League of Legends Wild Rift Lucian Comprehensive Game Guide

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Lucian, a Sentinel of Light, is a ruthless hunter of undead spirits, tirelessly pursuing and demolishing them with his twin relic pistols. After the phantom Thresh murdered his wife, Lucian set out on a path of revenge even with her rebirth; his rage remains unabated. Ruthless and unwavering. Lucian will go to any length to defend daily life from the Black Mist's brutal cruelties.


Lucian Overview:


Lucian has been unstoppable in both the LCS and the solo queue. But, strangely, this isn't in the bot lane. Instead, it's in the middle and top streets. That isn't to say he isn't still a capable bot lane marksman; he is. According to Champion. Gg, a League of Legends stats site.


He continued to play in a total of 14 percent of all games as the bot lane ADC. But Lucian was designed to be an ADC, not a mid or top laner, so when pros used him in LCS matches and top tier solo queue games in those roles, it was bound to set the trend.


His unexpected presence as a pocket pick within those new roles is due to the fact that he fills a very particular area. Lucian's dash has a low cooldown, making it an excellent tool for deflecting abilities, and his submissive and destructive skills allow him to cope with a lot of damage in a short period.


This means that Lucian can primarily punish one type of laner: mages. Lucian works incredibly against many control mages in both top, and mid lane due to his ability to escape their opening skill shot and then penalize them with a lot of quick harm before that one big capacity comes off cool down. You can test out your skills for Lucian by playing LOL Wild Rift on PC.


Tier Class:


Lucian is one of the most adaptable Executioners available, with a skill set that is immensely powerful and skills that can help turn the tides of war at any time. As a result, he is regarded as an A-Class champion.


LOL Wild Rift Lucian Tier


However, Lucian takes a long time to master, especially in comparison to other champions. In addition, Lucian is currently not well defined in the LOL Wild Rift due to her recent release. As a result, it is easy to see that he isn't as well-known in the professional scene as one might expect.


As a result, the guide here will be modified over time as the changes and more top leagues evaluate in on the Champion. Meanwhile, here's all you need to know about Lucian to improve your skills, as well as a broad analysis of his abilities.


Lucian Summoners Spell:




Flash is perhaps a strong summoner spell within the game, and if that wasn't surprising enough, there is no person in the Champion in the game who doesn't have it. It offers a lot of versatility and can be used as either an offense or a defense. Additionally, if you don't end up using the Flash as your option, you'll likely be caught out, and in the end, you miss a ton of opportunities to kill because you don't have the Flash by your side.




If you talk about heal, then it is employed by many people such as mid laners and ADCs. If you are on an ADC, you need something that has damage built in the, And naturally, you would want a summoner spell that will boost your chances of surviving and dealing with the injury at hand.


LOL Wild Rift Lucian Builds


However, if you look at the barrier, a greedy summoner's spell will only affect you. You can also use the Heal spell on your teammates. Albeit heal can be alleviated with the help of igniting, which is seen to be a pick by mid laners and supports alike, it is an excellent spell for acting as a defense.


The deal here is that it consists of a speed boost and also impacts other teammates. It is in this respect that is seen to be a great spell on the defensive side.


Lucian Rune Builds:


Wild Rift in League of Legends Lucian is a Marksman Champion popularly used as Hold in Dragon Lane. When you play this Marksman in Dragon Lane, he is ranked in A tier. The Conqueror Keystone is the best rune for Lucian in Wild Rift, followed by the Brutal, Adaptive Carapace, and Manaflow Band.




Conqueror is a Keystone Rune in League of Legends. Basic attacks and abilities develop loads of Conqueror on opponent champions hit, per each attack or cast.


Each Conqueror stack lasts 6 seconds and grants a bonus of 2 - 6 (depending on level) (Adaptive) Attack Damage ranging from 4 to 12 (depending on level) or Ability Power ranging from 3 to 9 (based on level) stacking up to 5 times for a maximum of 10 - 30 (level dependent) bonus Attack Damage or 20-60 (level dependent) Ability Power (Adaptive). This rune is unlocked at level 6.




Wild Rift Brutal is a Minor 1 Domination Rune that grants 7 AD and 2% armor insertion or 14 AP and 2% magic insertion. (Adjustable) This rune is unlocked at level 4 and is frequently used with champions such as Ahri and Annie.


Adaptive Carapace


Wild Rift Adaptive Carapace is a Minor 2 Resolve Rune that grants 50 health. Gain 12 AR or 12 MR while below 50% health, depending on the type of damage you took the most of in the previous 60 seconds. (Physical grants AR | Magic grants MR) This rune is unlocked at level 10 and is frequently used with champions such as Alistar and Garen.


