Ragnarok X: Next Generation Ultimate Class Builds


Ragnarok X Next Generation is one of the best RPG games out there right now. Its diverse classes and skills for each class and then for each Specialization opens so many options that you can spend 100 hours just having fun with different classes and builds, and that's why it's becoming so addictive. For this very reason, we have compiled for you a detailed list and explanation of different builds you can make for your favorite class.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Intro


In this guide, we focus on differentiating each build based on its weapon and stats, which are needed for specific skills to shine and their names and roles. We will not discuss all possible builds but give you enough information to make your build or go with the flow and follow essential points from our builds and have fun while the honeymoon period of this game lasts. For more in-depth information, you can read our other guides that support most information in this guide.


Take Ragnarok X: Next Generation on PC and let’s start the class builds guide from here.




Swordsman is a beginner class in Ragnarok X Next Generation when considering new players coming to play the game with its hype as it is an easy and tanky class to play. Nonetheless, we have made things easier for you and chosen two builds for this class. To learn more about Swordsman, read our classes guide.


Spear Knight Build:


Let’s talk about the Spear Knight’s build, a specialization for the Swordsman class. This build is an entry-level build and to showcase the power and potential of the Spear weapon. A very few who play Swordsman choose this Specialization.  With this build, you can reach up to 7k DPS. You can even switch out your AGI-based knight if you want.


In this build, we will see how Spear type weapon works. The spear-type weapon has ATK and HASTE(Vigor) bonuses applied to it. Even though the spear type of weapons deals a lot of damage, their CDR is a bit longer than other classes. This can be overcome by investing points into your Haste. With Haste pumped up, you can easily spam your skills and deal more with DPS. Compared with Pure DMG but longer CDR, always go for Skill CDR as skills deal tons more damage than AA.




Ragnarok X Next Generation Stats


DEX – Dumping points into DEX will increase your Haste, which means your CDR will reduce, and you can deal more damage the quicker you can use your skills. Invest as many points into DEX you can for this build. For example, around 800 Vigor/Haste from your DEX, your CDR will be above 20%. We recommend you add until your DEX is 70, dump the remaining points into STR.


STR – Invest points into STR only when your CDR is high from Cards and gear, so you can spend more points on STR to deal that extra damage. This is because STR increases the melee PHY ATK while also increases the weight you can carry.


AA Speed – If your AA rate is too low, your skill damage should still scale well with your ATK DMG. AA is not that important for Spear Knight as this build relies more on skill damage than AA damage.


PEN – PHY PEN is essential for your melee classes as they are mainly doing PHY DMG. You can increase it by equipping your class with white accessories and enchanting them to fine-tune for PHY PEN.

Skills – Minimize the CDR for this build as much as possible, keeping in mind your skills having level 10.




Ragnarok X Next Generation Armor


Weapon – Spear-type weapons have a 75% increased damage to small/medium monsters, making them perfect for farming.


2-H Spear gives you ATK and Vigor as a start. Leveling it up by Strengthening will provide you with additional ATK and Vigor, and by Enhancement, your Final Vigor will increase by a % amount while the same with your ATK. These further increase when you increase the level of your Spear.


Armor: Blue Armor gives you DEF and M.DEF to make you survive better. It is best when you are doing AFK grinding. The same is the case with Muffler and boots, and it can also increase your Max HP. Another reason for getting blue items is that they give you a higher % refine though they cost more as you need more mats for the crafting.


Ferocity – While going for gear, always try to get blue Armor and weapons as soon as possible for as Ferocity gives you the final DMG increase by 2% for every sec for every unit killed. This can stack up to 5 times. You can also get Ferocity from cards if you are lucky or spend time farming them.


Accessories – Go for Haste and ATK in your ring, as refining will provide you with a % increase in both—finally, the same with Talisman. However, you can increase your Enchantment and invest in them to get max Vigor out of them.


Cards: You can put ATK and Haste based cards for this build. For example, the Horn card gives you an ASPD increase. You can also use a Magnolia card if you are lacking Crit. Dustiness and Rocker cards give you +4800 HP each for your Armor pieces.


For Weapons – WeapMarina for ATK%, Andre for ATK% and Final PEN %, and Vadon for also ATK% and Final DMG bonus %.


For Armor – Martyr for Max HP % increase, zombie for Max HP, and Hode for Max HP %.


For Accessories – Soldier Skeleton for Final Vigor or Marine Sphere for Final DMG bonus %. A good card for this is the Kukre card that can give you +120 Vigor.


For Headgear – Deniro for Final PEN % and Marduk for Final DMG bonus %.


Skills: Let's now look at the skills you should invest in for this build.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Skills


Spear Proficiency (Passive) – ATK increases by (Point Damage + Point DEX) when equipped with a Spear. Max out this skill whenever possible as it also increases your ATK when wielding Spear by 80+50% of your DEX.


Pierce (Active) – Can only be used when equipped with a Spear. Deals (Point ATK + Point Damage) physical damage of your weapon's attribute to an enemy unit. You can adjust the cast level once this skill is equipped. This skill jabs the enemy continuously, max it after Spear Proficiency.


Spear Stab (Active) – this skill deals 300% of your ATK DMG of your weapon plus scaling with your ATK from stats to enemies in a rectangular area in front of you. This skill also knocks back.


Spear Boomerang (Active) – A single target DD skill with 430% of the weapon's ATK damage.


Spiral Pierce (Active) – This skill deals damage based on your STR while others above are based on DEX; you can add this skill to deal additional damage if you have invested heavily into STR along with your DEX.


Cavalry Combat (Passive) – This is a good skill because it allows you to fight while mounted and max level removes the ASPD mitigation.


Cavalry Training (Passive) – This skill increases ATK by 80+50% of your DEX, again the need to invest in DEX.


Pros and Cons:


  • Focuses more on PvP
  • High Haste low DCR means more skills spamming
  • Skills burst DMG
  • Skill spamming deals tons of damage
  • Mana pots reliant but not such a problem as they are pretty cheap
  • Not as strong for PvP as other classes
  • Dependent on Haste
  • Lower HP


Critical DMG Knight Build:


You can use this build for doing the grinding at early and mid-game stages. Remember that this is not a Crit build; it is also an AA speed build, as the more you attack, the more chances of critting.  Swords are used for this build.


Stats: for this build, we recommend going a full STR build and not worry about ASPD and CRIT as these you would get from skills and gear. We don’t need much VIT cause if we can kill enemies before we die, It’s a win-win.


STR – You can always get it from Enchantments if you still lack stat points or gear stats. STR is your primary source of ATK DMG. It is more beneficial than pumping AGI for speed or LUK for Crit.


CRIT rate – 20% from Aura Blade and the rest from gear.




The things that are not mentioned in this section can be taken from the above build as common things will always remain common among builds.


Weapon – Level 30 2-H Sword for PHY ATK and AA speed. Always level up your Weapons both for levels and enchantments first, before other equipment as it directly corresponds to DMG dealt. Replace Lvl 30 swords for any better gear you find later on as swords give you also ATK% and Final AA speed % bonus from refinement.


1-H Sword will give you ATK and PHY DEF PEN, while refining it will give ATK % and the same PEN % boost. Using a shield with the 1-H Sword will make you tankier as the shield also increases your PHY DMG boost.


In the early game, 2-H seems better for additional AA speed, but late game, 1-H is better cause of providing more damage along with survivability you get from Shields.


For Enchantments, focus on LUK for Crit or AA speed, whichever you are lacking.


Armor – Coat of Lvl 30 giving DEF and M.DEF. boots for M.DEF and max HP. These are basically for survivability.


Ferocity – As mentioned above from blue gear.


Accessories – Go for AA speed as much as you can. Refinement can also give you AA speed, but it will be a Final % bonus. Rings can also give you PHY ATK, which is good as you are a melee class. At higher levels, look for DMG and CRIT accessories for better DMG.


Skills: You can save whatever points you have left from investing in Crit Knight’s Build for Lord Knight’s skill tree for later.


Battle Will (Passive) – For the bonus, PHY DMG is increasing with STR. Additional physical damage increased after each basic attack hit, 20 points every 50 extra power boost Point, highest stack eight layers, continuous 5 seconds.


Sword Mastery (Passive) – ATK increased when wielding Sword based on AGI + 50%.


Magnum Break (Active) – Deals AoE DMG and weapon gain fire, dealing 20% more DMG for 15 seconds. 5-sec downtime isn't bad for this skill at max level, so it gives you constant damage when fighting. Initially, put just one point in it to get the burst of damage when needed; later, you can max it when you have enough skill points.


Aura Blade (Active) – Increasing Final Crit of your weapon by 20% and based on AGI and CRIT DMG Bonus by 20%.


Sword Speed Boost (Active) – For that sweet AA speed boost. Can increase Final ASPD for time 50 sec at max level giving 60% AA speed.


Double Blow (Passive) – AA has a chance to deal additional bonus DMG.


Cavalry Combat (Passive) – For the movement speed early on to get to areas faster. Must max it for full effectiveness.


Increase Recuperative Skill (Passive) – For HP, recovery from items increased by 5%. Returns 4% HP per sec when HP falls below 30% every 60 sec, which is quite long, so invest just a few points in it.




Ragnarok X Next Generation Cards


For Weapons – Deviling for ATK and Final DMG bonus % and Angeling for ATK %. Pick either Requim, Anubis, or Skeleton for Medium monster DMG bonus. Skeleton Worker though hard to get, is good for Crit +120.


For Armor – Orc Lord or High Orc for M.DEF % best for Armor.


For Boots – Eddga for boots that reduces incoming damage.


Cloak – Toad for cloak gives you DMG RES %. Mastering for Final DMG % bonus for accessories.


Cards – Edge card for DEF when you don’t want to get Endure skill.


