Tips And Tricks For Marvel Future Revolution


Marvel Future Revolution just came out, and there are so many heroes to choose from, and villains to beat. We know that a new game can be very enticing, and you want to play it as soon as you get your hands on it but rushing in blindly is never a good idea.


Although the game is very straightforward and helpful when it comes to cleaning tasks, there are some things you need to know to make your gameplay feel better. Below are some tips and tricks for you which can increase your gameplay quality tremendously and can help you save a lot of time. If you are new to MFR check out our beginner guide to help you get started.




Tips That Will Help You Greatly In MFR:


Marvel Future Revolution has a lot of complex mechanics that take time to understand. But you don't need to worry about that because we have pointed out something which can help you get tremendously better at the video game. These tips will ensure that you miss nothing in the game which can have a significant impact on your performance.




Get Ready To Level Multiple Characters To Raise Your Squad Rank:


Squad ranking is a fundamental mechanic of Marvel Future Revolution. Your squad ranking will help boost your stats and do better against higher-level enemies. Your Squad rank is an additional buff to your already existing heroes. Leveling up your character and completing specific tasks will increase your squad rank. However, Squad rank will cap the number of missions you can do because a bare minimum must be met. These requirements must be fulfilled to complete assignments. So the best way to do that is by achieving your Activity Task, leveling up your character, or using Squad XP Consumables.


Okay, now that we have made it clear how to increase your squad rank, time to discuss how to use character level up for your advantage. If you have finally hit that squad rank sealing, and now you don't know how to increase your squad rank. It would help if you equipped another character. In MFR, each hero has a different level, and each hero's story affects your total squad rank. So if you don't want to purchase Squad XP Consumables, you can use another character. By using different characters, you will break the squad rank barrier that you are stuck in. Remember, if you break the squad barrier once for a hero, it will also be broken for the other heroes in your squad.


Make Use Of Your Squad Storage And Your Alt:


Tips And Tricks For Marvel Future Revolution


One of the biggest problems that players face is that they run out of inventory space. Now you can purchase additional storage slots to deal with that problem. On the inventory screen, there is a plus sign at the bottom of the screen that allows you to get 250 inventory slots for diamonds. But you don't really have to do that. There is another built-in excellent Storage system that you can use to have a very big inventory essentially, and that is the Squad storage.


You can access Squad Storage by going to the squad and from there choosing the storage option. The beauty of this storage is that you can transfer items between characters, but that storage itself has another 100 inventory slots, which you can expand for diamonds.


 So you can use Squad storage as extra storage space, and somehow you even run out of storage space there, you can start unloading some of your materials on your alt. So actually, after doing this, you will never be having any storage issues.


Refresh Your Blitzes and Raids Daily For Diamonds:


Once you complete your blitzes which you can do three times a day, you can actually pay diamonds to get three more attempts where you can get rewards. So press on the little plus sign on the bottom of the screen, and you can actually pay diamonds to refresh that reward count. You can do this up to 3 times for each blitz, but we recommend to only do it only one time for the top blitz or one below that.


It would be best if you did that three times for each blitz, as it's worth it. Blitz has to be one of the most efficient ways for a player to use their diamonds. So make spending diamonds on new raids and blitz daily your main priority.


Don't Dismantle Costumes:


It might seem a waste of space and materials when you see a bunch of one-star, two-star, or useless costume items in your inventory that you won't use. However, the thing is that you are going to craft most of the gear you are going to use as your end-game build. That Gear, however, will be crafted with the help of all those lower-level gears, so you are going to need those one star and two star crafting items and combine them together.


You can sometimes craft three stars Or 4-star gears from them, and sometimes it may even give you a 5-star gear piece. So if you want to craft that high-level gear, it's better for you to hold on to low-level gear as they help you in crafting those gear pieces.


Invite Nearby Played When Doing Zone Quests:


Tips And Tricks For Marvel Future Revolution


This one is a must; if you are in a zone and you have to kill a bunch of enemies, and you see a player nearby, just invite them to a party with you. You can leave the party at any time. If they are in the party and they accidentally kill some of the same enemies, you will get credit for their kills. The real rewards from the quests aren't from killing the creatures bit they are from completing the quest.


So the faster you can complete a quest, the faster you can get a reward. So if you see anyone nearby, you definitely invite them as it will help you tremendously. There are a couple of different ways to invite people to your party. First is you can actually just click on the person, and you will see a herd icon that will let you invite them to your party. You can also use the blue eye icon on the screen to allow you to invite any nearby heroes.


