Ragnarok X Next Generation Beginner's Guide Tips and Gameplay


Ragnarok X: Next Generation is an MMO RPG made famous due to old school online RPG in 2004, now on mobile with six diverse classes and specialization of each class, giving the players versatile class build options. The game introduces many fresh features and innovative mechanics that you won’t find in the classical version, so this will be a fascinating game for the fans of the Ragnarok franchise.


Ragnarok X Next Generation


The game provides many options to the players for a good amount of content and activities to spend time with and have fun. Even though it contains most content that is similar to other similar games but due to its action-oriented graphics and class diversity, players will spend hundreds upon hundreds of hours spending playing this game.


For new players, this might seem daunting, and to cater to that, we have structured the guide in such a way, so you get the most information quickly to begin your journey in the game. You can also read our Ragnarok X: Next Generation In-Depth Classes Guide to know more about all the classes and their specialization, along with tips on which classes to choose.




Ragnarok X: Next Generation currently has six Archetype classes typical to RPG MMOs. Each of these classes has two sub-classes. You can first choose a class as soon as you reach level 10.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Classes


Swordsman (Knight or Crusader) – Swordsman is the ideal class for most beginners with fast AS and dealing damage, and still having enough defense to be a tank.


Acolyte (Priest or Monk) – The support class in this game helps the team out by healing and buffing self and allies while still dealing damage.


Mage (Wizard or Sage) – Specializing in massive AoE damage spells and magic attacks from a distance.


Thief (Assassin or Rogue) – the class that relies on shadows to deal damage with both direct and AoE damage.


Archer (Hunter or Dancer) – The typical ranged damage dealer class having both AoE and direct damage attacks.


Merchant (Blacksmith or Alchemist) – This is the only class in this game that can use the Craft Skill to make money and having cart skills to deal unique damage and skills using Zeny for AoE damage.


You can make different build loadouts once you reach and upgrade to your 2nd job. Newly unlocked loadout will automatically reset your stats so you can re-speck as required to make a specific build. The 1st and 2nd slots are free to unlock. The 3rd costs crystals but less than buying reset stones. The 4th slot costs 10k, the exact cost of reset stones combined.




Ragnarok X Next Generation has quest finding and auto-pathing like most other MMO games. To go to a quest, tap on the quests, and the game will take you there. Whether it be a quest giver, your destination, or the monsters you need to attack, the AI will guide you on that path. The pathing also will take you to different instances if need be. All in all, auto-pathing is usually called a layman’s game.




In the beginning, you get a lot of XP by doing menial tasks and level up quickly, which helps in the long run. Most MMOs nowadays give you fast XP to take you up to a level where you can easily tackle the early game content.


The fast level-up process prepares you to go to the end game as fast and efficiently as possible as during the end game, you have more fun things to do and a lot of activities. So, therefore, remember that always do your quests as they will constantly give you gold and XP along with gifts that can help you immensely in the start. The other main reason to finish the main questline is that the quicker you complete the quests, you will unlock the more options.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Questing


Remember that if your main quests are capped, and you can’t do any of it, you can always farm XP from poison spore as it gives a high amount of XP. Always do your dailys.


Main Questline:


During the first few hours of the game, keep following the main questline, as the game will inform you about the essential things and activities you can do to progress into the end-game. You can also enjoy the story this way. This way, you can also learn how combat works and how to use your skills.


Side Quests:


Always pay attention to all your tutorial side quests, too, as they are essential. The tutorial side quests will show you the functions of some features in the game. For example, these will teach you how to catch and fish, essential mechanics in the game. It will also teach you how to smelt materials and upgrade your equipment and do mining. Finally, it can also teach you how to do gardening or harvest some items for crafting.


Board Missions:


You can unlock board missions as soon as you reach level 22. Missions from the board are "side quests," where you get a lot of XP by completing these quest missions. At one time, you get ten missions, and you can accept them all. Always do Board missions either after doing other dailys or doing Board missions and not doing anything else. The reason to take care of doing the board missions is that the Board gives you missions according to your level, which helps in gaining XP, and if you do other things along with board missions, these missions will have lower-level rewards, and you may lose out on some of the rewards worth.


You can always start with doing the double reward missions first if you are short of time.




