Nier Reincarnation Advanced Tips and Tricks Guide

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Nier Reincarnation is one of the best MMORPG games out there. With tons of content present in the game, we finally have a cohesive, inclusive guide that includes advanced tips, tricks, and strategies for the game that should help take your gameplay to the next level. If you haven't already, you can download Nier Reincarnation for free on LDPlayer.


Take Advantage Of Crows:



Nier Reincarnation Advanced Tips and Tricks Guide


Crows are specific birds that show up on the map as you move through the main story. You can use them by clicking on them to et valuable items like reinforcement materials and exploration tickets. If you are unable to find the crows, you can still go to them.

Take a look at our crow guide for Nier Reincarnation if you want to learn more about the mechanic.


Forming A Party:


When you form up a party with an advantageous attribute, the damage given will increase, and the damage you receive will decrease. So, when you end up considering this formation, we recommend unifying it to get an idea of all the attributes that are advantageous for it according to which enemies are present in the quest.


Making Sure Your Attributes Are Compatible:


Each character that you use has a particular attribute that depends on the attributes of a primary weapon in the formation. Their weapon skill, character skill, and normal attack will all be included and multiplied by attribute compatibility. Moreover, other than characters, Otomo, who generally do not even participate in battles, also has their attributes. If you want to look at weapon ranking information, make sure to check our guidelines for it!


Let’s take a look at all the attribute compatibilities to learn more about what you should be picking:




Advantageous: Wind

Unfavourable: Water




Advantageous: Fire

Unfavourable: Wind




Advantageous: Water

Unfavorable: Fire




Advantageous: Darkness

Unfavorable: None




Advantageous: Light

Unfavorable: None


Attribute Types:


Here, we take a look at the attribute magnification currently present in the game depending on your party:



Damage Dealt: 1.2 times

Damage Taken: 0.8 Times



Damage Dealt: 0.8 Times

Damage Taken: 1.2 Times


Understanding Special Weapons:



Nier Reincarnation Advanced Tips and Tricks Guide


Every character in the game has some sort of a special weapon. Once you equip that weapon, the character will get a special bonus in stats. As an example, in A2, the character's favorite weapon is a large sword. So, it is ultimately possible for you to maximize her stats even more by equipping those particular swords on her.


To find out if you have increased stats, you can look at the pink arrow on the icon. The main weapons are usually red, and the sub-weapons are blue.


Suppose you are having trouble with obtaining particularly specific secondary weapons. In that case, you should try and organize a party with characters with different special favorite weapons, each of them being different from the other.


Getting Stronger in Nier Reincarnation:


If you want to get strong quick and increase your total strength, you should focus on your stats in the following order:

  1. Characters
  2. Weapons
  3. Memories
  4. Otomos


Leveling Your Character Up:



Nier Reincarnation Advanced Tips and Tricks Guide


To increase your strength quickly, you should increase your levels by getting materials from character enhancement. As you start leveling your character up, all your stats will start improving. You can then increase your strength quite efficiently.


You can also get your level up by clearing a quest and getting experience points as well. Once you get a hard quest and clear it, many character-strengthening characters will be dropped. So, if you want to end up training characters and Otomo, farm the right stages.


Here’s the list of stages that you should be farming for each weapon:


  • Chapter 2: Small Sword
  • Chapter 4 & 7: Large Sword
  • Chapter 3: Gun
  • Chapter 1 & 8: Wand
  • Chapter 5: Spear
  • Chapter 6: Fighting


When you farm these specific stages, you will receive chapter tickets that can be used in chapter gacha to get materials to end up strengthening your characters. Each chapter gacha has a few different materials, so always make sure you are farming the right material for your character.


You can also obtain reinforcement materials from the medal exchange. This is one of the few options you can use to get experience points, especially in the early stages. However, there are also other medals that you can exchange. So, if you stumble during training before releasing the hard quest, you should try doing it.


Enhancing Character Skills:


You can enhance your character's skills by selecting Skill Enhancement from the character enhancement screen. A specific strengthening material is required for every character, and by granting it, its skill will rise by 1, and the effect it provides will also increase.


Once you decide on your main character, we recommend strengthening as much as possible until you have material and leave it as is. You can also activate the character’s skill by tapping on the icon present on the character. It can also be activated when the gauge around the character is also maximized.


Note that even if the battle mode is set to auto, the character's skill will not be used automatically.


The materials you require for each character will vary. It will take a certain amount of runs for daily dungeons required to upgrade a skill character’s to the max. Each day the dungeon changes, so make sure to plan them accordingly.


