Ragnarok X Next Generation Best Classes Guide


Ragnarok X: Next Generation is one of those MMO RPGs that have so many options and diversity that you spend 100 hours just trying out different classes to find a suitable match for you while still not sure if one class is much more fun than the other, which is what makes this game addictive. Ragnarok X: Next Generation’s creators are Gravity studios, having collaboration with Dream Network.





Ragnarok X Next Generation Intro


If you are fresher at this game, you might get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information. To simply it, we'll talk about the classes you can choose and how you can pick one of them and the reasons behind it. To begin, let’s talk about the classes present in Ragnarok X: Next Generation.


Note that you can also have  Ragnarok X: Next Generation on PC to gain more fun on a big screen and consume fewer resources and batteries on your mobile. With that being said, let's start out RagnarokX Next Generation best class guide from here. 





Ragnarok X: Next Generation has six unique classes, and each class can have two sub-classes, mostly Archetypes like most RPG games.




This class is the typical damage dealing class in most games with a rounded-out attack and defense and typically strong early game and faster clear times. Swordsmen are the most accessible class, to begin with. With strong physical attacks, defense, and a sense of command, a swordsman can become a headstrong leader to others. They can use the strongest armors in the game, which helps them defend the continent's peace.


Swordsmen are recommended to be built with Agility because it provides high AS, very short CD, and some support capabilities. They are single target DPS and can also be built like tanks. They are allowed to use fire element as their element of choice. Their preferred opponents are an undead and single monster with a high amount of XP.


In Instances, they are used as VIT Knights due to high mobility and good defense while pulling aggro and using CC abilities. In AFK, they are used as AGI Swordsman due to their high AS and short CD making them a good DPS support. In PvP, they are used preferentially as Spear Knights due to their high damaging combos.


Weapons – Swordsman can wield both 2-H and 1-H swords (with shield) that can be upgraded with ATK SPD and PHY ATK, while 1-H can also upgrade PHY PEN. They can also wield 2-H spears, which you can upgrade with PHY ATK stat and Haste ability.


Skills – Swordmen can use their Bash skill to deal PHY DMG to single targets, while Magnum Break can do AoE fire damage. Endure increases their DEF while Provoke can Taunt and reduces the DEF of enemies.



Ragnarok X Next Generation Swordsman


The sub-classes for Swordsman are Knight, which you can upgrade to Knight Lord, and Crusader, which possess higher defense and endurance.


Knight – Knight, is mainly used as a tank and pumped with VIT Knight that excels in defense, has high mobility, can pull aggro, and serves as the overall tank.


Knight’s Skills – Pull Monsters deals damage to monsters by pulling them near and stunning them, while Sting Attack can only be used if equipped with a spear and unleashes a flurry of attacks. Spear Stab knocks back enemies in a rectangle in front of the Knight while dealing damage. Thrown Spear can trade a high amount of damage.


ATK is increased by (8 + 5% of DEX) when you equip your hero with a Spear. Steel Heart is a skill that within 12 seconds of using this skill, damage received decreases by 22% (increases by an additional 1% for every 50 VIT you have) and prevents you from being interrupted when being attacked. Steel Heart will remove this effect after being attacked 11 times. Double Blow is possible when equipped with a sword, and each normal ATK has a 20% chance (increases by an additional 1% for each 50 LUK you gain) to deal (5% ATK + 20) Neutral physical damage that ignores DEF. If the normal attack is critical, the bonus damage will also be essential.


The counter is another skill, and the Knight enters the Counter state and gains a shield that absorbs up to 6% of Max HP for 5 seconds. When the shield ends, it deals Neutral physical damage equal to 4.4% of Max HP to all enemy units within 3 meters and increases the target's Threat by a significant amount.


Charge Attack does charge towards a distant enemy (cannot be silenced after the charge begins), dealing (180% of ATK + 430) non-elemental physical DMG to enemies in a rectangle and stunning them for 2 sec. You can fine-tune the cast level once this skill is equipped.


