Nexomon: Extinction Review: The Good & The Bad

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If you're looking for the classic Gameboy RPG experience on mobile devices, Nexomon Extinction would be a perfect option for you. Developed by Vewo Interactive Inc., this game is a sequel to the famous Nexomon game. It was already out for other PC and Nintendo Switch, but now it's also available globally on your smartphones and tablets.


You can download the game to play right now by downloading it from the Google Play Store and App Store. If you're still unsure about downloading and don't know much about the workings of the game, this game review will help you out a lot.


Nexomon: Extinction Gameplay Features:


Those who are familiar with the gameplay mechanics of Pokemon would know how this game works instantly. Nexomon: Extinction, on the other hand, isn't a pure rip-off of Pokemon; it has its own great storyline to follow, and the hint of breaking the fourth wall just adds to the fun.


The game has a total of 381 new monsters for you to capture and come across. It also has nine different types- Fire, Water, Plant, Electric, Mineral, Wind, Psychic, Ghost, and Normal type. When it comes to starter Nexomons, you can choose one of the 9 options presented to you, each of them belonging to one of the types mentioned above. Unlike Pokemon, you don't have to worry about never seeing the rest of the starters again, you can easily catch them as they're available in the wild.


nexomon extinction gameplay features


As for the plotline, the events in this game are completely different from the first one since it takes place after a millennium from the original game, but are still connected. You don't have to know about the first game's story to understand the second one's as much, so don't worry about it.


Nexomon: Extinction is about a battle between Nexomons and humans that eventually leads to the rise of Tamers, the Nexomon version of Pokemon Trainers. Tamers collect Nexomons and battle alongside. In the game, we, as the main character, are orphans, and we, along with a few other orphans, are going to begin on our own quest to become Tamers. 

The battle system UI is similar to that of Pokemon. You can carry only 6 Nexomons along with you on your journey. Each of the Nexomons has its own unique elements and moves. Instead of power points in this game, we have a stamina system. The more powerful the move you use, the more stamina it drains, so you must be careful.


Another feature also different from Pokemon is that every single one of the creatures has their favorite food. Food plays a big part in the game since it helps you increase the rate of catching a wild nexomon if you feed them one of their favorite foods. Nexomon can be caught with the help of Nexotraps, the Pokeball of Nexomon: Extinction universe. 


My Review of Nexomon: Extinction- The good and the bad:


Nexomon Extinction good and the bad


As you can see, we've already discussed Pokemon a few times because it's impossible to avoid. It's not a complete copy of Pokemon, but the major elements are inspired by it. And it's not the worst thing in the entire world if you add your own twist to it as they have. The graphics in this game are absolutely beautiful, the old school but not as pixelated and much more refined. The character selection is great in this game, you can be whichever gender you want or just a random creature, all up to you to choose.


The animations in the game and simple but good enough. It cannot be called an open-world game but no loading screens are going from one place to another, so that's a massive plus point. Also, the game is much more challenging compared to the Pokemon games. Fighting against other Tamers is extremely difficult, you will end up losing one or two Nexomons against them. Catching wild Nexomons isn't easy either, just lowering their HP won't get you anywhere, food is a very vital part of it.


Another plus is that the game doesn't waste your time with a lot of dialogues and cut scenes, just for a bit and then you can move on with your journey. We, as the main character, aren't really given any voice but our sidekick cat, Coco speaks on our behalf. He's a very funny character who breaks the fourth wall constantly and brings a lot of humor to the game. 


Nexomon extinction review


But all goods come with a bad. The story in itself does not have any flaws, it's the perfect kind of intense and pulling. But some of the mechanics can get very annoying over time. The game being extremely challenging is a good and a bad thing. The bad part of it is that the moves aren't as effective as you think they would be. Even a strong move just hits for a bit and by the time you end the battle you're completely out of stamina. The stamina system is also flawed in the way that it doesn't slowly replenish as you walk around in the world, you have to use items in an attempt to completely fill the stamina bar.


The battles are exceedingly difficult, so unless you locate a rock that heals your team at every turn, you'll have to visit the healing person, their version of a Pokemon center, repeatedly just to proceed. The money is notably tight in the game so stocking up on healing items is a menace in itself. Most of your money should be spent on Nexotraps but they're also expensive which seems like a weird balance considering the amount of Nexomons you'll come across.


The map is also confusing, so you end up in a place that you were supposed to visit for the storyline later in the game. Another lacking factor being multiplayer, even though it's available on a wide variety of platforms. It would've been so much fun if it allowed us to battle with our friends.




The game in itself is honestly not that bad. If you choose to ignore the bad parts, you'll actually enjoy the story. It also has the aspect of having to know someone before just randomly entering their house which adds so much depth to the characters. If you want to enjoy the beauty of Pokemon for free on your mobile devices, it is just perfect. Happy Gaming!

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