league of Heroes or Monsters in One Punch Man: The Strongest.

The gameplay itself is fun enough to meet the standards of mobile RPG fans with tons of challenges and game modes to unlock; plus it offers enough rewards for F2P players, so everyone can be sure it’s not entirely a pay-to-win game. While the saddest thing is that not all of the series are currently available, so we still have to wait for future updates for characters like Garou to show up.

Bottom line, One Punch Man: The Strongest is a good choice not only for the fans series, but also for those looking for a good RPG mobile game that will give them plenty to do during their downtime. This game is sure to offer hours & hours of entertainment as it is now and there will be even more content coming in future updates.

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