Pros and Cons:


  • Focuses more on PvE
  • Crits ignore DEF
  • Fully mana non-reliant
  • Flashy hack and slash
  • Not as strong in PvP as Spear Knight
  • Depends on Crit cards to be able to Crit
  • AA speed reliant




The Priest is a support class in Ragnarok X Next Generation where they support their teammates with buffs and heals in both PvP content against other players and the Dungeons and Instances fighting Uber Bosses. But sometimes, support is not what they do; sometimes, you need them to be hybrid enough to seriously threaten the enemy. Keeping this in mind, we have 3 Priest builds ready for you in this guide.


There are two DPS builds for the Priest, varying mostly in the Weapon they wield, making a lot of difference; for more information on that, please read our equipment guide.


All three builds depend heavily on enhancing their Vigor/Haste skill to reduce CDR to spam their skills and heavily focused on them. The main reason behind that is because they don't have any other damage source like the melee classes, who rely on their main stats and weapons to deal damage.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Priest Recommended Builds


Another important aspect in Priest’s build is the 15 skills for the Priest, so you have to balance out skill points allocation among both of their trees to utilize them fully.


DPS Priest Build 1:


In the early game, both DPS builds are great for farming or grinding as you do need to have good equipment for your support class when you will, later on, do higher content and PvP. For this build specifically, you don't need support-oriented skills like Light Blessing, Kyrie Elieson and Signum Curcis.


You can check the recommended Playstyles mentioned in the handbook called the Force and Exorcist playstyle to understand what is required for this sort of build and how to come about it. The DPS builds, in general, and the Exorcist recommended you can build a playstyle around killing Undead monsters and clear their dungeons using this build. With a little adjustment to both DPS builds, you can do the party content this game has to offer.


Stats: The most important stat for Priest is Haste/Vigor, which reduces CD of your skill as both these builds rely heavily on skill spamming.


Vigor – The more Vigor you have, the faster you can cast a skill. It would be best if you targeted increased amounts of Vigor from gear and cards. The target Vigor you are looking for should be able to reduce the CD around -22 sec. This is primarily due to skills; for example, Sanctuary skill has a cooldown of 22 sec every cast when max upgraded, and you need that much amount of CDR to keep spamming this skill even after this long of a cooldown.


Anything lower or low CDR will hinder your performance as a Priest, as it is one of those classes that works only with skill spamming as they don't have innate damage like the Swordsman class.


INT – Higher INT deals more damage to monsters; you can also increase this stat by Enchantments for your accessories. This directly affects the healing done by the Priest class as more INT and M.ATK, the more the heals.


DEX – Increase DEX to increase Vigor amount only if having more stat points than needed.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Priest gear


Gear: When going for gear for this build, go for enchantments giving you as much INT as possible. When you have enough INT, go for Final Vigor and M.ATK % as in the early stages; this % value won't give you as much as in later stages.


Weapon – Lvl 40 books for starters when playing as Exorcist/DPS 1 as it increases magical damage, directly affecting the heals you can do, and it can deal with ranged DMG. The books give your Priest Vigor and M.ATK while also giving % of these stats on Refinement.


The book's skills in the Shadow-Tome are very helpful for the Priest class as the upgrades provide a boost to different stats and other boosts to skills. For example, when the awakening levels increase, the damage done in PvP for Magnificat skill and its fixed CDR while Suffragium increases final DMG bonus and final DMG reduction. Another important effect is Caluseo Heal, which increases heals and reduces the -ve effects of PvP statuses.


Boots – Go for M.DEF and Max HP as base stats while Max HP and Final M.DEF % as Refinements.


Headgear – You should go for M.ATK %, channel time reduction %, DEF, and Heal bonus % on headgears.


Accessories – Start with getting Lvl 25 rings that give M.ATK and Vigor stats while % increase if refined. The Talisman will give you Vigor. So, look for M.ATK and Vigor on most accessories.


Cards: You can focus on cards that provide you with M.ATK and Vigor for the DPS 1 build.


For Weapon – Target Vigor, and M.ATK.


For Armor – Max HP.


For Boots – Zombie, Matyr, Dustiness for HP, and HP%.


For Cloak – Also max HP.


For Robe – Go for HP, an example is Picky, Rocker, and Sasquatch for HP%.


For Accessories – Go for M.PEN, Final Vigor % or Vigor, and M.DMG bonus.


Skills: Firstly, we will choose and mention some Acolyte skills that you will need for this build, and then we'll go over to our main core skills for this build in the Priest tab of the skills menu.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Priest Skills 2


Heal (Active) – Important for survivability for your early game. It also damages an undead monster.


Strike (Active) – Does 200 PHY DMG to an enemy.


Soul Mender (Passive) - Increase healing effect by 14%, and it is a very powerful passive the longer you play. This is because you will get a relatively large amplified effect of your heal when used.


Heal Strike (Active) – Heals you or an ally for an amount based on your INT, Lvl it up to 5.


Blessing (Aura) – This aura increases your main stat for 120 sec; Lvl it up to 5. The increase of a relatively higher base stat is going to be strong. This is especially helpful in PvP, no matter which Priest build you use, because you can also eliminate debuff effects on your teammates like Curse and Petrify.


Increase Agility (Aura) – Increases AGI of all allies, including yourself, along with movement speed, Lvl it up to 5; this is good 5 points invested when playing the DPS build.


Light Blessing (Aura) – Increase to get the damage buff. Recommended not only for DPS class but for any Support build as well. As it doesn’t have a cooldown reduction and raises the ATK of allies, max it as soon as possible.


Holy Light (Active) – Smite the enemy with divine light, dealing Holy magic damage, Lvl it up to 5.


Signum Crucis (Active) – Reduces the DEF of enemies after dealing magic damage to them, Lvl it up to 5.


Kyrie Eleison (Active) – gives you or an ally a DEF shield, based on HP, invest at least 1 point in it.


Sanctuary (Active) – an AoE heal for allies while dealing holy magic damage every sec for 5 sec for undead and demon monster. Important for PvP and for you to maximize. The healing effect is quite large with good scaling because this can also be skill damage to the undead. Lvl it up until you have as low CDR as possible; sometimes, you can get it up to zero with gear and cards. So only invest in this skill up to the point you have zero downtime, not more.


Holy Booster (Passive) – Increase Holy Light Damage, has a chance to do Critical Damage and Chance to Stun the target for 2 sec. Max this skill as soon as possible for the boost in damage and Crit and stun, which is important for DPS build.


Turn Undead (Active) – Has a chance to kill the undead instantly, otherwise deals holy damage. This skill can Crit on bosses based on your INT.  Maintain zero downtime as with Sanctuary. Very important when clearing undead dungeons.


Impositio Manus (Active) – Invest only when playing with Party or PvP.


Magnificat (Passive) – Only one point is enough; max it when playing any DPS Priest class build as the 300 magic DMG bonus is huge later on.


Aspersio (Buff) – Only when you're tackling Undead dungeons and instances, so one point is enough.

Gloria (Active) – Another party buff skill increases LUK and Crit rate when playing with a party. Max this skill.


DPS Priest Build 2:


While the DPS build 1 focus on using dual wielding books as weapons, this build will use a 1-H staff and Shield in the off-hand. Having a shield in off-hand of the Priest gives them HP along with dealing PHY damage which makes this Priest build tankier, and that's why you'll see a lot of max HP cards recommendations.


While most things are similar as in DPS build 1, which didn't need mentioning here, you can find important info about this build in this section.




Weapon – 1-H Staff giving M.ATK and Final M.DEF PEN, giving % also when refined.


Shield Off-Hand – Blue item, Lvl 40, base stats are Max HP and M.DMG bonus while Refinement gives Max HP and Final M.DMG bonuses in %.


Boots – M.DEF and Max HP as base stats while Max HP and Final M.DEF % as Refinements.


Cloak – Gives DEF and max HP as base stats while max HP and Final PHY DEF % as Refinement.


Accessories – Increased Final haste and M.ATK. % from the Ring and Haste and Flee as enchantments. Talisman is the same as DPS build 1.




For Weapon – Dagger Wielding Skel and Pecopeco Egg for Vigor, and Side Winder Card, you can also go for M.ATK and M.DMG boost; one good example is Flora and Miorous.


For Off-Hand – Same as Weapon.


Armor – Dustiness is an example for Max HP.


For Accessories – Pirate Skeleton for M.PEN, Soldier Skeleton for Final Vigor % and Poison spore, Mantis for M.DMG bonus. Tarou for Vigor.


For Boots – Zombie, Matyr, Dustiness for HP, and HP%.


For Cloak – Dustiness for max HP.


For Robe – Go for HP, an example is Picky, Rocker, Sasquatch for HP%.


Skills: While most skills will stay the same as DPS Priest build 1, specific skills about this build are mentioned below.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Priest Skills 1


Zen (Passive) – Zen increases SP regen.


Divine Protection (Passive) – This reduces DMG from Demons and Undead, useful for traversing their areas.


Pneuma (Passive) – Specifically to increase M.DEF of allies and works as extra for Angelus this addition is for PvP or party content.


Support Priest Build:


This build is recommended for PvP content, mainly Instance dungeons, MVP, and Miniboss hunt. Look into the recommended Playstyle section of the class menu in the game for Praise playstyle to have an idea of Support type buffer. The purpose of this build is to help your teammates with buffs and keeping their HP as high as possible to clear content faster and easier.




Vigor/Haste – You must increase this as much as possible without sacrificing others as lower CDR is paramount for a support build. After increasing INT, you can spend some points here but try to get more from gears and cards.


INT – The higher the INT, the stronger the heals of your Support class.


Gear: When going for gear for this build, go for enchantments giving you as much INT as possible. You can take more examples from the other 2 builds.


Skills: Remove all the DPS damaging skills you took for DPS Priest, and we'll mention the difference here from the DPS build.


Heal (Active) – Important for survivability for your early game. It also damages an undead monster.


