Nexomon: Extinction Tips and Tricks

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Nexomon: Extinction is a sequel to the famous game Nexomon, developed by Vewo Interactive Inc. If you're familiar with console-based Pokemon games and how their world exploration and battle system works, this would be perfect for you.


However, this game also has enjoyable themes such as breaking the fourth wall and self-awareness brought to you by a sidekick character. It brings the excitement of a classic console-based RPG game to smartphones and tablets. The game was formerly available on all platforms except mobile devices, however, it is now available on the Google Play Store and the App Store worldwide. 

About Nexomon: Extinction:


Nexomon Extinction takes heavy inspiration from classic RPG games like Pokemon. Despite the fact that some components of it are fairly similar, this game has a lot of innovative and fun features. Nexomon: Extinction takes place several years after the events of the original Nexomon. Compared to the original game, there are a lot more starters and new Nexomons in this one. It opens with a backstory in which the Nexomons and humans are at odds.


This fight concludes with the introduction of "Tamers," humans who, like Pokemon trainers, collect and battle Nexomon. Even though this resolution has brought calm, many people are still unsure how long it will stay.


about nexomon extinction


The game starts with you being scurried for an event that is happening outside. Once you move out of your starting room and explore the orphanage, you'll meet many new NPCs there. One of them has a cheeky line telling you to stop talking to NPCs and hurry outside. We recommend that you continue exploring because if you turn left from the main hall, you will find a storage space full of stuff that you can use on your journey.


This is the same hidden strategy in Pokemon where if you check your own PC, you'll find a Potion. Once you leave, you have to follow north and your friends do to the left and right side and you get visions to go to not go to the North one. But a rebel that the character is, they do and get attacked by a dragon. The person that warned you lets you choose one of the nine Nexomons. Even after that, you cannot defeat the dragon and your sidekick helps you go underground to safety.


After all that, you receive Nexotraps and are being taught how you can catch Wild Nexomons. Once this all is done, that's when your real journey begins. Then you can explore the world, find and gather more Nexomons, fight other Tamers, and have a good time.

Tips and Tricks to play Nexomon: Extinction:


Even though the basic instructions in the game are very clear, these are a few tips and tricks that will help you in the long run.


  • When choosing a starter Nexomon: In the beginning, you'll be overwhelmed with choice when it comes to choosing a starter Nexomon. There are nine different nexomon, each representing every single type present in the game. You can always refer to our beginner guide when it comes to choosing a starter and learning more about them. But you shouldn't contemplate choosing which Nexomon you want, just go with whatever you feel is the best. You should not worry about never seeing or getting a chance of getting to play with other starter Nexomons again since, unlike Pokemon, you can easily catch other Nexomons from the wild. Even though all of them are listed Ultra Rare on Nexopedia, you can already find Dinja, the normal type, and Gekoko, the electric type in the very first wild Nexomon area. If you still can't decide which to choose, most of the types are very common in the game except for ghost and psychic, so go for those.


Chossing a starter nexomon


  • Ways to capture a Nexomon: To catch a Nexomon, we have Nexotraps available in the game, which are similar to Pokeballs. There are many different kinds of them to make it easier for you to catch a Nexomon. Another factor that you have to take in while capturing a Nexomon is food, if you feed them, you increase your chances of getting a successful capture. Always use food when capturing, it's not as easy as Pokemon in this game, the chances are very low even when it comes to the lower level Nexomons. Every Nexomon has its own favorite foods, so it's best to stock up and learn about them ahead of time. You also need to lower their HP while capturing, which is also very very important.
  • Keep your Stamina in check: Unlike Power Points or PP in Pokemon, we have a stamina system in Nexomon: Extinction. The longer you keep using a strong move against the opponent, the faster your stamina will drain. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on the stamina bar at all times. The game lacks a warning system that alerts you when your stamina is low or if you do a move that costs more stamina than you have, forcing you to skip a move. Once a battle is over, stamina does not regenerate. It's critical that you either store up on stamina-recovering products like ether or utilize the "Zz" button on the top left and skip a round to regain stamina.


Nexomon stamina

  • Visit the tropical island first: Before going along the main story, it is very much suggested that you go west to the optional town called Palmaya. It is said so because as you go on with the story, the Nexomons get increasingly stronger and it gets harder to configure through as smoothly as you'd expect. The tropical island that can be accessed with the help of a ferry has all 9 different starters easily available. It also has rare items like food, Secret Sauce, and many others. (Secret Sauce helps you make your food items much more powerful).
  • Strategize in every aspect of the game: When it comes to forming a team, you're only allowed to carry 6 at once even though there are nine different elements. So always choose a team that you know would be very viable for you in future battles. Money is extremely tight in the beginning so try and save it up as much as you can. As you go on in with the main story, the game gets much more difficult and wild Nexomons and other Tamer's Nexomons get, even more, stronger, so if you find it difficult just put off playing through the main plot till you get strong enough. While you're doing that, do other small side quests and gain money and exclusives that way. But one main part of the story, the ice mine, is a must to be done since it allows you to access teleporters. 


Nexomon: Extinction Tips and Tricks



​​​​​​​This game has stunning graphics and very easy controls to play with. There is some amount of struggle when it comes to playing Nexomon: Extinction, which is always a plus when it comes to RPG, not too easy, not too difficult. If you're a massive Pokemon fan, this is the perfect game for you to play, so definitely give it a shot. Happy Gaming!

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