City of Crime: Gang Wars Tips to Have the Best Gangster Life


Do you ever want to be a part of a gangster where you have brothers with you to give support? Then it is a gangster strategy game. There are many thrilling fights to deal in here, and they all need the best strategies to do better with the gameplay. It is your time to defeat the enemies and if you want to have some best ideas to do it, keep reading. This is your City of Crime: Gang Wars tips guide to make your gameplay more successful.






City of Crime: Gang Wars is not your usual RPG game, and you know, every month, the gaming world is filled with different RPG titles, and this one is set to give you a new experience. The game is purely running on the strategy genre, and this game has been introduced to the world by a new game developer called FingerFun. You need to have the best decisions taken from the entire gameplay as a player because those are the deciding factors for the end result in this game.


With so many fights happening with the worldwide players and a need to be a king to the whole world, you need to be well adjusted for this gameplay, which makes it very important to know about the City of Crime: Gang Wars tips. So here is your guide and let's start the journey.


How to Upgrade Yourself in the City of Crime: Gang Wars?

The first thing that we are going to talk about from the City of Crime: Gang Wars tips guide is the way how you can upgrade yourself. The very first thing that you will do when you log in to this game is to select a character, and this character is the one who will engage in many activities to progress you from the gameplay.



So if you want to have a better upgrade from this game, you have first to do the training for your character, and it needs to be done with the combats. Upgrading can also be done by training some other self-defense activities as they are helping a player to survive this game.


So one of the first places we recommend you construct is the Fight Club. You can enter this club as it teaches you the exact way to fight, and when you have perfectly mastered the fighting, you can increase your power as well as the battery. When these two are increased, it is going to contribute well towards combat as well.


Next, you have to pay the best attention to your armory as we recommend it to you from the City of Crime: Gang Wars tips guide. Armories can provide players with weapons, and weapons are the primary sources for committing a crime. So in the City of Crime: Gang Wars, you must have some reasonable weapons with you. Upgrading and constructing your weapons best can help you do much better in your gameplay.


How to Have Perfect Fighting?

Perfect fighting in the City of Crime: Gang Wars is somewhat hard to deal with but let us introduce you to a way to do it from the City of Crime: Gang Wars tips guide. There is only a simple thing to do here, and you only need the best android emulator: LDPlayer.



There is a specific feature coming with this best emulator, which will contribute to your fighting, called Keyboard Mapping. Here you can literally have the chance to set shortcuts for the easiest controls you see, so you will not going to face harder in any phase of your fighting.


The other thing is that when you fight, if it takes much effort with many repeating actions like attacking, simply go with the Keyboard Macro, where you are going to set one key to these all annoying repeating movements. So if you are looking for the perfect fight, you know what to do now.


Do Some Enhancements to the Base Camp

One of the best guidance we can provide you from this City of Crime: Gang Wars tips guide is to do as much as enhancements for your base camp since it is the core place to make you more powerful for the gameplay. 


Once you start in this game, you will be starting it off with this base camp, and every other thing has to be built with the levels you progress. Know that in the City of Crime: Gang Wars, base camp is the place that hides gold and money. So if you want to have more of them, you need to do some level-ups for this base camp.


When you increase this base camp, it will result in raising the other building tiers which you have constructed. If you have a 2 tier fight club, when you are done with your base camp level, it will be raised into the third tier. So make sure to do enhancements for your base camp, and it needs to be done with money and the rewards you earn from this game.



Be Wise and Efficient with Thinking

Since this is a strategy game, making the right decision has a huge impact on the entire gameplay and because of that, being wise and being so efficient becomes the last tip from the City of Crime: Gang Wars tips guide. You need to be very careful because this game has so many things that need your attention to be managed.


Let us tell you one thing here. Don't always seek resources; instead, you can try to automate your stuff to help you do much better for your main quests. Always give your priority to the character enhancements as well as the building upgrades because they are helping you to do better at your combats.




So that is it. We have listed all the crucial points you can grab from the City of Crime: Gang Wars tips guide, and it is now your time to master the game with these best tips. Remember, you are the gangster and need to be better at this gameplay. So do follow the tips and make your gangster's life more successful.

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