Rules of Survival How to Find the Best Loot Place?

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The game Rules of Survival is a free-to-play game. It has based on the strategies of multiplayer online battle royale games. It was developed by NetEase 2017. During these years, the game has hit the charts in the world. When you play the game, you have to fight to the last person or the team alive. The players have the ultimate freedom of selecting their preferred gaming mode. So, there are amazing characters where the players can get the real feeling of a battle.


Rules of Survival How to Find the Best Loot Place?


When you play this type of battling game, it is a must to know the background idea. Sometimes, you have to use special and unique plans of action in a particular mission or level. So, before moving to play the game, first, you have to find more details about such places. It will create the best path for you to play the game masterly. Today, let us find more facts about the way of finding the best loot place.


First, download Rules of Survival on PC and enjoy the tips for the best loot place. 




When talking about the best place to loot and land, we find some greatest looting spots and the huge areas of PvP. The safe looting experience is important, either after a quick action or at the beginning of the game. First, let us find the common areas and their names.


Landing for loot 


When you are looking for a safe place to land without any worries, the first section of looting spots will be a good place for you. It will be really fun because you can jump into the action directly but running around to get a gun when others are shooting at you will not be fun. So, through the loot spot, you can gear everything that you need without a big engagement. 


There will be other few people who might land close to you. So, sometimes looting will not be good like other high-value areas. But, within a limited time, there will be a safe looting environment, and then you can gear up.


Rules of Survival How to Find the Best Loot Place?


Observatory and surrounding houses 


There are several reasons to consider the observatory area and surrounding houses as good places to loot. But, most of the players miss this place. One thing is a large number of houses to check. So, even though a player lands close to you, you can find your own house most of the time. So, it will reduce the danger. In the observatory area, you can find players right. There are only a few scattered players in the close by houses. 


There will be a lot of So, looting in these two places are highly reasonable. 


Rules of Survival How to Find the Best Loot Place?


Wheat town 


This is a perfect spot to loot quietly and directly move to the action when you are geared up. You have the chance of looting from the scattered farmhouses in the town. Then you can get all the weapons and armour that you want. Then, you can move to the Defence Fort. There you have the chance of getting any available players.


Many players in the Defence Fort are dead or in the process of healing from the battles. So, it would help to take kills from the field and clear the loot of all the dead players.


Building near the chemical depot 


This is similar to the Observatory in terms of the density of players and building to loot. It would help if you went to the chemical depot than the Observatory to avoid the contested Training Base. The chemical depot is the outermost from all the other major landmarks, and it is generally quieter than the Observatory.


Logging camps 


Compared to the previously mentioned areas, there will be fewer buildings to loot in the Logging camps. If you have found a better gear, you may push to the station of Thermal power for a charge. That place is generally filled with the players. Anyway, there will be fewer players in the Logging camps.


Squirrel depot 


It is a rare place that does not get much attention. This will start from the below right-side corner of the map. Most of the players avoid the place as it is a bit away from the end circle. The left side of the field would be really good, as it is the quietest place on the map.


Bitter lake apartment 


If you are landing for PvP, you may not give more attention to spending time on looting. So, there are some best places to land, and you have to grab the weapons quickly to move straight to the action. The Bitter lake apartment, located in the middle of the map, is the best place for many actions, but there will be a reduction of fun when you go down in the big apartment building. This is a multi-story area that has a lot of gear and starting land for several players.


There are two main tactics at the Bitter lake apartment. First, you have to run faster, find a shotgun quickly, and then come out to battle in the apartment rooms. Secondly, you can search on a rifle and fire all the players in the apartment from afar. The players can select to parachute into the lake from the start or land fast and then find a gun to survive.


Training base 


This has located close to the Bitter lake apartment. So, it is a hotspot to sense the activities. The Training base has a huge amount of gear to pick up. But, as it is an open area, you are at the risk of long-range fire. So, you have to give more attention to the environment for the potential fights when you survive in the Training base.


