Rise of Eros

Last Updated: 2023-01-06 Current Version: 1.1.3

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As Rise of Eros's system requirements are relatively demanding, if you want to download Rise of Eros on PC, some emulators may be unable to run it successfully. We recommend using LDPlayer9 for a smooth gaming experience.


The game Rise of Eros is a role-playing game developed by The Shadow Studio, focused on realistic 3D modeling, character modeling via console specs and a special rendering shader, lively even on mobile devices, presenting the delicate facial features and skin texture of the characters


Story of the game
In the beginning of the world, there was the goddess Aphrodite, and the god Eros, but as there are more and more gods, wars also follow. Thousands of years later, it has become the age of godlessness. Three racials coexistence. But the sealed Eros was released, and people and gods will embark on a suspenseful adventure journey of sex and love again


Perfect character design
Adopts a two-dimensional art style, creates a perfect world view for players.Sophisticated character modeling provide a variety of high-value and realistic characters to choose from. Whether it is the character's own posture modeling design,clothing style or gorgeous action it gives people an irresistible temptation.


Wonderful fighting effect
Use top-quality 3D delicate and realistic game screen and smooth operation mode to provide a refreshing sense of battle and story immersion. The game screen is very shocking, not only fighting scenes, but any scene is amazing, players will like these pictures very much.


Diversified gameplay

  • Minimal turn-based combat will be the main game mechanic;
  • Through the matching of equipment and skills of different characters, players will enjoy a relaxed gaming experience and enjoy pleasant offense and defense;
  • At the same time, through 360-degree experience of each character's personal charm, it is expected to bring players an unprecedented virtual atmosphere!
  • Unleash gorgeous movements and become the master to control the battlefield;
  • Whether you are challenging the main levels or fighting powerful bosses, you can fight with responsive and user-friendly controls;
  • Uniforms, maids, vests and other charming goddesses are waiting for you to conquer. If you stimulate their desire, you can experience their situation and have a good time!



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