Gemstone Legends - Everything you need to know about Heroes Ascension

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Gemstone Legends is a Match 3 styled puzzle RPG that revolves around solving tile-matching puzzles to defeat enemies. Matching 3 tiles or gems in a row is not as simple as Candy Crush, but in Gemstone Legends, it requires a lot of strategic thinking. As you progress through the campaign, the enemies you encounter will become stronger and tougher to kill. At that point, simply matching gems with one another may not be enough to win.


Gemstone Legends


This is a tips and tricks guide about what heroes to Ascend and when in Gemstone Legends as you end up with many heroes very quickly, which makes it very difficult to decide which hero to prioritize first and make it to 6* and which to use as Ascension material. After doing some investigation to answer this question, it depends on where you are at the game at a particular time, and it becomes easier if you have a road map of the game.


Making a simple road map keeps you on track on what to do when and simplifies your objectives, and by the time you get to the next step, you will have a pretty good roster of heroes already if you've been varied of Ascension. One set of heroes is done, ready to move on to the next set of heroes.


This roadmap can be divided into five different areas or steps. These can be interchangeable on your need, but this is an important and consistent progression mechanic and can be daunting at times.


Before we start, don’t forget to claim the welcome items and do the beginner’s event to boost your early game.


XP Farming – Step 1:


Let’s talk about the essentials of XP Farming.


Ascending Heroes:


Gemstone Legends Ascension


Develop your farming heroes or hero is step 1. You should have one strong hero that does all the work in this hero; you should Ascend to 6* ASAP, and whenever your 6* hero goes on farming, you take along a few heroes to tag along for XP gains. A few key options that you must consider and the importance of this process is that it lets you level up your feeder heroes to be used as Ascension as in this game you don't have to wait on Ascension items, and you can create your Ascension items by creating and leveling your heroes.


Premyslav – One example for the 6* farmer is Premyslav, a 4* hero, mainly because he does AoE damage and applies Mana Choke on enemies for two turns, which means they have to match more gems to charge up their heroes on defense.


The important thing is his passive ability, Push Onwards; he heals himself whenever he kills an enemy, and most importantly, he has a 20% chance to use his special ability when damaged. You can level up this ability to have a 30% chance to proc his Special ability if you use epic tomes or duplicate heroes from this family.


Push Onwards is a good option to level up if you want to tackle harder content. He can be summoned by the fusion mechanics at the alter where you see the recipe to fuse him. If you don't have any of those heroes, you can look into the individual recipes of each of the heroes and fuse them first.


Ultan – Another good option is Ultan, who can be farmed as you can get him by just playing. The key skill for him is to DEF down the opponent, so his follow-up hits will be even stronger. His damage scales off his HP. He can be leveled up as he has abundant duplicates available. As he is a 3* hero, he can be an asset in the early game.


Aleus – The last option is Aleus, a 4* hero, which you get by playing along with the campaign. Just remember that choose the farmer depending upon the main color of the stage your farming. The color advantage is really important in this game.  


As per our recommendations above, you can choose any one of these heroes and have an easier time farming, or you can keep all three as your farming heroes for different aspects of the game.


Rifts Farming – Step 2 & 3:


The next aspect of the game for farming Rifts. There are two Rifts at the moment, and a new one is coming soon.




The first Rift has Goliath as the boss, which is commonly known as Goliath 20 or G20. Then we have the Phoenix Rift, which people refer to as P20. The Phoenix Rift is much harder, while the Goliath Rift is much easier, but its last stage is quite hard.


Now coming back to the Ascension part, these Rifts provide you with high-level Artifacts to increase your heroes' stats. Every level in the Rifts has an increasing chance of higher rarity Artifact to drop, where at level 20, you have a huge chance to drop a 6* Artifact. This step is a really important aspect of leveling up your roster, just as important as your farming hero.


Gemstone Legends Multi Batteling


So the target to Ascension and faster level up is to build a team that can farm G20 of the Goliath rift as this is where you have one of the highest chances of gaining a 6* artifact, aside from the Raid bosses if you can find a strong enough guild. The second thing to look into is that the Goliath boss is Blue, so you need to form a team of a strong green team to do bonus damage to him.