Manaflow Band


The League of Legends Wild Rift Manaflow Band is a Minor 3 Inspiration Rune that completely boosts your max mana by 30, up to 300 mana, when you hit an enemy champion with a skill or energetic attack. This rune is unlocked at level 10 and is frequently used with champions such as Ahri and Annie.


LOL Wild Rift Lucian Item Builds:


The best Lucian item build begins with a Doran's Blade and acquisition. The best supernatural item to build for Lucian is Kraken Slayer, followed by Berserker's Greaves. 


The last two items you'll need to finish your champion item build guide are a Navori Quickblades and an Infinity Edge. As summoner spells, make sure to use Flash and Heal.


Essence Reaver Guide


The Essence Reaver in LOL is a Legendary item that costs 500 Gold. Relying on its 20 Ability Rush, 55 Attack Damage, and 20% Critical Strike Chance stats, this item is 94.25 percent gold proficient. Essence Reaver is frequently built on Top Lane & AD Carry champions.


Mortal reminder guide


Mortal Reminder costs 700 Gold in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Predicated on its stats of 40 Attack Damage, 25% Attack Speed, 20% Critical Strike Chance, and 7% Speed of movement, this item is 88.94% gold productive. Mortal Reminder is frequently built on Top Lane & AD Carry champions.


The Collector


The Collector costs 425 Gold to obtain. Predicated on its 45 Attack Damage and 20% Critical Target Chance stats, this item is 82.17 percent gold productive. The Collector is frequently built on Top Lane & AD Carry champions.


Plated Steelcaps


Plated Steelcaps is a Boots item that costs 500 Gold in League of Legends. Predicated on its 20 Armor and 45 Movement Speed stats, this item is 85.45 percent gold efficient. Plated Steelcaps are frequently seen on champions.


Infinity edge


Infinity Edge is a Legendary item that charges 625 Gold in League of Legends. Predicated on its 70 Attack Damage and 20% Critical Strike Chance stats, this item is 95.59 percent gold efficient. Infinity Edge is frequently built on Top Lane & AD Carry champions.


Mortal Reminder


Mortal Reminder is an Iconic item that costs 700 Gold in League of Legends. Predicated on its stats of 40 Attack Damage, 25% Attack Speed, 20% Critical Attack Chance, and 7% Motion, this item is 88.94% gold efficient. Mortal Reminder is frequently built on Top Lane & AD Carry champions.


Navori Quickblades


Navori Quickblades is an Iconic item that costs 825 Gold in League of Legends. Predicated on its 30 Ability Haste, 60 Attack Damage, and 20% Critical Strike Chance statistics, this item is 108.82 percent gold efficient. Navori Quickblades are frequently based on Top Lane and AD Carry champions.


Blade of the ruined king


Blade of the Ruined King is a unique element that costs 325 Gold in League of Legends. Premised on its 40 Attack Damage, 25% Attack Speed, and 12% Life Steal statistics, this item is 95.97% gold effective. Blade of the Ruined King is frequently built on Top Lane & AD Carry champions.


Lord Dominik's regards


League of Legends is a video game. Lord Dominik's Regards costs 850 Gold and is a Legendary item. Predicated on its 25 percent Armor Penetration, 35 percent Attack Damage, and 20 percent Critical Strike Chance stats, this item is 96.12 percent gold effective. Lord Dominik's Regards are frequently built on Top Lane & AD Carry champions.




Bloodthirster costs 600 Gold in League of Legends. Predicated on its 55 Attack Damage, 20% Critical Strike Chance, and 20% life Grab statistics, this item is 102.21 percent gold effective. Bloodthirster is frequently built on Top Lane and AD Carry champions.


Guardian Angel


League of Legends is a video game. Guardian Angel is a Legendary item with a gold cost of 50. Predicated on its 40 Armor and 40 Attack Damage statistics, this item is 78.57 percent gold effective. Guardian Angel is frequently built on Top Lane & AD Carry champions.


Wits End


League of Legends is a video game. Wit'sWit's end is a Legendary item that costs 800 Gold to obtain. Predicated on its 30 Attack Damage, 40% Attack Speed, and 50% Magic Resistance statistics, this item is 95.16 percent gold effective. Wit'sWit's end is frequently built on Top Lane and AD Carry champions.


