Ragnarok X Next Generation Leveling Up Guide and How To Farm?


Ragnarok X: Next Generation is an MMO RPG having six classes and two sub-classes for each of the six main classes. The game has introduced many new mechanics into MMORPG, breathing fresh air into this already saturated genre.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Intro


The central aspect of Ragnarok X: Next Generation is its job classes or specializations which fits you into a role you want to play as by reaching level 10 to choose your main class, while at level 50, you can select a sub-class or a specialization for your main class.


Now getting to level 25-30 is easy following the main questline. From here on, it becomes difficult. This is where we will start our guide to give you the best tips to level up faster by following this guide. You may want to read our Beginner’s guide before proceeding further to have more insight about this guide and our Best Classes guide to farm towards your favorite Specialization.


Basics of Leveling:


You choose a class initially at level 10 out of 6 provided by the game, and your job level starts from zero. So, for example, you start the game as Novice. At level 10, you decided Archer; your base class level will be 10 while your Archer class will be 1. The next thing to grind for is to level up to 50. Here you have the option to choose from Archer to Hunter, which is an upgraded or specialized class of Archer.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Levelling


Main quests tell you how to play the game, and within a few hours, you'll be at level 25. Don't forget to do board missions and Chamber of commerce (COC) quests when applicable to reach level 25. We will go into more details about these below in their sections.


The next target is reaching level 50 ASAP to change class by gaining job XP. To do that; you need to grind and farm monsters that provide more XP relating to your particular class. When you reach level 33-37, your job level is around 50 where you can change your job. At this point, start doing the job quests so that you can acquire the skills associated with that class and job. So, you need to save your Odin's Blessing for these particular mobs so that you can get 5x the experience than usual.


Let’s now look into each aspect of leveling one by one.


Board Missions:


Do the daily board quests to farm XP. The first thing you need to do is access the Board quests menu and accept all the daily board quests available at that time.


The game allows you to accept ten board quests at one time. We recommend getting many of these quests depending on how much XP they provide and how near you are to leveling up. The reason behind taking a few missions from here is that the preceding accepting missions will provide more XP this time than when accepting on the previous level as soon as you level up. Make a note of this fact.


Chamber of Commerce Missions:


The Chamber of commerce gives out ten weekly missions. The amount of XP you get will change according to your level. We recommend you do the COC quests at the end of the week to maximize the XP you get, as you'll be at the highest level near the end of the week as compared to the start.


The reason behind this is that you can spend time grinding on other areas to level up your class to as max as possible, and near the end of the week, when you accept them, you first gain the XP from missions, and as soon as you finish, you can see how much XP you’ll be getting the next round. You can only accept one of the three NPCs.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Chamber of Commerce NPCs


Odin’s Blessing:


The first thing you need to do is achieve level 25 to complete the mission to unlock Odin's Blessing for you. When this Blessing is turned on, you receive five times the XP, Zenny, drop rates, and Stamina. You can turn it when doing low-level content and turn it back on when doing content similar to your level as the Blessing is slowly being consumed.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Odins Blessing


Now, when you want to farm while Odin's Blessing is active, you could look into online user databases to see which monsters you can hunt catering to your level. For example, if you are hunting monsters of levels 32-38, you can find which monsters you can hunt having similar levels by accessing the bestiary.


Dustiness is one example that has 32 levels an insect, and Smokie, another monster who is classed as the brute, are some examples of monsters that you can hunt. In this case, the best XP a monster can provide is Rocker, an insect, which gives you 144 XP, where Smokie would only give you 24. So, if it takes you 2 sec to kill one of them in one hour, the XP amounts to 260k.


The thing to note here is that the higher XP monster will have more HP than the lower XP monsters, so keep your XP and clear time balanced; the faster you kill, the more XP you'll gain per hour.


The other thing to note here, with Odin's Blessing, you get five times the experience you would typically get.


The reason behind choosing monsters +3 levels of you is the buff of Odin's Blessing, as it activates for monsters only three levels above and below your base level. You can find this information in your Handbook.


Monster Hunting:


To get to level 50 as fast as possible, you can prioritize mining and fishing to get boosts to start grinding most efficiently. To reach that most efficiently, our main targets are Poison Spore, Roda Frog, Caramel, and Martin. Or, if you’d like to explore, you could press the recommended training points after clicking your Odin's Blessing.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Odins Blessing Buffs

Poison Spore:


As soon as you reach level 25, you can choose a champion a few levels higher than you. In this case, we have chosen Poison Spore, having level 25, whom you can farm as it gives good XP for your class, while 5x if you have Odin's Blessing activated.