Follow the quests and missions you find in the handbook, as you can get crystals as freebies this way, along with gold and XP. The main initial tag in the handbook is called adventurer's journey. A few missions are just for leveling up your class, a few for taking pictures at specific and important places. Some missions in here ask you to take photos with monsters too.


For example, if you are at base level 30 and at adventurer's level 2, you get 4,000 crystals as a reward. This reward is increased to 60,000 crystals at adventurer's level 10, which requires you to be at base level 110.




You can join a guild when you reach level 20 and start donating to the guild. You receive guild coins by donation, and these guild coins are significant when you reach level 40. Every guild has some guild orders that require you to submit different ingredients, which will also net you guild coins. These orders are pretty simple, and you get some of these ingredients simply by killing monsters or harvesting and mining.




You can enter into dungeons and instances to get better loot and XP as soon as you reach level 21. These instances require you to be a part of a team to participate as these instances are not easy as the normal open world. Every instance has two modes, the normal mode, blue, and the hard mode, which is red. In the hard mode, you can easily get better weapons, accessories, and crafting items. In normal mode, you get shields, armor, and crafting materials. You can only receive the rewards from instances three times a day.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Instances


Odin’s Blessing:


This is one of the most critical buffs in the game so keep a lookout for this. You can unlock this blessing by completing Odin's Protection quest. You can accept this quest when you are at level 25. Odin's blessing provides you with perks in-game, which can be very helpful to you. When this blessing is turned on, you receive five times the XP, Zenny, drop rates, and stamina. You can turn it when doing low-level content and turn it back on when doing content similar to your level as the blessing is slowly being consumed.


The blessing is consumed one tick each time you kill a small monster, two ticks for a medium monster, and 3 for the large monster. These ticks consume if the level difference between you and the monster is within 6 levels. It means that it incentivizes you not to kill lower-level monsters and doesn't get affected even when you kill higher-level monsters but still gives you the drop bonuses. So, pay attention to the level of monster you are tackling. Secondly, you can only benefit from 2000 Odin's Blessing ticks every day, so be mindful.


To get Odin's blessing, you need to do the quests on the board missions to get 1400 and play in Prontera for at least 30 min, between 12-8 pm, to get 600 Odin ticks. You can also get more ticks by being near Odin's statue. Another good aspect of Odin's blessing is that each time you use Odin's blessing, it will convert into 1 stamina.


Do keep in mind that Odin's blessing is different from Stamina; Odin's Blessing is used when killing monsters, while stamina is used for life skills like fishing. You can use Odin's Blessing menu to give you more information on killing which monsters to gain more XP.




Equipment in Ragnarok X: Next Generation drops at different locations depending on the tier and type of that equipment. All the equipment that you obtain from loot can be upgraded to enhance their power. You can upgrade equipment from different NPCs in the main town.  Each of these NPCs upgrades various equipment of varying rarity and level.


All the white equipment will have the same base stats when upgraded to its full potential. You can upgrade level 25 gear 5x while also can upgrade level 40 gear 4x and so on. So, a level 25 with the max upgrade, level V, will have the same base stats of a level 40 max upgrade, level IV. The only difference for each gear level is their equipment sets. The material needed to upgrade gear can be found in instances and smelt.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Gear


Higher-level upgrade material needs a certain level of smelting to craft. You may need to upgrade your smelter to match the materials similar to your character's level.


Gameplay Tips:


Following are some gameplay tips and tricks that you can follow and be mindful of to get the best out of Ragnarok X: Next Generation.


Customization at The Start:


Ragnarok X Next Generation Quests


You have the option to choose your preferred gender in this game. For each gender, you have different options like hairstyles, eyes, and a name of your liking. There are a lot of hairstyle options to choose from to customize your class according to your taste.


Open World:


Whenever you tap auto-pathing for a quest to kill some monsters, as soon as you arrive at the destination, you start fighting. Remember to tap your attack button to start the fight. Any battle or quest, when you kill the minions, the main boss for that quest arrives. Initially, these bosses will be just pushovers; as we said, the game wants you to level up as fast as possible.


MVP – These are Boss monsters found in the open-world scenario, but you must kill them with a strong team; you can't do it solo. MVPs increase the level with the world's level to investigate before venturing forth for the MVP kills.




Always be aware of telegraphed attacks. For regular minions and mini-bosses, you can keep on fighting, but for difficult and dungeon bosses, remember to move away from the telegraphed area, which is usually red, to save your HP. Additionally, learn about the mechanics of the difficult bosses to make the boss encounter much more manageable as this will reward you well, making it all worth it in the end. You can benefit from some potions or spam heal if you do have it.