Thermal power 


This place is not busy like the Training base and Bitter lake apartment. But, sometimes, there can be around six players landing at the same time. This is the larger power station building. It has situated in the middle of assault rifles, and there will be high looting value also. So, it is worth creating your path there. You have to keep your eye on the platers camping at the tight corners of the Thermal power station building.


Rust bay 


This is a big and bit disorienting but reliable place when you first land. This will be located between the Thermal power and Bitter lake apartment in terms of the player count. There will be different weapons, attachments and equipment near the large building. It has prepared to protect the vehicles close by whenever they need a quick escape to the safe zone. 


Sometimes, you may feel bored in some areas which you consider spamming the button of the mouse. It will let out from the plane, and you can leave the place. Most players jump to the plane quickly, and it is a good way to combat quickly in some areas on the map. 


Research edifice 


This is one of the best places, situated on the eastern corner of the map. This is a bit easy to spot, and it is more like a large pyramid at the centre. The best looting Research edifice will begin from the corners of the area. There will be a lot of weapons and ammo in the warehouse at the northwest and southwest corners. It is an impressive opportunity, if you are running in empty hands. 


When searching the surrounding buildings in the Research edifice, you also have a good chance to loot in the pyramid. So, be aware of watching the opponents as this is a big landmark tend to make it more popular.


Rules of Survival How to Find the Best Loot Place?


Introducing the map 


When you see the map, you will get astonished. It is such a big map to explore, and it is very useful for you throughout the journey. There is a distribution of resources on the map, and they have massive supplies, while some places have an average amount of supplies. So, the players have to be more thoughtful in the areas with high supply. Sometimes, the players get more confused to find the areas, and they avoid the main battle zones. It was in the route of the shuttle plane.


You will see the terraininfo of the map, except the spread of resources, and there will be no altitude info for the map in the game. You will see a downward movement of altitude according to the colour sequence. The order is brown, yellow, and green. Then white and blue. They represent the following. There, brown represents the high hill, white represents the sea level, and blue represents the deep water. During the game, the terrain will give you more advantages.


You are going to see that the terrain and altitude are very complex. There will be high differences in elevation. You need to know about the terrain to avoid the danger zone. To avoid the attacks, you have to use the low lands and slopes from your vision. You have a chance of finding a slope and hiding from the vision of lengthy short-range players if you are familiar with the terrain. 


You have to choose fighting back or leaving the place, and one main cause for the continuous losing in the game is lack of vision. There will be the vertical side of the elevation also. There will be a wide visionor ideal blind zone at the high elevation. At the increased elevation, the players will have a good vision. When the elevation decreased, the elevation will decrease, and the players have a chance of hiding in the big blind zone in the place.


During the game, the players have to balance the high and low places. It will avoid the sight of other players in the group. There will be some resources with hot indications and will give more supplies from that locations. Although it is a bit risky area, players will have more chances of going there. So, make the terrain your friend because your choices will make the path to victory or lose.


Rules of Survival How to Find the Best Loot Place?


Tips for finding the best loots in the Rules of Survival 


Few tips will be helpful to you while you are landing on the areas mentioned above on the map. They are as follows.


  • Land fast - if you hit soon, you will find a gun and protect yourself. Without wasting valuable time, you have to decide the exact place you want to land and a parachute to access the location quickly.


  • Search buildings – there will be building in Rules of Survival close to the best weapons and loots. So, you have to get a good amount of loots from the warehouse, industrial building, and multi-floor house. You have to search well these places. Then you will find a gun and ammo with other equipment.


  • Water for air crates – sometimes, the plane will drop off a case with weapons and special equipment. So, you have to look for the case once the coast is clear. You can use them to bait lure and move other players.


If you need better control of your gameplay, you can use the Keyboard Mapping feature of LDPlayer. You will gain the exact needed keyboard movements that are dedicated for your own self. 




The first thing the players have to focus on finding the weapon to protect themselves. But, there will be loot origins accidentally on the map. There will be some reliable locations to loot on the map. So, the best loop spots in the game Rules of Survival will contain sniper rifles, assault rifles and many other guns with ammo and consumables. So, you have to get into the right location on time, as described in this guide.


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