Lucian Skills and Skills Analysis:


The following are the skills’ analysis of Lucian in which we will take an in-depth look at his skills and how they work:




Lightslinger (Passive):


Once Lucian uses any of his abilities, the other auto-attack with being within three seconds and will be in the position to be struck two times. If you look at the second strike, then 50 to 60% of AD belonging to Lucian depends on it. Here, creatures and minions are victims of the damage experienced as a result of the second strike. Thus, it is critical.


However, if we are honest, then the passive is something that distinguishes Lucian from other ADC's that exist. In a crux, it contributes to making the trades strenuous and when you are engaged in fights.


It will strive to raise the DPS. Moreover, when you can experiment with spells and make them, your burst also increases. Hence, here Lucian has an advantage over the others because he can count on his unique passive.


Piercing Light – First Active Ability:


After 0.4-2.5 seconds, Lucian is seen to be firing a laser at the enemy. The most accurate mathematical explanation for this is that he is able to deal with an 85, a 120, 155, 190, and 225 (+a 60, a 75, a 90, 105, and 120% bonus AD physical damage too.


If you look at those Lucian players who are inexperienced, they will always be seen to be clicking on Piercing Light with the aid of auto-attack with the assistance of Lightslinger. At the same time, we cannot deny that Lucian is indeed a formidable trader, and therefore ideal in certain situations.


It is not an optimal way to play. The reason is that when you are close to your enemy, it is telegraphed. Thus, either a spell shield or a dash, they will be able to react to it aptly because they are aware of what you will be casting. Moreover, if you talk about the enemy, it also endows them with higher chances to either hit you or trade back.


LOL Wild Rift Lucian Skills


Here, the greatest way you should be using the spell is to cast minions while ensuring that you are hitting the enemies. If you do this, you have a sure shot chance of succeeding, and you will also be safe during any retaliation if experienced. Of course, if you have the opportunity, then you can always try approaching your enemy with the help of an auto-attack on them, which you certainly don't want to end up missing.


Lightslinger, though, is outstanding compared to the 'noob' process of harassing Lucian, as the outcome will be no different. Here, it will be a Piercing Light, which a Lightslinger will then assist. Here though, chances are small when it comes to the ADC opponent trading back, and it is difficult to counter the Piercing Light. The reason is that the spell, in essence, is telegraph, and by not intervening and only throwing minions, it is not easy to assess where the spell's origins lie.


Moreover, it is better because you wouldn't have to harass with the help of the Lightslinger. If you have good accuracy, you are in a position to weigh them down. You have the option of launching Piercing Light from the range outside of theirs, and then you can start an aggressive play once they aren't in a position to take you down. Hence, you win in the end because the chances of dying for you are slim.


However, you may come across a situation where you find out that Piercing Light isn't very accurate for you and that casting is a better option. But, this isn't what we recommend.


The only way to get better is when you have practiced sufficiently, and then you will get better with Lucian. Then, continue with the harass mechanism of Piercing Light with the help of minions to ensure that you improve.


Here is a tip: If there is a low HP minion you are auto-attacking, press Q because your auto-attack can kill it. Here, the usefulness is that it buys you time, and you don't spend a lot of time on auto-attack. You should be diligent in such a situation; however, don't force it. Because in the end, it isn't advantageous.          


Ardent Blaze –Second Active Ability:


Lucian will fire a shot that will explode after hitting the enemy and will severely damage them. The pattern that should be kept in mind here is an 85 followed by a 125, a 165, and a 205 (+90% of AP) magic damage.


Lucian here will be able to gain a (60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80) flat movement speed bonus for 1 second if Lucian or any of his allies damage a marked target with their basic attacks or abilities. This does not consume the mark.


The trick at hand does do a bit of damage, but nothing more. However, the good thing is that it will you a Lightslinger proc that will come in handy later. In addition, it gives you great speed, and this, along with The Culling and the teammates getting damaged, endows


League of Legends Wild Rift Lucian Comprehensive Game Guide


Lucian has an increased rate of movement. As mentioned before, there are some advantages apart from just being used to activate the Lighslinger. First, of course, the damage will occur; there is no AD scaling because it is magic damage, so in essence, the injury is not very serious. But we can’t neglect that every bit helps.


The minor damage is what could eventually make a difference between securing a win or suffering a defeat! Another thing to note is with regards to the movement speed. Any enemy who gets targeted by the Ardent Blaze is marked for a timespan of six seconds. Here, if any of your team members get kept, then Lucian is in a position to benefit from a movement speed that is highly adequate but only lasts for one second.


It is entirely helpful for escaping and chasing. You should bear in mind that if you end up casting it on an enemy, you will receive a semi-permanent movement speed unless the six seconds run out, or the enemy ends up dying or escaping. Thus, the movement speed is highly useful.