Do you want to level up yourself from this game? Then refer to our Ragnarok X Next Generation leveling up guide from here. 




Acolytes are the support class in Ragnarok X: Next Generation. They specialize in supporting their teammates and, as such lean toward aiding their allies. They train to become selfless and devoted individuals, aiming to help all that they meet. They are strong against Shadow and undead-type monsters.


Acolytes are support and healer class, and their element is Holy. Acolytes prefer Shadow and undead monsters. They are known as Exorcists in Instances as they can dispel negative effects on their allies while inflicting debuffs on enemies. Have great Force when playing in AFK due to their great defense and regen capabilities. Acolytes are highly Praised at parties as they cast a variety of buffs.


Weapons – Acolytes can wield 1-H rods, which you can upgrade to improve MAG ATK and MAG DEF PEN, maces which can improve PHY ATK and ATK SPD by upgrading, and books that you can upgrade to improve MAG ATK and provide the ability Haste for casting skills to support their allies and deal damage to their enemies.


Skills – Acolytes can use Heal to heal a single friendly target, while Blessing can enhance an ally's attributes. Holy Light is their single-target damaging skill, while Kyrie Elieson provides a barrier to a partner.



Ragnarok X Next Generation Priest


Priest – Priests are geared towards pure supportive Acolytes, provide healing to other classes, and provide buffs to boost their stats to fight dangerous monsters in the dungeon. Priests can be upgraded to High Priests.


Priest Skills – Hall of Glory does AoE healing for you and your allies while Holy Water increases the holy damage of a partner. Angel's Barrier gives an ally DEF shield. An Ode to Luck increases the luck of all party members. Zen increases SP Regen, recovering (0.1% of Max SP + 2) SP every 10 seconds and increasing the effect of SP recovery items by 5%.


Asumptio gains an effect to increase the M.DEF of friendly targets within 30 meters by 10% (increases by an adding 1% for each 15 VIT you have). Loses the effect when the caster is more than 30 m away. Aspersio            Normal ATKs of an ally within 30 m will gain the Holy attribute for 40 sec. Reduces its effect when the caster is more than 30m away.


Some of the cards that you can use on Priests are Kukre for +120 Haste, Piere for MAG ATK boost of 6%, and Sasquatch for +12% HP boost and keep the Priest alive during fights to survive longer.




Mages are the magic wielders and deal damage to their enemies from a range with devastating spells. They are known for enormous AoE magic damage to enemies. Mages rely on their skills as their primary source of damage. The only problem with Mages is that they have fixed cast times, so initially, DPS may seem slow compared to other classes. However, the CC abilities of Mages are paramount in PvP and instances.


Mages use all the elements to their advantage and love to deal AoE damage to mobs using element advantages. Their use of Ice and Lightning in instances has no match, which includes CC. They use Earth and Fire elements in AFK with style to slow their opponents. They use Fire and Ghost in PvP as these have short CDs and also provides self-defense.


Weapons – Mages can wield 1-H rods similar to Acolytes having the same upgraded stats, but they can also wield 2-H rods, unlike Acolytes, which can upgrade to MAG ATK stat and provides Haste ability.


Skills – The Fire Bolt skill of Mage can do fire damage to a single target, while Soul Strike does Ghost damage to a single target. They use their defensive skill FireWall to keep away from the enemies while using Frost Diver to damage and chance of freezing the enemy.


Sub-classes for Mage are Wizard, which you can upgrade to High Wizard, and Sage. Use their elemental skills to multiply their MAG DMG.


Wizard – Wizards are preferable due to their long-range DPS with CC abilities and clear mobs faster. Build Wizards with Full INT. The most important cards for a Wizard are Verit giving max DMG +6%, and Zerom for +6% increase in max DMG. We also recommend Requim because of the +10% boost to your Earth and Fire DMG.


