Romancing SaGa Re UniverSe Tips for a Best Start


Here is a look at a big project by Square Enix, which scored more than twenty-five million downloads. It is the Romancing SaGa Re UniverSe. Romancing SaGa Re UniverSe is not an ordinary game; it is a turn-based game with different game modes where you will have to face many things that make something hard to understand. So if you are a starter, you may be confused about where to start, and we are going to offer you guidance. It is with the best tips, and here is the Romancing SaGa Re UniverSe tips guide.






Here in this game, all the characters come with different battle styles. So, before you play the game, if you especially want to have the best start, you must know some best Romancing SaGa Re UniverSe tips as it helps you to create a better start for the game. 


When you move forward from the gameplay, you can see how hard and challenging the game is. As this is a challenging game, you must know how to adjust your party according to different situations, and that awareness will be given to you at the end of this Romancing SaGa Re UniverSe tips guide. So let's start. 


Romancing SaGa Re UniverSe Tips for Right Composition 

The suitable party composition is the first of the Romancing SaGa Re UniverSe tips. As you play the game to some extent, you can collect enough gems from summoning heroes. In case of not having enough in-game currency, you can purchase some using real money and know that summonings are a viral gacha system allowing players to gain heroes using in-game currencies. 


Consider having a team with S-ranked characters , as it is very beneficial to make your team with the rarest characters have more impact on other players when battling. Having a few from A rank is also not bad. 


You must have an attacker, supporter, defender, and jammer in your team, and it's better to have two attackers and one from each job. And it's necessary to have a hero who excels in defending the teammates while acting as a tank. 


You will unlock many party formations when you proceed further. But always remember that you must select the best ones out of all and try all the formations you unlock as well. First, try easy quests with a team you want to try new formations, and After analyzing their performance, you can choose whether or not you stick with that formation. Please note that do not equip all the heroes, only prepare the ones you are taking to the battlegrounds. 



You can give a tryout for our beginner guide for Romancing SaGa Re UniverSe from here for a better start. 


Romancing SaGa Re UniverSe Tips for Battling

In quests, you have to face a boss or enemy waves, and when there is a fight, the best way to battle is to choose the auto-combat option. The auto-combat system makes your heroes play independently, and they will fight to their full potential until victory comes to them. 


Even though some battles look like a significant loss, just don't give up. It's not worth it to retreat with your defeated team. Instead, let your team battle until the last member vanishes. Because by doing this, despite the loss, your party can learn many new techniques and battling skills, and you will know how to improve your gameplay with further improvements added to the game. 



If battling overwhelms you with repeating actions, try the Keyboard Macro Commands . This comes through the best emulator, LDPlayer, which can give you one key for all repetitions. 


And if you want some shortcuts for an easy battling, the same free emulator: LDPlayer, can be used with the Keyboard Mapping feature as it creates a way of having the best controls from your gameplay. 


Romancing SaGa Re UniverSe Tips for Dojo Guide

After you go through many brutal battles in this game, you can access the Dojo, which can be accessed upon finishing the tutorial. 


You can do style upgrades in the Dojo, raising the style level caps, expedition and skill awakening, training, and many more. These are the other performance-improving methods, but you must prioritize doing training and expeditions that give you many benefits. So here are our Romancing SaGa Re UniverSe tips related to Dojo.


Style upgrades

To do style upgrades, you must have the style experience points gained through completing quests. You have to select a style to upgrade the level. This is not only increasing your level. It also raises some new abilities and higher stats. 



Raising the Style Level Caps

Your party's level caps are shallow at the beginning. To increase the level caps, you must have the required pieces of a specific or universal style. 


Skill Awakening

To use the skills in battles much faster than the regular, you must use this. 



Participating in training gives you more pieces used for style-level caps. You can train your most comfortable battle style here and have a focus on training the main party in these training sessions. 



As this is the essential thing in Dojo, you need to pay more attention here. You will proceed through side quests and the main story, which will result in unlocking many areas to explore. Expeditions are those areas you send your heroes in and when you collect a new hero, make sure you send them to expeditions, which helps your new hero have more experience points. 



If your party is struggling to win a match, you must hurry to expeditions, and you can use the expedition tickets you've earned to upgrade your party and battle back. 


Players can increase their team's level of abilities and gain extra style experience points using this Expedition method. Clearing all the available expeditions will also help increase the party's stats. 


Tasks to Complete

Players need to verify that they have accomplished all the missions given for the day (daily assignments), and there are many weekly missions too. Make sure you have progressed a little in all the weekly tasks assigned, or else you won't be capable of finishing the weekly assignments in time. Completing those weekly and daily missions never keeps you empty-handed, and they can reward you with jewels (the premium in-game currency), etc. And that is something you need to be well aware of as the best tip from this Romancing SaGa Re UniverSe tips guide.


Try to complete the start-dash missions. Start dash missions are mainly designed for beginners to get a good idea about the mechanics in this Romancing SaGa Re UniverSe game. There will be many steps in the Start dash missions, and each stage consists of nine missions. You will be rewarded with rewards like SS-ranked characters and many more when you clear these steps. 



And the next thing you must do before logging out from the game is send your heroes for expeditions. And you will be amazed at how vigorous they are after completing expeditions. 


Collect Goodies

The next thing from this Romancing Saga Re UniverSe tips guide is for the goodies. When you log into the game daily, daily login rewards are waiting until you come, and when you visit the daily shop, you will see a lot of free goodies waiting for you. Players can purchase the items in the sale with significant discounts. 


In the summon section, you can see your daily free summon. Use it as it is free and available only for a day. In the jewel shop, you can earn jewels by watching advertisements. If you don't want to spend the real money to buy in-game money, just use your data to watch ads that reward you with gems. 



Let's call this to an end for our best tips guide. We are so excited about you winning the battles in this Romancing SaGa Re UniverSe game without much effort, and for that, we know these best Romancing SaGa Re UniverSe tips will assist you for a best

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