Blessing (Active) – Max this skill for this support build due to DMG buff and removal of debuffs and party content and PvP.


Increase Agility (Aura) – Increase with at least one point when playing support or increase more if your team has AGI-based classes like Assassins. This also provides a 60% increase in movement speed; it comes in very handy in Boss battles in instances.


Kyrie Eleison (Active) – Max it, if you have points laying about but start with just 1 point as having a shield on party members doesn't hurt anyone, and a huge bonus for your tanks as the Shield scales off max HP.


Soul Mender (Passive) – Same as mentioned in DPS build.


Signum Crucis (Active) – A great debuff in the shape of DEF break to all the enemies, making your teammates hit harder.


Sanctuary (Active) – As mentioned in DPS build where it’s used when playing at a party, but in Support build, it's a staple skill.


Impositio Manus (Active) – Saying a prayer increases the Attack of an ally and converting normal attack damage to holy damage for 15 sec. Very important when playing in a group or when farming undead areas. Max it as soon as possible.


Magnificat (Passive) – Increases the SP regen of you and all party members while increasing the magic damage bonus. Important for the regen and magic DMG for the wizards in your party. Max it as soon as possible.


Resurrection (Active) – Resurrect a friendly target and heals them. Good in party contents, investing 1 point for the support build is enough as, after the resurrection, you can bombard them with heal. You need one blue gemstone each time you use this skill, so keep them in hand.


Angelus (Passive) – Increase DEF of all party members for 10 sec. Angelus is quite important as an additional sustain because you can increase the def of your party. The multiplier is also relatively high and very important for you as a buffer. Start with at least Lvl 5 as at this Lvl; the Assumptio skill becomes available. One thing to remember here is that Angelus has a fixed CD, so don't put this skill on auto as it only lasts 10 seconds; use it when needed.


Assumptio (Active) – Angelus gains an effect that increases the M.DEF of the friendly target. An important skill in your arsenal to round off the defense of your party. Max it along with Angelus for a huge buff in DEF for your party members that becomes 100% at max Lvl.


Aspersio (Active) – Normal Attack of a friendly target will gain holy attribute. The holy element is the only element that you cannot buy from stores, so this becomes handy for your party when tackling Undead dungeons. One point is enough.




Wizard is a great class, especially for mobs. Which type of Wizard is better? Should you go for the ice wizard or the fire wizard? The Wizard skill set has more elements than just ice and fire, which are lightning, earth, and ghost elements. We will help you choose which skill combination is better, which skills are feasible at your current Lvl, which means initially for farming loot and XP or other content.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Wizard



In the early game, we don't have an AoE DMG skill other than Fireball, but Leveling it up will have a long CD which is not ideal for farming XP; the rest of the skills for Mage skill tree are single target DMG dealers like Soul Strike, Heaven's Drive and Magic Crusher among others.


However, most of these single target skills do not have CD but have channeling time. Out of these, Soul Strike will help us tremendously in the early stages of the game as it has low variable channeling time making it prime selection as you can spam it.


Using Soul Strike is almost like shooting an arrow; it's super-fast and deals more damage. Most of these skills are single-target skills that are most suitable for Raids, such as MVOP hunt. You can give the final blow with high damage and snatch the MVP title if activating the skill at the right timing.


Full DEX Wizard Build:


Heavy CC build always rooting enemies in place and pain everywhere for the enemy teams.


Stats: A good CDR is paramount for skill spammers, and Wizard is no different; that's why we recommend high DEX for a while using gear and cards for INT and DMG stats; you can easily hit up to 13k DMG.


DEX – Go for 70-85 for maximum CDR output; put the rest in other stats.


INT – You will provide your Wizard with INT from gear and cards.


Vigor – With the above DEX, your Vigor should be around 1200s




Weapon – 2-H rod Lvl 50 gives M.ATK and Vigor with % of both when refining. This is a must item for the Wizard as it’s the only weapon that gives Final Vigor % when refined, which means, higher the Vigor, the higher the CDR, and the more the skills you can spam.


Robe – DEF and M. DEF as base stats plus Final % for both.


Cloak – DEF and max HP are good base stats while max HP and Final PHY DEF % while refining.


Boots – M. DEF and max HP as base stats and Final M. DEF. plus max HP % when refining.


Accessories – You can always start with a Lvl 25 accessory. Vigor and Final Vigor % on Talisman while M. ATK and Vigor while % values on their refinements. You can also try to find accessories with Crit values as Final Crit % from Refinement makes a huge difference.




For Weapon – Go for Vigor, M.ATK and M. PEN. along with M. DMG bonus and the examples are Dagger Wielding Skel, Side Winder, Plankton, Mantis, and Caramel


For Armor – Max HP % for Robe, HP for Cloak, DEF, and M. DMG RES for boots. Examples are Pecopeco, Pupa, Sasquatch cards.


For Accessories – M. PEN. And Vigor, for example, is Phen or Kukre. Both for rings and Talisman. You can get higher amounts when you start farming Lvl 60 cards.


Skill: With your Vigor being so high from DEX and Equipment both, you can get zero CD for your skills. For example, the Fire Wall skill has a CD of 15 sec and a channeling time of 1 sec, but you will reduce both of these times to zero with our recommendation.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Wizard Skills



Cold Bolt (Active) – An arrow falls from the sky to deal water M. DMG to the enemies, Lvl it up to 5.


Fire Ball (Active) – Summons a fireball to a specified area to deal fire damage, put 5 points in it


Fire Wall (Active) – Builds a wall of fire around you to damage the enemy, requires Lvl 5 of Fireball, max it ASAP.


Zen (Passive) – Increases SP recovery, valid for most classes; take it to Lvl 5. Though at higher Lvl, sometimes the SP regen can’t keep up with the consumed SP from spamming skills, so you'd need to use the blue potion and even when going AFK grinding for XP and other types of farming.


Frost Diver (Active) – This skill we Lvl up to 5 to unlock Storm Gust, our AoE and CC skill.


Storm Gust (Active) – This skill does water damage, and the cast has seven waves, each damaging AoE with a chance to Slow. Slow stacks and 3 stacks, enemies will be frozen but can be frozen only once per cast—a good skill for mob farming and PvP.


Energy Coat (Active) – Envelop yourself with spiritual energy, reducing physical damage received (further reducing physical damage by 1% for every 50 VIT you have) for 10 seconds. Max this skill ASAP because, as a mage, you need as much protection as possible.


Soul Drain (Passive) – Increases Max SP and increases your M.ATK by Max SP/100. Required Skill Zen level 5 before it unlocks. Max this skill. Adding extra M. ATK is always a good idea so putting one point in this is enough.


Jupiter Thunder (Active) – Shoot a ball of lightning at an enemy, dealing Wind magic damage, and knocks them back 4 meters Lvl it to max as soon as possible.


Lord of Vermillion (Active) – 8 Release a powerful electric shock of the specified location, dealing Wind magic damage to enemies within the area 6 times. This skill has a Chance to Blind enemies in range for 10 seconds. You can adjust the cast level once this skill is equipped. Required Skill Jupiter Thunder level 5. Max this skill when you can.


You want to use this skill with zero CD. When using the Lord of Vermillion skill with Storm Gust, it deals massive damage as when the enemy is damaged by water skills, Wind skills after dealing more damage, and that's why players commonly call it the Ice-Lightning Wizard. This combo is beneficial until you can unlock Meteor Storm from the High Wizard class tree.


Napalm Beat (Active) – Attack with a blast of telekinetic force, dealing Ghost magic damage to enemy units within the area. If there are multiple targets in the area, the damage will be distributed evenly to all of them (up to a maximum of 8 targets). Max when can. This skill has high CD even at level 1. Equip and use this skill when you have enough Vigor to reduce this skill’s CD to zero.


Full INT Wizard Build:


After experiencing the Full DEX Wizard build, let’s give you our Full INT build, which is typically associated with mage class in most games. In this build, you will have sufficient Vigor from Equipment. While not a spammer as the DEX builds, INT Wizard makes up for it by investing in INT to increase their M. ATK. This build does more damage than the Full DEX build.



Ragnarok X Next Generation Wizard Recommended Builds




INT – Max INT for maximum M. ATK DMG. This is the prime stat for a Mage/Wizard class as all their skills and DMG are scaled off INT.


Gear: For this build, skill information should be taken from the full DEX build above as it's mostly the same.

Cards: This section is the same as for full DEX build as the core of a Wizard will remain the same.


Master of Fire Wizard Build:


Wizard in ROX is elemental, and today we'll discuss the Master of Fire. Other than what we have mentioned below, you can take the DEX build as an example to complete the Master of Fire build for those things not mentioned or anything left. This build takes some skills from the High Wizard skill tree to take full effect and devastate the battlefield.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Wizard Skills 1



Skills: Here, you will find the skills best required for this build; Zen, Soul Drain, Napalm Blast will be the same as DEX/INT builds. After completing all these skills, you need to become the Master of Fire Wizard as the good thing about more fire-based skills is that they push away enemies giving you a needed reprieve while also doing AoE damage. The push from AoE skills is why we don't get Abyssal Swamp and Quagmire, as we want the enemies to get back to us for more M. DMG and trigger other skills.


Fire Bolt – A firebolt rains from the sky and damages enemies with fire-based DMG. Lvl it up to the Lvl where you have zero CD. This is your staple skill for initiation as well as an AA skill, all other skills are used as support and provide with AoE DMG to increase the damage of Firebolt, and it becomes a spam able death wish for the enemies.


Fireball and Fire Wall – Max the Lvl of both. Fire Wall helps in pushing the mobs away and goes away after a certain number of blocks.


Fire Pillar – Summons a fire pillar, dealing fire magic damage to an enemy. If the target is ignited, they will detonate and deal fire magic damage to all enemy units nearby. The detonation does not ignite targets. Max this skill too.