Tip: You are in a position to cancel out the Ardent Blaze's cast animation with the help of the Relentless Pursuit by pressing Relentless pursuit after Ardent Blaze. Hence, you end up saving time because you will be performing two spells. If you intend to use the above two together during a fight, our advice would be to use the RelentlessPursuit, go for auto-attach, and then use an Ardent Blaze, followed by an auto-attack.


If you want to perform the Ardent Blaze cancel, then the best time to do that would be to chase the enemy and enter the Ardent Blaze range. Here, by an option to cancel the Ardent Blaze animation followed by Relentless.


Pursuit, you will be able to set the mark on the enemy and be able to chase for a while. So, you can track them and buy yourself time to cast the Ardent Blaze. Here, the situation works entirely in your favor.


Relentless Pursuit –Third Active Ability:


Lucian can dash by a bit of distance. The Relentless Pursuit's cooldown faces a reduction by one second and ends doubling up against the enemy via a two-second reduction hit.


The spell is above is something that makes Lucian an exciting character. Lucian is fun to play. With regards to the game, in the starting stages, it is natural to encounter dashing, but once you come across CDR and max the spell at level 13, you will see the cooldown occur. It is natural to know the cooldown of the spell lowering by two seconds per auto-attack.


Everything here means that even with a bit of CDR, you will be able to get two dashes in a combo if you open up the Relentless Pursuit. In total, you will need 3 Lightslinger to proc that will help you reset fully and not consider recharge that occurs naturally with time.


We recommend a dashing forwards to a Lightslinger proc to be great for it always ends up triggering an all-in and amps your mobility levels up too when you get the second dash. Even though no offensive properties such as Tumble or the Arcane Shift may exist, when it comes to auto-reset and the Lightslinger proc, you shouldn't be reluctant to pursue it for inflicting damage. A typical pattern is to use an auto-attack early and then dashing a short distance to reset the primary attack timer.


Then you can use the Piercing Light that will be impacted due to the bonus damaging resulting from PTA and can continue or exit. If you see the enemy continuing to trade back, you have the option of hitting one more Lightlinger proc. If you have a little attack damage, then even early on in the game, that stats can become 100-0.


The Culling –Ultimate Ability:


Here, Lucian will be firing (20 / 25 / 30) shots and that too in the target area for a duration of 3 seconds. The impact here would be that every shot will cause great damage to the enemy. The Culling is known for channeling abilities and can be hurdled by any item that can block auto-attacks.


However, it is not adept at dealing with things such as doors. Lucian, too, is in a free state and is able to move as he pleases without any restrictions. You can end up reactivating the Culling to cancel out ability at the earliest. The Culling here does give double damage to the minions, but it is not the case with monsters.


Lucian became very famous once people started realizing his worth and are not aware that The Culling is not aimed to fit the purpose that Bullet Time does, so it isn't a good approach to compare them. However, both are unique in their way. You can use it to strike enemies down or to inflict damage.


You can also employ it as a wave clear if you want to push a wave fast, as it gives 400% damage to the minions. Here, you must consider that the cooldown is already low, and therefore you need to have a latter and that too on a semi-frequent basis. Perhaps after every second minion wave at level 15 will be better.


Skill Progression:


The above abilities are a sure way of maximizing your abilities. Piercing Light is normally Lucian's primary way of harass and causing a spammable damage spell. Hence, you will undoubtedly want to max it before you inflict damage. After that, you can always maximize the Relentless pursuit as a lower cooldown calls for more mobility.


Ardent Blaze is usually maximized at the last stage because there aren't many advantages if you level up. Lastly, you can undoubtedly end up level with the help of your ultimate, as the damages rise by a lot when you level up!


Lucian Skills Progression – How to distribute Skill Points?


In this section, we will you about how to go about leveling up Lucian's abilities for the Wild Rift. Starting off, you should take Piercing Light for level 1. Piercing Light is your bread and butter, your poke skill; max it as soon as you can. Take Relentless Pursuit as your second ability and max it after Piercing Light as this is your distance closing ability. Naturally, you’ll be taking the first level of Ardent Blaze at level 3, but max it last, the Culling being the Ultimate ability, takes the trump of leveling up before.


