Epic Seven : The Real Time Rabbit Kayron Event

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Epic Seven is one of the most anticipated games in the world of RPG games and it is a Megaport role play game. The game has followed up with several interesting updates with outstanding anime illustrations. At last, your most awaited Real-Time Rabbit Kayron skin has been released.


Epic Seven : The Real Time Rabbit Kayron Event


Today, let's find details about Real-Time Rabbit Kayron where you can get rewards by finding him in the game. So download Epic Seven on PC first and take a part of the event.


Real-Time Rabbit Kayron


The five-star hero Kayron is an acolyte and commander of the undead army. Kayron has three marvelous powers named Apacalypese, Immortal Will, and Void Slash. In this event, the hero Kayron has reintroduced with the most waited handsome Mr. Ears looking skin with many other additional skills and talents.


Epic Seven : The Real Time Rabbit Kayron Event


Event Details


The new event mainly revolves around the new handsome hero Kayron. The game has scheduled to commence on the 10th of June (Thursday) at 12.00 UTC and will end on the 16th of June (Wednesday) at 11.59 UTC. If you are a player who has joined to play the game from Korean, Asian European, and global servers you are eligible to play the game.


Participating the Game


To compete in the event, what you have to do is finding the real Kayron out of the given heroes on the list. To gain a victory players will need to write the answer in the correct and accepted format of the game. First, you have to write the server name. Secondly, you have to indicate your nickname. Finally indicate the correct number of the hero. Make sure to write those in a line by separating the answers using a slash (/).


Event Rewards


There are interesting rewards for all the event players. Participators on this event can obtain two Leifs as the gift of participation. Out of all the players, 30 Lucky Players are eligible to get 100,000 gold. The rewards will issue among the players on the 22nd of June (Tuesday).


Important Notes


There are a few important pieces of information that you have to pay attention to before and while playing the game.


  • This event will be conducted by adhering to the rules and regulations of the game developers.


  • To obtain your received rewards you have to enter the correct account information and you have to follow the above-mentioned format when you are submitting your answers.


  • One player cannot participate more than one time in the event.


  • Only your first comment will be accepted for the event. There is only one entry per one server.


  • According to the rules and regulations of the game, if you have conducted any misconduct or fraudulent activity in regard to the game, your rewards will be canceled even without prior notice.


  • All the event rewards will credit to the in-game mailbox of the players.


  • The rewards will store in the in-game mailbox only for seven days.


  • If you have further questions or need further explanations regarding the event you can contact the Epic Seven Customer Team also.


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Epic Seven always treats its loyal players with appealing updates and new events. This time, they have reintroduced the Kayron with handsome but cute rabbit skin. The Real-Time Rabbit Kayron is the name of the event. This is a most awaited event for all the epic seven players. The game will active for seven days and all the participants are entitled to obtain participation rewards. So, do not miss this exciting event as you all are most awaited for it!

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