Best Mobile Legend: Bang Bang Tips and Tricks for Beginners



The most popular mobile game today is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. If you are a beginner, you may be overwhelmed by the number of abilities, heroes, and the items present that you are to learn. It would be best if you did not have fear because the game comes with a guide that helps you in showing the path until you get to the top. The game does not have a big issue for beginners because it has guides that will always help you to achieve what you wish for after playing or gaming. The Best Mobile Legend Bang Bang Tips and Tricks for Beginners are provided in this article or guide.


Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Before starting gaming, make sure that you have the right idea as to how the game is played so that you cannot be a loser at the end of the game. Get to know the best playing level so you can get a boost within the game.

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1. Finding Your Role

If you want to be the best in Mobile Legends games, you have to find your role within it. Finding your role is one of the best steps to be at the top of the other gamers. The character that suits you will help you enjoy the game more. Playing this game is most beneficial for you if you are on the right track of the game. There are six roles in Mobile Legends, which are: fighter, tank, assassin, mage, support, and marksman.



This is the shield of your teammates. They have high defense and high health points. When the team is tough, tanks break the enemy team and assist in recovering the damage that may have caused. If you enjoy being at the front of the battle, you can soak up the tons of cost; this makes tank role yours.

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These are the brawlers of the team. They have a high balance at a top health point, damage, and defense. Fighters have balanced stats that help the heroes get in and out of the fights alive.



These are the big Ninjas of the game or the team. The problem with Assassins is that it has low health points but severe damage, ambushing enemies in the lane, and finally roaming the map.  The assassin role is made for you only if you like taking down the enemies and being sneaky.



These are the long-range damages that have strong abilities. The heroes have high mana, low defense, and they mainly rely on their power to keep their enemies away. It is good to use the enemies' senior health and the control fight teams. By picking a mage, it will show that you like spamming spells to annoy the opponents. Always be ready to fight throughout the mapping level; this will increase the level of the boost so that you can remain alive until you get to the safe zone.

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These are the heroes that kill more within your team. They have low damage, low mobility, and considerable damage. Using the marksman, you have to know the tricks of killing the heroes. At this point, you will be able to earn more coins in unlocking the next level. Make sure you have tips on how to kill the heroes so that you can get to the safe zone securely.



These are the main backbones of the team, and the supports have low defense but high mana. They have a spell that keeps their teammates alive. If you love being in the backline and keeping your team alive, then it is the best place for you.


2. Master Your Hero

At this level, you have to know the four skills which are involved with this level. Three abilities are always active, but the fourth one can be activated by pressing the button. Hence, the fourth skill is passive.


3. Battle Spells

It is good to choose the spell before you start the game. Additionally, it is a great idea to take advantage of enemies. There are 12 battle spells you have to unlock before the period once you get to your account and pass a certain level.

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4. Picking The Right Gear

The gear is purchased to make your characters stronger. If you want to know what pros do, you can decide to follow the experts.


5. Map

You have to understand the map. This helps in improving communication between your team and also outplaying your enemies.


6. Buffs

The jungle has different buffs that help you to overcome the monsters present in the wilderness. Different colors and symbols represent different monsters. Always make sure that the buffs are ready whenever it is required.


7. Using The Camera

The camera helps you know the position of the enemies. This is an added advantage that keeps you updated when you are on the battlefield. The enemies are always exposed to the opponent, and they are eliminated with ease. Mobile Legends cameras keep a lock on the heroes when they are on the move. You should never feel awkward whenever you shift the camera at the beginning. Using a camera consistently provides you enough experience in using it.

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8. Team Fights

If you are in a team fight, you can have victories in Mobile Legends. Additionally, if you wish to improve your team positioning, you should enhance your team fights first.


9. Outside the Match

It is accessible to economies and possible to get the battle points by improving the game.


10. Battle Points

The points are excellent since they are used to unlock the heroes of the game. Heroes are not free since they are the leading gamers in the play. First, you have to get some heroes, but after that, you have to buy or use the battle point to unlock the others. If you don't want to waste battle points, you have to rely on the free heroes that you are provided with.


The Bottom Line

It is good to understand the scope of every game before becoming an experienced Mobile Legend player. Don't take the risk of starting if you don't know how the game is played. Learn the skills and start the game to win against your enemies. The Best Mobile Legend Bang Bang Tips and Tricks for beginners mentioned in this guide will surely help you become a great Mobile Legend game player and win most of the time against your enemies. Happy gaming! Also please check - Keyboard Mapping Guide for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - for more information. Stay with us for more exciting game updates.

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