Triple Fantasy Card Master Tips to have an Easy Battle


Hello again to the gaming world. Today, we have come together in this article to learn about some exciting Triple Fantasy Card Master tips that will give you a smooth gaming experience. Before learning about the Triple Fantasy Card Master tips, let us know about Triple Fantasy first. 






Triple Fantasy is an RPG card gacha game played through strategies and mind games that has solo players, Online Co-Op, and Online PvP modes. This free-to-play video game was developed by Gameplete and published by NEOWIZ and is available in eight languages to play. In this game, the player must combine cards to combat the battles, and a combination of three cards triples the damage it can cause. 


Triple Fantasy will be pretty complex because it is a very tactical game; therefore, some players will find it tough to keep up with beginners or experienced no discrimination. But don't fret; this is where we come in with our Triple Fantasy Card Master tips article to have a lavish affair with the game. Now let us commence!



The first thing under Triple Fantasy Card Master tips is about uncovering the Classes. Much like any ideal RPG game, Triple Fantasy has classes the player is meant to choose from. In this game, the player needs to select from three primary classes, and these three classes have their particular jobs and aspects. A brief idea of these three classes will be given below so the player can quickly progress when choosing a particular class.



This Class consists of Wizard, Warlocks, and Sorcerers, and Attack is their chief stat. Despite having Attack as their primary stat, they are prone to damage due to their low HP, but they make up for these weaknesses by having a decent recovery. 



This Class is the support system for the entire team, and they have the Monk, Paladin, and Priest as their jobs. Faith card has a tremendous amount of Recovery, and HP provides excellent support for the team.



Thief, Knight, and Warrior belong to this Class and rely highly on Attack and Mixed Health stats from Leader Skills to Passive Skills.



If you are looking for some smooth class options, don't be afraid to go with the Keyboard Mapping feature. It will make you place shortcuts from the gameplay, and this best facility will only be provided by the best emulator: LDPlayer. 


Triple Fantasy Card Master Tips for Elements

Parallel to the Classes, there are three Elements of Triple Fantasy the player has to choose from. Each of these elements can be mighty strong against some Elements and weak against some Elements. When utilizing an element that is powerful against the opponents, the damaging impact on the opponent's side will be doubled. In contrast, if you use a weak element against your opponent's side, the damaging impact will be halved on the opponent's side. 


Therefore learn the strength and weaknesses of your elements before going for a card combo, and you can know the exact damage input by checking the numbers in the bottom left of the Card.


  • Earth: Powerful against Water but feeble against Fire.
  • Fire: Powerful against Earth but feeble against Water.
  • Water: Powerful against Fire but feeble against Earth. 



Perfect Card Combo

The next point under Triple Fantasy Card Master tips will be about the game's core combat move: the combinations of the Cards. Make sure to have the perfect card combo because the Card combos make or break the game, given that the whole game revolves around Card Combos. Card Combos can be a game-changer in modes where the player has to fight against the bosses who have a hell lot of HP. You will also be able to swap cards and do more than one Card Combo.


Classes, Jobs, and elements play a huge role when considering card combos because the card combos you will pull will depend on one of these critical elements.


There are some suggestions we bring you on these Card Combos based on these elements :


  • Straight: this combo can come in handy when you have a single character from each profession inside the Class. (If the Class is Magic, then you would need Wizards, Warlocks, and Sorcerers.) 


  • Double: this card combo is when you own a similar profession two cards.


  • Triple: this is when you own three cards of the same profession, much like the Double Card Combo.


  • Arcane: This Card Combo can double the damage caused. Arcane is when you own three cards with each element. (Ex: Fire, Earth, and Water)


  • Flush: This Card Combo is when you own three cards from the same Class.


Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards can be one of the most useful Triple Fantasy Card Master tips. You do not have to do much to collect your daily rewards; log in, which would be more than enough. We suggest you log in every day to collect these awards because one day, if you fail to log in, then your daily rewards will reset, and you will lose your opportunity. 



Mastery Unlock

Yet another essential thing for Triple Fantasy Card Master tips is the Mastery Unlock, as the Mastery points will help you magnify the particular Card combo through the distribution of the Mastery Points. Well, how do you obtain these Mastery Points, though? Leveling up in the game is the key to obtaining these Mastery points.


Although you will be able to obtain 40 Mastery Points per total, you cannot upgrade all of your skills; therefore, you need to choose only one skill to upgrade. We suggest you utilize these Mastery Points on your mainly used Card Combo.


The best thing about this is that even if you go wrong in allowing a point, all you have to do is reset at the cost of 100 Gold per point.


Triple Fantasy Card Master Tips for Card Summons

The player is allowed to summon new cards if they require them in the games, but the most notable cards will require time and patience to summon; this will probably be where you will have to follow the old saying: patience is a virtue.  


Some summons would require payment in Diamonds, and this summons will only get you Legend, Rare, or Hero Card. Spending on summoning a Diamond Card ×9, which provides you the best possible outcome when you have enough Diamonds, will be the wisest idea.



  • Gold Card: you would need to spend 1000 Gold to obtain a random card.
  • Daily Card: this will probably be your free go-to Card, and you can summon anything you want using the Daily Card.
  • Friendship Card: You can get this Card at the expense of 250 Friendship points.
  • Diamond Card: You can summon a single random card at the cost of 10 Diamonds.
  • Diamond Card × 9: You can get nine random cards at the expense of 90 Diamonds.
  • Element Card × 9: will summon nine specific element cards at the cost of 90 Diamonds.


Keep Your Enemies in Check 

When going into battle, be it on virtual platforms or in real-time, constantly checking on your opponents is a must. That is something we want to emphasize from this Triple Fantasy Card Master tips guide. In Triple Fantasy, you can check your opponent's elements and stats by clicking the magnifier on the ride side of the screen. We would suggest you be devoted to this Triple Fantasy tip, for you will be able to bring down your opponents in an instant, and you will be able to rank up as well.



Legend Card

The Legend Card is one of the best cards out there and is also free. It is better to know it under this Triple Fantasy Card Master tips guide. Although the chances of getting a Legend card are pretty low, there is no harm in trying. We suggest you get your free Card every day, and if it's your lucky day, you might be able to get your hands on a Legend Card.


Another possible way to get a Legend Card is through summoning cards via Diamonds. You will be able to add one point to the Legend Counter for every non-legend Card you summon by using Diamonds, and once you reach 50 points, you will be able to obtain a guaranteed Legend Card. 



Triple Fantasy is an exciting game for gamers who would prefer to have their brains put to work as well. This game is going to be complex, and there is no doubt about that, but we hope our Triple Fantasy Card Master tips guide will help you get through the game's complexities and provide you with a very excellent gaming experience.

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