When you click on the blue icon, a tab will open up in the game. This will allow you to see what nearby heroes are available to join your party. From here, you can invite players that you think can help you clear a zone quickly.


Play Different Characters:


Tips And Tricks For Marvel Future Revolution


As you progress in the game and are only maining one hero, you will eventually face the problem of being a squad cap. The thing with this game is that it is made in such a way that you can't only use one champ. It emphasizes player building different Squads making the game feel more like a team fight game than a solo RPG game.


So from the start, have alt mains and heroes of different styles and types, which will help you increase your total squad rank. Being high enough squad rank will allow you to play missions that you previously couldn't. So ay different characters and master it to have no issues while progressing and have a better, less repetitive experience.


Blitz And Special Operations Have Great Rewards:


Always try to complete the special operations as it will reward you with great loot. Even the smallest and easiest ones have good loot that you can acquire from them. The blitz is kind of a small game mode that makes you fight a couple of minions and end it up with a boss battle. The blitz game mode can be really hectic with those whole battles and the waves of minions. But the rewards that you get from that are in a match.


These Rewards that you get from the game mode include items like hero badges and comic covers, which give you a lot of in-game stats. So always try to grind these game modes and special events as they have a high chance of dropping rare items, which can be really useful for your character's progression. If, however, you don't like the rewards, you always dismantle them for some extra material.


Make Sure You Join An Alliance:


Tips And Tricks For Marvel Future Revolution


Alliance missions are missions in-game that you can complete for a very high reward. Most of these missions are co-op missions meaning you need to have a friend in your party to do it. The game has many different missions to choose from in which different levels of bosses will come. Doing these missions is a must for anyone who is trying to grind their way up to the top.


Before starting an alliance mission, you can see at the bottom of the quest kind of rewards are available for certain missions. Choose the ones which meet your requirements to help you level up faster. These will also give you alliance XP and alliance loyalty. You can spend your alliance loyalty in the alliance shop, where you can buy different materials and create for them. The higher your alliance level will be, the better items you can buy from those loyalty points.


Make Sure You Build The Correct Omega Cards:


Omega cards are very important in-game items that allow you to get higher stats. But the problem with them is that all of the omega cards aren't necessarily good. You need to be able to differentiate between the good ones and the bad ones. For starters, you need to only use Omega cards with rarity higher than common, mostly rare and special ones.


The star level on these cards is also very important as they tell what level the card is. You can have both of the same-looking Omega cards, but if one got more stars, choose it over the other. You can also use materials to upgrade your favorite Omega cards and, by doing so making the card even better. Omega cards are very rare and hard to come by, so always try to do Most Wanted missions as they have a high drop rate for these cards.


Make Sure That You Choose The Right Hero Badges:


Tips And Tricks For Marvel Future Revolution


Hero badges are part of your main Gear; they allow you to increase heroes' stats. Each Hero Badge has a different rarity in-game; the highest one can be sorted out based on the stars that carry. So always go for Hero Badges with more stars. The same Hero Badges cannot be stacked, meaning they won't be giving you double the buffs, so it's always better to use diversity when it comes to Hero Badges.


Having two stars or three stars badges is just a waste of space if all your squad members already have higher-level hero badges. So please get rid of those hero badges and get Gold for it instead. Be careful while selling those badges, as you may need some to put into a new hero if your squad hits a squad-level cap.


You can find these Hero Badges from in-game fights and as rewards from missions. But the best way to get your hand onto one is by doing Most Wanted missions. These Most Wanted bosses have the highest drop rate of dropping a Hero Badge, and sometimes they might even end up dropping a 6 star one, so always hunt bosses to get your hands on high levels Hero Badges.



Don't Assume New Ability Versions Are Superior:


Tips And Tricks For Marvel Future Revolution


As you are leveling up, you will essentially unlock new versions of Abilities in the same ability class and the same ability name. For example, if you are looking at photon energy, there is photon energy, photon absorption, photon explosion, and photon overflow. Those are all different versions of photon energy. Please don't assume that the newer version of ability is better, as, in reality, they do different things.


So of all the different versions of ability, always choose the one that is best suited for your hero. Always give a read to each ability description and choose the best one out of them. Some abilities also give out passive stats, so keep a lookout for that.


You Need To Fight To Find Most Wanted Villains:


Marvel Future Revolution has many kinds of missions to do. But one of the most critical missions that give you good loot is Villian hunts. These missions' difficulty depends on the boss you are fighting. If it is a standard boss, you won't be getting a lot of XP and Rewards. So what you need to do is wait for Minibosses and Supervillains to appear. These Minibosses will spawn randomly and would be harder to take down. Whenever one miniboss appears, there will be an alert on the screen and a skull mark on the map. So make sure that you have all the equipment before diving right into the fight.