Wizard Skills – Pillar of Fire Attack is a single target fire damage and does burst damage if the opponent is already burning. A snowstorm is an AoE spell having a chance to slow down the enemy. Mind Blast is typically a single high damage skill, but when multiple enemies are nearby, it can divide the damage among them. Thunder does wind-type damage to enemies.


Storm Gust can conjure seven waves of Storm Gust's ability at the required location. Each wave can deal (24% of M.ATK + 30) Water-based MAG DMG to enemies in an area and has a 32% chance to slow by 23%. The Slow effect lasts for 3 sec and can stack up to 3x. When stacked three times, the skill will freeze the enemy for 3 sec. Each target slowed and was frozen by one Storm Gust at any time.


When a target is frozen by Storm Gust skill, this skill's Slow effect will no longer be affected. This skill's Freeze effect can't be removed when the enemy takes DMG. You can adjust the level of the cast once this skill is equipped. Energy Coat helps to envelop yourself with spiritual energy, reducing physical damage received by 13% (further reduces physical damage received by 1% for every 50 VIT you have) for 10 seconds. Soul Drain can increase Max SP by 2% and increases your M.ATK byMax SP/100.


1-H plus offhand is recommended for DPS build best suited for PvE and MVP. Recommended the 1-H build as you'll eventually have enough Haste at the end game, so you can forgo the 2-H build if you want. 2-H Haste build is recommended for PvP and instances.




Thieves are the nimble heroes in Ragnarok X: Next Generation that moves about the battlefield sneakily and deal massive amounts of when the enemy least expects. In some cases, they can deal AoE damage. Thieves wait in the shadows so that they can plan where they will strike next. They are swift and decisive, and few can keep up with a thief’s AS and power. Thieves also specialize in poisons to deal with DOT on their enemies.


Thief is a class if you want to do single target high DPS. Their preferred element is poison. They excel in killing non-shadow and small ghost monsters. In instances, Thieves are known as Crit Assassins as they rely on basic attack Crits and skill combos for high damage bursts. In PvP, they don the role of Stealth Assassin as they get close to the enemy using StealthStealth and then pop out to deal instant damage. In AFK, they are Poison Assassins because they use poison to deal continuous damage.


Weapons – Thieves can wield daggers to dish out damage, improving their PHY ATK when upgraded and providing Haste and Katars with weapons that will provide enhanced PHY ATK and AS stat when upgraded.


Skills – Thief can use Brute Force deal single target PHY DMG and slows their enemies while Ambush is their stealth ability which can deal PHY DMG and stuns too. Venom Knife can deal bonus damage to those enemies who are already poisoned while Hiding skill just puts them under StealthStealth.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Thief


Sub-classes for Thief are Assassin and Rogue. You’ll deal with destructive DMG with bursts of potent blows.


Assassin – Slash skill does PHY damage and can be used again within 10 seconds of killing an enemy. Strength is also recommended for Assassin and won’t be needing that much Agility or luck as cards will give you that boost which means as much DD power as possible.


Assassin’s Skills – Their Sonic Skill does PHY DMG and has a chance to stun the enemy while Shadowless fangs can deal increased damage while under StealthStealth, which also has a chance to stun. Hidden Weaponry can deal poison damage over time. Detoxify dispels poison damage done to allies. Right Hand Master increases ATK by (8 + 5% of DEX) when equipped with a dagger in your right hand.


Katar Mastery is a skill that, when equipped with a Katar, Crit increases by 10%. Roll Away helps to roll back seven meters, evading enemy ATK and entering Hiding mode. After the Hiding effect awarded by this skill is removed, it increases Dodge by 20 for 5 seconds. Supersonic Blow increases the DMG of Sonic Blow by 5%. Whenever you land a crit attack with your normal attack, Sonic Blow cooldown is reduced by 1 second.




Ranged physical damage dealers have an arsenal of abilities to deal damage from afar, just like Mages. Some of their skills can also deal AoE damage.


