Ragnarok Origin Tips and Tricks for Faster Progress

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Ragnarok Origin is a unique title developed by GRAVITY. It is mainly an action plus role-playing game with a lot of excitement to explore. Many games from this genre claim a lot but do not deliver enough, whereas Ragnarok has various things that can be done, such as story-centric quests, etc. It has various gameplay elements such as adventure, casual, etc., and also it has MMO goodness as an added cherry to it.


Being a replica of the original Ragnarok game, Ragnarok Origin has taken the player base by surprise with its astounding visuals and gameplay experience. There are many aspects to the game, including class systems, special items, etc. These things need to be learned and understood by all players alike because it is very important for effective gameplay progression. 


This article will talk about the crucial tips and tricks that will be essential for players to understand the game better. Also, these tips will help provide a better gaming experience for all players.


Ragnarok Origin Mobile Game


Selecting the best class right from the start is very important 

Like many other role-playing games with different characters, Ragnarok origin has a very cool class system where you will be able to select from a variety of classes with varied abilities. These classes are mentioned below:


1. Swordsman


It's the main damage dealing class with melee attack abilities. The Crusader, an upgraded version of a Swordsman, is an absolute tank with one-hit-kill abilities. Also, this class is great in crowd control.


2. Acolyte


This class is the healer type where you can expect some extraordinary healing abilities. Also, the divine attacks are very helpful but very low in terms of damage. This class is not so great at crowd control. 


3. Mage


A class that has the ability to use multiple elemental powers with a greater range of attack. Necromancer is the final and most terrifying version of a mage. The attack power is low with low HP and not-so-great crowd control. But this class is very optimum for beginners.


4. Thief


This class is all about stealth. A thief or an assassin is built for silent kills. The poison ability comes in handy, acting as a bonus damage dealer for this class. Overall it's one of the best classes for quick progression.


5. Merchant


A class all about trading, the Merchant is mainly helpful for acquiring goods in the game. Without in-game currency, you won't be able to buy items useful to you; hence a merchant will come in handy. Also, a Merchant can become a blacksmith who can boost the stats of your weapons which is very helpful during battles.


6. Archer


A long range attacker with zero hand to hand combat abilities. This class is second in damage dealing after the Swordsman but only from long range. The critical hit rate is also high, along with crowd control, making this class one of the best among the bunch.


Do not forget to level up your selected class

Leveling up is the most important thing once you select a specific class because if you don't keep up with the game, you won't progress quickly. The stats also boost damage, defense, HP, etc. You have the choice to level up specific stats which you feel are necessary. There is a unique feature that lets you reset your choices of stat upgrades. If you feel you have leveled up the wrong stat, you can use the reset stone to reset your choice. You get three stones at the beginning, which are very useful, and you cannot use them carelessly.


Stones play a very important role because they are keys to undoing your mistakes and cannot be wasted. Hunting for rare items is also something that needs to be done. Gaining minis is extremely important to gain rare items also; MVPs can aid you in finding them. 


Leveling up will happen after battles when you get experience points. The stronger the opponent you fight, the greater your experience.


Ragnarok Origin Characters


Effective use of weapons, battle accessories and their upgrades

Ragnarok Origin is a role-playing game with a heavy battle element; hence it is but natural for these kinds of games to have a variety of weaponry and accessories. These weapons may include various types of armory such as swords, axes, etc., and the accessories will have shields, chest plates, boots, etc.


It is not enough to only equip these addons; you also have to upgrade them. If a character has high battle stats but low-level weapons and accessories, you are bound to lose against stronger opponents because your class will not be able to fight at full potential.


New weapons and accessories can be bought from the store using the in-game currency. If you have a merchant, you will have an abundance of those. Refining your equipment is also a crucial part of upgrading because it will help you unlock some unique traits of your equipment that will aid a lot in battle.


Ragnarok Origin Gameplay



So that's all for this tips and tricks article on effectively playing Ragnarok Origin for mobile. This game has a vast array of things to explore, and all of it cannot be mentioned in a guide. Some things have to be left for the players to explore and learn independently. Keep in mind the class system is very crucial and needs to be chosen wisely. Keep an eye out for upgrades and refinement, as they will be helpful as you progress in the game and face stronger opponents. 


We hope all players, especially newcomers to the game, have a basic idea of what the game is about. So go ahead and build your team of elite classes!

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