After defeating a few minibosses, a supervillain will come. There will be a small cutscene when he appears, and after seeing that cutscene, there will be arrows guiding you towards him. You need to follow the arrows as all the other active players would be doing the same. After reaching there, you should fight the supervillain with the help of the other players. The supervillain will give you a lot of Experience, Gold, Consumables, Cosmetic Items, and in some cases, even an Omega card.


Most wanted Villains are the highest rarity of villains you can encounter in the game. Once defeated, these villains will drop different rewards such as Omega Cards and Hero Badges. The rarity of items dropped by these bosses is very high, making fighting Most Wanted bosses a very rewarding thing to do.


When you go in to fight a Most Wanted boss, make sure that you have all your health potions and enhancers in check. As these bosses are not very easy to fight in the first place, a few can appear one after another hence making it even harder. So always invite your friends while you are trying to take out such bosses and keep your health full by using health potions.


Channel Swap When Hunting For Most Wanted:


Tips And Tricks For Marvel Future Revolution


You most probably find yourself in a position where you can't find yourself a battle boss to find on your minimap. Don't worry, there is a very nifty trick which allows you to be able to find a particular Most Wanted target, and it's called Channel Swap. You can actually change channels in this game; you can access it by pressing on the channel list that could be found over the minimap.


Here you can swap channels from one channel to another. What it essentially does is that it makes you join a new instance. The new instance will have different most wanted targets on the map hence allowing you to challenge them. This tactic can be used to hunt rare Most Wanted bosses that are very hard to come by, so always channel swap into being on the look.


After you did a channel swap, they will pop you a message which tells you to try again after a minute. You can switch channels the first time, but then there is a lockout after that. There is, however, a quick way around the lockout, and you can do it by clicking on the minimap and going to a different zone. You can switch zones immediately in this game, so pick one from the minimap, and after doing so, go back to your original zone, and the channel swap timer would probably be dodged.


Another option is you can hunt two targets at once and basically keep bouncing between the zones. Each time you will come into a zone, there will be a random instance. So you can keep bouncing and getting dropped in between two instances, making it easier to hunt the target you are looking for.


Do You Want to Level Fast? Save the Side Missions for Later:


The thing with Marvel Future Revolution is that experience from main missions is absurdly high compared to side quests. If you are planning to climb up through levels faster, it is better to do Main tasks. The side quest is not suitable for an overall level increase. It is highly inefficient. The experience and reward you get from one primary mission can be almost tenfold more. Hence making doing primary missions a better way to climb up. You can also use the materials to buy XP Consumables, therefore, increasing your level even faster.


Using Your Map And Activity Log Efficiently:


In this game, most of your missions and things you can do can be seen through your menu. Like you don't need to go to certain places to check whether a mission is currently available. Due to that, it saves you time and lets you do other quests until certain quests arent available again. You can use your map to see whether any villains are currently present on the map. It can also be used to find about minibosses and supervillains if any are currently around.


Apart from the map, the activity log can be used to see what missions have already been done. If there are any collectibles nearby, it can help you keep track of it and future missions. So keep the logs in mind and the map as well to save yourself some time.


Your daily missions and activity log will constantly be upgraded for new missions each day. These Rewards are very important and can help you get specific Gear that cannot be usually found. The activity log will also let you know if there is a quest or some Boss near you helping you get more items for your entire Squad.


In the activity log, you will be rewarded for just doing the side quests or capturing villains. When you complete a certain mission, you will be able to collect the reward that's promised in the activity log. Every Time there will be a new mission available in the activity log, there will be a red blinking dot on it, so always lookout for it.


Set Your Threshold For Health Potions:


Tips And Tricks For Marvel Future Revolution


A lot of people aren't aware that this is a function in-game that allows you to set a threshold. You can see the option right at the top here; we can essentially set a threshold. The option is called automatic recovery item use. Here you can choose from 25 percent,50 percent, and 75 percent health increment and enable your character to use healing items when it goes below it.


If you want them to heal right away, use the 75 percent option. If you want to wait a little while and save some potions, use the 50 or 25 percent option. You can also manually heal by disabling this option and save your health potion as well while doing so. In fights where you know you won't get time to heal up, setting up the auto-heal option can be a lifesaver, so always use it before boss battles as it's distracting to keep a check on your health bar.