  • Piercing Light First Active Ability: 1 – 4 –6 – 7
  • Ardent Blaze– Second Active Ability: 3 –12 –14 –15
  • Relentless Pursuit– Third Active Ability: 2 – 8 –10 –11
  • The Culling– Ultimate Ability: 5 –9 –13


The combos of Lucian:


If you are playing, then the following combos can be really very helpful to you using Lucian:


  • AA + Skill 1 + AA + Skill 3 + AA + Skill 2 + AA + Skill 3 + AA.
  • Skill 2 + AA + Skill 3 + AA + Skill 1 + AA + Skill 3 + AA.
  • SKill 3+ AA + Skill 1 + AA + Skill 2 + AA + Skill 3 + AA + Skill 3 + AA + Skill 1 + AA + Skill 3 + AA.
  • Skill 3 + Skill 2 + AA + Blade of the Ruined King + Ultimate.


LOL Wild Rift Lucian Matchups, Synergies, and Counters:


Here’s everything you need to know about Lucia Synergies, counters, and matchups:




You will have to account for the various synergies existing between the champions. However, you shouldn't be fooled here. Be mindful then, often at times, the synergies here can be exaggerated. If you look at Lucian and Braum, then their interactions can be pretty insane.


Thus, the fact that both characters are relatively passive gives them a reputation of being a matchup that can be potentially lethal. But, when it comes to Braum, he can be a weak lane supporter in the game, and despite his synergy with Lucian, that doesn't change if you look at the statistics.


LOL Wild Rift Lucian and Senna


Braum is the worst lane supporter, and that too in 3rd place. He causes Lucian to fall by 250+ gold and that too by 15 minutes. If you analyze win rates, then the duo can be bad as Lucian can possess a weak ADC at the time, and Braum has been a weak supporter.


A bot lane doesn't need to shine at similar points. You can always pair a strong one with a weak one and not be mindful of their counter-synergies. Here, the result is a medium threat bot with a medium scale, and you wouldn't usually get it from ADCs or high threat or big supporters.


Although there are opposites, there is no reason that a happy compromise cannot occur, and it is also not a bad thing unless your team composition needs a bot lane to win, and the result is that your enemy bot has a vital lane.


Therefore, Braum being a weak lane supporter while Lucian is seen to be a bully isn't a bad duo. Their strengths and weaknesses are what make them up similarly; if they do possess certain defects, they should not be seen with a negative viewpoint either.


When you have to play a character such as Lucian, you would instead be focused on having strong support, even though the synergy is minimized compared to someone with whom the synergy is high, but the support is low. If you play Braum, the above is still applicable. Strong ADC with less synergy is better than vice versa.


If you see them at a point where they are solid and that too in solo mode, then there is no doubt that they would be great bot lanes, but it could be that they might even be the weakest. The reason is that people tend to neglect their tuning and only focus on the synergy. It is certainly imperative but not the sole thing to focus on right away. There are many other factors involved as well.


Lucian Matchups for Bot Lane


This can be a complex subject. In solon laning, or when there are jungle matchups, it isn't difficult to say that one Champion remains victorious over the other, which can even be considered a viable skill matchup.


The thing that makes Bot Lane unique is that it has a 2v2 lane and offers immense supports compared to the ADCs. So here, you will see that the strengths and weaknesses are relative to the partner and the opponents. There are many combinations that you could test and try to see which one works. A round estimate is 560 different combinations, and it is here that it can be impossible to assess how every dynamic work and how characters will respond to matchups.


It all boils down to the support and the picks you have, which will decide your win or loss against the ADC/support. Thus, you will have to act wisely in this area. Time to give you a brief rundown of what it is you need to know before you end up laning champions against one another.


We will help you analyze their strength, but it is not a rating that will help you determine how difficult the lane can be if you will play against them. Of course, playing solo depends on various factors, such as who the lane partner is or will be and who the opponents will also be.


Nami. Nami can act like a big bully against champions such as Janna and even passive laners. However, the End take is that it depends on the partner and the partner of the opponent.


Here you require an adequate understanding of the Champion and the experience that you witness. You have to analyze the varying duos, and once you develop a greater understanding of how-to-bot lane matchups work and are likely to end up, you will be able to excel in this area.




  • Threat: LOW


If you look at Ashe, you will notice the AoE poke, which is not very strong, and when the cooldown is high, it can result in a low waveclear and low all-ins and trades.


LOL Wild Rift Lucian Ashe


But, she amongst the highest auto-attack ADC range that exists and is beneficial in poking with the help of her auto-attacks. You can't pressurize her or scare her, and she can be pretty scary when it comes to bullying too. Though she may be a weak laning champion, she can certainly act as a formidable enemy.




  • Threat: MEDIUM


She is undoubtedly a lane bully and is bound to win any lane that comes to trade and wave-clear, but there is a catch. She is weak, and because of her weak all-ins, she can suffer defeat in fights due to a bot lane that will engage her.