Here’s a list to help guide you:


Nier Reincarnation Advanced Tips and Tricks Guide



Enemies Type: Wind

Reinforcement Materials: Large Sword, Small Sword



Enemies Type: Fire

Reinforcement Materials: Spear, Fighting



Enemies Type: Water

Reinforcement Materials: Gun, Wand



Enemies Type: Light

Reinforcement Materials: Large Sword, Small Sword



Enemies Type: Darkness

Reinforcement Materials: Spear, Fighting



Enemies Type: Wind, Fire, Water

Reinforcement Materials: Gun, Wand



Enemies Type: Light, Darkness

Reinforcement Materials: All


Limit Breaking Your Character:


If you wish to break through the limit of your characters, you will need a book that matches their character. You can obtain a book when you get the same release weapon in Gacha. So, it won’t be wasted even if the same character ends up wearing it.


Currently, the game has three types of technical books: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The books you require differ depending on the character's rarity who ends up breaking through the limit.


Understanding Weapons:


Currently, there are four ways to strengthen weapons. Here they are:

  • Strengthen
  • Strengthen Skills
  • Evolve
  • Break Through The Limits


Do note that weapon enhancement requires a large amount of gold. The best place to farm these materials to strengthen your weapons is Guirella Quests. These quests are held four times at 1-hour intervals below:


  • 10:00-11:00
  • 16:00-17:00
  • 23:00-0:00
  • 1:00-2:00


These quests will drop a large number of materials you need for weapon enhancement. As the level of the difficulty level increases, more enhancement materials with experience points will also drop. So, we recommend going around the most difficult quest you can clear.


Moreover, if you do not have a weapon type, Guerrilla Quest, you can collect general-purpose weapons to strengthen your materials, so make sure to do them. A different number of these Quests each day.


Here’s a list of the weapon drops that you get in these particular quests:


  • Monday: Short Sword
  • Tuesday: Large Sword
  • Wednesday: Gun
  • Thursday: Spear
  • Saturday: Wand
  • Sunday:
    • 23:00 & 16:00:
      • Spear
      • Fighting
      • Wand
    • 10:00 & 16:00:
      • Small Sword
      • Large Sword
      • Gun


Guerilla Quest will end up using 20 stamina even if you are a new player. So, you will need tons of stamina for runs. So, prepare stamina recovery agents in advance. Also, make sure to sell weapons and win medals that use them as materials. Unless and until there is something, it is much better to use special material to raise the level.


Enhancing Your Weapon’s Skills:


If you end up moving by switching tabs from the menu to "Strengthen -> Weapon Strengthening," you can select the ability to raise the level up. It is quite necessary to collect materials specified for each weapon before you go ahead and do so:


Small Sword Skills:

Monday limited quest (all difficulty)

Thursday limited quest (all difficulty)

Sunday limited quest (all difficulty)


Large Sword skills:

Monday limited quest (all difficulty)

Thursday limited quest (all difficulty)

Sunday limited quest (all difficulty)


Gun skills:

Wednesday limited quest

Saturday limited quest

Sunday limited quest


Wand skills:

Wednesday limited quest (all difficulty)

Saturday limited quest (all difficulty)

Sunday limited quest (all difficulty)


Spear skills:

Tuesday limited quest (all difficulty)

Friday limited quest (all difficulty)

Sunday limited quest (all difficulty)


Fighting skills:

Tuesday limited quest

Friday limited quest

Sunday limited quest


Nier Reincarnation Advanced Tips and Tricks Guide


Small Sword skills:


Monday limited quest (advanced / super)

Thursday limited quest (advanced / super)

Sunday limited quest (advanced / super)


Large Sword skills:

Monday limited quest (advanced / super)

Thursday limited quest (advanced / super)

Sunday limited quest (advanced / super)


Gun skills:

Wednesday limited quest (advanced / super)

Saturday limited quest (advanced / super)

Sunday limited quest (advanced / super)


Wand skills:

Wednesday limited quest (advanced / super)

Saturday limited quest (advanced / super)

Sunday limited quest (advanced / super


Spear skills:

Tuesday limited quest (advanced / super)

Friday limited quest (advanced / super)

Sunday limited quest (advanced / super)


Fighting skills: :

Tuesday limited quest (advanced / super)

Friday limited quest (advanced / super)

Sunday limited quest (advanced / super)


Weapon Evolving Enhancements:


You can use the Evolve option on the rightmost tab from the enhancement screen. The required materials will then be displayed. If you have the materials and coins, you can end up evolving. Weapons can then be evolved to unlock a second weapon with its status increasing significantly.