They are also trapped support. They have Holy, Fire, Water, and Earth as elements for their elemental arrows. Their recommended monsters to attack are single high XP monsters to damage with their arrows. Their traps are perfect for instances as they can set multiple traps and very flexible due to kiting. They have short casting time and damages from afar. They can do additional Falcon damage while playing in PvP.


Weapons – Archers can wield long and short bows to deal ranged damage. Short bows can provide PHY ATK as an improved stat when you upgraded while providing haste ability. Longbows will have PHY ATK and AS improved when upgrading. Archers are experts at long-range combat with bows and arrows, while their range gives them several advantages. They can use elemental arrows and plant traps, making them able to exploit elemental advantages easily.


Skills – Archers can use Double Strafe to deal PHY DMG to single targets, and Arrow Shower does AoE for a few seconds for mobs. Archer can do significant damage and stuns the opponent with their Arrow Repel while immobilizes an area with Anklesnare.


The sub-classes for Archer are Hunter, which you can upgrade to Sniper and Dancer. You’ll let loose a hail of deadly arrows from afar.


Hunter – Hunter, is a long-range DPS and most suitable for newer players as the Hunter can deal damage from a long-range while dodging boss skills. You can build a Hunter with full-on DEX as cards can give you the necessary boost to AGI and LUK.


Hunter’s Skills – Hunter’s skill Improve Concentration can improve their AGI/DEX for a short amount of time while Explosive Traps deals AoE fire damage and ignites the enemies dealing fire damage to them over a duration. Electric Trap deals wind damage to enemies, and you can have seven wind traps at one time, making it a mob killer. Lightning Strike can only be used when a Falcon Companion deals damage to enemies via the pet and increases the Hunter’s AS.


Falconry Mastery helps normal ATKs have a chance to trigger the falcon attack. Triggering this Mastery deals ((Steel Crow damage + (INT/8)^1.8 + DEX x 2) x 1.1 + 440) sacred PHY DMG that forgoes DEF. Having high LUK increases the chances of triggering a falcon attack. This effect can only be triggered when you own a falcon.


Beastbane increases damage dealt with Brute, Insect, Fish monsters by 1%. Detonation increases the DMG of the trap by 2%. Uses all traps that have been deployed.


Longbow ADL builds are recommended as it is a new player-friendly build. We don't recommend short bow for new players as Hunter unlocks its true potential at 3rd job upgrade.


We recommend using Skell worker for +120 Crit, Wolf for +40% increased AS, and Golem for +30% AS, among other cards.


Learn more about your Ragnarok X Next Generation Equipment from here.




The only class in the game that has Craft Skill along with cart trading. They are the dealers of the economy in Ragnarok X: Next Generation and can be said the mechanical experts. Able to carry far more weight than others thanks to them, enlarge weight limit and pushcart abilities. They can equip axes and heavy armor, allowing good defense and decent attack. They can also use their pushcart to deal damage to their enemies.  They use Zenies mechanic in the game to deal damage.


Merchants are also a good support class as they can give the team PHY DPS buff, which makes Merchant welcome into guilds.  As Merchants are the only class with craft useful items with a life skill, this is needed for PvP and upgrading your equipment.  You can also use this skill to sell gear to other players. Merchants are recommended to be build strength and complimented with stats from cards.


Merchants buy low and sell high, setting up stalls throughout the world to make Zeny attack using money. It’s the most important goal of trading in the game. Their recommended monsters are high XP large monsters. Merchants are flexible when playing in instances and rely on pushcart to deal damage. They go berserk when AFK is focused on supportive skills and use Zeny in PvP to deal damage in short bursts.


Some of the recommended cards to boost other stats than strength are Metaller for +120 ATK, Andre for PHY ATK and PHY PEN boost of 3%, and Marina for PHY ATK boost +6%. You won't need a Haste card for Merchant class as you can use the Haste talisman for Merchant instead to solve your CD problems and only focus on DPS cards.


