Top Action Games You Should Play


Top Action Games You Should Play


Action games have always been the most popular gaming category to date. In the past few years, we have received some fantastic games such as Call of Duty and PUBG; such games have changed the concept of mobile gaming by pushing it to the next level.


We have gathered the ten most awesome action games of this decade and provided you with the reasons for them being the most famous. It is to be noted that all of these games are of the same category, but each game has its unique gameplay and features, making them incomparable. You are advised to play at least one of these games to understand the actual thrill of Action Games.


Call Of Duty: Mobile


Call of Duty: Mobile is developed by Activision Publishing, having more than 100 million downloads and a 4.5-star rating. Being one of the most popular console games, COD Mobile was heavily anticipated by the gaming community; not only this but COD Mobile also won The Game Awards 2019.


The game offers various features such as multiple playable characters, maps, and game modes similar to the series's previous games. Moreover, the game introduced new game modes such as Battle Royale and the Iconic Sniper Gameplay, which was appreciated the most. Likewise, if you love sniper gameplay, you should consider playing this game.


Top Action Games You Should Play




Fortnite is one of the most popular games ever; the game was released in the mid of 2017 by Epic games. Fortnite became one of the most played game by drawing more than 125 million players in less than a year, and the game has also won 19 awards for various categories. The game offers three outstanding modes to play in, Save the World, Battle Royale (being the most popular), and the creative mode released in late December. Moreover, the gameplay is challenging for new players due to the building mechanism, but it won't take you long to ace the building mechanism.


Top Action Games You Should Play


Modern Combat 5: Blackout


Modern Combat 5, an editor's choice game with more than 100 million downloads, MC 5 was released in the early 2014's and was a big hit. The game features various characters to play (each having unique gameplay) and two different modes, Career & Multiplayer.


The game's career mode consists of 6 Tiers (each being more challenging the before); each tier consists of 10-15 missions, which also includes short tasks like Snipping & Clear the rooms. Moving forward towards the multiplayer mode, MC5 is one of the best games to play TDMs and other quick multiplayer matches. The gameplay is straightforward, so are the controls, so if you prefer games with fewer complexities, you would love this game.


Top Action Games You Should Play


Injustice 2:


Injustice 2, The Editor’s Choice, is a Warner Bros game released in 2017. The game characters are based upon the DC Universe that became the reason for this game to reach the immense fame level in no time. This game is all about good people fighting the bad guys; you get to choose a DC Universe character to fight against the evil DC villains. Moreover, most gameplay mechanics are inherited from its predecessor game, "Injustice: God Among Us," but there are new things to discover. If you are a DC Universe lover, don't wait to install the game and enjoy it.


Top Action Games You Should Play


PUBG Mobile:


PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround (PUBG) is developed and released by the PUBG Corporation; it is the most downloaded game of 2020 and holds the Editor's Choice title. Not only this, PUBG has won 12 Awards in all kinds of categories, and the game is extremely addictive, as it has a lot of things to offer.


The most iconic and popular gaming mode of PUBG is the Battle Royale. Moreover, the game has a lot more to offer, for instance, the Team Death Matches, Sniper gameplay, and much more. The game offers four different maps for its iconic Battle Royale matches. Nonetheless, the best part of this game is that, unlike other games, this game runs entirely on low specifications, so you are more than welcome to play this game on a regular spec phone.


Top Action Games You Should Play


Dead Trigger 2:


Dead Trigger 2 is a zombie-themed survival game developed by the Madfinger Games with an outstanding 4.5-star rating, but due to its theme, the game is rated as PG 16. The game has similar gameplay to its predecessor, Dead Trigger, which itself was a blockbuster. Dead Trigger 2 is a single-player shooting game. To complete the mission and move forward into the game, you have to kill all the zombies. Once you complete one task, you receive some cash, which can be used to buy ammunition or upgrade your weapons.


Top Action Games You Should Play


Critical Ops:


Critical Ops is a first-person shooting game published in November 2018 by Critical Force Entertainment Ltd. The game features three kinds of gaming modes, all of them being multiplayer matches. The gameplay is straightforward and similar to other FPS shooter games. Two teams fight to complete the given task or eliminate the opposing team before the timer runs out.


Moreover, winning a match gives you in-game cash that is used to buy weapons or skins. Without a doubt, the game is entertaining to play but, the only issue is that the game sometimes lags during the matchmaking, so a bit of patience is required from you if you decide to play this game.


Top Action Games You Should Play


Garena Free Fire:


If you belong to the gaming community, you are familiar with Free Fire. Garena Free Fire was released in the late 2017's but got popular in the 2019-2020's. Free Fire won the "best popular vote game" award in 2019, by the Google Play Store. In addition to it, Free Fire has more than 500 million downloads to date.


Free Fire is a Battle Royale game, and the reason for its popularity is that the game runs perfectly on phones with low specifications. Free Fire is more focused on the gameplay than the graphics, as we know the majority of online multiplayer action games are significant in size and require a high amount of ROM & RAM, but that's not the case with Free Fire, so download it and have fun.


Top Action Games You Should Play


World War Heros: WW2 FPS:


Want to experience the scenery of World War 2? Download the iconic World War Heros. World War Heros is one of the few FPS shooter games which are themed to the scenario of WWII; the game has a lot to offer in terms of difficulty, multiplayer matches, and the types of matches.


You can play the Hardcore Mode for a realistic experience, which increases the sustained damage, or you can play a multiplayer game with panzers and play a tank conflict rather than fighting on the ground. Moreover, the game has a lot more to offer in terms of weaponry; in addition to it, the game has allowed the users to create their own rules and enjoy the game however they want to.


Top Action Games You Should Play


Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG:


Iron Blade: Medieval Legends, is developed by Gameloft SE, describes that the game is exceptionally significant in terms of story and graphics. The game is considered a console-level game, as the gameplay and graphics resemble the console version of the game, yet it's elementary to master its controls.


Top Action Games You Should Play


Iron Blade requires 1.5 GB of storage in your mobile phone and is suggested to be played on mobile phones with high-end specifications. Moreover, once you have collected strong weapons for your Monster Hunter, it's time for you to test your abilities by fighting against other players. 

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