Ragnarok Labyrinth Tips & Guides How to level up fast

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Welcome to the gaming world with a new game by Gravity called Ragnarok Labyrinth. This one may be familiar to you all to hear because there is another game named just like this game. But this one is a new one with a new release of PVP and mechanisms. So, players, you don't have to keep any doubt about this game and enjoy its gameplay on a whole new level.


Ragnarok Labyrinth Tips & Guides How to level up fast


We are here to talk everything about this new fantastic game, and let's go through a complete guide and for every tip for the game to level up. Let's start.


Ragnarok Labyrinth Overview


Ragnarok Labyrinth is one of the popular series by Gravity. This one is an MMORP, and you can identify this game as the first kind of significant fee to play MMO worldwide. Before releasing Ragnarok Labyrinth Gravity has experimented s many sequels, but any of them could reach for success. But this one has massive popularity from other sequels.


Ragnarok Labyrinth Tips & Guides How to level up fast


We can say that Ragnarok Labyrinth for PC is the new RPG that is unique for it and have its specific crafting items and dungeons. The hero-enhancing system is different here, and they are everything made up with simplicity to identify by any player. There will be the usual kind of crafting system, but this one is a whole new adventure for the gamers.


Ragnarok Labyrinth Tips and Basic Strategy


Here we will talk about how you can play this new game, guide, gameplay modes, characters, classes, hero abilities and all the tips regarding the game. We are sure that all of the things help you grow more robust in the gameplay, and let's not waste our precious time anymore. We will begin.


Ragnarok Labyrinth Tips & Guides How to level up fast


Beginner Guide of Ragnarok Labyrinth


Ragnarok Labyrinth is built for making your character stronger. You have to increase your character's battling power as far as you can, and that is your main duty here. When you start, the game is asking you to pick a specific job or a class. There will be four options for classes as swordsman, thief, archer and magician. Every job in the game is again divided into some sub jobs as well.


When you see, there is an option to change your job; you can change the job you are engaging in right now. Suppose you have chosen a job as a swordsman. When the option arises, you can change it into Crusader or to the knight job. And if you are a thief, you will be granted a chance to turn it into an assassin. Remember that you can change your job only if you overcome a specific level or a quest. At least you have to pass job levels of 60 to 140 to get this opportunity.


Remember to yourself that this game is specified as an idle game. It means that every character has to be a grind when they are not in the game. You can earn some base EXP, Zeny, Job EXP or any other item you want as a reward.


There is a PVP mode in the Ragnarok Labyrinth, and it comes with over 15 locations as an adventure mode. You can see that these locations are hunting fields, and players can fight with monsters and grind some Zeny or EXP in those. If you want to go to the adventure mode, you can tap on the adventure mode, which is in the right corner of the top, and once you get there, you will be granted a chance to select your hunting field.


You can start from the location called Prontera, and once you defeat bosses from each of the fields in these locations, there is always a new unlocked location for you. And it comes with new hunting fields as well. Remember that these all locations are challenging. When you finish one, the next one that comes to your gameplay will be much tougher than the previous one. Every time you complete a location, you can earn a new challenging hunting field in the gameplay.


Ragnarok Labyrinth Gameplay modes


This game offers several gameplay modes to the gameplay. They all contain different play styles within them, and it witnesses removing the boredom feeling that every AFK game providing to the players. Let's look at the four gameplay modes in the Ragnarok Labyrinth.


  • Adventure Mode / Automated Battles


Ragnarok Labyrinth Tips & Guides How to level up fast


This is the first field location at the start of the game. In here, your main task is to hunt monsters who are in the field, and you have to continue it until you get the Boss monster. You can engage in a fully automated mode here. But there will be no auto button to enable or to enable this skill auto-cast. And also, you will see there is a movement controlling retain.


You can control the movements by holding up, down, right or leftover your screen. It means that any player can perform an attack, and they can target skill using and dodging the attacks by enemy bosses if they want to. You can see a summon boss button to call the stage boss monsters in the times where you be ready to clear on that field.


If you pass several levels in here, you can unlock some party controls as well. It gave you a control ability over movements and shared player character skill by using the sharevice.


  • Maze / Labyrinth Mode


This is more like a maze arcade game, and you have specified targets here to collect. You have to do it while you are dodge on some collisions for monsters in the enemies. There is a time limit here, and you have to use some mischances for every labyrinth. You will see a single and a multi-mode available in this game mode.


  • Duel/PVP Mode


In this mode, there is a unique feature called PVP companions. Those can be identified as the bot characters, and they will help you over duels and PVP. You will grant 4 PVP companions to the maximum in a single match. Most likely, Duel and PVP modes are the same. You are tasked in both to battle with your other player character.


You are allowed to choose your opponent in duels and plan your gameplay.PVP is the auto matches that match you with an opponent who belongs to the same rank as yours.


