FGO Saber Wars 2 Full Walkthrough Guide


FGO Saber Wars 2 is here again, to clear their mission and to grind all the Altrium currencies. This is a sequel, and there are more than 100 missions to be cleared by players, multiple bounty quests, an event shop, and challenge quests. The primary things you will see with FGO Saber Wars 2 are its 100 mission reward banner, the Altrium particular currency, and the Bounty quests.






So what comes under each of these things, and what a player has to do with each? This guide is created for the purpose of knowing the expected way for this event flow and their general tips.

Introduction to the FGO Saber Wars 2
As we said earlier, this is a sequel to the game Fate Grand Order, and the 100 missions on it will work with a 2703 AP. It will be in that state for the players who are purchasing for the first time who have been equipped with Altrium bonus CEs. And those can be taken from the event with the quickest step.



The event shop features Gold Saber Badge, Silver Saber Badge and the Bronze Saber Badge for the purpose of farming through this event, and we can literally drop their purchasing rate with the use of CEs of Event Bonus.

There are free quests available with these quests, and they are capable of dropping some currencies related to the quest progressions. We called it the Altrium, which is identified as a mysterious item and as an energy crystal. Altrium can also be dropped with their boosting by going into the CE of Event Shop and for the CE of Mission Reward.


Altrium bonus CEs are responsible for giving us a damage boost from the game whenever we are running with the event quests of FGO Saber Wars 2. And they can only be boosted with the equipped servants. It will be affected to all the servants in our current party and will work well if they have been equipped with backline support.

FGO Saber Wars 2 event is not going to be relaxing from the beginning, and there are many things to be done from its very beginning. These all things can be done without the challenge quests getting time gates. Remember in the game that you will need 100 missions completed in FGO Saber Wars 2 if you want to clear these all challenge quests.

If you are curious about the FGO tier list, you can check it here.


FGO Saber Wars 2 Event Flow 
Here we present a summary version for the general flow of the FGO Saber Wars 2 event, and let's see how things are going on with the FGO Saber Wars 2 event.



  • Completing your main quests until it goes for Texas Beyond II
  • Complete mission 12 by clearing the free quests and defeating 25 from the Humanoids
  • Completing the Texas Beyond III from Main Quest
  • Clear the Navigation of To the Sea of Stars, and if you need some Altrium, you can farm for some of the free quests.
  • Completing the Tour Manual
  • Clearing the 1st Goddess Scripture
  • Complete the Big Blue Tank I
  • Completing mission 56 by clearing free quests and defeating a 5-star servant or a higher star than that
  • Completing Big Blue Tank II
  • Clear the Super Shortcut Scooter, and then for the Altrium needs, farm some free quests
  • Clearing the Cosmo Boar from Kaiju Comet
  • Completing the Abyss Sargasso I
  • Completing mission 64 by clearing free quests and then defeating a servant from 5 stars or one who has more than that
  • Completing the Abyss Sargasso II
  • Clearing the Eco Mode Driving and then farming some free quests for the Altrium needs
  • Clear the best of Eli Chan from Kaiju Comet
  • Completing the Queen's High School I
  • Completing mission 21 by clearing free quests and then defeating 40 enemies who are from the earth attribute
  • Completing Queen's High School II
  • Clearing the Farewell, School and farm some free quests for Altrium needs
  • Clear Alastor the Demon Dragon
  • Completing Green Kitchen I
  • Completing mission 71 by clearing free quests and defeating 15 servants from a loved one
  • Completing Green Kitchen II
  • Clearing the Premonition of Saber Wars and farming some free quests for the Altrium needs
  • Clearing Kingprotea
  • Completing Dark Maanna
  • Clearing all from the beginning of the Universe and for the Atrium needs, farm some free quests
  • Completing the Primitive Red Rose for three arrows
  • Purchasing Cos-Tamamo, Saint Martha, and Solitary Okita based on our needs and completing every bounty
  • If you don't see any bounty from the Event shop, it means that you still need to complete some of the missions from Saber Wars 2.
  • Ten clearing missions and defeating 10 of Ruffian's enemies
  • 20 clearing mission and defeating the enemies from earth attribute
  • 32 clearing mission and defeating supergiant enemies
  • Purchasing the Demi Fett and clearing the bounty
  • Clearing the 6 Goddess Scripture
  • Clearing End Credits with Primitive Red Rose

And by going through all these steps, you will be able to complete the missions.

General Tips with Saber Wars 2

You need to equip a Bestial Del Sol, and Binary Star Songstresses for boosting your Altrium and Altrium plays a crucial role throughout your game's progression on the main quests. Once a player has managed to complete their missions, there is no need to have Altrium. So purchasing Binary Star Songstress quickly with many equipped spare slots on free quest clearing will help a player increase their accumulation with Altrium.

Try to avoid the Max Limit Breaking or the MLBing and Binary Star Songstress with Bestial Del Sol at your early phases. Also, it will always be great to have a high amount from drop bonuses of Altrium. Once you manage to have Bestial Del Sol 4 copies, you need to limit break your Binary Star Songstress to deal with severe damage boosting for DPS. And this all should be done while you are keeping several copies from the Bestial Del Sol.


And it has to be equipped with other servants with a backline to have more bonus from stack damage.

There are three currencies available with the event shop as Gold Saber Badge, Silver Saber Badge and Bronze Saber Badge, and those are not so important on your progression with quests. So try to save them and farm them after unlocking Alton.



When the event runs on, bonus servants will come with a more damage bonus, and some can have Bond EXP as a bonus. If you can bring them as your damage dealers, it will literally speed up your quest clearing and the farming. Note that Altria Pendragon from this game comes with two special Altrium Drop bonuses with the event quests. So if you see she is available in the game, try to take her for free quests while you are clearing missions with quests.

As you can see, there are many things to deal with in FGO Saber Wars 2. Try to ease those all controls with the best options. In this case, we are suggesting you use the Keyboard Mapping feature from the best emulator, LDPlayer, as it can create a personalized keyboard for you to customize with your gaming. No more time spent waiting because you got the smoothest functions with controls from your own keyboard.


So these are every detail we need to cover up with FGO Saber Wars 2 as a summary, and we really hope that you will have the strength to do better form this sequel with more power. Use the tips we have provided you on this guide, make this a success, and have great gaming with Saber Wars 2.

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