Fire-based weapons:


Arena Coin Exchange

Tuesday Limited Quest (All Difficulty)

Saturday Limited Quest (All Difficulty)


Water-based weapons:


Arena Coin Exchange

Wednesday Limited Quest (All Difficulty)

Saturday Limited Quest (All Difficulty


Wind-based weapons:


Arena Coin Exchange

Monday Limited Quest (All Difficulty)

Saturday Limited Quest (All Difficulty)


Light-based weapons:


Arena Coin Exchange

Thursday Limited Quest (All Difficulty)

Sunday Limited Quest (All Difficulty)


Dark-based weapons:


Arena Coin Exchange

Friday Limited Quest (All Difficulty)

Sunday Limited Quest (All Difficulty)


Limit Breakthrough Enhancements:


Pearl-based materials are always required to break through the limit of any weapon in any game. As with the technical books as well, they are required to get through the limits of characters. There are also three different types of pearls: pearls, natural pearls, and black pearls.


The pearls that you require are dependent on the rarity of the weapon that breaks through the limits. These materials are only available at the Arena Coin Exchange, so you will need to for a higher rank. In addition to these materials, you can also break through the limit by consuming the weapon as the weapon you want to break through with.


Using Memories To Your Advantage:


Memory is an item that you get by going through the story. While you can get them earlier, you will need to clear Chapter 6 to equip them. Every character in the game can be equipped with three memories.


However, do note that the same memory name cannot be equipped by the same character. The memory itself has effects called main bonus and sub bonus. Each effect can enhance the status of the equipped character. In addition to the individual main bonuses and sub bonuses, if you do end up equipping the memory with the same series of memory, an effect called a series bonus would be activated additionally. The effect of the series bonus is also fixed for each series, with two cards of the same name series activating the Small Series Bonus and three cards activating the Large Series Bonus.


Memory can also be obtained as a special dungeon drop reward which is only released after clearing Chapter 6 of the main story. You will need to clear the dungeon in order from the 1st floor, and the higher the level, the better the rarity of the memory that you get.


Moreover, the dropped memory has random main and sub bonus effects alongside numerical values even if they have the same name. As for the memory sub status in terms of their increased timing, one of the stats will also increase randomly when you increase to levels 3, 6, 9, 12, or 15.


Memory Ranks:


Coming on to the main bonus, make sure to pay attention to the sub-bonus of every memory. Some of the memory sub-bonuses of a lower rank when dropped are not released. So, you will need to raise your level and release them. They can be finally released at level 12.


Do note that the higher the rarity, the higher the value of your initial main bonus. When raising the strength with memory, we recommend carefully selecting one with the highest memory and then strengthening them.


Rarity 1: Copper Frame

Rarity 2: Silver Frame

Rarity 3: Gold Frame

Rarity 4: Rainbow Frame


As mentioned earlier, the higher the rarity, the lower the success rate when it comes to enhancing. Also, your gold consumption will also increase by quite a high margin. So, make sure to examine the memory before you want to enhance before doing so. Take a look at our memory guide that we’ve made specifically for Nier Reincarnation.


Getting The Best Companions:



Nier Reincarnation Advanced Tips and Tricks Guide


At the start of chapter 3, when in the main quest, Mom will ask you two questions. When you answer these questions, you will get one of the four types of companions completely, depending on your answer. Companions that are not present in the list down below will be obtained as a reward for clearing the main story at Very High difficulty for the first time.


First Question: Stuffed Animal

Second Question: Fire

Result: Pink Teddy

Skill: Inflicts 125% damage once on a single enemy. Furthermore, the defense power of a single enemy is reduced by 11%.


Ability: Wind damage of all allies increased by 8%.


First Question: Stuffed Animal

Second Question: Wind

Result: White Teddy

Skill: Inflicts 100% damage on a single enemy, ignoring defense

Ability: Increases fire damage of all allies by 8%.


First Question: Doll

Second Question: Fire

Result: Red Doll

Skill: Inflicts 125% damage once on a single enemy. Furthermore, the agility of all allies increased by 8%.

Ability: Reduces wind damage to all allies by 8%


First Question: Doll

Second Question: Wind

Result: White Doll

Skill: Inflicts 125% damage once on a single enemy. Furthermore, the attack power of all allies increased by 8%.

Ability: Reduces fire damage to all allies by 8%


Companions are special items that you can equip on a character when you organize a party. You can also equip one companion for every character and change it freely on the composition screen. Equipping companions will increase the status of the equipped character.


You can use the skills of the companion only once during the battle. Like weapon skills, companion skills can primarily be used when the skill gauge rises over time, and the gauge is full. The companion can be obtained as the first clear reward for a specific quest in the main story too. In other words, in order to increase the number of companions you have, you will need to advance in the main story steadily.


Strengthening Companions:


To be able to strengthen your companion, head on to the Strengthen -> Strengthen The Companion tab and select the particular companion you wish to strengthen. By strengthening the companies, you can add in each stat and skill/ability of a companion at the same time. The materials needed to strengthen each companion can primarily be obtained from the Medal Exchange in the change and Chapter Gacha that will be coming out in sequence by going through the main story.


