Golden Mirado in PUBG Mobile: All You Need To Know



Golden Mirado is one of the best features found in Mad Miramar. This feature can be found at a specific location in the game settings. In times of driving, this feature gives a player a stylish look. The game has a more advanced setup that will always help you to get ahead of the other players. There are still a few aspects of every new PUBG Mobile update. PUBG Mobile always supersedes the gamer; the reason for excitement among the players is that the map is still present in the new brand Golden Mirado in PUBG Mobile.


Game Requirements

The players are supposed to take time to update their settings so that they can be the winners of the game. The new vehicle has features that help you accelerate its speed. It is good to understand the moves of the game in case you wish to win. Upgrading is required at all levels to make the best efforts within the level you are gaming.


Where to find the Golden Mirado in Miramar?

Hacienda Del Patron is the place where you can find Golden Mirado. It is not too far away from San Martin on the Miramar map. To get the Golden vehicle, you have to get or land your hand on the spot as fast as possible.


The Loot

You cannot deny that your primary target is looting only when playing Miramar Maps in times of playing. Throughout the play, Golden Mirado is the main star attraction to most players. Your cravings can be satisfied when you get a gun that is of your choice. A medkit and an adrenaline syringe are the few fits that you may get when you have luck. There are things that you may get when you play longer within the map. These things help you to boost your lives to the next level if anything happens to your character.

Golden Mirado1



If you are new to PUBG Mobile, you can choose to stay or take the car for a spin so that you can loot to a nearby place. If you do not remain in Hacienda del Patron, you can go to Graveyard or La Bendita. At this level, you can play the game without worries of the pro gamers trying to kill you. They may work hard to kill you, but they may not be in a position to have you down since your boost is fully covering you in the middle of the play or the game.



You can choose to use a submachine gun and assault all the other rifles when you decide to loot in a big house. You can select any sniper rifle if only you love sniping. There are many guns in the armory where you can choose any weapon you feel is good for you. In gaming, make sure you take the best gun so that you are able to take down most of your enemies with no struggle. You have to know how to change the magazine with ease and fast so that you can be able to fight your enemies with fewer injuries.



You have to be exceptional if you want to use a sniper rifle on the vast map of Miramar 2.0. The guns must have the lenses to help you get the best point to eliminate the enemy with one bullet. This increases your chance of saving more ammunition for the next level. Always make sure that you update or upgrade the gun before starting any standard, this makes you more fit in the cobalt zone in times of movement within the map. You have to understand the enemies' strategy so that you can be in a position to move forward with ease.

Golden Mirado2


Mad Miramar

Most players have to wait for their luck to find the Golden Mirado. The best thing about this is that the event comes with more than just a skinned car. The map of Miramar is a fan favorite. Things are getting better with the upcoming Mad Miramar. The players always receive a Golden vehicle, which has an attached new cheer emote, scope, and many more things that are used in cobalt gaming.


How do I download Mad Miramar on PUBG Mobile?

There are a few steps to be followed in times of downloading Mad Miramar, and these are as follows:

  • You have to open PUBG Mobile. This will help you to get the start option.

  • On top of the left-hand corner, you will see a rectangular box. You are supposed to click on it.

  • At the classic heading, you will find Miramar. It is located right below Erangel. If you click on Miramar, the map will start to download automatically.


The installation process is automatic immediately after downloading; the system will install the software for you. You only need to open the software and set the settings to the level you wish to have.  After setting the game, you can try if all goes as per your expectations. If all is good, you can get to start the play or competition.

Golden Mirado3



When you are done downloading the map, you can deselect the Erangel by clicking on the map. It is better to make Miramar your default map at PUBG Mobile.  



Golden Mirado is a conversable sedan. The chances of a bullet hitting you are high. In case you want to look stylish, you can appear in different locations or places in the shiny sedan. This will help you kill people with panache. Getting to the pick of the game will help you upgrade to the level of your choice.


Always relate the pasted gaming with the expected results so that you might be able to predict the next level. When you understand the tips on how to play, then you have to practice first before you get to the main map of the game. You should be ready to upgrade the game if needed. Enjoy gaming! Please check - Why AWM is the God of All Guns - for more information. Stay with us for more exciting game updates.

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