Star Healer Beginner Guide for Getting Started with LDPlayer


Star Healer is a game that comes with an anime style to the Role-Playing Gaming world, and there are many adventurous things to do here. This game has a beautiful storyline, and there are many characters and even pets to choose from. Hey, but do not get lost among these characters and the pets. To select the best characters among these dozens of characters, having a Star Healer beginner guide will be helpful, don't you think so?






We see a girl named Sakura who was taken to an unknown Candy galaxy in here. But the sudden approach of the sea urchins virus to this Candy galaxy made everything so hard here. You play as the main character, Sakura, who has to save this galaxy with her ally teams, the Star Healers. 


The ultimate goal here is to clean the Candy galaxy by chasing the sea urchin virus a hundred percent away. This cannot be done alone. Players must build a team by summoning and collecting cute pets and characters. Through this Star Healer beginner guide, we are about to cover everything players must know about the game to purify this galaxy from the dirty virus. Let's get into the guide. 


Constructing Your Team

After you complete the tutorial in the game, it will allow you to build up a team needed to fulfill your mission. When you choose heroes for your team, you can assign pets and various weapons for them.


As a Star Healer beginner, you must always try to assign the strongest heroes to your team, and also, you can choose weapons for each character that can get higher up their statistics. Every hero in this game has three categories of unique abilities; special, leader, and passive skills. When players select the characters for the team, reading their powers is a must. Doing so can construct a great team with a combination of the best skillful characters. 


When talking about weapons as a Star Healer beginner, there are mainly five types of weapons; bash, energy, chop, bullet, and element, which can be categorized as ranged or melee type weapons. It would help if you assigned weapons that would match the characters' skills to have more remarkable results on the battlefields. 


So always be more considerate about the guns you give to the characters because it will directly affect their playstyle. To ensure the heroes deal massive damage with the weapons they were shown, choose only the guns that can effectively deal damage to enemies. 


The next thing about constructing the team is pets, who play a considerable role in battles. When your characters are busy hunting down enemies, their pets are also busy hunting down enemies using the unique skills they have. Now you know that pets are also very helpful in battles, then do not forget to choose the stronger pets with high stats. 



Purifying the Planet

As mentioned above, the mission here is to purify the Candy galaxy to its former sweetness, and as a Star Healer beginner, you need to know how this should be done. So, in the campaign mode, you must visit many planets to purify by destroying enemies there. Players must complete a certain number of levels to cleanse these planets a hundred percent. 


The mission here is either killing all the germs or protecting something within a limited time. When you enter an assignment, you will see many things that distract you from the same mission, but do not let your mind go astray. 


In a journey to purify planets, players must assign a leader for the team, and as an aid, this game allows a hero of another player to join your team. In battles, please focus on the enemies and try to keep the targets within your range of fighting to make it easier to kill dozens of them. 



Upgrading the Team

Upgrading your team is essential to get a better outcome in fights and upgrade your characters, weapons, and pets; players need batteries as experience points. And we recommend it highly from this Star Healer beginner guide. But upgrade only the things you use in battling, not everything you own. 


Before going to another level after completing one, try to upgrade your resources to make sure you won't fail. 


Elements of the Characters

As a Star Healer beginner, you must know each character's elements. These elements cannot be changed, and they are; Mallet, Destruction, Cloth, Scissors, and Creation. These contain the weaknesses and strengths of each of the elements. 



Stronger to

Weaker to

















Summon the High Rarity Characters Quickly With LDPlayer

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The Multi-instance feature in LDPlayer allows the players to run the same game in different gaming accounts, saving your time to get a character with a higher stat. 


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Star Healer Beginner Guide for Sugar Cubes

The next thing from this Star Healer beginner guide is sugar cubes. Sugar cubes are used to enhance the attributes of the characters, pets, and weapons you have in the game, and you must remember to claim your sugar cubes daily through the sugar cube pool and in gacha. 


Every character, pet, and weapon has a certain amount of sugar cubes slots that can be unlocked using in-game currencies or stars. Sugar cubes come with four tiers, and when the player inputs sugar cubes in their relevant spaces, different bonus rewards can be gained according to the tier of the sugar cube. 


You can upgrade these sugar cubes to a higher tier by combining sugar cubes of the same level. So, as we told before, obtaining the daily sugar cube must be a part of your regular game route.


Continuing the Vegetable Farm

Farming is also an essential thing to do in this game. The players can level up their characters and stats faster by using the food you farm. And also, the game gives us the recipes to cook here to boost the characters' health, attacking abilities, etc. 


But to earn the resources needed to cook the recipes, you need to continue farming resources such as egg and rice ball seeds. After harvesting, you must cook these into recipes and feed the elf to take more stats to your characters. 


Black Hole


As the last thing, let us define you about the Black Hole from this Star Healer beginner guide. Black Hole is where you can discard anything you think it's not worth keeping, such as characters, pets, and weapons. After clearing stage 03 of the game, the Black Hole will be unlocked. 


But we recommend not to use Black Hole even if it's unlocked. Before throwing something into the Black Hole, check if you already have this item. If not, do not throw it.



We hope to conclude this beginner guide with the best tips to start the game effectively. Have better winnings with the best-chosen team of healers. Keep these tricks in mind to be the best healer in the game.

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