Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Marriage Guide - The Marriage System Explained


When it comes to Bloodline Heroes of Lithas, the first thing that comes to mind is marriage. What is the relationship of the game with marriage? The most vital part here is Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Marriage. The player must build the next generation who can take over the role of the next guardian and a generation who is powerful enough to subdue all the demons and every other creature in the city of light. 






This world of Lithas is full of many more characters that the players can take as the champions who will be a good aid to ruling the city. The player must become the leader of the city of light in the world of Lithas. In order to become the high guardian of the city, you need the help of your children and the children of the champions, and this is where the Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Marriage comes as an important factor. 


When this guide ends, everyone's questions about the Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Marriage will be cleared, and we hope to explain all about the marriage here. If you want to have good knowledge of how marriage works here and the importance of marriage in this game, we can guarantee you will get answers to every question in your mind through this guide. 


What Is this Marriage System of Bloodline Heroes of Lithas?

The Bloodline Heroes of Lithas marriage process will unlock when you surpass the levels from 3 to 20. In a marriage process, you will choose one of your most powerful champions and marry him to a spouse from another unit, and by doing so, you will lose these champions permanently. But to fill the ranks of the champions you lose, their children will come to you in time, and these children will inherit the stats or classes of their parents with their outstanding qualities. 


That means the inherited baby of the champion couple will be the same as both of his parents. Through this Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Marriage process, you can get the best character. But how? The baby will inherit the traits of the main champion and rearrange them with the spouse's qualities. But when replacing main character traits with spouse's traits, you cannot change their unique and rare traits, but only the normal and common ones. You will notice there are different numbers above the attributes representing the traits' level. 



When you choose a champion to match up with, you do not always have to select the ones with more stars because some high-star champions have low-level traits; another thing is, you cannot have two traits for the champion you procreate. When selecting a spouse for the major champion, the first point to consider is rarity and star level. When you start the game, you will get a rare spouse with one star and two spouses with three stars. 


When you begin the procreation process with a three-star spouse, the time it takes to raise the baby is very long, and the players must complete many tasks. But with a one-star spouse, the time it takes for a baby to grow will be very low, and you will have to complete a few tasks. So the best way to do it is to upgrade the one-star spouse into a mythic and trade her traits for the baby. 


By upgrading all the spouse champions into mythic or legendaries, the babies you get will come with the higher rarity classes. So, we can say that marriage is the most effective way that the game provides you to form a champion with only the best characteristics of the major champion and the spouse. 


How to Use the System of Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Marriage?

As we mentioned above, the player must clear a certain number of stages of the main campaign in order to achieve this marriage process. Please do not take it as simple because these stages are very hard to clear whether you are a veteran or a beginner. 


After completing the required stages, players must acquire some necessities for a wedding ceremony. Can you imagine a marriage ceremony without a ring? Nah, even in this game, it's impossible to have a wedding without a wedding ring. There are two ways to obtain a ring for marriage. The first method is when you complete campaign story missions, you will get many rings. The second way of obtaining a ring is to spend 500 diamonds to buy a ring from the store. After you have purchased the wedding ring, you can now go to Royal Hall very proudly. 



Process of Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Marriage

  • Open the game and go to the marriage screen on the main menu.
  • Choose a champion as the main champion in the marriage that dictates the star level and rarity of the incoming baby. 
  • Choose a character to be the spouse of the main champion.
  • Choose a trait you want to replace with a spouse's traits and tap on "marry". 
  • Then, you will permanently lose the champion couple, but you will receive an exact copy of the champion with the replaced traits of the spouse. 



More about your champions can be learned from our Bloodline Heroes of Lithas tier list. 


Why Should You Perform Marriages?

The game's main aim is to create the most powerful guardian for the city of light. But you won't be able to have the most powerful one at the very beginning of the game, so that's why marriages are important. 


By marrying different champions together, you have to experiment with what will be the best combination to get the best outcome, and you need to do procreation very often to have the champions with the rarest classes.


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We hope all the players who were waiting to know about the marriage system are satisfied with the guide we designed and presented to you, and we wish everyone to have the most skilled characters while performing marriages.

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