There are enhancers in the game as well, which allow you to get enhanced stats like increased damage or movement speed. Each enhancer keeps its effect up for like 5 minutes, so it's very easy to forget about equipping it again. However, you can find a replay button next to them, and if you go to them and click them, the game will automatically use an enhancer on you. But be careful while using this option, as you can quickly run out of your enhancers if you forget.


Add 50 Friends As Soon As You Can:


Tips And Tricks For Marvel Future Revolution


Well, the game has a friend mechanic, which rewards you with different items when you add more. You may be thinking that you don't have 50 Friends. That's fine because you can literally add anyone you can see. You can also go to the friends' option, and the game automatically generates a list for you, and anyone you can see at Omega Flight HQ adds them as well. You need to fill that Omega List as soon as possible.


Because every day, you can send out Friendship tokens or receive friendship tokens. The game encourages you to do so by those pesky little red dots, and you can essentially spend that friendship currency. You can use your friendship tokens to buy items from stores such as Gear, cores, particles, etc. You can receive gears and other types of equipment from your friends in-game.


Spend Your Gold Carefully:


Last but not least, Gold in this game is a very important currency apart from the material. Spending it recklessly will put you in a position where your entire game progression rhythm will fall off. So be careful about where you spend your Gold, and if you have extra Gear on you which you know isn't going to be used by you, sell it for some extra gold. Also, log in daily to get your daily rewards to get some additional gold, as it will help you with upgrading your character in the long run.


Don't Be Fooled into Purchasing Bag Space Right Away:


Your first instinct is probably to buy more bag area or damage down some of the tools you've come upon. However, you don't need to do this. Underneath the squad tab, you'll additionally find a storage tab to permit you to keep all of those substances or equipment pieces that you aren't geared up to component with. An introduced bonus is that once in the storage, you can share all of those objects with the alternative characters you create to make it much simpler to strengthen them up and stage them.


Don't Spend Points On Skill You Won't Use:


There are four kinds of skills that every hero will have. After you hit a certain level, one of the four abilities will unlock. By leveling yourself up, you can also level your abilities up. However, every ability isn't that useful. You need to choose which ability you think is better for you and rank that up. Instead of putting your point into r=each skill equally, you should increase the level of skills you know is more useful. By doing this, it will help you, clear higher-level enemies, at a lower level. With different heroes in your squad and every squad member having a unique role, it is easier to level up. So be careful while spending your resources on skills that don't suit your squad's play style.


Picking Up The Best Costume:


Picking up the Costume is a lot more important than it seems. So use your Costume parts smartly, as it will help you increase your bonus stats. Try to balance out your stats as increasing only stat will make you have problems late game. Using a higher level of costumes will give you bigger stat bonuses. So don't go for looks of a costume; instead, go for the stats if you want to rank up faster.


Try To Get As Much Omega Cards You Can Get:


Omega cards exist with different rarity and star levels. These cars give you fix stats. So you need to get these cards. Upgrading these omega cards will open inclusive stats that will provide you with bonus stats apart from the original one. You can also combine different omega cards of the low level you don't use to get higher ones. So always try your best to collect as many Omega Cards as you cant get.



Don't Overly Rely On Auto Play:


So you started playing the marvel new game. Now you came across this fantastic option called Autoplay, and all of a sudden, you have to do nothing. InIte, it might seem a viable option early game as there won't be that many enemies with complex mechanics. But with the higher level you get, the more useless in a duel auto-plays get. Autoplay is suitable for moving from one place to another. But it is not ideal for clearing missions as a human can play way better than MFR AI. So the next time you decide to farm enemies by using autoplay, remember sooner or later, Autoplay won't be able to handle them. My advice would be to use Autoplay only when it's a necessity or doing easier missions.


Group Up With Others:


It is a good practice to stay with other people doing the same mission as you. Playing alone gets real boring real quick and can be a burden on your supplies as well. So the next time you see a group of people around doing the same quest, join them as it will only help you out by saving your time and equipment.


Why Play Marvels Future Revolution On Pc With LDPlayer:


Marvel Future Revolution is an MMORPG which means that there is a lot of grinding of levels to do. The level grinding experience can sometimes feel very repetitive, and for that, LDPlayer allows the user to set macros. LDPlayer key mapping feature also allows for easy movement in-game and provides a more effortless skill casting experience.




Marvel Future Revolution is an MMORPG created by Due to the game still being in its early release days, there are many things people choose to overlook or don't know at all. These tips and tricks will allow you to get better at the game. It will increase your Squad level and even tell you how to hunt for specific enemies. So follow this guide for a better understanding of the game and save yourself some precious time that you can't invest in doing other things in-game.

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