Rules of Survival Top Tips and Tricks for More Wins

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Rules of Survival, or the ROS, is the hottest game that came globally like PUBG. And we are seeing millions of gamers who have been already attracted to this game due to its attractive strategies. If you make it able to master, you must have enclosed with many tactics and strategies with some good skills. There will be only one winner you will see at the game end, which will be the end of your match.


Rules of Survival Top Tips and Tricks for More Wins


To be this called one and only winner, it is crucial to surviving at the game, and it will lead you to have more winds with kills. So you need the exact tips. Here we are bringing you up the best tips and tricks you can use at the game, and then you will realize your tasks to lead to reaching your goal. If you follow these tips, they are your securing methods if winning and have a high chance of winning over your enemies.


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Having a Safe Landing


When you start the game, the landing should be your priority for all players to enter the battleground. You have to perform a safe land, and it is recommended to have a winning chance. Normally, many players are landing in hot areas where they can loot for several items. But this is not an ideal thing to do, especially it is not good when you are being a noob. You should never use the hot drops to jump into a cause you can get shot by them.


Instead of using those hot drops, you can pick those areas that will seem less attractive for the players and try to land on them for taking some loot.


Best loot places can be found here.


Rules of Survival Top Tips and Tricks for More Wins


Volume Up


This will not seem like an important thing to many players, but it is. It has a very important role within Rule of Survival, and it let you hear the footsteps of your enemies. And also, when your volume is up in the game, it will make it hear on gunshots within the areas, or sometimes you will learn several types of information as well.


So it is better to wear some headphones either earbuds when you play the game, and once you start to wear them, you will know where those sounds are coming from.


Rules of Survival Top Tips and Tricks for More Wins


Play Zone and Don't Go Far from It


The play zone will shrink from the sizes. You need to learn this thing whenever you are playing. As a player, you should never go far away from it; otherwise, you will not fall back within the exact time. Players are required to be alert every time and watching on their next zones. When players are in that called play zone, they have to protect themselves more because it pushes players so much together.


If a player carelessly playing, they can turn up to be shot by enemies, and the game will be over. So it is always advised for all the players to start from the centre of a map and try to reach the next one. You have to lessen your all the time outside from each of the following zones. And by this, gas is never going to be a huge problem to any player.


Careful on Shooting


When you see an enemy sight that has not been spotted yet, it will be better to wait until you find the best moment before starting the shooting. Think twice before you perform this action because it is a must to know if you are confident to have a good shot or not. Otherwise, you will be getting shot by the enemies. If you have full confidence, then it is time to go for the killing. But if you don't get enough courage, first hide somewhere and better to be waiting until you take a chance on shooting enemies.


In here, don't ever forget about the cover used by the layers to use on hiding. Players can use those covers whenever they are shooting enemies as hiding behind the cover. Try to pay your full attention to enemies' movement speed and their respective distances far from you.


Rules of Survival Top Tips and Tricks for More Wins


Used Vehicles on Need


This game has various features, and using a vehicle here will earn a good speed for you. This speed is helping you whenever you need to run to your team or whenever you need to reach the safe zone while chased from the danger zone. Using vehicles makes it easier for exploring the surrounding of a map. However, note that every vehicle is emitting sounds, so your enemies will know your position with that sound.


If you are already within the play zone, you no longer need the vehicles unless you need to move on fast on exploring the areas on zone outs. Try to stay quiet as much as you can within the play zone, and if you be quiet, you will take a high chance of surviving.


Rules of Survival Top Tips and Tricks for More Wins


Hiding the Position on Late Phases


Quietness is the strongest weapon to use as a winning factor in battle royale games, and if you be quiet, you earn the highest chance of winning. It will especially happen when the game reaches the late phase, especially within the late phases. When it is a small area, players can be encountered each other very quickly. So you have to give the best try on covering yourself from others.


Once you encounter a player's sight and start to shoot on them, your position is automatically getting exposed to the other players within that area. They will get to know your place, and there is a high chance for them to come on getting you. So it is better not to shoot so much and to make your shoots to a minimum. You are capable of shooting when there is a confidence for you on finishing an enemy. Try to get into a new position after shooting so you will not get exposed to your area on others.


Check on Buildings Before an Enter


Sometimes you may see the main rule of this game as being quiet. If, in any case, that you are leaving the guard down, you will be killed by enemies. Expect a specific player to be there whenever you are entering on it. Try to double-check on every room as other players may cover themselves in those buildings, and their guns may be ready for shooting you. So stay alert whenever you are entering the buildings.


Rules of Survival Top Tips and Tricks for More Wins


Ready the Arsenal before Entering a Gunfight


It is always recommended for you to make ready a shotgun and use it whenever entering a building. Make sure on gearing up yourself with some weapons of the close-quarter before you enter into an area of close quarters. Then, try to change quickly into a long-ranged weapon whenever you are going into the open.


Always make it a priority to reload your weapons before entering into a hard situation where you face many disadvantages. Never try to jump on to the battles when you didn't get enough preparation. Otherwise, you can be defeated before you do damage to your enemies.


Surveying the Area before the Item Looting from Enemies 


Looting is a must for this game, so it is better to scout your area on looting items from other players before taking action. That is the best thing to within the gameplay of this game. Most of the players are making mistakes when trying to loot players once they managed to kill them off.


If you are focuing on looting after killing those enemies, you are definitely targeted by some specific nearest players, who will not hesitate on shooting you. Always make sure to know that your current area is being exposed to others while shooting at the enemies. You have to wait for several seconds to check if there are enemies around your area and then try to loot.


Try to cover yourself, and don't ever forget to use some of the healing items on having full health before starting looting for a dead player. If a player is camping to the loot box, you are getting a chance on defeating them if you try to follow that way.


Rules of Survival Top Tips and Tricks for More Wins


Shutting the Front Door


Don't ever be a player entering a building and keeping the door open on its way. Players will easily note that one is inside of the building because of this wide-opened door. So don't ever keep a trap behind you. Always remember to shut your door every time you are entering the building. You have to be on your toes whenever you are entering a building as someone can close the door behind you and stay behind to kill unsuspecting players.


This is a great tactic that you have to use on adopting to the game. After you collect all of the loots within a building, try to hand around the place a bit and check if anyone is coming to wander. Select a good hiding spot by using this method. Try peeking your head out from the window to see if there are any outside stragglers from time to time. Use the scoped rifle to check this on the game.


As this is a battling game, to move here and there, it will be easy for you to configure your own controls to the game. Usually, a game comes with a set of movements on it, and you can't change it. You can adapt on to them. But you should not take harder efforts anymore. You can create your key controls for the game, and it just only needs the Keyboard Mapping feature of LDPlayer.




So these are the tips and tricks that you grab on the game to earn more winds, and we hope this has brought out the most useful information for you to have high survivability within the battles. Follow up these steps and outplay the opponents to win a great chance to victory, so why wait for more.


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