Weapons – Merchants can wield 1-H axes improving PHY ATK   and PHY PEN stats and 2-H axes, which improves PHY ATK stats while providing the haste ability when upgraded. They can also wield maces same as Acolytes.


We recommend using a 1-H ax with a shield for DPS build or a 2-H ax for the Haste build for merchants. Mace isn't recommended at all for Merchant.


Skills – Midas Touch gives them Zeny gain while Mammonite is a single target high damage ability. Cart Revolution is PHY DMG's single-target ability and can increase the strength of their allies with Crazy Uproar.


The sub-classes for Merchant are Blacksmith, which you can upgrade to Master Smith and Alchemist as they create a unique experience in their signature cart abilities.


Blacksmith’s Skills - Hammerfall is their AoE stun skill for Blacksmith, while Savage Swings does a flurry of swings and pauses the enemy for that duration. Trolley Push can do single point damage and deals more damage when pulls the trolley back. Speed Excitation increases the AS of the whole team.


Skin Tempering gives 4% less Fire damage and 1% less Neutral damage. Deals 4% more Fire damage. Weaponry Research helps when using a weapon, ATK increases by (8 + 5% of STR). Adrenaline Rush can increase the Final AS of all teams by 5% (increasing by 1% for each 50 AGI) for 40 sec. Loses effect if more than 30 m from the caster.



Ragnarok X Next Generation Blacksmith


Improper Means reduces Zeny required to cast Mammonite, Hurl Zeny, and Zeny Storm by 1%. Weight Utility can increase the damage of Cart Revolution, Cart Blitz (only for the first instance of damage), Cart Hurl (only for the first stage), and High-Speed Cart Ram by 1% for every increase of your maximum weight by 4800.


Best Classes:


The best classes are based on a few critical factors in most MMO RPGs, their potential in PvE content, and power with CC in PvP content, for which we have tried to do justice for a few quick picks.


In a nutshell, hardcore players will pick Assassin or Knight being OP if they build right and good stats, while relaxed playstyle players will go for Hunter or Wizard due to their long-range damage dealing capabilities for a more accessible farm. Finally, if you are playing with your friends, you can pick Priest or Merchant to support them.




Knight in Ragnarok X: Next Generation is OP DPS/Tanker, merging two roles in one job, making it a perfect class to start the game.


We recommend you to build the Knight full strength.


Early Game – Their base class is Swordsman, a well-rounded off class preferable to newer players as they have a good defense and good AS, which helps in killing monsters quickly, making them easier to farm.


End Game – Knights are highly valuable in most dungeons like in Instances; they can be built as VIT Knights due to high mobility and outstanding defense, which helps them survive. Their second role with VIT-based tank is that they can pull aggro and use CC abilities. This is especially helpful both in Boss content and PvP. Knights can also be used as AGI Swordsman for their high AS and short CD, making them a good DPS support when fighting in content such as AFK, where they need to deal fast damage to bosses. In PvP, they are used preferentially as Spear Knights due to their high damaging combos.




Assassins take time to shine and need a lot of investment initially, but it is a good class if you want to excel both in PvE and PvP.


Early Game – While the Katar is good for PvE due to AS Crit build, which will help you speed farm. While using daggers, they rely on Crits and Poison damage to farm and go StealthStealth when in danger.


End Game – Daggers for PvP are OP as they give you back-to-back hiding and Grimtooth stuns. They also provide stuns and poison damage. The best thing about them in higher dungeons and PvP is their ability to go StealthStealth and deal tons of damage when they attack a loner or high priority enemy while poisoning them and fading away again Assassin’s team to kill the enemies or bosses. Assassin is a top priority for PvP or late-game content.




The best support in the game due to revive skills other than heal, which is an excellent asset in PvP matches. We recommend building Priests with INT plus VIT as cards supplement DEX. We recommend building her full support with books for Haste skill while 1-H staff with shield making her a PvP tank.