Due to the strengths and weaknesses that exist, there can be variations between high and low. Here, a medium can be a compromise; however, you should be aware of how dominating Caitlyn can be. If you don't have a great matchup, she is bound to be dominating.               




  • Threat: HIGH


Draven is no doubt seen to be outstanding at some point if you look at the laning phase and maybe more strong than Caitlyn in some instances. He is strong and possesses many ADC trades. But Draven doesn't have a major weakness but does have it. He is seen to be shortly ranged, doesn't have any escapes to offer, and can even be slightly vulnerable.


LOL Wild Rift Lucian Prime Time Draven


However, when you look at the all-ins, he has seen a force to be reckoned with, and there is a possible chance that he will double kill with his transformation. Draven possesses support that is ideal for him and can prove to be well in overcoming the laning phase king. Furthermore, due to the short-range and the poor waveclear, he can be tackled by champions, who are in a position to pressurize him, such as Caitlyn, who is on the ADC's side, and even Zyra, who is on the supporters' side.


However, there is a condition that exists. He shouldn't be in pairing with the support that possesses the ability to engage and lock champions in the long range for Draven to approach and kill. This is something akin to what Thresh and Nautilus would consider bringing.




  • Threat: LOW


The deal here is that Ezreal is seen as a choice for safety purposes; he is challenging to kill within the lane and possesses the cooldown in the long-range. So mystic Shot calls for allowing him to keep his pace in the CS from situations in the range where you wouldn't see other ADCs farming. In exchange for the snowball that is hard, he doesn’t possess the tools for snowballing himself.


He has a waveclear that is weak, and the all-in power traits and not very superior too. These would be suitable in trading, but because he can’t poke minions. The win here will be contingent on the merits he solely holds. However, the bot lane is already very complicated. If the duo is more potent as a whole, that is, in all-ins or at trading, he is in the position to exert pressure on the lane instead of playing defensively. Mystic Shot is indeed spectacular, and when put in comparison with Ashe, it is stronger too.




  • Threat: MEDIUM


If you look at the fourth shot that Jhin has, that no less than a truck, and therefore gives a potential for solid zoning and similar damage while trading with him. This, combined with the wave clear, calls for significantly stronger bully matchups.


LOL Wild Rift Lucian Jhin


He is fine when it comes to all-ins, and for following his supporter's engagement to end someone, but for extended fights, his matchup is not great, and therefore the chances of his vulnerability rise to becoming burst down.               




  • Threat: LOW


If you talk about Jinx, he ends up in the team fights early on, but it is miserable with regards to the laning phase. She is seen too weak for trading, in all-ins, and for waveclear too that is inefficient. Therefore, it is no surprise that she suffers from Ezreal's problem: the struggle of having a decent poke can be impossible to use actually unless the winning lane is already where you see yourself as a winner.


If you turn to the bright side, the benefit is that the matchup should allow her to have some pressure in the lane. It also has high damage poking and has a high range to offer and auto-attack ranges that are high and a decent CC.            




  • Threat: MEDIUM


If you talk about Kai'Sa, she has many winning matchups while having a few on the losing end. However, she isn't one to be excelling in one area solely. She is one who possesses trades and waveclear that is decent, as well as all-ins too. Therefore, she is versatile and a champion who befits the praise.


She has decent supports and matchups, and she won't be seen to be crushing you. She is entirely vulnerable to ADCs that can target her in all the best. If you look at her mobility, that is entirely decent enough; she is not very vulnerable when you compare her with immobile ADCs.              




  • Threat: MEDIUM


Look at a Kalista who is on the A Challenger level. You will see that the average Kalista's you will come across are not very impressive and will only be on a winning streak against those ADCs who have a low threat and can even end up against ADCs, who are a medium threat. Additionally, she is a lane bully, is in a position to pressurize her opponent with the assistance of her mobility, the CD trading that is low, and a poke, which too is supposed to be strong, develop CS leads that are healthy.


However, if you talk up her upfront damage, she does lack quite a lot in fights and even ends up losing to DPS if slowed, and is seen to be an easy kill, once under lockdown. However, when in a matchup on the winning end, she can display oppressive tendencies owing to her extreme mobility.




  • Threat: HIGH


Lucian is certainly a traditional bully; Lucian is seen to be sacrificing himself in mid-late game power. In exchange, he will be putting all to the laning phase.  Lucian no doubt possess outstanding waveclear, pokes that are decent, good trades, and all-ins. Additionally, Lucian also has some pretty awesome followups and engages too.


