Arknights Reclamation Algorithm Gamemode Ultimate Guide


Together with the release of the Monster Hunter X Arknights Crossover Collaboration event, Arknights have also introduced a brand new game mode into the game for players to entertain themselves with while they spend their sanity and stamina on farming the Collaboration event in the form of the brand new game mode - Reclamation Algorithm which can be played and enter without costing any currencies or stamina. This brand new game mode will challenge the players’ ability to utilize their different operators effectively on a wider scale map and enable them to create several brand new gameplay mechanics for them to challenge and enjoy.


In this guide, we will go over the details and gameplay of the brand new Arknights Game mode - Reclamation Algorithm and advises players on how they can best utilize this mode to obtain all of the mode’s rewards in order to enhance their operators and their roster in preparation for future contents coming up in the game. In addition, we will also go over the brand new standard banner available in Arknights and advise players on whether or not they should roll for the rated up operators on the banner.



Let’s play Arknights on PC and find out together.

Arknights New Gamemode - Reclamation Algorithm Ultimate Guide

The brand new game mode for Arknights - Reclamation Algorithm is a brand new game mode introduced into Arknights as an experimental permanent game mode that sees players participate in various brand new activities and gameplay actions in a wide world map in order to obtain various materials, build special bases and defend against waves of enemies all the while obtaining exclusive limited time rewards in the form of character upgrading materials, EXPs and other premium currencies.

What Is Reclamation Algorithm

Reclamation Algorithm as a brand new game mode is essentially the beta test for Arknights’ brand new End Field game that has been announced. It serves as a world map function where players will have to do a variety of tasks ranging from collecting materials, building combat bases to defend against enemies and obtaining rewards by completely defending against waves of oncoming enemies. The goal of Reclamation Algorithm is for players to survive as long as possible within its day counting system in order to be able to obtain the event currencies and exchange for items in the limited time event points ladder.

The main gameplay of Reclamation Algorithm revolves around 3 types of different stages that players will need to participate in in order to clear the requirements and advance the day - the resource stages, the hunting stages and the encounter stages.

Reclamation Algorithm - Resource Stages

Resource stages in Reclamation Algorithm are special stages that players will need to deploy operators to use their skills and abilities on special objects on the field like trees, rocks and others to gather materials in order to prepare for the building of the players’ base of operation.

In order for players to be able to gather materials in these stages, they will have to deploy operators and use their skills on the special materials titles on the stage and deplete the duration gauge on these special materials titles. For each time the materials’ duration gauge is depleted, players will gain 1 stack of the material. This process can be repeated constantly until the material title disappears and can no longer be mined for resources by the operators. In order to save the materials mined by the operators, players will need to retreat the operators once they have finished their job.


These stages all have a time limit for players and will end immediately once the timer runs out, so players should be quick about gathering materials when playing these stages.

Reclamation Algorithm - Hunting Stages

In addition to the resources stages, players will also be faced with the special hunting stages in Reclamation Algorithm. These hunting stages are designed for players to be able to farm in order to obtain special cooking materials needed to grant operators Stamina for them to be able to be deployed onto the battlefield. These hunting stages are similar to the resource stages in that they will require a large amount of effort in order to clear and obtain the cooking materials.

In these hunting stages, players will face a herd of exotic animals and other enemies that players can deploy operators in order to hunt and obtain cooking materials. Every single of the animals will have a special mechanic and hunting requirement that players will need to accommodate such as fast speed, erratic running patterns or even high HP. Once the operators have depleted the HP gauge of these animals, the operators will gain cooking materials.


Like the Resource Stages, These Hunting stages will also have a time limit that players need to pay attention to and players should hunt as many animals as they can before the timer runs out.

Reclamation Algorithm - Encounter Stages

The last of the 3 different types of gameplay stages for Reclamation Algorithm, The encounter stages function practically similar to all battle stages in the game up until this point with an emphasis on players encountering large waves of enemies and having to defend the core against the enemies without letting them get to it.

In order to initiate these encounter stages, players will first be faced with a choice and a decision which will determine the different effects, buffs and enemies players will face in that specific encounter stage. It is also important to note that by using the materials gathered through the Hunting and Resources Stages, players can feed operators different buffing meals and build their headquarters up in order to obtain special battle specific buffs that are beneficial for these encounter stages.

Reclamation Algorithm - Operators’ Stamina and Foods

Throughout the Reclamation Algorithm, in order to deploy operators onto the battlefield in Hunting or Resource Stages, players will need to take the operators’ stamina into account. Each operator will have a maximum of 3 stamina gauge that players can pick up to 6 operators at the start of the run to fill up. An Operator will be required to have at least 1 stamina gauge before they can be deployed onto the battlefield and completing a stage will deplete the stamina gauge of all operators deployed by 1 each.

In order to replenish operators’ stamina gauge, players can spend the cooking materials gathered in hunting stages to cook up foods and feed them to the operators. In addition, certain foods will also have additional effects like buffing the operator when fed to the operators.

Reclamation Algorithm - Point Ladder

After completing a run of Reclamation Algorithm and ceasing the operation, players will be able to obtain special points corresponding to their progress during that operation and that run. These points will be calculated based on the progress of players on the different resource, hunting and encounter stages, how far the players have made in the story of the run and how many days the players have managed to last during the specific run of Reclamation Algorithm.

Once calculated and obtained, players can obtain various rewards from the Reclamation Algorithm point ladder by turning in the points in order to obtain the rewards at each level. The rewards players can obtain ranges from character upgrading materials, LMDs, EXPs, character module upgrading materials and other event exclusive items like furniture and even summoning tickets.


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