Nier Reincarnation | Ultimate Guide for Beginners


Gaming company Applibot came up with the fantastic idea of Nier Reincarnation. And there is a new discovering world that comes to life with this game. You have to get into a girl led by a creature like a ghost. While that, you have to navigate into different areas of the Cage.


Nier Reincarnation | Ultimate Guide for Beginners


In the game, you will find somewhat frightening anime along with haunting characters. You will find mainly three segments in the game. When you are dwelling, you need to have a comprehensive knowledge of the game's strategies and backgrounds. This is applicable on all games. Because when you begin to play a game with a good understanding, you will have a high probability of winning the game.


So, after reading this guide carefully, you all can get a clear understanding of playing the game more tactically. This would be good for the newbies. This is a highly addictive game with a complex and enchanting plotline. Maybe you are starting to play the game without a proper understanding, and you might have so many confusions in your head. This is the time to solve everything. So, now let us begin the ultimate guide. Download Nier Reincarnation on PC to make these tips and guides effectively into your gameplay. 




At the beginning of this discussion, we have talked about the basic storyline of the game. Now, let us find some basic features that are necessarily important when studying the game's strategies. Nier Reincarnation English version can consider as a regular gacha game that is free to download and play. The systems of gacha and stamina mainly conduct the servers and the running of the game. 


There are some differences seen between gacha and stamina. Generally, gacha games do not need any pulling from themselves, and they need weapons. Some weapons come with that particular unit itself. Most of the other gacha mechanisms will be the same. There will be a pulling dupe which will help the break and awaken weapon with materials to the limit.


Generally, it will come as a unit. When the weapons reach Level 5, there will be an increase in the unit level cap. This is going to be applied with all of the standard jazz units.




While playing a game, we have frequently heard the word Gacha. But, sometimes, most of us have no clear idea about what Gacha means. There are three main types of Gachas. Namely, they are premium, chapter, and event. Now, let us find more details about those features.


  • Premium gacha – this is the gacha where you can spend the in-game currencies to pull the weapons. Players can use gems as an in-game currency. As we discussed earlier, some weapons will come with a specific attached unit to them.


  • Chapter gacha - this is the gacha where you can spend the chapter tickets to pull the different types of materials. In particular, you can use grinding the chapter quests. As we discussed earlier, it can use to upgrade the units.


  • Event gacha – this can only unlock once you have completed the previous gacha. So, the players can pull one gacha in every day. It will give you five free when you have finished the eighth chapter. 


Nier Reincarnation Quests 


This can introduce as the heart of the game. Usually, quests are exciting to play, and they will give you more compensation. There are sections coming as main under the quests. Namely, they are the support quest, main quest, and the arena. Now, let us find additional details about them.


  • The main quest players have to deal with the main story in here. You have to go around the Cage by finishing different types of mini-stories. It would be perfect if you can complete it linearly. As it is a one-way journey, you have to tap all the blackbirds before going to the next section. When you progress through the main quest, the other areas will automatically unlock. 


  • Support quests – these are the standard quests. You can grind for materials to upgrade the units, weapons, memories, and otomos. There will be event quests that have a connection to the story also. Nier: Automata collab is one such event quest.


  • Arena – the name itself hint at the fact that you have to put your team against the players of the other groups. You can earn arena medals which will help to exchange items in the arena medal exchange shop. It will unlock when you finish chapter six in the main quest.




This will range from two-star to four-star. The four-star is considered the rarest rarity in the game, and you will find a trend among these units. There will be two-star, three-star, and four-star in every unit in the main story when you play the game. The two stars will hand over to the players when they finish the associated chapter. In the support quest of Nier Reincarnation, there will be only three-star and four-star units. 


There will be no unit skill tree or any complex skill system in the game. You have to do a simple task. It is grinding the materials to upgrade the levels of units, skills, and abilities. It can limit the break of enabling the higher level cap. There will also be rank, but it will get increased through the battles most of the time.


Nier Reincarnation Beginners, get familiar with the game by referring to our Newbie Guide.


Nier Reincarnation Weapons 


In the game, you will find weapons from two-star to four-star. But there will be no versions of two-star, three-star, and four-star. All the available weapons in the game are unique. All the weapons have an element associated with them. It can decide whether you or the opponent will have a benefit or drawback.


