Fire Emblem Heroes Beginner Guide 2022 Update


It is already reported that the Fire Emblem Heroes made more than S1 billion from the gaming, and it created a new era for the game by increasing the players' interest in it. It came as a free-to-play game and was originally inspired by the Fire Emblem series. Players can get to engage with a gacha system along with some RPG elements, and since there are a lot of quests and events, we will look for a Fire Emblem Heroes beginner guide from here. It will help as a starter for this game.






The gameplay of this fascinating RPG game is a bit complex, and a lot of beginners are struggling to find the best path to move along with this game. Every moment will be challenging, and it expects players to understand the game so they can move along with the gameplay quickly. As we said, if you can understand the major aspects of this game, it will no longer put you in trouble, and with the right use of a character, you can do much better for the gameplay.


Fire Emblem Heroes is a F2P game that comes with a lot of mechanics to define, and we made this beginner guide to clear up some basic guidelines for you to deal with the gameplay. So no need to have further talking, and here is our guide to starting your journey.


Start with the Best Hero from LDPlayer

Fire Emblem Heroes has a rerolling system on it where it is asking players to reroll for better characters, and we recommend you to go with the 5-star heroes here. But know that none of these 5-star heroes can be easily obtained because they are very rare. Still, they are the ones who come with the greatest strength than any other hero in Fire Emblem Heroes, and you can now do it efficiently with the help taken from the best android emulator: LDPlayer.


The best 5-star heroes we recommend here are


  • Micaiah
  • Dimitri
  • Fjorm
  • Jke
  • Peony
  • Eir


More about these heroes can be learned by referring to our Fire Emblem Heroes tier list.


Among these all, give your best attention to Dimitri and Micaiah because they are very strong and very powerful than the others. They can be utilized in your most difficult states, and know that the Fire Emblem Heroes enemies are also sensitive to the pattern of the players. These enemies can understand any change in the stats in this game, and they always change their movement patterns based on that. In this case, Micaiah and Dimitri will greatly help you because they are also following different stats based on the player's copies.


LDPlayer is helping you do your rerolls in the speediest way for these 5-star heroes, and it creates clones for your game to be operated at once. Usually, in Fire Emblem Heroes, it takes about 10 minutes to reroll again once you have finished with one reroll, and the thing is that it doesn't guarantee the best hero, as we mentioned. You have to go with many rerolls. And that is how the LDPlayer can help you earn a superhero with the Multi-Instance Sync feature.


Main Story Play

The main story of the Fire Emblem Heroes is not for everyone in this game because it is a little bit hard to proceed. Every player should take their first steps in the game with the main story. There are several difficulty levels in your main story, and we recommend you to go with the low-level difficulty levels first. You will be able to clear stuff in there very easily.



When you finish a level in Fire Emblem Heroes, it gives you orbs as a reward. In this game, you can use your orbs to earn some random heroes, and you need to be careful enough to earn as many heroes as possible.


How to Use Orbs

Orbs are usually used to earn random heroes, but they can also be used for upgrading purposes; if you want to upgrade your castle, just take the orbs and do it. If your castle has been well upgraded, it can offer you so many EXPs, which will be essential in your battles, and those are also helping a player to do a quick level up for their players.


Try to visit the shop from your screen, and then you can do the upgrades for your castle. You can go to the Upgrade Castle screen to do your upgrades using orbs. Not all the players agree that the point orbs are worth an upgrade. But know that it is still useful because it can save you from doing a long run for training heroes. Instead, your castle is going to be easily upgraded.



Team Building

A weapon triangle goes with the Fire Emblem Heroes, and players have to build up their teams by considering the elements of this weapon triangle. A team should be built with at least two colors, and if you can have three (red, blue, green), that would be very good.


We see four types of colors here gray, blue, red, and green and the heroes you put into your team need to be also built with different damage types. A magical and a physical hero is a must for your team, and if you fulfill these requirements, it can help to lower the resistance and defense level of an enemy,



Battling Mechanics

If you are a beginner to this game, you should have a good understanding of its battles, and if you don't, it will lead you to fail at the battles. Many things are included in a battle, like terrain, weapon affinity, etc. Some specific units don't let a player move forward anymore with using some units. So it is better to understand the movement type of the terrain as a beginner before you move into battles.


Every enemy you face in each battle will differ from one another, and you need to develop better strategies to face them. Having a basic knowledge of the battling strategy is enough to be active in your battles. But learning more about it will help you deal with many later parts of your game.



Increasing the Ratings of Heroes

If you didn't get a chance to earn a 5-star hero, that is okay. Still, you can upgrade them for a maximum star level. There is a mechanism for it, and it is called the unlocked potential. When you successfully increase the star rates of a hero, they will easily learn more powerful skills than what they are currently using. So it basically gives you a chance to raise the capacity and skills of the player's party.


If you want to perform this unlock potential for the game, we suggest you have Badges and Hero Feathers. If you want to upgrade a 3-star hero to 4, he wants 20 badges and 200 hero feathers. Upgrading a 4 star to 5 will require 20 and 20000 great badges and hero feathers, respectively. Since forming a 5-star unit requires 20000 hero feathers, a lot, you need to do only the useful raisings with huge concern.



Training Tower

The Training tower in Fire Emblem Heroes can be used to level up our heroes, and it also hides many EXPs. When you don't have more capacity to progress from the main story anymore, you can use this training power, and it also hides the special training maps which are suitable for your levels.


You can do both by increasing the rarity of units and having materials for unlocking skills with this training tower. It is actually the best place that you need to explore before you have these items.



Choosing Foes

When you move forward with the game with the training tower, you experience many enemies, and they are not the same. They can be randomly picked with a number, and they all have a level. We suggest you go for the easiest ones to defeat, and that makes you upgrade with your level.


You can even change these enemies with the green button from the Training Tower menu, and it will give you the chance to reroll for changing the levels and the number of your enemies.



So these are the very basic things that you need to learn as a Fire Emblem Heroes beginner and take a chance to learn these facts as it helps you to deal with them more. Know that if you know what you can do in this game, it clears you a way to become the best, and you will no longer feel it is very hard as a beginner.

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