Rise of Eros Summer Event Waterside Rhapsody is Here with New Personas, Summon Pool and More


If you are into NSFW games, then you indeed have played Rise of Eros because this is one of the most realistic games recently for the adult gaming market. It has always been a great pleasure for the players with its super 3D stunning visuals, and it is also included with AAA graphics and every function you will be looking for in an adult game. And now this adult game is launching a summer event, and you might be so curious to know what is in there.



Rise of Eros Summer Event Waterside Rhapsody


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The new event is going to make you start a new beach adventure, and there will be so much to enjoy with a beautiful swimsuit. There will also be some limited personas coming to the game with this new event release, and we are going to find them all out from here. It is time for you to take Rise of Eros on PC with LDPlayer 9 for a super realistic gaming experience, and let’s get to know what this summer event has to bring us now.


New Events

This is a limited event, and the world-class singer’s island adventure and the event is going to last for almost a month. It will end by the 13th of December 2022 at 10.59.59 UTC+8, and the main aim here is to clear the story stages from 2 to give.


There will be several chapters released with the new event as follows.,

  • Waterside Rhapsody

  • Just As I’d Hoped

  • Part I Super Deathmatch

  • Part II Super Deathmatch


Both Waterside Rhapsody and Just as I’d Hoped have already started, while both parts of the Super Deathmatch are yet to happen. It will be released by the 29th of November 2022 at 11.00.00 UTC+8.


Events Summary

If you don’t know how to engage in these events, let us advise you. You need to go through the story stages of Water Rhapsody while the event is still running on. There will be items as well as points related to the event, and you can have them by playing through the event. Both Waterside Rhapsody and the Just As I’d Hoped will feature these items and points.


If you want to earn more event points, you can challenge through the stages, and there will also be some quest rewards to be unlocked too. The event points are called the Summer Fans here, and you can later use them for taking products from the store of your event.


The events will also come up with the Limited Persona named Summerlust Eileen with it, and once you manage to earn 20000 event points, you will have access to this limited persona for free. You can also earn some Lottery Coupons by completing the daily quests and your stages, which can be used for winning all the reward types from the Lucky Box System.


The rewards will come in the form of Deity Contracts and Dream Crystals as well as in the form of limited summon tickets related to the event: Bond Contract. When you have opened Lucky Boxes more, you will have a boosting item called Summerlust Inscription which we can use for the Summerlust Eileen.


Moreover, there will be a Super Deathmatch as well, where you can access several prizes by taking part in the challenges, and once you manage to clear their stages, you will be able to earn Bond Contract and Dream Crystal as the rewards.


You can also visit the Event Store to have the Purity Inscription because it will be available at the Event Store for sale throughout the event period. You can use it as an exchange for the Persona Inscriptions. But note that you are only allowed to use this Persona Inscription for the Awakened Personas.


New Personas

You can also have four new personas that would be available at a limited time for the game with this new event as follows. All these heroes will be coming to the game with the SSR grade.


  • Summerlust Eileen

  • Purifier Increase

  • Midsummer Alana

  • Super Moon Misaki


New Personas


Limited Summon Pool

With the new summer event update of Rise of Eros, you will also have access to three different Limited Summon Pool events as follows.


Goddess Summon – Summertime I

This event has already started, and it is going to end on the 20th of December 2022. You can pull off the Summerlust Eileen as well as the Purifier Increase from this pool with increased chances. When you have 150 summons, there will be a guarantee to have an SSR hero from the game here.


With each and every summon you make, you will be able to have 1 Bond Insignia, and you can exchange 300 of them to earn Summerlust Eileen or the Purifier Inase from the store of Bond Insignia. Note that both heroes are only going to be available for you within the time period of the limited-time summon pool. Even if the limited time summons pool in here is exceeded within its time frame, you may have access to this Bond Insignia in future, and it might not be expired in that case.


Limited Summon Pool


Goddess Summon – Summertime II

This is the second summoning event that will start right after the Goddess Summon – Summertime I, and it will begin on the 29th of November and end on the 20th of December 2022. You can access Midsummer Alana and Super Moon Misaki from this pool with increased chances.


Right after you have pulled off 150 summons from this event, you will be a guarantee for an SSR hero, and each of the summons will earn you a Bond Insignia. When you have managed to earn 300 of them, you can exchange them all for the Midsummer Alana as well as for the Super Moon Misaki from the Bond Insignia store. When you have reached the end of this limited-time summon pool, you will no longer earn Alana and Misaki.


Relic Summon – Summertime

This event has already started and will mark its end by the 20th of December 2022. The Relic Summon will be different from the other two mentioned here because it acts according to the SSR units you have pulled off from the Goddess Summon – Summertime II. Once this event starts, there is a certainty to earn Tia’s Big Break, Isabllea’s Affection, and Invidia’s Catch as all SSR units are pulled from the Goddess Summon – Summertime II pool.


You will be guaranteed to earn an SSR relic right after you have done 150 summons, and here, there is a probability of earning a y of the SSR relic available in the pool. You will be able to use the Deity Contracts for all your summons from the limited pool, and just like the previous events, you will be able to earn a Deity Insignia from all the summons you made from the pool.


You can have Tia’s Big Break, Arkuran’s Shade, Isabella’s Affection, and Invidia’s Catch with 150 Deity Insignia. You should note that the Arkuran’s Shade, Isabella’s Affection, Tia’s Big Break and Invidia’s Catch are going to be added to the store: Deity Insignia for a permanent. But they will not be part of your normal summon after this event ends.



That is all for the summer event details on Rise of Eros we have, and we hope that you can have the best enjoyment by taking all these benefits and offers. Apart from these, there will also be some more new bundles available to the game to make your gameplay smoother with more benefits. Don’t forget to go with the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9, to make it a maximum gameplay enjoyment for the Rise of Eros and enjoy your offers before the time runs out.

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