Kindle – All Fire skills have a chance to ignite the enemy unit on hit. While under the effect of Ignite, targets will take Fire magic damage equal to the Caster's M.ATK per second and more fire DMG from you for 8 seconds. Kindle requires Skill Fire Pillar Lvl 5. A staple skill for the Master of Fire Wizard Build. Max, it for max effects.


Meteor Storm – Channels for 1 second, summoning Meteors to rain down at the specified location. Each meteor deals fire magic damage to the enemy unit hit and has a chance to Stun the target for 3 seconds. Required Skill Kindle level 5. Lvl it as much as possible to trigger more stuns, increasing the DMG. Fire Storm and Kindle skills are preparation skills for Meteor Storm skill that you can use to advance to the second job.


Sight – Summon a fireball, dealing fire M. DMG to enemy units nearby you, and reveals hidden units nearby for 10 seconds. While having the Sight effect, you can use it to knock back enemy units 4 meters, dealing Fire M. DMG and stunning them for 2 seconds. Lvl it up to when you have zero CD and to have the max amount of stuns.


Magic Amplification – After using this skill, increases the M.ATK of all party members for 30 sec. it increases your DMG whenever you cast it, which is a great boon to all your skills for 30 sec


Earth Spike – Food AoE skill that can also stun enemies nearby. Calls earth spikes to erupt from the ground, dealing earth M. DMG to enemy units nearby. The skill has the chance to stun the target for 3 seconds. Max it for more DPS.


Custom Skills for Auto-Battle:


You can find these options in the Auto-Battle button in the skills sheet. You have four options or loadouts to save your auto skills. Each auto-battle skill slot can have up to 3 skills at one time. For example, you can have Fire Pillar, Earth Spike, and Magic Amplification as a combo. This clears some space for 3 of your skill slots at your skills bar. This combo does damage as well as stunning to the max.




Thief is a nimble class that can hide in shadows and deals tons of damage when they come out of their shadows. This class isn't built for newcomers as Swordsman and Mage are. Ensure you are well acquainted with the game and have a thorough read of this guide before you decide to play this class.


In this section of the guide, we have compiled three builds for the Theif/Assassin class. The first is the max CDR build in which you can spam your skills using Daggers as a weapon of choice where the spam comes about with increasing Vigor/Haste stat.


The second build heavily relies on AA speed and dealing the damage from skills via your daggers when you deal Crit Damage.


The third build uses Katar as a weapon of choice to amass most Crit in these builds through AA and the skills that directly compliment them.


Assassin Cross Skill Spammer Build:


As the name suggests, This build doesn't rely on AA(Auto Attacks); it's purely a skill spamming and dealing massive damage through this build, and if you take the dagger path, your build will focus on spamming your skills.  The reason behind choosing this skill spam build is that when you choose the Dagger as your primary weapon, the bonus that this weapon provides is the huge Vigor/Haste % increase. Furthermore, the build is very effective for MVPs and minis.


A comfortable target for this build is around 1200+ Vigor/Haste, making you rotate most of your skills quickly. The only thing that you may need to invest in is the blue pots, as, along with the skills, you will be spamming them too. Worry not; as we have said before, the pots are a cheap commodity in this game.


You can use this build to understand how to build on other Builds mentioned in this guide. Plus, if you build what you think is more fun, the game gives you that freedom. Always have fun and take time to learn the game.




Ragnarok X Next Generation Thief Detailed Stats



STR (Strength) – Purely a damaging build on a melee character requires you to have STR pumped in. Invest max points in this. You can even go up to investing 90 points in STR. STR directly relays to ATK DMG.


AGI (Agility) – Invest in AGI if you have any points left and maximize AGI after getting some gear and cards.


DEX (Dexterity) – DEX here is mainly for Vigor, minimizing the CD.


Vigor/Haste – When it’s in the range of 1200, you can change around your skills or cards to invest more in ATK.


ATK – When you're pumping STR, it will affect your damage in the long run, which directly relates to ATK% as it will increase your PHY DMG. You will further see that we have a lot of ATK% from gear, including on some of the cards too.


Final Stats – Final Stats mean those stats that give you a % increase on your total amount; for example, typically, gears give you flat ATK values, while from Refinement and Cards, you get ATK % or Final ATK %, which increases by X% amount on your total ATK value. Finding and managing this stat is for the late game where it does affect the most. ATK values are low during the early game, and investing in farming ATK% won’t give you that much boost.


DEF/M. DEF and HP – While we focus on dealing as much damage as possible, we forget survivability and should pay attention to these stats. Even though you get enough from Armor base stats, you can always add more from Cards when needed.


Gear: Don’t forget to focus on Refinement and Enchantments whenever possible. When doing Enchantments, at least enhance Awakening before doing it. % Stats are always acquired through Refinement; flat stats are always base stats though for cards is different, and that's why % drops in cards are the best find.


Weapon – You are going to use Daggers for this build. Daggers give you ATK (Attack) and Vigor as base stats while Final Vigor and ATK as % increase. You can go for PHY(Physical) PEN. (penetration) for Enchantments along with STR. The same thought process for an off-hand weapon too.


Armor – For armor sets, blues are still best for AFK (Away from Keyboard) farming. DEF, M. DEF, and Final % in both for robes and replace PEN for max HP and its % for muffler/collar. Boots will give you max HP, Final M. DEF as the base, and their % stats with Refinement.


Accessories – Go for ATK, PHY DEF(Defense) PEN. as base stats, and ATK Final, PHY DEF PEN.  % for Refinement. Dodge and Crit can be a good start for Enchantment. White accessories work best for the initial part of the game.




For Weapon – ATK% and Vigor are good stats to go for, while you can also mix PEN and AA speed here as well as it’s a melee build. Examples are Marina, Metaller, Vadon, Smokie, and Dagger Wielding Skel


For Armor – DEF stats, examples are Picky. One good option for armor is the Orc Zombie card, as it reduces the damage you take from Formless, Demi-Human, and Plant monsters. Similar to Eggrya card, which reduces the damage you take from medium monsters.


For Accessories – Final PEN. %, Vigor, PEN while including AA speed if needed examples are Vitata, Kukre, Yoyo, and Golem cards.


Skills: In this build, you are not Lvling Double Attack and Twin Blade Piercing Passive skills because this build doesn't rely on dealing damage with AA but rather by spamming skills. Always look at the CD of your skills and adjust their Lvl according to your current Vigor. This way, most skills in Ragnarok X: Next Generation can be spammed and dish out damage continuously.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Thief Spammer Skills 100



Improve Dodge (Passive) – Promotes the final dodge rate and movement speed, increases after dodge physical attack, continuous 5 sec. Max this skill as soon as possible because this skill is instrumental in successful AFK farming and also because as soon as your class dodges, your ATK will be raised by 10% for 5 sec which isn't much as it procs chanced by 10%; nonetheless, it's a good burst of damage. 


Ambush (Active) – Deal attribute physical attack damage; it will stun the target for 2 Sec after the skill is equipped; the release Lvl can be adjusted by weapon restriction. Max it as early as you can and reduce the CD to zero.


Venom Knife (Active) – Use the poisonous blade to attack and deal damage if the target of this skill has a poisoned state; additional damage is equal to 100% of the weapon’s physical damage. After this skill is equipped, the Lvl can be adjusted. Max it soon with zero CD.


Enhanced Enchant Poison (Passive) – Applies venom to your weapon, increasing the physical poison damage of weapons by Attack and extending the duration of poison effect caused by Enchant Poison, Venom Dart, and Venom Spreader by Seconds.


Venom Dart (Active) – Attacks with venom knife, dealing physical damage of your weapon's primary stat and causing the enemy to be poisoned for 7 seconds. When poisoned, the target will take physical poison damage up to 20% of your ATK stat every second, lowering the DEF by 25%, and will not naturally recover HP and SP for the remaining time left of the debuff.


The damage effect can stack five times. When the enemy's HP is less than 25%, they will stop taking damage, but the other debuffs will still be affected. Max out this skill for maximum amounts of damage.   


Grimtooth (Active) – Shoots spikes in the specified direction, dealing PHY DMG to enemies within an area, and stuns them for 3 seconds. When you use this skill while hiding, there is a chance that using this skill will not cancel hiding. This skill Requires Skill Enhanced Hiding level 5. You should use this skill to stunning the monster you’re fighting.


Right Hand Mastery (Passive) – increased ATK when equipped with a dagger in your right hand. Max it.


Left Hand Mastery (Passive) – ATK increased by your primary stat and DEX while equipped with a dagger in your left hand. This skill Requires Right Hand Mastery level 3. Max this too


Enchant Deadly Poison (Passive) – Applies deadly poison to your weapon. Enchant poison will turn your weapon's attribute to poison and increase your Poison damage. Max it.


Venom Spreader (Active) – throws a bottle filled with deadly poison at the target location. The bottle will crack when it hits the floor, leaving behind poison for 4 seconds. Opponents in the area take Poison physical damage every second and gain one stack of poison. Poison lasts for 10 seconds. When poisoned, the target will take Poison PHY DMG equal to 20% of your ATK  stat every second, decreasing their DEF by 25%, heal and SP regen block your skill will apply buff.


Mirror Images (Active) – Flashes to the target and rapidly slashes it seven times, immobilizing them for 2 seconds in the process. Each slash deals physical damage and can be critical. After each critical hit, the damage dealt by the next slash will increase by 5%. While slashing, your Final Damage Reduction is increased by 100%. This skill has a fixed CD for all Lvls.


Slash (Active) – Deals physical damage of your weapon's attribute to an enemy. If this skill's damage is lethal, you can use it again within 10 seconds. This skill enters cooldown whether or not it is used within 10 seconds.


