How To Get Good Loot In Rules Of Survival Every Time

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How To Get Good Loot In Rules Of Survival Every Time


Rules of Survival is a Battle Royale game that features an 8x8 map with over 300 players that battle on various terrains, with only the last player surviving. The game offers the same mechanics as other popular Battle Royale games with tier-based random Loot, a shrinking safe zone, and limitless tactical possibilities and strategies.


NetEase Games develop the game and surprisingly has no pay to win mechanics except cosmetics. You can play the game with your friends or solo as well. It also has a wide variety of vehicles you can use to increase your mobility and boost your chances of winning.


Use the Mini Map to your Advantage:


The Mini Map is perhaps the most underutilized feature of any Battle Royale game, and Rules of Survival is no exception. You can use many elements in the Mini Map to help you with movement and help you identify essential points of interest throughout the game.


Pulling up the map lets you see an expanded view of the entire map. So, you can choose what particular areas you should be landing at while also looking at essential points of interest. If you are playing in a team, you should familiarize yourself with setting markers and pinging around the map.


The mini-map also provides you with footstep markers and indicators to where your allies are around the map. So, if your allies are getting shot, you can easily use the minimap to find out where they are and go towards their aid.


How To Get Good Loot In Rules Of Survival Every Time


How to land and get Loot?


Landing is relatively easy in Rules of Survival. You have a maximum jump distance of about 1350 meters. The biggest thing you should remember when jumping realizes that most players jump at the beginning of the drop zone. This impatience usually leads to a cluster of players piled up at the starting areas every time. So, if you want to survive, try to jump when the drop zone has almost reached its ending duration.


As soon as you land, instantly head for a secure building, secure all doors, and acquire Loot as quickly as possible. If you do not have the best weapons, we do not recommend aimlessly wandering out in the open.


Instead, you should hide and camp if a player is nearby and use the element of surprise to your advantage and try to attack them when they least expect it. Do not try to engage them in a fair firefight as being under-equipped generally leads to an early demise in most Battle Royale games.


How to Survive the Zone?


A zone of radiation always emanates every few minutes to shrink the size of the map. Keep in mind that each new zone is about 1/3rd the size of the previous one. If you are stuck on the longer side of the zone, then you cannot run away inside the border.


Instead, you need to always be on the shorter side of the zone or else start running before the zone begins closing in. If that is not the case, you will die if you are even a second late.


If you are stuck in the zone and do not think you will survive, we recommend that you use Sports Drinks to give you a constant surge of healing, which can be the key to survival. Moreover, keep in mind that the damage from radiation zones goes from 1 tick and keeps increasing every circle's iteration. So, if you barely survived the previous circle, chances are you will not survive the next one.


How To Get Good Loot In Rules Of Survival Every Time


If you want to run towards the circle and know there is no opponent close by, we recommend switching to melee weapons or your fists if you have one to increase your movement speed.


Turn on the Lean Function:


This particular mechanic deserves its heading. Many experienced players in the game are unaware of a feature like peaking and leaning even existing in the game. The feature allows you to move to and fro from cover with relative ease as you can quickly peek a corner and check if someone is aiming at you.


Do note that you still are not invulnerable if you lean and peak. Getting a headshot is always a genuine, albeit hard possibility. In these cases, we recommend that you use the mechanic sparingly but keep it handy. It might help you in certain situations where running without looking at what is in front of you might be very detrimental to your progress.


Auto-Run to Victory:


Auto Running is an essential feature of Rules of Survival. While the mechanic might seem straight forward, the advantage it provides is two-fold. Firstly, you can quickly look around the map while you run. By doing so, you increase your awareness at times when it is crucial.


For example, auto-running makes it much easier to run into circles or run away from them as you can quickly look around you with a much better field of view rather than holding the sprint button down.


How To Get Good Loot In Rules Of Survival Every Time


Secondly, it saves you some much needed mechanical complexity. Instead of holding a button-down, you can easily spend that time focusing on something else. It has no real disadvantages as you can turn the feature off instantly if you fancy running normally as a better alternative.




Rules of Survival is a fun Battle Royale game that, while not offering a lot of unique features, does provide players with a lot of polish and quite sophisticated gunplay that seems to be enough to generate a very loyal and large fan base for this game. Just like any other Battle Royale game, Rules of Survival demands practice. The more time and effort you put into the game, the better you get.


Keep in mind that this game relies more on strategy and out-smarting your opponent than trying to win firefights always. So, if you are more of a tactician rather than a shooter, then these tips should help you turn into a better Rules of Survival player.


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