Furthermore, it also has good mobility that keeps him protected from engages. He is certainly bad compared to the Draven in many aspects, except the waveclear, but the extra mobility that he makes it safe and a better alternative when it comes to abusing leads. The Blade of the Ruined King is also something that demonstrates the strength and is solid for forcing kills.


If you know Lucian, you know that there is a possibility of losing to matchups when the lane he has can't be in a position that causes for engages to be forced easily, or that he can succumb to duos if they have stronger all-ins.          




  • Threat: HIGH


If you look at Tristana, she has waveclear that can be bad, along with pokes and trades too that can be bad. However, the catch here is that she has strengths regarding the all-ins matchups, where she can stack fully the Explosive Charge that is unparalleled, along with her dash range that is massive and the Rocket Jump that can be making it convenient for her to cause all-ins.


LOL Wild Rift Lucian Tristana


With all the power that is focused on one strength, it calls for an action-packed adventure and a laning phase that is highly outstanding, where she can jump and one shot on you any moment. When the deal is on matchups, she certainly has a hard time, as she can't win all-ins. The reason is either because the CC leaves her unable to stack her Explosive Charge on time or Exhaust nullifying her burst as she does.


Additionally, because her all-ins are one strength in matchups, she cannot force them; this is the reason why she becomes useless and falling behind. However, the mobility skills that she possesses make her a safe option to employ and a tricky catch to kill even when there are bot lanes present who have good engagement.




  • Threat: LOW


When it comes to a late-game hyper carry, Vayne has waveclear that is bad, along with average pokes, and somewhat unimpressive bad trades and all-ins too. But, on the contrary, she is safe and a good option when it comes to following on engages and similarly engaging herself in winning matchups. But, she loses any lane as far as the supporting difference isn't adequate to offer compensation for it.




  • Threat: MEDIUM


The character at hand has good waveclear, along with trades and all-ins that are good too. Additionally, the poking levels are also decent, and when she is paired with someone of a CC Support while ensuring that she is secure from engages, and has followed up that is suitable in bringing the CC of her own. She is certainly a laner who is very solid, but in terms of the range, it can be slightly short-ranged and handled via matchups that can either keep her at a huge distance or end up beating her in the all-ins.                 




  • Threat: LOW


Regarding Alistar, she is a lane supporter who is overall weak, owing to the vulnerabilities that make her a subject of getting poked easily. However, when level 6 ends on Unbreakable Will.


He can also be seen to be a supporter who is the tankiest within the game, along with the rest of his non-ultimate spells, which are CCs, in addition to the displacements that make it challenging to neglect skirmishes.




  • Threat: MEDIUM


If you talk about Blitzcrank, it is either a hit or a miss champion in Legends. So if he ends up hitting the Rocket, he can grab it, and it will most likely end up turning into a kill, but if it ends up missing, he will have to proceed and will possess zero lane presence for the next 18 seconds until he finally comes back from cooldown.


Additionally, he is weak when placed into laning supports that are strong and that do possess the ability to control the lane, and therefore make him feel scared to walk up and therefore feel afraid for getting caught himself, and can consequently be immensely successful when it comes to the weak laning supports, specifically enchanters.


Although the general strength of the opponent is the strength she has in the lane, it is perhaps the most significant factor. Blitzcrank is happy to face enchanters than other supports and therefore ends up shining into the immobile ADCs. They have no way whatsoever of dodging the hook and thus being in a position to play defensively to avoid getting into a place where they can end up hooked.




  • Threat: HIGH


Be it the Prismatic Barrier of the Lucent Singularity that is useful for shielding massive amounts of damage when it comes to ADC. Lux here has the potential to do a lot of damage either way and therefore brings pressure and potential kill with the help of her range poke, which is long-range and therefore sufficient in helping to wear the enemies down.


LOL Wild Rift Lucian Lux


However, in order to get damage out of her kit, she has to get an auto-attack range to proc Illumination, after which she can miss out on damage when she ends up maxing the Prismatic Barrier that ends up opening a room for enemy laners in an effort to punish her by way of trading back or when it comes to engaging on her.




  • Threat: LOW


Nami here is good at providing a good balance of poke and healing as she endeavors to improve and lift her ranking. She is also able to continuously poke and heal with one cast, making it convenient to keep not only her but her ADC high too and healthy while also making sure to apply pressure within the matchup.


However, all her all-ins are not that impressive and depend on her being able to catch a slow-moving Aqua prison. However, when she does end up hitting, she is rewarded for her decent CC duration, which can turn the tides for many fights.