Soul Destroyer (Active) – Fires a shockwave from a distance, dealing sacred physical damage that ignores DEF to an enemy. Slash skill lv 5 required. Take minimal Lvl up.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Thief Load-Outs



Dual Dagger Assassin Build:


Dual Dagger Assassin build mainly works on basic attacks build with AA speed stats infused, unlike the Spammer's Build. Most of the cards used here will tilt towards having AA speed on them and one or two accessories. This build uses STR for Final ATK % and doing DMG from skills that take their multiplier from weapons.


Furthermore, we will take skills in this build, like Twin Blade Piercing, to gear this build towards using poison from the skills to deal damage and proc DEF debuff.


Stats: AA speed can be as high as 313. PHY PEN stat is vital for this build as the more armor you bypass, the higher the damage the enemies receive from you, Akin to dealing True DMG. STR is, again, the primary stat for our Assassin builds.


Cards: The difference between this and the above is adding HP cards, among others, as you'll be mostly dependant on melee weapons and be up close along with some AA speed cards. Examples are Smokie, Golem, Thief Bug, while Horn for AA speed, and Marine Sphere for Final DMG bonus %, etc.; as the higher the AA speed, the faster you deal DMG.


The faster you deal damage is significant for this build. Scorpion Card is a fantastic example of % AA speed which drops from certain monsters, which will give a massive boost to your AA damage all around.


Skills: Take the example of Enchant Poison, Enhanced Enchant Poison, Venom Knife, Venom Dart, Ambush (PvP oriented) from the Skill Spammer’s Build above. Here Venom Knife is the primary source of damage for Dual Dagger AA build. Also, this build is taking both left and right-hand mastery to the max.



Ragnarok X Next Generation Thief Spammer Skills


Double Attack (Passive) – When Equipped with a dagger weapon and your standard Attack hits, there is a chance of causing double damage every time the hiding state is lifted. And if the first basic Attack within five seconds is not a critical strike, it must be Crit on the Next Attack. Max this skill.


Twin Blade Piercing (Passive) – When dual-wielding, normal attacks have a chance to lower the enemy unit's DEF by 5x Character level for 4 seconds. Double Attack Skill level 5 is required. Max this skill for your build. For PvP, put some of the points in Enhanced Hiding.


Roll Away (Active) – Rollback 7 meters, evading enemy attacks and entering hiding mode. After the hiding effect granted by this skill is removed, Increase Dodge for 5 seconds. An excellent skill to proc your Improved Dodge Passive and getting a big burst of damage every few seconds.


Hiding (Active) - After using this skill, keep yourself hidden and increase the movement speed; you can apply the assassinate mark to the enemy, mark last 3 sec, when assassinate mark is given to the enemy, assassinate damage will increase. Invaluable skill while playing PvP. Take some points from other skills for Hiding and Enhanced Hiding.


Shadow Blade (Active) – After using this skill, increase your AA speed for 6 seconds or after a Normal Attack. Each time a normal attack is critical, the cooldown of this skill is reduced by 0.5 seconds.


Enhanced Hiding - While hiding gains sneak attack effect, canceling hiding by using a normal Attack will cause it to be guaranteed a critical attack. Within Seconds of canceling hiding, a skill that gains bonus effects during hiding will still retain the bonus effects, and skills that are only usable during hiding can still be used. Also, hiding will reduce the damage received.


Katar Crit Assassin Build:



Ragnarok X Next Generation Thief Kata Crit Build


Assassins can wield two types of Weapons, Katar and Dagger. In the above builds, our main weapon focus was Dagger. In this build, we will focus on the Katar Assassin build. In general, Assassin is very dependant upon Equipment. To fully realize an Assassin built, you need to equip your Assassin and see the class shine fully.


Keep in mind that Assassin is not recommended to play as a casual player. So, in this build, you will firstly focus on getting a second job as soon as possible. Read more about Faster Leveling from Ragnarok X: Next Generation leveling up  guide. During the leveling process, we will rely on our AA speed and ATK DMG.


Stats: Katar assassin relies on fast AA able to Crit and deals burst damage, meaning these Assassins focus on high ATK DMG and high AA speed to deal as much Crit DMG as possible.



Ragnarok X Next Generation Thief Stats Distribution


STR – You'll take more ATK DMG from STR by investing in stat points. Same with all the above builds.


AGI – You need AGI that will translate to high AA speed. For this, we will look for in our gear and cards by using the right accessories and Talisman.


AA speed – We recommend not going above 300 Final AA speed as the return isn't that high, and ATK and Crit is the preferable choice after that number as it will incrementally do more damage.


Crit – Other than what is already mentioned above and below, you can get more Crit from Enchantments.


LUK (Luck) – We need this for our build to get as high Crit DMG as possible. Crit you will get from your Equipment and most importantly from your skill.


Gear: Accessories remain the same as other builds, but the primary stat you'll look for in this build is the AA speed, while Refinement should give Final AA speed%. The same is the case for the weapon. Equipment mostly remains the same.


Skill: Katar Assasin relies on fast basic attacks that Crit and deal Crit DMG as burst. Unlike the other Assassin builds, who can get Double Attack early on in the game, the Katar Crit Assassin will only be getting Crit Skill, Katar mastery, other than the Katar weapon itself.


Katar Mastery, you can get when you have Assassin job Lvl 2, which can increase the Crit stat. Max Improve Dodge skill as Dual Dagger Build. Invest some points in the Venom knife and one point in Venom Dart. Hiding and Ambush Skills are the same as the above builds when used for content when playing with a party because of the stun effect. Same for Shadow Blade and Roll Away skills as the other builds.


To further solidify this build, max the enchant poison skills. Finally, Grim Tooth is only considered for this build when playing with a team because of the stun effect.


Katar Mastery (Passive) – Katar Mastery is the skill that this build is based on. When equipped with a Katar, Crit increased by primary stat. Max this skill as early as you can as at max level, this skill increases the Crit by 100%, meaning it will double up the amount we have already. This means if you have a 10% Crit chance, maxing the Katar Mastery skill will increase your Crit chance to 20%.


Brute Force (Active) – Deal DMG to a Single Enemy scaling to your weapon’s physical attribute in damage and reduce the target movement speed for 5 seconds. After the skill is equipped, you can adjust the skill Lvl. This is the bread and butter of Katar Crit Assassin for early leveling and eventually towards getting the Assassin specialization unlocked.


Detoxify (Active) – Cleanse Poisoning Status from you and your allies while also becoming immune to the poisoning effect. The poisoning effect is detoxified, and the target will deal with DMG to current HP. This is purely for PvP and The Eternal tower scenario when playing with a party. Putting one point in this is enough.


Sonic Blow (Active) – Must use weapon Katar. Slice and dice an enemy target at lightning speed, dealing physical damage of your weapon's attribute to them, which gives a chance to stun them for 3 seconds. Lvl it up to 5 after maxing Shadow Blade to your desired speed.


Supersonic Blow (Passive) - Increase damage of Sonic Blow by your primary stat. Whenever you land a Crit with your normal Attack, Sonic Blow cooldown is reduced by 1 second. Sonic Blow LVL 5 is required to unlock this skill. This skill will further increase the Sonic Blow DMG. Increase this to the max. You can max Sonic Blow after this.




In these builds guide, we will first consider both types of weapons that an archer can choose. The Shortbow and the Longbow, where Shortbow builds, focus on spamming skills; most players play the meta of Longbow, also known as AA speed build, which we have included as the Falcon Build. Similarly, in this next build, we have used the Shortbow for the spamming build.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Archer Class



Falcon Hunter Build:


This build can take some time to get it right as this build relies on the LUK stat to be high enough that your Falcon attacks. There are three main components that you need to understand to make this build work. First is the Steel Crow DMG, INT DMG, and DEX DMG; look into the Skill description of why we have mentioned these three. Steel Crow's DMG scales off from INT. So, in short, this build highly depends on the INT stat along with LUK.


Stats: To know what stats are essential for this build, you first need to look into Falcon Mastery Skill and build your stats around it.


DEX – Consider going more in DEX for ATK and skill CD reduction. After changing the job to Hunter, you can add a few LUK for Auto Falcon% and Full INT for max DMG of Falcon skills.


INT – As we have mentioned in the intro of this build, INT is a vital stat for this build compared to DEX, which we usually think goes with Archer or Hunter. Balance INT with LUK as LUK is essential for the chance that the Falcon attacks, while INT is essential for how much DMG the Falcon does.


LUK – Another important stat for this build, the higher the LUK, the more the chance for the Falcon to attack. 1 LUK = 0.3% chance of Falcon Attack. So, if you have 200 points of LUK, making the chance for your Falcon to attack up to 60%. This stat can be further maximized by Wild Awakening Skill up to 20% so making the total chance to 80%. You can increase your LUK further for higher chances of Falcon attacking but not by sacrificing other important points. Putting more points in LUK from stat points is not enough but is detrimental to this build. The ideal way is to get more of this stat from Equipment and Enchantment. Balance these things accordingly.


AA Speed – This build, though, won't need a lot of AA speed as it relies on enough AA speed to proc the Falcon Attack, and after that, INT is the primary stat. Keeping that in mind, you can still increase a bit more speed if you need though not necessary.


For example, the White card Smokie with AA speed +120 card becomes less and less effective when you reach 500+ AA speed. The addition is way less significant where this much speed is easily achieved with Weapon and AA speed Talismans. This card loses quickly to the Golem card that provides Final AA speed +30%.


To summarize, use cards in the beginning with flat stats as they are easier to find but change to % cards when you are progressing to late game. White cards are temporary, and Blue cards are your End-game.


Gear: to increase the Falcon DMG for this build, we need more INT, and we will use the Blue grade accessories to achieve that.


Weapon – As the weapon is not as crucial for this build as accessories are, you can ignore them until you have Blues for your accessories. You can always find a Blue weapon for more AA speed.


