Blue Archive Summer Sky's Wish List Event 2022 - Everything to Know

Blue Archive Summer Sky Wish List has already started as a returning event, and it will make you dive for many dailies, items to earn and many more.


Azur Lane Maintenance Updates 17th November 2022 - New Items, Events, and More.

The maintenance update of Azur Lane, which was on 17th November 2022, has added several new things to the game, along with new events and more.


Blue Archive Global 1st Anniversary is Here with Several Updates and Offers

Blue Archive's global 1st anniversary is starting on the 8th of November 2022, and it will offer players many gifts, rewards, and many more.


Azur Lane Comes with Four New Ships for this Halloween, 2022

Albion, Janus, Manchester, and the Royal Fortune are the new Azur Lane ships featured with recent events and will come up with different traits for the battles.


Epic Seven Moonlight Headhunting Event Guide

This guide aims to inform players of the brand new exciting events coming to Epic Seven and how they can best get all of the rewards from these events.


Genshin Impact 3.2 Update Patch Guide

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Epic Seven Oct 27th Update Patch Guide

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Blue Archive The Total Assault – Binah is Here as a New Boss

Blue Archive Total Assault Binah is currently available in the game as a boss with some added passive skills to affect you.


Arknights Stultifera Navis Event - What to Expect

This guide aims to inform players about Arknights upcoming Stultifera Navis event and show how players can best take advantage of the event in order to get the most rewards.


Blue Archive Ivan Kupala is Returned – Everything You Need to Know

Blue Archive Ivan Kupala reran the game, and it is going to be here till the 25th of October 2022 for a one-week period.