Stats and Attributes:


Whenever you level up, your class receives two things. First regular stats boost which are catered to your class, for example, you’ll receive more strength for Swordsman, more AGI for Thief, and more DEX for Archer. The second thing is attribute points you get at level up. You can spend them however you like. You can pump STR to build a DD Knight or HP if you want the Knight to be a tank.


When you add points into a specific attribute in the attribute screen, the sheet on the left tells you which stats are affected by adding these points. For example, if you add points into STR, your PHY ATK will increase accordingly. One quick tip for this is if you are new and aren't sure what you want to with attribute points, you can click the recommended button at the top, and the game will spend them according to your class in the best way possible. The recommended spending gives you a few build options to send these points on. So, make sure to use this feature to your benefit.


Additional Tips:


Mini-Events – During mini-events, you can earn Zenny and XP in Ragnarok X: Next Generation.


Exchange Center – This is where you can buy and sell items. There is a Valkyrie exchange NPS who can exchange your Valkyrie coins into special purple-grade armors. From the Valkyrie coins, you can also upgrade the Valkyrian armor.


Gifts and Mail – Always check your mailbox for gifts that arrive. Claim them as soon as they come. Some items you receive in the mail are directly transferred to your inventory, from where you can activate them when needed. We recommend opening activated tings when you are spending time in the game fighting.


Stamina – You can check the stamina by tapping your character’s icon in the top left corner. There are two ways you can get more stamina, first is by activating Odin's Blessing, while the second way is arm wrestling at the tavern. If you win the arm-wrestling match, you are awarded one potion. One potion you win from the match gives you 60 stamina if you consume it.


You can arm wrestle twice a day. One thing to take note of, sometimes one of the guild orders might require you to do some fishing, so save some of your stamina for that, or you can first check the orders of the day and then go about doing your regular stuff.


Chamber of Commerce – You can get free missions daily from the NPC at the chamber of commerce, and completing these missions, you get free gacha coins along with XP and Zenny. You can use these coins for three types of gachas for equipment, headgear, and cards. These gachas can be used on the gacha slot machines for each respective gacha drop.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Mounts


Mounts – can be obtained Mount Rental for some time. When you are leveled up and have converted to your second class, you can start renting mounts exclusive to your class. You can change mount decorations and change the color of your mount.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Carnival


The Carnival - shows various daily activities, including board missions, COC missions, guild orders, and Instances. You also get carnival chests when you finish your dailys as this will give you crystals to use in the exchange market.


AFK Farming – you can go to a dungeon or an area of the world map and start the AFK mode; this way, you won’t worry about being on the screen all the time.


Life Skill Activities:


Life skills are activities in which you have to spend your stamina. We'll list the most important for the moment.


Fishing – Basic rod and Beginner's fishing bait are permanently available to use for fishing. Special baits give higher chances to target a specific drop. Fishing is a manual activity unless you have an automatic fishing rod.


Gardening – Gardening is done to harvest materials that you can farm during specific periods as weather affects the plants' growth. Plants can be gathered faster in periods that it grows more quickly.


Mining – The tutorial side quest teaches you how to do mining to gather materials. These materials that you mine are used to craft equipment as well as upgrading your gear. Mining is done by using a pickaxe which you can purchase from a General Merchant. You can use the advanced pickaxe for farming faster.


Ragnarok X Next Generation Conclusion


LDPlayer Features for Ragnorok X – Next Generation:


Ragnorok X: Next Generation is an MMO RPG that requires a lot of grind and farming for XP and loot while fighting Epic monsters who need different learning mechanics for each of them. Even though they have telegraphed attacks, it will be easier under challenging fights if you enable your macros to set up your skills and combos and make quick decisions. The macros will benefit you when playing in dungeons for killing those epic monsters and battling other players in PvP mode. Further on, playing on PC can be further enhanced by changing your key binds and remapping them any way you want.




Ragnarok X: Next Generation is an MMO in a true sense as it provides a considerable diversity in classes and things to do, but that may get confusing at times. This guide solves this dilemma; in a nutshell, follow the main questline, and the game will tell you what to do and how to do most activities to get you started. For everything else that the game doesn't explain, thank you for reading this guide which explains just that.

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