Nexomon Extinction Beginner's Guide

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Nexomon: Extinction is an RPG game by Vewo Interactive Inc. and a sequel to the popular game Nexomon. The game was formerly available on every platform except mobile devices, however, it is now available worldwide on the Google Play Store and App Store. If you're a Pokemon fan, you'd be very familiar with this game.


But the difference is that it also has fun elements of breaking the 4th wall and self-awareness in this game. It brings the fun of a classic console-based RPG game to mobile devices. If you're planning to download the game and play it, this is the perfect beginner's guide for you!


About Nexomon: Extinction


nexomon extinction about


The story events of Nexomon: Extinction takes place years after the story of the original Nexomon. Unlike the original game, there are many more starters and new Nexomon's added to the game. It takes onto the old style of the Pokemon games, the ones on GBA, and carries them out on mobile, bringing a wave of nostalgia along your way. The game begins with a backstory where a war is going on between the Nexomons and humanity.


This fight ends and introduces "Tamers," people who capture and battle alongside the Nexomon, just like Pokemon trainers. Even though this conclusion has bought peace, people still wonder how long the peace will last. The main character of this game is an orphan and you get to choose your character's skin in the character selection part and thus begin your journey of becoming a tamer. 

Choosing a starter Nexomon:


Nexomon starter


As the story unfolds, you'll be faced with a dragon and you will be given a choice to choose a Nexomon from a mysterious character. There are a total of 9 possible starters to pick from, each of which belongs to one of the game's different types. It does not display the stats of the Nexomon while choosing, only the picture and its type, so referring to this guide would make your life simpler. Here's the list of all the starters:


  • Dinja: Normal Type Nexomon. He loves Lemon Pie, Green Pear, and Egg Tart. Dinja evolves into Dichala at level 15 and Namansi at level 32.
  • Lume: Fire Type Nexomon. He loves Donut, Lacreme, and Lemon Pie. Lume evolves into Lumefur at level 16 and Lumerei at level 34.
  • Noki: Water Type Nexomon. He loves Sausage, Grape, and Watermelon. Noki evolves into Vainok at level 17 and Hainok at level 36.
  • Mara: Plant Type Nexomon. He loves Chocolate cake, Donut, and Lacreme. Mara evolves into Marasuma at level 15 and Raksuma at level 32. 
  • Trebly: Mineral Type Nexomon. He loves Chocolate cake, Donut, and Lacreme. Trebly evolves into Treclay at level 12 and Tresaur at level 29.
  • Mearn: Wind Type Nexomon. He loves Cream Puff, Flan, and Pandulce. Mearn evolves into Felarnia at level 17 and Yarnesty at level 36.
  • Gekoko: Electric Type Nexomon. He loves Watermelon, Chocolate cake, and Donut. Gekoko evolves into Kamelovo at level 15 and Reptomotor at level 32.
  • Masquiti: Psychic Type Nexomon. He has no favorite foods. Masquiti evolves into Masquat at level 16 and Feliblanqo at level 34.
  • Behlinda: Ghost Type Nexomon. He loves Lacreme, Lemon Pie, and Egg tart. Behlinda evolves into Heddeca at level 17 and Noocidal at level 36.


Nexomon Types and Effectiveness:


Nexomon types and effectiveness


Like you could see above, there are nine different types available in the game- Normal, Fire, Water, Plant, Mineral, Wind, Electric, Psychic, and Ghost Type. Just like Pokemon, every type has its strength and weakness against each other. To make it easier for you to battle here's all of their effectiveness:

  • Normal: 
    • Strengths- No Strengths
    • Weakness- Psychic, Ghost
  • Fire:
    • Strengths- Wind, Plant, Ghost
    • Weakness- Water, Mineral
  • Water:
    • Strengths- Fire, Mineral
    • Weakness- Plant, Electric
  • Plant:
    • Strengths- Electric, Water
    • Weakness- Wind, Fire
  • Mineral:
    • Strengths- Electric, Psychic, Fire
    • Weakness- Wind, Water
  • Wind:
    • Strengths- Mineral, Grass
    • Weakness- Electric, Fire
  • Electric:
    • Strengths- Water, Psychic, Wind
    • Weakness- Mineral, Grass
  • Psychic:
    • Strengths- Normal, Ghost
    • Weakness- Mineral, Electric
  • Ghost:
    • Strengths- Normal, Wind
    • Weakness- Psychic, Fire


Nexomon Battles and catching Nexomons:


Nexomon battles


This is also another feature similar to Pokemon, but with a few extra features added to it. When it comes to battling, you can either battle against other Tamers that would be standing NPCs waiting for you to cross their sight and approach you for a battle. The battle style is similar to that of Pokemon, we have a limit of 6 Nexomons that we can use in our party. Each of them has 4 moves, and unlike Pokemon, we don't have PP or Power Points but a stamina system.


Once the stamina ends, you can't use any of your moves and it drains depending on how strong your move is, so use it wisely. You can spend one move to replenish your stamina by pressing the "Zz" icon on the top left corner. It is to be noted that stamina doesn't replenish outside of battles so you need to carry items such as ether for a quick fix. 

When it comes to catching a wild nexomon, you need to walk into the wild grass which is shaking. Once you do, the battle starts. You need to lower the opponent Nexomon's HP or Health Points to catch. But that's not the only factor that will lead to a successful capture. You also need to feed the Nexomon to increase your chances of capturing it. Every Nexomon, just like the starter Nexomons, has a favorite food that can significantly help you.


Nexotraps is this game's version of Pokeball which lets you help catch the Nexomon. The difference is that it shows you all of the stats about your chances of catching the Nexomon, including what it's been fed and how much HP it has. There is also a possibility of you encountering a shiny or Cosmic Nexomon and the rates for them are as follows:

Early Game- 1/4000
Mid Game- 1/3500
Late Game- 1/3000


Items in Nexomon:


Nexomon items


Now we cannot list every single item that is present in the game since there are way too many. But there are categories of each item and we will list down what they are:


  • Charms - These help you to increase your catch rates or HP. There are only 3 in this category: Cosmic charm which helps increase the chances of you finding a cosmic Nexomon by 50, Healthy Charms which restores 3% of your team's HP, and Workout Charm which helps restores 3% of your team's Stamina.
  • Special Items - These help you in your overworld needs, like a pickaxe to mine for elemental shards, Running shoes to increase your chances of running from battle, and Secret Sauce which helps you increase the chances of catching a Nexomon after feeding it by 3% more.
  • Foods - These are various kinds of food that you can make to increase your catch rate for catching a particular Nexomon.
  • Cores - These help you boost a specific stat of a Nexomon. There are different kinds like ATK, Exp, etc.
  • Restoration - As the name suggests, they help you restore your HP and stamina and also cures your Nexomon of any kind of health status.
  • Shards - These are the items you can mine with the help of a pickaxe and can be used to craft or earn coins by selling.
  • Pets - Pets aren't items but a very cute companion to follow along your journey.
  • Nexotraps - There are various kinds of Nexotraps with different buffs to each of them. For example, Fire Nexotrap is specially designed to capture Fire Type Nexomons.


This is a very engaging game and brings the beauty of old-style RPG games to smartphones, with better and beautiful graphics. The lore is very deep in this game and you can dive deep into the world of Nexomon. Happy Gaming!

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