Rather than this, all the other weapons will be standard. It can pull dupes up to a limit break and grind for the materials. It can upgrade the weapons to get more stats.


Nier Reincarnation | Ultimate Guide for Beginners




You might have seen some small things floating around the shoulders of your units. They are Otomo's. Generally, they will be available when you complete the chapters in the main quest. The otomos are cool. All of them will have a typing of an element and a skill. The element typing can impact the skills used in the battles. 


Upgrading can be done by grinding the materials. Y The upgrade can enhance the stats of skills and the otomos. The stats of the Otomo will add to the unit stats when it is equipped on.


Nier Reincarnation | Ultimate Guide for Beginners




This will be available when you finish the chapters in the main story. The players can grind for the memories in the support quests. This would be the effortless way out of several. When you level them, it will cost Gold. It will give extra stats to the units when it is equipped on. There will be parts from three sets in the memory. When you provide the complete set, you can get bonus stats and effects. It will associate with the unit.


Battle team 


All the battle teams in the game have three main units. You will see one central unit and two subunits as the battle team. If you are going for a battle, you should have the most miniature a central unit. All the units can equip with the units given below,


  • The unit can have up to three weapons. The element category of the unit will decide by the primary weapon. There will be additional stats to the unit from the two sub-weapons. The players have the space to equip themselves with any weapon. If you select a weapon with a fluent unit, you can get additional bonus stats.


  • The unit can have up to one Otomo. The players can equip with any Otomo in their inventory.


  • The unit can have up to three memories, and the players can equip the complete set. It will grant more bonus stats with effects.


To have the best game, you need the best heroes. Earn them with the fastest method you have ever seen. Take a look at the Reroll Guide. 


Battle system 


The system of battles in the game is ground on a real-time and turn-based system of battling. They are more standard and equal to others. The skill of Otomo will not activate in auto mode. The players have to start it manually. 


Nier Reincarnation | Ultimate Guide for Beginners




In Nier Reincarnation, you will find two mini-games. The first game is a shooting game, and it can restore the stamina of the players. This can play once every nine hours. 




In the game Nier Reincarnation, you will see an uncommon segment. It is the friends. On this system, the players can restore their stamina every day.


Main tips 


Now we have discussed the main functions of the game. All of them have a particular process to perform in the game. Now, let us find some essential tips that you can use to play the game successfully. As we mentioned earlier, the game is more addictive, so many players are lost. They try different strategies without a good idea about the game. Now, let us find more tips. 


Get an idea about your controls 


When the players use the correct mix of controls, they can open many doors in the game. The controls can use to boost. When they activate the pod mid-air, you can utilize it to support the jumps. It can cover a vast area. As there are many places where a simple jump would not do a better job, this will provide an excellent opportunity in many instances. 


The uppercut attack is another trick that can use to activate if the player jumps. It will make a considerable attack immediately. The combination of these two movements can create a substantial difference in the game. Most of the players get addicted to this small trick within very little time.




Even in day-to-day life, we prefer to bargain. Most people get benefits from bargaining. In the game Nier Reincarnation you have to follow few steps. If you want to unlock the shop discount of the Nier Reincarnation, you have to go to the resistance camp. Then you have to go to the space station to begin the side quests. There will be a quest given to each player by 16D. It is named the 11B's Momentos.


When a quest is finished, you will take a small sword as a gift. It will have situated next to the different small items. Then the players have to reform it. The sword will give a bonus to you. It will have a discount of 25% to the protagonist to the items in the store. 


Raise the rank using the shooting game 


Every eight hours, the players can have access to the time of the shooting. When you use that chance, you can build your rank quickly. This is the fastest method to raise the rank. If you are a player who gives more priority, you should not miss this chance. The rank is a critical factor when you are at the beginning of the game or playing the game along. 


It would do a recent job to get a good rank. If you are looking for the status and waiting to be a highlighted player in the game, this would be the speediest way.


Nier Reincarnation | Ultimate Guide for Beginners


Purchasing stamina refill potions 


This stamina refill option will refresh every day. It will happen at the shop. When you buy a potion, there will be a big difference when you use this refill option. Stamina is one of the most valuable attributes in the entire game. When you spend some money on stamina, it will be more like an investment rather than an expenditure. 