Armor – Initially, Whites are enough, but you should aim for Valkyrie set for more survivability later on in the game. Defensive stats are what you get from most armor pieces. Stats like PHY DEF, M. DEF, HP, and RES, while their Final bonus % are Refined. Do look into what stats are given by which armor piece and which of them you are lacking.


As we already have mentioned in other builds, Blue pieces provide set bonuses, which are very handy when progressing. Take the example of Ferocity from other builds as it increases the Final DMG bonus by 1% each time you kill a monster that can stack up to 5 times. While for Whites, if you have three of them, you get Golden Spike, decreasing PHY and M. DMG that you receive.


Accessories – Look for Earrings and Talisman that give you primary INT stat. When you have enough INT, you can use Ancient Flower Ring and Elegant Incense as our recommendations to get a ton of Final AA speed. This can be further enhanced by refining your weapon. So White AA speed Talisman is a must-get in the early game. It provides tons of AA speed that you need.  One fact of the matter is that AA speed is different from Final speed%.


Cards: Try to farm Bigfoot card for Holy and Neutral attribute DMG. Similarly, you can go for Marine Sphere or Marduk cards for the Final DMG bonus%.


Skills: You won’t be investing in Double Strafe and Arrow Shower skills for this build. This build focuses on doing AA continuously and as fast as possible.



Ragnarok X Next Generation Archer Skills 1


Charge Arrow (Active) – Deals PHY DMG of your weapon's attribute, increasing with ATK and points invested, to an enemy target and Stun second(s). You can use it in conjunction with Elemental Arrow. Put one point in it, so it becomes viable whenever you are playing PvP.


Owl Eyes (Passive) – Archer Skill which permanently improves your DEX points. Max it for the DEX.


Vulture’s Eye (Passive) – An upgrade of Owl Eyes, which increases range of normal attacks, Double Strafe, Arrow Repel, Focused Shot, Sharp Shooting, and Arrow Shower by 4m. A natural upgrade to max it after Owl Eyes. Increase both Owl's Eye and Vulture's Eye to the max.


Elemental Arrow (Passive) – Normal attacks, Double Strafe, Arrow Repel, Multi Firing, Focused Shot, Sharp Shooting, and Arrow Shower can be used by Elemental Arrows, increasing Skill DMG. When using Exploding Arrows, your DMG type will change to Fire and have a 20% chance to Ignite the target for 5 sec; When using Silver Arrows, your DMG type will change to Holy; When using Freezing Arrows, your DMG type will be changed to Water and will have a 20% chance to Slow the target for 2 sec.


Max it as soon as possible while still playing as an Archer.


Improve Concentration (Active) – Hunter Skill, increase your AGI and DEX for 120 sec. Max it as a good boost in your primary stat points for 2 min is a great boon, must-have for any Hunter's build as 2 min is a long time and almost feels like a passive skill.


Falcon Mastery (Passive) – Basic attacks have a chance to trigger a falcon's attack. Triggering this effect deals sacred PHY DMG, scaling with INT, that ignores DEF—having higher LUK, the more the chance to trigger a falcon attack.


You can only trigger this effect if you own a falcon. Increase the Lvl on your requirement. This Skill also considers Sacred PHY DMG or simply True DMG, which ignores the DEF of the enemy. Keep in mind that Crit DMG already ignores defense if normal attacks Crit. Max this Skill as soon as possible.


Blitz Beat (Active) – Can only be used if you own a falcon. Commands your Falcon to attack an enemy unit, dealing ((Steel Crow damage + (INT/8) ^1.8 + DEX x 2) x Lvl + Damage) sacred PHY DMG that ignores DEF and increases your AA speed for 12 seconds. It can stack up to 5 times.


The Skill requires Skill Falcon Mastery level 5. Level this Skill up to the point where its variable CD doesn’t exceed 12 seconds as this Skill gives you ATK buff for 12 seconds and stacks. So, if you level this too high, you won’t stack this Skill and lose that AA speed.


Steel Crow (Passive) – Sending your Falcon to attack increased (ATK + point of INT) for that duration. Max this Skill for your Falcon attacks.



Ragnarok X Next Generation Archer Skills


Focused Shot (Active) – Takes aim and fires an arrow, dealing (ATK + Lvl) PHY DMG of your weapon's DMG attribute to an enemy and marks the target for 5 seconds. You deal more PHY DMG to the marked targets. You can use it in conjunction with Elemental Arrow. Invest at least one point in this Skill as this Skill increases our DMG for five seconds.


Wild Awakening (Passive) – Increases your LUK and Chance to trigger a beast attack, increasing your Falcon attack chance by 20 % at max Lvl. This Skill requires Ace Tamer Skill leveled up to 5. This Skill is paramount when you become a Sniper


Skill Spammer Hunter Build:


This build focuses on reducing your CD or CDR to spam skills and deal DMG via spamming. For spamming, this build will use a Short bow. This build is quite similar to the DEX build we will later mention and explain, with a few tweaks. This build showcases purposes and not fix. You can improve or add your touches to this build by having higher upgrades and Refines.




Vigor/Haste – Reduces the variable cooldown of skills. The higher this amount, the faster you can cast your skills again. The final Vigor %amount is invaluable to this build. Our weapon will give us one of the most significant boosts for it.


DEX – Top stat for you in this build along with Vigor. The higher the DEX, the more DMG your hunter will do. Every 100 DEX will give you a 5% bonus boost. So high DEX gives high ATK. So after your total DEX reaches 100, you can consider putting some on LUK.


Gear: Refine all your Equipment to +2, then the weapon's level to 60.



Ragnarok X Next Generation Archer Gear


Weapon – We will choose Short Bow for this build as it provides Haste/Vigor as base stats and a % bonus when refined, which is invaluable to your CD of skills. Always remember to use the correct arrow for your target's element so that you can deal with tons of DMG.


Armor – You can find a detailed discussion on Armor pieces in our Falcon build above; mostly, it remains the same for all Archer Builds. Just make sure in the mid-game you prioritize Blues for the set stacking DMG buff.




For Weapon – ATK%, ATK, PEN, and Crit. Dagger Wielding Skel Pirate, Skeleton Worker, etc.


For Accessories – Vigor. After reaching Lvl 40, you should change whatever you have to Nostalgic Ornament, a Talisman that gives ATK% on Refinement.


Skills: Charge arrow is used in this build for the stuns, both on enemies and players in the PvP but keep CD to 0 though you can always max it and take a skill or two for rotation purposes while Charge Arrow is on CD. Max Owl’s and Vulture’s Eyes along with Elemental Arrow and Blitz Beat. For Skills like Focused Shot, invest a point or two for PvP focus and as a gap filler for Charge Arrow if you intend to max it. Skills like Steel Crow are not part of this build as they rely on INT, which this build doesn't invest in.


Double Strafe (Active) – From the Archer class skill tree. It can only be used when equipped with a Bow. Fire 2 arrows simultaneously, dealing PHY DMG based on ATK and DEX plus ATK of your weapon's attribute to an enemy. You can use it in conjunction with Elemental Arrows. Max it as soon as possible and keep at 0 CD for maximum effect. From experience, this Skill provides the most DPS in this build, plus the additional AA speed you get from your Blitz skill.


Additional Hunter Class information:



Ragnarok X Next Generation Archer Weapon and Builds


  • The AA speed bonus % that you should aim for should be in the range of 300-500%; you can even go up to 600% if you can reliably dish out damage when going for AA DMG builds.
  • Crit chance above 50% is good, and you can achieve that slowly during your progression.
  • Reflection Damage or Thorns is the stat you get from a set-piece bonus called Golden Spike, where you return 7.5% DMG done to you. Reflective DMG you get from equipping three Whites.
  • When your AA speed is low in the early game, you need Double Strafing, Charge Arrow, and Arrow Rain to increase your DPS.
  • When your AA speed is high in the mid-game, somewhere around 500%+, in which you can shoot three arrows per sec, remove all DPS skills. Then you can use Blitz Beat and Focused Shot only, wherein PvP; you use Charge Arrow. Thence you can increase Beast Bane to 5 and so on.
  • Save some skill points for the Sniper Skill Tree as in this game; you can carry over skill points from Archer and Hunter to Sniper.
  • Try to have as many Blue sets as possible to benefit from their set bonuses. You can always start the game with Whites and acquire Blues as you go along. Refine your gear when you have found a suitable piece; it doesn't matter its level.
  • The Longbow is a 2-H that provides you with PHY ATK and AA speed as base stats. One good example is the Adventurer's Longbow that gives you PHY ATK and AA speed as base stats. You can later upgrade this one to Veteran's Longbow with the same base stats.
  • Go for Whites that give you AA speed in the early game as we have low AGI, and we usually invest into DEX for more DMG. During mid-game, you change the accessories first; one good example is Veteran's Inner Swift Manual, which gives AGI and DEX a % boost while refining. Another good example is Adventurer's Brooch, which provides you with DEX.




Merchant class is the unique class in ROX and can wield three different weapons at one time, being 1-H Axe or Mace and 2-H Axe. Following are some stats that each of these weapons provides;


  • 1-H Axe – AKT% and Final PEN %
  • 2-H Axe – ATK% and Vigor%
  • 1-H Mace – ATK% and AA speed%


When playing with 2-H axes, always remember that if it gives ATK% and Vigor%, you should always compliment your PEN as you won’t have it that much based on your stats alone. The Equipment provides you with AA speed for the mace builds, so look for other stats that are lacking because of this or use this AA speed provided and capitalize on it. Always analyze which of the stats you get from your Equipment and whatever is lacking; either add them from the Stats sheet or find corresponding cards and include that in your builds.


The other thing you should worry about when playing the Merchant is that most early game skills need to expend Zeny to cast skills, which becomes counter-intuitive if you don't have tons of money lying about. So, balance your Zeny expending skills on the amount of Zeny you are running with. So we recommend rotating two skills in the early game when focusing on early game Vigor.