Early Game – Priest's early game is slow, and they have to resort to maces to deal some damage and farm. They'll rely heavily on allies or friends to farm at the level of other classes. Priests are not the best class for the early game.


End Game – There is always a requirement for a Priest for every high-level PvE content to provide your team with buffs and heals, and the same goes for PvP, where the Priest can also inflict negative buffs to the enemy and further enhance your team.




Wizard one of the best classes due to their long-range DPS with CC abilities for most PvP content and clear mobs faster for PvE content. Their slows and stuns on top of elemental damages provide huge trouble for their enemies.


Early Game – Wizards are weak to start as they are fragile, but they can stay far off to deal spell damage to monsters to farm with their AoE skills.


End Game – One of the best farmers due to their clear mob speeds, primarily due to their AoE skills and ability to choose elemental skills for all kinds of advantages. They're also suitable for higher PvE content due to the elemental advantage on most monster Bosses. They're also perfect for PvP as they can stay away and slow or stun enemies with the same AoE skills.


Build Wizards with Full INT. The most important cards for a Wizard are Verit giving max DMG +6%, and Zerom for +6% increase in max DMG. We recommend Requim, too, because of the +10% boost to your Earth and Fire DMG.


How to choose a class in Ragnarok X – Next Generation?


There is no right way or wrong way to chasing a class in Ragnarok X: Next Generation. Choosing a class in Ragnarok X: Next Generation depends on the following things.




It all depends on your playstyle what you feel comfortable playing with. You can play a ranged class if you want to play from afar and at safety or deal with massive AoE skills. You also can choose different classes depending upon if they like to fight near the enemy but deal tons of damage or use pets and traps to deal CC type of damage.




Choosing a weapon is essential in Ragnarok X: Next Generation as it will dictate what build you are going to use, so pick wisely. For example, selecting a spear helps you do spear damage and important for farming speed. Or for example, using a 2-H sword, which makes the game easy to play. One important thing is to stick to one weapon near the end; you can only choose one type of Shadow equipment system.




Cards are like charms that give a passive boost to your stats. For Example, Equipping Metaller gives you +120 ATK while Skeleton gives 10% increased damage to large-sized monsters and the Marine sphere boosts total PHY damage. Cards are additional bonuses to the main stats and can fill the gaps in your hero.




Ragnarok X: Next Generation has a vast array of abilities for each hero and is further upgraded to a new set when you upgrade your base class to one of the specializations. You can always do trials at the beginning of the game before finalizing your role to see the tooltip of the abilities and see them in action. After that, what the ability does is a significant factor as every ability depends on to be used in few scenarios.


The first is if they'll help you in PvP or PvE.


For PvP, you look for CC abilities like stun and hard control, along with slowing down your enemies or applying negative debuffs. Second, you look for positive buffs and heals. Third, you look for quick short bursts of damage to tips the balance scale on the battlefield. Last but not least, you look for survivability with abilities.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Conclusion


For PvE, your primary concern is farming and clear speeds. Mob killer heroes are the best and fast AS with good damage along with some defense.


LDPlayer Features for Ragnarok X – Next Generation:


Ragnarok X: Next Generation is an MMO RPG that requires a lot of grind and farming for XP and loot, which can be made more accessible by using macros to set up your skills and combos to the farming stage with ease and make quick decisions when playing in PvP mode. After enabling macros, the second thing you can do to enhance your experience is to play this game with a gamepad or controller as it becomes more organic to play an MMO RPG this way.




Ragnarok X: Next Generation is an MMO at its core with an extensive roster of classes and jobs to choose from, and it's one of its main strengths. We have approached this guide extensively to prepare for a perfect start to your journey with as much information as possible without making it too complicated. And if you want to have a perfect gameplay experience, try our Ragnarok X Next Generation tips and tricks as well. You can also download and play Ragnarok X: Next Generation on PC to have more fun on a big screen and consume fewer resources and batteries on your mobile.

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