Once you take part in the game for a broad period, you can get back that amount. It will take no time as you have already bought stamina. This will be an excellent and reliable experiment if you want to keep the right balance in the game.


Lean of the guerrilla quests 


The quests of guerilla can take place several times in the game. It would be beneficial to the players. When they are trying to reach the next level, this will come to support them. The guerrilla quests always act as a side supporter to make the progress of the game quickly. Then you can complete the levels faster than doing it my own.


If you are looking to emerge as the best players on day one and then open many doors, this is the best quest for you. So, do not miss this chance of use. This can recommend for sure if you are a newbie or a seasonal player for the game. Then you can grind the guerrilla quests in the game. With that, you can put forward several steps to move in the right direction.


Nier Reincarnation | Ultimate Guide for Beginners


No autosave option 


Although some mobile games have the option of auto-saving, some games do not have the option. Even in Nier Reincarnation, there will be no option of autosave. So, the players have to save the game manually. The players should always keep this in mind to save it as humanly as much as possible. Throughout the entire map, you will find several points to save the game. All the options have a different usable radius to keep it.


Anyway, all of these saving points can attack by the enemies in the game. At that time, the player has to beat off. When you use the save points, you can update the map quickly. But, the players have the chance to activate the quick save facility also. You can make this in the radius of the save point.


It would be good to know that there will be a lack of autosave at the beginning of the game. This is important because many people used to forget the meaning of that. But, if you have any ambiguity about the map, this will encourage you for sure.


Looting in the prologue 


Generally, the players in the game think that they can collect all the items and the weapons in the prologue. This may be partially true. TheThe players should not keep fonder upon the new findings. When the prologue is over, the players will be left only with their weapons. This should do at the beginning of the game. Nothing else will stay with you.


Once you come back to earth, you can recover and redeem these most loved items. Now, you can understand the fact that there will be no harm from looting in the prologue. But, as the players, you have to be more tranquil once they become invisible. You have to be more mindful to redeem them back.


Do not take the tutorials more softly 


When you are reading the guide, you might think that the tutorial and the guide of Nier Reincarnation are more similar to other RPG games. Most of the players do not read these guides carefully, and they immediately play the game. This may be a disturbing way to begin the game. Apart from that, if you read the manual carefully, you might point out that the guide of Nier Reincarnation and other standard RPG games have a huge difference.


Now let us find the most highlighted differences of Nier Reincarnation. For example, if a player died during the tutorial, they must begin the whole game from scratch. As a backup for this, you can save the modes of hardcore in the game after finishing the tutorial unless you may have to spend a lot of time at the ground of zero. Anyway, if you die during the tutorial, you can unlock one of the many endings in the story.


Choose the right difficulty


Nier Reincarnation | Ultimate Guide for Beginners


When talking about this point, you have to understand one fact. If you are playing Easy mode, it is not a factor to become ashamed. While you are participating in a game, you will need more time to adjust and get into it. If you spend enough time understanding the game and then select the correct difficulty, it would be the best option. This would be a much essential factor in Nier Reincarnation. The reason for this is the considerable difficulties in the modes of the game.


If you are taking part in the game through Easy mode, you can see these features. The enemies in this level are remarkably weaker than the protagonist of the game. With that, the players have the chance to use the exclusive mod-chips. The usual problem displays the standard difficulty. This is a proposed way of playing the game.


If you have punched with the standard gaming model, you can move to challenge gameplay. It will get the ability of players to lock on a target. Apart from that, the enemies will be a bit powerful than the protagonist. If you are waiting to try the real beasts in the game, you can move to the challenging mode. All the enemies will be really powerful at that level, and the locking of the aim is still non-existent. 


In this level, every single attack can kill the player just by one shot. This is what is mentioned as extreme overkill. It is the top tier of the game.




Nier Reincarnation is an RPG game that happens in the realm of Nier. You will find a girl who is led by a ghost-like being. We have already acknowledged the fact that it is a highly addictive game. If you want to play the game more strategically, you have to follow these basic guidelines. When you are reading this, do not take it easy or consider it as general guidelines. There are some specific features unique to this game. So, read and accept these tips very carefully.

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