This part of the guide, and in particular be able to farm Goliath, affirms that you need to be moving towards clear milestones to be better able to get strong with the natural flow of the game. Rift Farming has more XP per hour than doing campaign missions, so another added benefit.




The second Rift is Phoenix Rift, which is of red color, so you'll need an assortment of blue herpes to go up against her. She comes back after you kill it once, and her skills can stack a lot of burn damage debuffs on your heroes, so you'll need at least one immunity or one cleanser in your team for her. Torbjorn is a good option as he is one of the hardest-hitting champions in the game and can capitalize on Ultan’s DEF down ability.


The main point is to work on these things one point at a time until you have your Goliath team down, so you can farm there reasonably well, and after that, a 6* Artifact from the phoenix Rift is again much better. Both Rifts provide different sets, so depending on what set you are farming towards, you should focus on making the team for that particular Rift.


Arena and Raid Bosses Teams – Step 4 & 5:


We recommend you make the team for Arena first as this you can start doing at lower levels while Raid bosses need a good guild first and second, you'll need to be at a higher level to increase the loot drop. These two steps are just as same as Rifts as there you could farm both of the Rifts, but you have to choose one first to be able to build a team around that and then move on to the next Rift. The same approach is used for Arena and the Raid Bosses.




We recommended Arena first because by tackling other content, you have enough heroes to fight in the Arena and climb the ladder the more your heroes are Ascending. After winning battles and getting medals rewards in the Arena, you can spend them on the cabinet bonuses, which are passive bonuses to help you during the Arena.


You can have a balanced approach to your team, like having a tank that taunts one or two healers and two DPSs. So a huge variety is needed to make Arena work; you just need a functional and reliable team to finish your daily.


Defense doesn’t matter so much as the higher your ranking in the Arena, the more medals and loots you get. You may need to focus on defense only when your defense team's losses are making you drop a few places from the top positions, and you don't want to lose on the medals you'll be using on the cabinet bonuses.


You don't want to ignore your Arena when you are working on your G&P20 teams, so you can get these medals by playing the Arena every day. But you don't need to level up a hero just for the Arena; include heroes in the Arena that are mainly doing Rifts for you.




Gemstone  Legends Raid


The Raid bosses are another important part of the game and can be found in the guild menu. The Raids are everchanging as the developers have been changing the mechanics and nerfing champions who perform well like the heroes that can stun.


You get rewards from the Raid boss battles if you contribute financially or participate in the battle, at least doing some damage. So you can decide which one of these is more important to you. You can take out a Raid boss if you are in a lower-level guild as the Guild boss is equivalent to your guild.


LDPlayer Features for Gemstone Legends:


Gemstone Legends is a match-3 puzzle RPG that relies heavily on matching gems by dragging a gem from one slot to another row or column slot, which requires dragging and dropping mechanic, which can be cumbersome sometimes. LDPlayer has great features for problems such as this and gives the option of using your controller to do the inputs, and while your Special Power bar fills up by matching corresponding gems, you can use the key-binds feature to quickly tap the corresponding key unleash that Ultimate Special Skill on your enemies.


Another important feature by the LDPlayer that can help you quickly do stuff when you are loop farming is to use macros to increase the speed of your inputs and have as little downtime as possible in your farming.




Gemstone Legends may seem an easy game on the top, but it is a strategical improvement in many similar games of its ilk by including many new mechanics to keep you entertained and busy. To keep things simple and informative at the same time, we have written this guide in a very simple approach while giving you the most important information possible. After reading this guide, you surely will understand the full purpose of the roadmap we are guiding you towards.


Finally, in a nutshell, pick a hero and start leveling him/her up to 6* so that he can start farming. Next, either pick another hero for farming or start building your team around either of the G&P20s. next up would be your Arena teams which you can form along when you are forming G&P20 teams, and finally, your Raid boss team. You can also check out our tips to win battles guide or our guide to unlock heroes.

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