Arknights X Monster Hunter Collaboration - How To Get All Rewards


With the month of September starting strong, Arknights is holding one of the most important event in its history in the form of a collaboration event with one of gaming most popular and beloved franchise to date - the much acclaimed Monster Hunter Franchise in a special limited time event and side story collaboration event - A Flurry To The Flame, featuring all brand new game mechanics, limited time event rewards and various types of event collaboration exclusive missions, up to 20 FREE pulls and the release of 3 special collaboration limited operators - the 6* Fast Redeploy Specialist Kirin R Yato, the 5* Musha Guard Rathalos S Noir Corne and the 1* Free Event Sniper - Terra Research Commision.


In this guide, we will go over all of the event’s details and mechanics regarding the special Arknights x Monster Hunter Collaboration Event Side story and advise players on how they can best obtain all of the event’s rewards in the fastest and most optimal way possible. In addition, we will also go over whether or not players should roll for the limited collaboration characters that will be rated up during the event duration - the 6* Fast Redeploy Specialist Kirin R Yato, the 5* Musha Guard Rathalos S Noir Corne.



Let’s play Arknights on PC and find out together.

Arknights Special Collaboration Guide - Monster Hunter X Arknights

The Special Monster Hunter x Arknights limited time event is one of the most important and majorly big events with various rewards made available for all players during the event period. With the Event, players will be able to claim event exclusive rewards such as the free 1* welfare operator - Terra Research Commision, special furniture 3 Headhunting Tickets and up to 20 FREE Pulls.

Monster Hunter X Arknights Collaboration Event - Special Log In Campaign

During the event’s duration, when players log into the game, they will have a chance to obtain various rewards and 2 special 10 pull tickets that can exclusively be spent on the limited banner to roll 10 pulls for free on the banner.


The first log-in event is the special limited time available 10 free pull summoning tickets for the limited time banner. This ticket can easily be obtained by the player simply logging into the game at least once during the event’s period while the special limited banner is still live.

The second log in special campaign is the special login stamp event where players will be able to obtain various rewards for a total of 14 days straight. When logging in, players can choose 1 of the 14 spaces on the stamp in order to obtain the reward hidden behind each stamp with a chance of being able to receive and clear 2 stamps in 1 day if they are lucky. Once players have cleared the entire stamp cards, they will be able to obtain the special Monster Hunter Supply Drop package, which includes an event limited item and another free 10 pull ticket that can be used on the limited collaboration event.

Monster Hunter X Arknights Collaboration Event - Main Event Battle Stages

During the event period, special event stages will be available for a limited time and players need to clear through all the stages in order to experience the full story of the event. Players also need to clear all of the event stages in order to clear all of the event’s missions and to gain originiums for stage first-clears.

After the first-clears, players will need to spend their stamina (or “sanity”) in order to farm event currencies to exchange for special rewards in the event shop. The event currencies will be rewarded on a 1:1 scale between sanity spent and amount of currencies gained, so players should focus on clearing high sanity stages and farm on those in order to gain the most amount of event currencies in the fastest way possible.

Monster Hunter X Arknights Collaboration Event - Main Missions

Special Missions will also be available for all players to clear in order to gain special event currencies. In addition, these missions will also reward players with special furniture and a free Welfare - Terra Research Commision.

In order to clear the missions, players will need to finish all of the event battle stages in addition to the challenge stages. All of the missions will only counts the first clear of each stage so for any players who have finished the event before, they will 

need to clear the stages once again in order to claim the mission reward.

Monster Hunter X Arknights Collaboration Event - Event Shop

This time special rewards will be available for all players in the event shop, including special Tokens for Terra Research Commision which are needed to be used to up their potential level and upgrade her power, special headhunting tickets (up to 3 tickets), LMDs, EXP cards and special furnitures to complete the event specific furniture set. By exchanging the monster materials obtained through farming the event stages, players will be able to trade them into the shop to randomly obtain the rewards by filling up the trading gauge. Players can trade up to 10 materials by filling up the trading gauge up to 10 gauges at a time for the random rewards.

Players should prioritize the special event exclusive rewards on the first tab of the event shop and exchange all of them before moving on to the second event tab. It is also important to note that the event only provides a certain amount of event currencies, therefore, players should consider before exchanging for items in the event shop.

Monster Hunter X Arknights Collaboration Limited Banner - Should You Roll

With the release of the Monster Hunter X Arknights limited time collaboration event, players will have the chance to obtain a special limited collaboration character - the 6* Fast-Redeploy Specialist Kirin R Yato

Kirin R Yato

Kirin R Yato is a 6* Specialist Operator of the Fast-Redeploy branch of specialist, allowing her to have reduced redeployment time and help her to be constantly used to deal with dangerous foes on the field at quick notice.

Kirin R Yato is one of the most powerful and unique operators in the game with the ability to be constantly redeployed on the battlefield to deal with different threats with good damage and utility. Her skills are among the best and most interesting among the operators. Kirin R Yato’s 2nd skill allows her to deal up to 16 hits in a row to the title ahead of her, dealing massive amounts of physical and arts damage to all enemies in that title, making it an extremely powerful skill to deal with large amounts of enemies at short notice.


Kirin R Yato shines best with her 3rd skill, which, when used, will launch her forward and deal damage to all enemies in her way, for each enemy in her way, the distance she goes will increase, up to 5 titles ahead of her. While she is in this state, she will deal massive amounts of arts and physical damage to all enemies in her way and can even hit aerial enemies, allowing her to clear the enemy row with ease

Should You Pull

Yes, You Absolutely Must Pull. Not only is Kirin R Yato an extremely powerful operator to have in terms of gameplay and collection purpose, she is also a collaboration limited operator, meaning she will ONLY be available ONCE during this banner. And players can get her for guarantee after 120 pulls, so this is the best time for players to obtain her.

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