Blacksmith is the only class that can produce PvP potions, and they can also sell them using Vending Skill. PvP potions are a must when playing KvM and GvG. Having the higher type of PvP pots gives your team a massive boost over the enemy.


Blacksmith has many PHY ATK buff skills and is a good DPS with support as a party buffer and can help your teammates deal more damage during Party-based content like MVP, Raid, or Instances while helps in dealing AoE DMG and CC during Endless Tower and can be a frontline.


We have two builds line up for you below; we haven't included a Mace build as it provides AA speed to the class, which invariably doesn’t benefit it as much as other classes.


1-H Axe and Shield STR Blacksmith Build:


This build focuses on pumping STR into the Stat points and using 1-H Axe with a shield in the off-hand. The reason behind using shield and ax is that while 1-H gives you PHY ATK + PEN, the shield gives you max HP + DMG bonus/PEN/PHY ATK.



Ragnarok X Next Generation Blacksmith 1-H and Shield




STR – As this is the STR build, pump pints into STR until you have about 80-85 into these stats. Most of the builds will require STR to help scale the ATK you always get from weapons, mainly because you are a melee class unless you want to pump in DEX to make a spam skill build like our other classes.


VIT or DEX – Highly dependent on your skills and Equipment to pump points into this stat.


Vigor – Essential for Merchant class in the early game, like this class, relies most on skills, especially early on.




Ragnarok X Next Generation Blacksmith 1-H and Shield 1



Weapon – Axe, 1-H, Axe of Glory giving you PHY ATK and PEN RES, while PHY ATK and Final PEN RES %. When you want to take it to the next level, you can start investing in Ragnarok X: Next Generation crafting to begin making other elemental scrolls for different elemental types. Pick the best 1-H Axe at the start, change to the next Lvl weapon when you meet the Lvl requirement. Use Lvl 40 set until you get Val/Odin Armor. You can then switch to higher Lvl white, blue or gold weapon, or stick to the Lvl 40 weapon if you use a Lvl 40 ring.


Shield – Shield is being used in the off-hand, which gives Max HP and PHY DMG as bast stat and their % while refined. Some shields like Adventurer Buckler give you DMG reduction instead of PHY ATK, making your class more defensive. Use your current Lvl shield first until you reach 50.


Shadow Pioneer Axe and Faithful Shield – Lvling up your Shadow Weapons is paramount as it helps you improve the primary damaging skills to the next level. For example, the first level upgrade in the Shadow tree of Hammerfall will enhance the skill DMG multiplier by 14% and the Stun chance by 14%, which is a considerable amount at the max level Hammerfall; the stun chance is already 50%. Don’t forget to improve Zeny Utility as the first Lvl upgrade increases the DMG multiplier of Mammonite, Hurl Zeny, and Zeny storm by 14%. If you are using 2-H, you can boost Cart ATK, Hammerfall, and Trolley finishing skills or others.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Blacksmith Pioneer Ax  and Faithful Shield



Armor – Even though farming Whites is sufficient in the early game, the mid to late game, always look for blues as their set bonuses give considerable boons to your Final DMG. Use Lvl 40 white set and start saving for Valkyrie or Odin set. Both give you DEF and M. DEF while their % when refining.


Accessories – While early in the game, don't be hesitant to use White ones to provide you with as much Vigor as possible. As most White ones can provide you with Final Haste %. Later in the game, you can farm for accessories with ATK or ATK%. So, use initially Vigor ring and Tier it up as much as possible until you reach -20 CDR, then you can start looking for a better ring. Always try to match the Lvl of your rings to your Shield’s Lvl.




For Weapon – PHY ATK, ATK DMG bonus, and PEN also their % bonuses on some, RES. Card examples for weapons can be Red Fly, Bigfoot, Yoyo Monkey, and Crab card giving you PHY ATK %. Arbernite and Metaller are good cards, for starters. For the end game, you can use Andre, Marina, or Vadon as they provide ATK and Final DMG %.


For Armor – HP cards are the first choice when going for filling the armor. So early-game, HP while later in the game, max HP%. Black Fox, Chicken, and Fly Hunting cards are some excellent examples.


For Accessories – When you are in the early game, go for Vigor cards, in the mid-game, PEN, and Final Vigor, while in the end-game, Marine Sphere, Black Ant. Going for Vigor stat early on in the accessories stats is because the Merchant class has only three active skills, and it would do you good if you invest in them early on. Another good example is the Cooke Card for Vigor. For late game, try to farm Vitata card for Final PEN % or Marine Sphere card for Final DMG bonus%.




Ragnarok X Next Generation Blacksmith Skills



For building skills, the skill Lvls will depend on your current Vigor/Haste. While we have given a detailed account of which skills are best to choose, you can follow our thought process and adjust their Lvls according to your choice and your present CDR.


Midas Touch (Active) – Boosts Zeny gain, Deal DMG, and add continuous 10 sec of bounty status; monster killed by this skill will provide Zeny earning. Suitable for earning gold early on in the game; Lvl it up according to your needs. With the Shadow upgrade, the DMG multiplier increases along with Zeny obtained by a 14%. We don’t Lvl this skill up much in the early game as it costs 1500 Zenies at max level, which isn't cost-effective early game.


Mammonite (Active) – Single Target high Damage, consumes Zeny to deal PHY DMG to a single enemy. This skill requires Midas Touch Leveled up to 5. Makes sure that the variable CD is reduced to zero so that you spam this skill. Increase the Lvl of this skill according to your needs but as much as possible. Don’t forget to Auto this skill when doing AFK farming. Like Midas Touch, this skill uses 150 Zenies with every cast, so invest as much in this skill as the money you have.


Cart Attack (Active) – Individual PHY savage, max it. This skill can only be used when mounted. Deals (ATK) with PHY DMG to an enemy decrease their AA speed and movement speed for 4 seconds. Increases DMG when using a Spear. This skill requires Cavalry Training skill to be Lvl 5 to be unlocked. A good skill when playing PvP and also an excellent early game as it doesn't need Zenies. You can always start at one Lvl investment to start Cart-related skills.


Crazy Uproar (Active) – Increase Strength with your shouts and improve the strength of all players scaling with your own STR; for the last 120 seconds, improve team strength and max it as soon as possible. Also, very viable for PvP. Must have for early game Merchants and all around as more STR means way more DMG for your class.


Enlarge Weight Limit (Passive) – Increases the weight limit, Lvl it up to 5. 


Weight Utility (Passive) – Increase damage of cart revolution, cart blitz (only for the first instance of damage), cart hurl (Only for the first stage), and high-speed cart ram by 1%, for every increase of your max, this also buffs your merchant skills by boosting damage for them by 1% per level. Max it if you have some points lying about. The best part of this skill is when farming low Lvl or small to medium monsters; this skill gives a 1% boost to your DMG when you do the killing blow.


Weapons Research (Passive) – Increases PHY ATK when using weapons scaling with your STR. A must-have skill for the Merchant, so max it as soon as possible.


Power Thrust (Passive) – Casting Crazy Uproar to increase your ATK and increase the PHY ATK of all Party Members. This skill requires that Crazy Uproar is at Level 5 at least. Next Lvl skill for Crazy Uproar. The PHY ATK is increased by 20% on testing by some players, so that's a considerable boost.


Adrenaline Rush (Active) – Increase the final AA speed of all party members (increase for every 50 AGI) for 40 sec. Lvl it up to 5 until you max your other most important skills.


Hammer fall (Active) – Slams the ground, dealing PHY DMG, based on your primary stat and ATK% to the enemy unit with a chance to stun enemy for 2 sec, can stun up to 8 targets. Lvl it up to 5 until you have maxed your other essential skills and increase when you have more Vigor. One thing to keep note of, if you max this skill for AoE stun, don’t forget to Lvl the Shadow upgrade for this skill as the very first level, a whopping 14% increase happens to make a 64% chance to stun.


Cart Hurl (Active) – Hurl the pushcart forward, deal PHY DMG based on ATK to the enemy in its path. The pushcart stays at the endpoint after reaching the max distance for up to 5 sec. Casting this skill again causes you to rush toward the pushcart's location and deal the same amount of PHY DMG to the enemy; after learning the Weight Utility skill, the damage of the first part of this skill will increase with max weight. Increase the Lvl when playing PvP or when not Auto-battling; otherwise, just put 1 point in it.


Cart Blitz (Active) – Rides on a pushcart and charges forward, dealing PHY DMG, scaling with ATK%, to the enemy in this path within 3 M of a pushcart. Enemies that have to receive the damage from this skill will not receive damage again within 1.5 sec during the charge. DMG received is decreased. However, you can carry out no other attack during this period. It lasts for 8 sec.



Ragnarok X Next Generation Blacksmith Skills Trolly Rush


After the Cart Blitz skill kills 8 targets or deal 32 hits, the charge will end prematurely; the damage of this skill is affected by weight utility skill. Do the same with Cart Blitz for Lvling as you did for Cart Hurl. This skill is good for rushing or escaping while also giving you immunity from CC debuffs, and this is your best DPS skill as a merchant class.


Will to Fight – Add PHY ATK DMG increase after each basic hit for 20 for every 50 STR, can stack up to 8 times, lasts for 5 sec.



Ragnarok X Next Generation Blacksmith Skills Battle Will


Weapon Perfection (Passive) – Next Lvl skill for Adrenaline rush requires Lvl 5, which causes all party members within 30m, gain the weapon's base modifier, up to 100% for 40 Sec. max it as soon as possible.


Savage Swing (Active) – Pins down the enemy for 1 sec and slashes it 5 times, dealing a total of PHY DMG, scales of your ATK% from your weapon’s attribute. When Shadow upgrading this skill, other than increasing the multiplier of the DMG, add a 7% chance of reducing the target's Final PHY DEF by 7%, making it a great combo with Shattering Strike.