Tickets that are required to spin each Chapter Gacha will be obtained for completing each quest present in the corresponding chapter accordingly.


Medal Exchanges:


You can obtain regular medals by selling weapons that have less than three stars. You are also able to get medals by selling event star 3 weapons.


3 Star Weapons: 100 Medals Obtained

2 Star Weapons: 50 Medals Obtained

3 Star Distribution Weapons: 10 Medals Obtained

2 Star Distribution Weapons: 5 Medals Obtained


Medals can also be obtained by winning medals by breaking through the limits of your current weapons. Therefore, you should try and prioritize stacking 3-star weapons that have still not exceeded their limits.


Generally, 2-star weapons do not really become very strong even if they repeatedly breakthrough limits and you strengthen them. So, you should sell your 2-star weapons to collect medals and coins.


Regular Medal Exchange:


When it comes to regular medal exchange, we recommend getting stamina recovery medicine that you will need when you are going around the main quest and dungeon as well. There are currently two types of stamina recovery drugs, small and medium.



Nier Reincarnation Advanced Tips and Tricks Guide


Small can recover ten stamina and medals, while medium can recover 50% of the maximum stamina you have, which is about 75 medals. The search ticket, which costs 150 medals, is generally recommended since it can be used to raise your level as it can be used for search to raise the player’s level and also restore their stamina.


There are also two main types of gacha tickets. One provides you with a 4 star confirmed gacha ticket, while the other is a one-pull gacha ticket. Both of these require a large number of medals and are also not items that you can exchange immediately. It will, however, take some time to obtain them. After you get these items, you can either save medals until the shop ends up refreshing, or you can also buy materials to strengthen your own otomos.


Once you get to the rare medal exchange, you can also exchange reinforced material for Otomo, which is quite hard to obtain. Rare medals can also be obtained when a 4-star character is converted while also pulling gacha. You can also get medals by breaking through the limit with four even star weapons.


You can also exchange five rare medals for larger amounts of stamina recovery, but they should only be used after you run out of other methods of recovering stamina. Plus, there are also 4 star confirmed gacha tickets as well as three four-star tickets that you can also get. However, we do not recommend that you get them.


Making The Best Out Of The Item Shop:


You can enter the item shop by going to the Item Shop section and click on the Stop button found on the top right of your screen. Once you open it, you can use your gold to purchase stamina and materials needed to strengthen the skills of your characters and weapons.


The number of these items that can be purchased is fixed, but basic items are reset at 0:00 every 24 hours. However, make sure to buy all small stamina potions daily. The shop lineup can also be reset by also consuming gems. Do note that the number of gems that are used for resetting will also increase gradually.


There are also other ways to obtain materials to strengthen skills in your lineup besides the shop. So, you won't need to forcibly reset them using gems. However, if you want to recover your stamina with gems, it is much more efficient to update the shop and buy recovery medicine. So, if you do want to recover stamina, it will be more than enough for about the third time.


Exploring With Your Friends!


You can earn more than 200 stamina per day by sending and receiving cheers to 100 friends, which you can add in-game. So, make sure to add active people to the game as soon as possible.




After you clear all the normal in Chapter 4 of the main quest, you unlock the search or the exploration mode. Suppose you end up selecting Exploration, a shooting game starts, which is completely different from the base game. In this game, you can operate your machine, which goes to the left and right. It is a fixed screen shooting that automatically attacks the nearest enemy.



Nier Reincarnation Advanced Tips and Tricks Guide


In shooting, we recommend that you avoid bullets. They will hinder you when you are attacked. If your ship goes to either the left or right end, it will escape in one direction, which is quite hard to avoid. So, it's a good idea to avoid attacks altogether, so you are always near the center, even in an emergency. The bullets can also go through purple orbs, but you can't destroy them, so make sure to avoid them. The bullets can also destroy pink orbs, so try to take them out before they end up hitting you.


Once you play the exploration mode, you will have an 8-hour cool-down time until you can play it. However, if you do end up having a search ticket in your inventory, you can play while ignoring the waiting time completely.


The Advantages Of Partying Up:


Having friends in any game just adds to the excitement. However, the advantage is real in Nier Reincarnation. With the ability to send gifts and rewards amongst each other while also playing unique game modes, there is a benefit to having active players on your friend's list as soon as possible.


When it comes to newer games like Nier, it is extremely beneficial for you to be in a community of supportive players as everyone can help each other excel in certain ways, which simply isn't the case if you were to play the game alone. If you haven’t already, take a look at our Tier List for Nier Reincarnation.




Nier Reincarnation has tons of intricate mechanics that make it an absolute joy to play, as can be seen above. With this guide, you should be able to rise quickly through the ranks and become one of the top players in your region in no time.

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