Moreover, the fact that she possesses options that help her win all-ins with the help of CC is something that gives her superiority over others.




  • Threat: LOW


Rakan's laning phase is relatively weak for someone who is scaling support. His engagement is difficult to land and can't do a lot of damage. Moreover, he isn't very tanky to win the fights he has engaged in with your opponents. He does have some poke too, but it doesn't do a lot of damage, and some sustain it too, and that is not strong either. He may be someone with a lot of skills, but due to some weak aspects of his, he is outshined by the rest of the support who is in the lane.


Lucian Full Guide (Early, Mid, and Late Game Scenarios):



Lucian is a marksman who lives in the back lane. He is a high-damage supplier and a solid champion in the early game. Sometimes his early game moves are proved to the early plus point for you.


Lucian's biggest strength is his skills early game and should be taken with aggressive support, which makes him deadly. He's deadly mainly because of the double shot passive, which, when combined with his AA, Piercing shot double-shot and move away with a dash, is a very potent poking combination. A big chunk is taken with this combo.


During the early game, capitalize on this combo whenever possible but don't overextend, lest you take more damage from the enemy minions than what you just dished out. This would be more profitable if you're support has engaged the enemy first and was able to CC them.




Lucian is a mid-game solid player. Sometimes he is strong enough to knock the opponent in mid of the game. However, because of his ability to dodge control mages opening skill shots and then penalize them with a lot of quick deterioration before that one considerable ability comes off cooldown, Lucian works incredibly well against them.


As soon as one of the towers in the bot lane has been destroyed, mid-game starts for you. Now you need to start supporting other lanes when needed and start contesting Jungle objectives. It is recommended to roam around with your Jungler along with the support. Whenever a fight starts, remember to always kite as your ADC and not the steam-rolling tank. You have to pick out targets while not being a target yourself.


His power spike continues to the mid-game as well; you AA with Piercing Light and other skills combo and get out while dealing more damage from double-shot you get the enemy bot-laner or any opponent to less than half hp.


When you are not in team fights or supporting, focus on pushing lanes and getting minion kills to further your builds.




Lucian is generally slow in a late phase of the game. Unless you get to the point where it's permanently off-cool down, you should hold on during team fights. In a team fight, I frequently play Lucian as an assassin. You must hide in the back and wait for the opposing team's cooldowns to expire before charging in and going ham. You can use it while lurking if you want, but it relies on how the fight is going.


Even though Lucian falls off a bit compared to other prominent ADCs during the Late game but his kiting and poking potential is good for picking off targets; focus on this during the late game and team fights. Stay behind your tanks when possible and pick off their ADC if and when possible.


In general, in the end-game, each fight becomes very important as each revival is longer than before, so you have to be more efficient. Keep maintaining vision at all times and keep pushing waves to ear gold. Destroy a tower a two if possible and be ready for a team fight. Your build completion is paramount at the start of the late game.


LOL Wild Rift Lucian Conclusion


Just remember, due to the reduced attack range of Lucian, as compared to other ADCs, you should be very aware of your positioning as soon as the mid-game is transitioning to late game and try to finish the game as early as possible due to your power-spike is less than ideal.


LDPlayer Features for Wild Rift:


Practicing how to land skill shots on a mobile phone can be extremely hard due to touch screen controls and not much feedback when playing on the keyboard. Even if you practice, there's a chance you might miss your ques due to the small size of your device and screen. There is an easy solution you can employ that can help you become better at Lucian or Wild Rift in general, for that matter.


You can use LDPlayer, an Android Emulator out there for both applications and games. It has tons of features that can enhance your gameplay to the next level and provide you with an actual competitive edge.


For example, when you are up playing a hero like Lucian, your skills Piercing Light and Relentless Pursuit are both skill shots, and they need to be aimed to utilize them properly. Performing skill shots properly on mobile is difficult, but not to worry. By using LDPlayer, you can change your key-binds to completely match the same control scheme you would in the normal base PC version of the game, which will give you a significant competitive edge.


LDPlayer helps you to set up dedicated controls with how you can use smart key mapping to your benefit and destroy opponents in League of Legends: Wild Rift.


You can also use the macro feature to be able to make quick-timed decisions while battling enemies.




Lucian belongs to the A tier. Lucian is a powerful mid lanner player and works exceptionally efficiently in the game's early and middle phases. If you utilize its powers efficiently, you can give immense damage to the opponent in the early stage of the game. In the late phase, Lucian becomes slow; then, its attacks can be detected by the opponent quickly, so you should know how to utilize the combos of Lucian.

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