Shattering Strike – Deals damage, scaling with ATK, of your weapon's attribute to an enemy and has a chance (increases by an additional 1% for every 30 LUK you have) to break the enemy's armor. Enemy units with broken armor have their DEF decreased for 6 seconds. A great combo with Savage Swing.


2-H Axe STR Blacksmith Build:


Before reading this build, please acknowledge that most of the stats and other variables will be the same as the 1-H build so that you will find detailed information only in this section about 2-H.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Blacksmith 2-H Axe build





Vigor/Haste – Need at least -20 CDR.


PEN – For high damage output.




Enchantments – Enchant all of your Equipment with STR.


Weapon – As this build focuses on using a 2-H ax, go with the best ax you can find at your present level, and upgrade when you can. The 2-H ax gives you Vigor so you can quickly achieve the prescribed -20 CDR. We recommend you first upgrade your ax when you are level 40 as at this point; you will find a good number of accessories matching your level. the base stats provided by the 2-H ax are PHY ATK and Haste while % for Refinement.


Accessories – Change to Bell Earrings at level 40, upgrade to next Tier, or you can change to Lvl 50 ring, but you need to match with the Equipment set.


Mamonite – Use only for PvP and MVP for this build.


Cart Blitz – Use only for PvP loadout in this build.


Shadow Equipment:


We have touched a little about Shadow Equipment in each of the builds, but in this section, we will go in-depth about what it is and how it can benefit your classes and builds; keep it in mind, Shadow equipment is essential to each build.


How To Unlock Shadow Equipment:


First, join the guild and finish the guild orders; this is a great way to Lvl them up for more advanced options.



Ragnarok X Next Generation Blacksmith 2-H Shadow Equipment Select


At Lvl 40, you will receive a quest for Shadow Weapon in guild territory. It will tell you to pick a Shadow weapon. Here is the most crucial part, decide on a build that you will use forever as it can’t be changed later. Pick the shadow class for the weapon type that is your primary. You are allowed to change your shadow weapon, but it will reset some of your progress.


You need to pray at a Valkyrie statue to start your quest for Shadow Equipment. Though once you complete the Awakening of one type, though however long, that process may be, you can start with another option and finish that too. It all depends on the time you can invest in them.


Shadow Equipment Options:


A few options are depending on your class. The Hunter's options are Silver Bow and Cosmic Bow. The Assassin will have Reverse Blade, Katar, and Illusionary Dagger, for the Dagger. For the Knight, there are three options, Esteemed Sword for the 2-H sword, Conquering Spear for the 2-H Spear, while Loyal and Faithful Shield for the 1-H Sword Shield combo.


The Shadow Weapons for the Priest is Tome for the book, Sacrificial Staff and Slender Shield for 1-h rod and shield, and Strong Hammer and Shield for the Mace Shield combo. The Wizard has Ordered Staff for 2-H Rod and Sacrificial Staff and Slender Shield for 1-H Rod Shield combo.  Finally, the Black Smith has Desert Axe for 2-H ax, Pioneer Axe and Faithful Shield for 1-H ax shield combo, and the Strong Hammer and Slender Shield for Mace Shield combo.


Important Point:


The most important quest for this is the KvM. KvM is a PvP, but you need your guildmates to form a part. It is a daily event so participate mainly because it doesn't matter if you win or lose. It only matters if the quest asks you to succeed.


You need to have and equip the weapon you want to target one of the Shadow weapons. For example, if you pick 2-H Shadow Weapon, you have to farm on PvP using a 2-H sword. Just tap on your Shadow Weapon to see all the required quests.


We must craft it because there are so many benefits that we can enjoy. It gives a lot of benefits as a F2P player, and that's why you need to do this no matter what, or you will fall behind. You start with picking a bonus you need, such as a Crit Knight, select a corresponding stat upgrade.




Ragnarok X Next Generation Blacksmith Awakening



The next task is Awakening. Awakening is like activating the shadow equipment, and that will give you more bonuses if you finish them. It would be best if you had specific Equipment to be of a particular Lvl and Tier. So always balance your upgrade before your farm Tier II upgrade items. Same for other Awakenings, read carefully what it says so you won't waste your time and resources.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Blacksmith Awakening 1


For example, one criterion for Awakening is to increase the Refinement of 2 equipment to +6, which will land you Refinement increase effect of 10%. It is good that you put in cards for Awakening because we can get it back anytime you want to use it. There are some difficult tasks like Otherworld Gate Quests I and II, which need you to participate in the gates 5 and 30 times. After completing all these quests, you will activate the Shadow Equipment.



Ragnarok X Next Generation Blacksmith Shadow Craft


Your Shadow Equipment starts with Lvl 0 and can be leveled up. To level up the shadow Equipment, you need the Equipment's smelting material from the Magic Furnace. Different grades of weapons need other materials for smelting. So for the Luminary Bow I, one of your Shadow Equipment, you need the Composite Longbow Lvl 25 and the Luminary Soulstone I, where you can find the Luminary Soulstone from Ragnarok X: Next Generation Mining.


Luminary Silver Bow I can now be synthesized from 3 Silver Luminary Bow I to 1 Luminary Bow II. Depending on Shadow Equipment Lvl, higher upgrade material is required.


Nodes of Shadow Equipment:



Ragnarok X Next Generation Blacksmith  Nodes


You have to go through 7 nodes of Shadow Equipment. Starting with Inscription, to Pioneer and then to Bound, Engraved, Validation, Contract, and finally the Soul node. The Inscription and Pioneer nodes are available as soon as you activate the Shadow Equipment. Bound and Engraved will be unlocked when the Shadow Equipment is Lvl 1, while you will unlock validation at three, and finally, the last node, Soul, can be unlocked once your Shadow Equipment is leveled up to 7.


Let's look at the Inscription node first. In this node, there are different types of stats that you can add to your overall stats. You can unlock each of these stats according to the Shadow Equipment Lvl. Similarly, is with the Pioneer Node. Each node has different stats that you need to Unlock and will be unlocked according to the weapon's level. You can upgrade their stat level to have a higher stat effect. To level up each stat, you need design method material. 


Rewards to Level up Shadow Equipment:


Ragnarok X Next Generation Blacksmith Guild Rewards



Now, where can you get this material to unlock stats for Inscription and Pioneer. You can get this material from KvM rewards. You can find this information under Events and Guild KvM. To get these rewards, you need to participate at least three times in the KvM. Each of the rewards of the KvM will give you three rewards.


Now there are two other types of KvM rewards, the individual rewards and the guild rewards. The individual rewards are based on your points ranking within your guild members. The higher the points you get from KvM, the more KvM rewards that you can get.


Although the minimum requirement for the guild rewards at least three times in one session, you can participate as much as you want. On the other hand, the guild rewards are accumulated; more points in KvM will yield more rewards. So, increasing the level of your Shadow Gear, participate more in KvM.


Single Choice Nodes:


Next is the bound node; you cannot get all the points; you only need to choose one. For example, if you take the first point, the Double Strafe I, which increases the chance of triggering Double Strafe by 7.5%, but if you take the second one, Improve Concentration I, your Final AA speed is increased by 37.5%, and so on. You can get most of this information on your corresponding Shadow Equipment page.


That's it for the detailed description of the Shadow Equipment. I hope it was worthwhile.


Gear and Skills Loadouts:



Ragnarok X Next Generation Loadouts 2


The game recommends you typically play co-existing Exorcists and Praise build or any other build for that matter. Because these two builds have the same start point distribution and can have the same set of Equipment, this is a similar problem when doing farming and then going for some PvP content where both require different skills and gear.



Ragnarok X Next Generation Loadouts 1


So, a loadout is a change button where you use different builds for different situations. The difference is in the set of skills you use for both. So how can you play to builds at the same time? You go and click on the character screen; at the last tab is the loadout, and here you can have multiple plans or loadouts; this way, you can freely switch between 2 or more builds if you have the same equipment sets for both.


Custom Skills for Auto-Battle:


Ragnarok X Next Generation Combo Skills 1



When you reach the second job, you will unlock a lot of new skills, most of these skills will no longer fit on the auto skill slots because it is already full. Ragnarok X Next Generation was able to fix this, and that's where the Combo Skill slot comes to play. It will allow players to combine three skills in one skill slot, and you can set up to 4 combo skills (2 are available for the current version). A beneficial feature, especially for classes that has too many Active skills.



Ragnarok X Next Generation Combo Skills 2


You can find these options in the Auto-Battle button in the skills sheet. You have four options or loadouts to save your auto skills; you can see this in the Custom Skill tab. Here you can see the available skills to you on the left, while the combo skills tool, Edit skill on the right. Each auto-battle skill slot can have up to 3 skills at one time. For example, you can have Fire Pillar, Earth Spike, and Magic Amplification as a combo. This clears some space for 3 of your skill slots at your skills bar. This way, just by one click, you can activate three skills at one time right after each other. This combo does damage as well as stunning to the max. You can find this combo skill in the Novice part of your Skill Tree. You can add it to your hot bar just like any other skill.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Combo Skills 3


LDPlayer Features for Ragnarok X – Next Generation:


Ragnarok X: Next Generation is an MMO RPG that needs a lot of grinding and farming for loot to get the best cards and gear for your perfect build, which can be made more accessible by using macros to set up your skills and combos to the farming stage with ease. You can also enhance your experience like to play this game with a gamepad or controller as it becomes more organic to play an MMO RPG this way.




The main premise for any build is to work around the core things; the first is the stats, which stats go with which skills and cards. The second core thing is the gear and stats you roll into them to compliment your main stats. The following core thing is the cards that enhance your other core skills. The final core thing is the skill, which revolves around the last core things we mentioned above and supports or multiplies the association of the other core things.


When you take it to step by step and understand the mechanics explained in this way, your gameplay will be more fun and enjoyable every time you play the game. Start off your gaming as a Ragnarok X: Next Generation beginner and it is time to build up the best class. 

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