The reason why Poison Spore is our first target; it gives the highest job experience in the level 25 to 35 bracket. You might get a poison spore card if you are lucky enough, as it provides MGK DMG +60. You can stay here and farm Poison Spore until your level 32. Poison Spore is a level 28 monster that can give you 43 base XP while 129 job XP. Keep on grinding until you reach level 31. On level 31, move on to Rota Frog, who is level 33.


Roda Frog:


As said above, our next target is Roda Frog, the best XP farm for above level 30. If you might have thought Poison Spore dungeon or area is crowded, you can transfer to the place where Roda Frog at base level 30. Roda Frog is a level 33 monster that provides 48 base XP and 144 job XP.


The card that Roda Frog drops is +120 DEF. If you are going to farm using your Odin's Blessing, make sure to turn off the area skills toggle and disable auto-counter because we want to maximize our job XP by killing Roda Frogs only. If you think it's a bit troublesome grinding here, you can always transfer to our next target.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Recommended Leveing




Our next target is Caramel having level 34 and providing 25 base XP while giving job XP of 74. The majority of players choose here because the Roda Frog spot is too small. The card that Caramel drops can boost your MGK ATK +60 and MGK PEN also +60.


You can stay farming Caramel until you’re job level 50 to go to your job advancement. Then, you can transfer to our last target if the Caramel farming ground becomes too crowded with other players.




Our last target is Martin, level 37, giving us 26 base XP while 78 job XP. You can always transfer here when you reach base level 34. Martin's dropped card also boosts your magic damage. Once you successfully transfer to your 2nd job, you can still stay here until base level 41.


When you reach level 40, you can start picking any monster you want; it depends on your priority.


Card Hunt:


Now you can start grinding to look for loot that drops the specific cards you need to make your class stronger. One such card is the Horn that provides you with AS +120, which immensely helps you clear mobs faster. You can also go to Skeleton, who will give you Haste +120. You can also find important information on which monsters drop which cards in the Handbook. The card drop is RNG, so you need to grind for your most preferable card ASAP.


You can go to Savage when you reach level 41 while Odin's Blessing is activated as again, it will give huge job XP. As soon as you consume the Blessing, you can go back to grinding the cards if you have not found the required loot. Another excellent card drop is from Mantis, which you can do when you are around level 43 or level 45; you can do Viper. Mantis drops the card gives a +240 damage bonus, while Viper drops a card giving you the same +240 damage.


Even though both monsters drop the same +240 damage card but farm a monster, which gives you a higher amount of XP while around your base level.


Optimized Daily Routine:


Before we finish our guide, below you’ll see a recommended actions list of your daily activities:


  • Always pay attention to doing the Mission Board first. You do this so you will regenerate your Odin’s Blessing, which will happen every time you arrive in a major city. This will take 30 min even if AFK every day, you can accumulate 600 points of Odin’s Blessing.
  •  Your next step is to approach Daily Dungeons. Typically, some urgent quests ask you to do something in the dungeons, and in this way, you kill two birds with one stone.
  • The next step is to COC Mission, followed by Guild Orders as these are easy to do and fast.
  • The mini-games, Ox Quiz, and Tavern are the activities we can typically do next in line. As the OX quiz has a regular schedule every day, you can partake once it’s available.
  • Odin’s Blessing is pivotal for grinding as every time you use the ticks of Odin’s Blessing; they will convert to Stamina. Stamina is used for your life skills which give bonuses when you're XP farming.
  • Your preferred Life Skills are what comes next. We recommended mining and fishing first in the early game to buff your damage and stats for faster grinding.
  • Hunting the boss, more loot, more XP, faster leveling.
  • The grinding cycle of monsters and cards. This is what you will do until your preferred Specialization and farmed well-rolled loots.


LDPlayer Features for Ragnorok X – Next Generation:


Ragnorok X: Next Generation requires you to farm in the most efficient way to reach a level where you can finally unlock your specialization class, which can be made more efficient and faster by using a macro and keyboard mapping feature, making grind easy to do.




In this guide, we have provided you with a clear road map with clear milestones to make your grinding and level farming much easier so you can finally unlock your specialized class and work towards the build you want and like to play with. Furthermore, you can read more about Ragnorok X: Next Generation in our Equipment’s guide to have a complete build knowledge in the game.

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