  • Sharevice / Offline Mode


This sharevice is the feature that makes our Ragnarok Labyrinth different from the other AFK games. You can Sharevice tool to hire some characters of the offline players. There are a maximum of five shares given in a specific time and use them to farm or push a level. When you go offline, any other player can hire your character.


It has a reason because it is better to play your role by a player other than it's done by the computer, especially when you are not in the game.


So this whole procedure makes some difference among the items you can get, and it has a variation on the experience and zeny amount. So it makes this mode so enjoyable to play.


Ragnarok Labyrinth Characters/Jobs/Classes


There are four classes on Ragnarok Labyrinth as Archer, Magician, Swordsman and Thief. All of them hold different skills and abilities.


  • Archer – this class has a wide range of combat abilities, and it has so much dexterity within it. If you choose the hunter or the Dancer, this archer can get those paths with the two job selections.


  • Magician – the class magician has a great intellect with him, and he gets uses of four elements to damage his enemies. You can turn a magician into a sage or a wizard when they down the line.


  • Swordsman – swordsman deals with massive damage with some easy heavy hits. He can turn into either a crusader or a knight.


  • Thief – if you want a deadly class and the speediest, the thief is the best. And also, this class a more excellent luck stats within him. You can turn him into either Assassin or rouge with your selection of job happens as second.


When you want a second job selection for your class, you can choose the following.


  • Rouge
  • Knight
  • Crusader
  • Dancer
  • Hunter
  • Assassin
  • Wizard
  • Sage


These are the third job selection, depending on your preferences in the second job.



  • Lord knight
  • High wizard
  • Clown
  • Paladin
  • Stalker
  • Professor
  • Sniper
  • Stalker


If we talk about each class's abilities, these would be their abilities.


  • Archer – a hero with high ATK range and has some extraordinary ATK abilities.
  • Dancer is a character that builds for the support, and it deals with healing ability and buffing.
  • Hunter – Hunter, is performing in the boss battles. He has some strikes that deal with a long-range possibility.
  • Swordsman – swordsman is high with his DEF, and he is an offense for melee.
  • Knight – this hero would be great for use in defense, and this melee character can be used in the frontline unit.
  • Crusader – Crusader is the best class for defense.
  • Sage – has some magic as well as physical abilities.
  • Wizard – he is a Mage ATK who has a pure type of range.
  • Rouge – rouge can steal skills from other job classes and has excellent flexibility with outstanding hand skills.
  • Assassin Assassin would be the one who has good ATK SPD, and he is pure DMG.
  • Thief – the thief is good in ATK and SPD and also the best one for DMG


If we asked about who is the best class/character or the job in this game, we suggest using Crusader as your defensive job as he would be the ideal at defense. And if you want more range with DPS, it is the hunter. Wizard is the very best character you can choose for DPS.


If you need a character who will be best at melee DPS, our recommendation is to use Assassin. And when in the cases where you need great support and healing, it is the Dancer. But remember Dancer is not excelling any DMG inflicting.


Ragnarok Labyrinth Heroes Abilities Guide


Skills on heroes are automatically or manually. There will be an auto button in your lower-left corner, and it will be placed there to set your preferences.


Ragnarok Labyrinth Tips & Guides How to level up fast


You have to remember that your character needs specific weapons equipped to get these skills. Suppose you are playing the archer class. Then he has o powered with weapon bow than swords. You can choose any weapon based on your choice, but it would be restricted from using that skill.


You can unlock new skills by going into the skills from Menu. Each of these classes, characters, or jobs has its own kind of skill sets, and they are passive or active. If we take an example, take archer. He has four types of skills: arrow shower, improving concentration, double strafe, and the owl's eye. You have to level up those skills by spending our kill points, and skill points can be earned through the level-ups.


If you want to take EXP or JOB EXP, you have to engage with defeating the monster and completing the quests. And in case of the need to unlock new slots for skills, here is a need for spending the Nyangvine. Skills and upgrading can be done through coupons, as well.


Rerolling with LDPlayer to get the character you want


Rerolling must be a headache for you to hear due to its heavy time taking and the time lag. So it is precious for you to have a method for easy reroll to choose your best character. What if you have more than two ways to perform a reroll at once? Yes, you have it already with your LDPlayer.


There is a Multi-Instance Sync called feature included with LDPlayer that allows the players to perform numerous rerolls simultaneously. Based on your CPU memory, copy your emulator into two or more. Start your rerolling with those every copied emulator and get your favorite hero without wasting more time.


Ragnarok Labyrinth Tips & Guides How to level up fast


How to beat Boss & MVPs


There is a boss in every hunting field, and these are in the adventure mode. You have to defeat these bosses, which is how you can earn a chance to on the following location. Boss can be summoned through the buss button.


MVP can be named a bi enemy in your hunting field, and he will appear in the adventure mode for a few minutes every time. Or you can use your summon ticket. If you gain a chance to defeat this MVP, you will earn some materials for your upgrading, upgrading of cads and tickets, and the zeny. Hunting the MVP is the way to get these items.


Ragnarok Labyrinth Tips & Guides How to level up fast


You can kill orc lord boss in MVP use a team of magicians and archers. Continuously hit them with heroes’ powers and perform your best skills in there to defeat them.  


Guide of Nyangvine and How to get cards?


The premium currency of the Ragnarok Labyrinth is Nyangvine, and we use this to unlock new skill slots. You can use Nyangvine to get boxes from shots that have cards or companions. But you have to be cautious about saving them as usual.


You can take free Nyangvine, and It is possible to earn it from hundreds in a day. You will see an option called even on your right top corner and go to its tree tab. Select the option for "play for 360. Minutes". You will take 100 Nyangvine. Earning them accessible can be done through daily quests as well.


Ragnarok Labyrinth Tips & Guides How to level up fast


Daily quest will give you 50 of Nyangvine free of charge. If none of these methods is for you, you can tap on the wheel option, which is seen at the bottom. Select it's spent the coins, and there you are. Sometimes this currency will act as a reward too.


Every player can take cards by card box. It is a craft that uses material, or you can try the Labyrinth island mode. Tap on the option which shows the labyrinth island select your location. Remember that high-level locations are the ones that give you the highest star cards. After that, you can play the multi-mode, and there you will take the cards.


Its upgrade tickets can do card upgrading. They can be taken from the MVP after you defeat it. You can go to the game shop as well. Select the spending Nyangvine option in the card box there.


Equipment Guide of Ragnarok Labyrinth Inventory/Storage and Crafting (Kafra Shop)


You can always craft some equipment based on your class or the job. It will give you gears as a bow, staff, sword, spear and dagger. There will be multiple graded gears in stars in here, and if its star level is high, that gear would be the strongest one.


You can take these gearboxes by crafting a Menu or from the direct craft weapon. You will always take some random gears from the boxes. And also, you can spend some Nyangvine in the shops to get gearboxes as well.


Ragnarok Labyrinth Tips & Guides How to level up fast


Upgrading from the equipment and HP boost will cost Oridecon and Elunium, and those are identified as upgrading material items. These materials can be farm through hunting fields, which has to be done after defeating MVP and monsters.


Inventory / Storage 


This is not like other Ragnarok games, and you can't find any sharing kafra storage in here to place items, and those can be shared to the player's account. There will be an inventory shop, and it has a limit for things. The maximum amount for the item would be 80. You can't exceed this limit, and if it does, your current character will not be able to equip or store the items in offline modes and sharevice.


Increasing the storage capacity can be done by Register share. In there, you will see a chance to add 20 inventory items to your weight limit.




You can craft seven categories of items in Ragnarok Labyrinth as follows.


  • Weapons
  • Crafting materials (star crystals, star crumb)
  • Armour
  • Boxes
  • Element stones
  • Battle coins
  • Special items like infinity weapons and airship cards


Kafra Shop


There will be five sections here, and those are as follows.


  • Packages – these are the bundled items that can be bought through cash.
  • Box – you can buy all the types of boxes here.
  • Items – all the buffing things are in here to sell, and those are cheap.
  • Nyangvine – currency in the game, and you can buy high-valued items from this.
  • Daily – limited deals are in here and have a discount every day. Most of the items daily have a purchasing limit.


Transcendence Guide – Stat Transcendence and Gear Transcendence


Transcendences are for boosting your battle points, and they can be done higher through stat and gear transcendence as follows.


Stat Transcendence


To do this, you will need one piece of Valkyrie's power. You can craft that power by 300 shadow essence with a success rate of 100% and gain bonus stat points for your character through this. If you want to see the number of bonus points you get, click on the stats and then trans. The recommendation for the Trans base level will be 60-66, and it will be based on the discord discussion.


The number of Transcendence times has no limit, and you can gain bonus stat points with a capped 500 bonus.


Gear Transcendence


This is the gear that gives you the increasing attributes for the equipment. You have to complete quests to unlock this gear Transcendence, and you will need 5-star equipment from the main quests. You have a limit of 5 stars to transcend gears. You will need a duplicate 5-star gear to tier-one gear transcendence. And if it is tier 2, you will need two duplicates. The maximum level for transcending is up to four in here.


How can we level up fast in Ragnarok Labyrinth?


  • Complete the main quests. Earn some EXP, JOB< BASE EXP through it and beginners have to follow this main quest to level up fast.


  • Engage in the daily quest and earn some free Nyngvine. And also, you can upgrade your materials as well.


  • Join with a guild


  • Make a team with others and become stronger. Be sure to select some high-level players.


  • Grinding the hunting fields and defeat as much as MVPs


  • Engage with events and earn free items


  • Be powerful with high-tier hears upgrades and through cards. Don't take low equipment or cards.


  • Upgrade your skills and engage in developing your attributes


  • Play other mods like PVP, Guild, challenge, etc.




These are everything we catch up with through the Ragnarok Labyrinth and get used to every guide and tip to become a pro in this new idle game. So enjoy it from your entire experience, and here is everything you will need to be the best.

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