Alice Fiction Character Upgrade Guide – How to Level Up


Alice Fiction is finally here to be your latest RPG gaming experience, and this metaverse is taking you through a puzzle RPG experience. Since battles are high-speed and speedy with many hard elements to deal with, the only way you can conquer this world is to have the best hero. But having a top tier is not the only answer to dealing with these all-hard phases, as you need to develop their best performance. For this, we need an upgrade, and that is the point of this Alice Fiction character upgrade guide.




The game is very addictive as it is always refreshing with its elements, and it also makes players enjoy the game at its best with the best gameplay. To deal with every phase of the game, we will be given a roster of characters who differ from one hero to another, and they are all unique. Since this game is about a journey to uncover the mysteries, it is always necessary for a player to know how well they can deal with the game with their full potential.


Since we have a limited amount of resources in this game, we have to know what exactly we can do to upgrade a character, and we always need to prioritize some of the units first to do the best out of our gameplay. So it is a must to learn what units to be upgraded first and their specific methods. And let’s move onto the Alice Fiction character upgrade guide for it.


Raise Your Hero Grades and Expand

This is the top recommended thing we can suggest to any player who wants to do an Alice Fiction character upgrade, and it should always be your top priority. Give your first attempt to raise the grade of your units. When the grades are raised, it will unlock more skills, and you need to prioritize these as a player.


If you are looking for a way to raise these grades as well as to do an expansion, just use some of the expansion items in the game, and you can also use credits from your character menu.


Skill Upgrading

The next thing that a player who is looking for an Alice Fiction character upgrade can do is to level up their skills. Players can use their credits to do these skill upgrades and know that the skills have to be always the same for the level itself. When the level becomes higher, it means that you make it more powerful with the effect as well.


Skills can be upgraded by using several methods. One of the most useful ways you can have is using your credits. When upgrading your skills, you need to prioritize the attackers, cash skill upgrades, and supporters. Please don't go for passive skills first, as you can upgrade them later. If any of the units you see in this game doesn't have a clear role, you can power up all their skills as a role is not specifying them.


Still a beginner to the gameplay? Then try Alice Fiction beginner guide form here to learn more about your game.


Level Up Your Heroes

For an Alice Fiction character upgrade, you can also go for leveling up on your heroes. Here you can use either battle records or clear some quests for leveling up, and for both of them, you will need battle records as well as energy.


Basically, a level-up requires experience points from players, and you can have them from the above-mentioned battle records as well as from the quests. When talking about battle records, those are very helpful over leveling up, but there is a limit to it. In these types of cases, you can decide to send your heroes for quests.


If you managed to clear quests with your heroes, it could make you level up by five, and this is only for a single unit. But if you are looking for a way to do this for several units, you can use the energy best. And then try to complete these quests. Quests can raise a player's rank, and that is how the levels are also going to be raised.


Since there are seven chapters available here, we can tell you how much experience you can have and how much energy you are going to consume for each chapter as follows.


  • Chapter 1 requires eight energy, and you will be able to have 20 experiences from it
  • Chapter 2 requires eight energy, and it offers 22 experience
  • Chapter 3 will cost eight energy and will offer 24 experience
  • Chapter 4 will consume nine energy while it can provide you with 25 experience
  • Chapter 5 will take nine energy and offer 25 experience
  • Chapter 6 will consume nine energy while providing 27 experiences for you
  • Chapter 7 will take ten energy and offer 28 experience


To understand your heroes well, refer to our Alice Fiction tier list from here.


Upgrading the Rarity

This is also called ascension from the game and is also one of the best methods we can use to do an Alice Fiction character upgrade. When the rarity has been upgraded, it can make the strongest stats, but there is something you need to focus on here. Taking Animas from the game will take some more time than you think, and it takes a huge time to upgrade your character rarity levels.


So, don't over-upgrade rarity all the time as it is too time-consuming. And always do it when you are capable of affording it. So, don't be quick to do this until you have a proper level as well as a grade. Every unit in this game has its own Animas, which need to be collected to have an upgraded rarity.


If you are searching for a way to get these Animas, try to have medals and exchange them. Or you can try to have some duplicates from your earned units from the gacha banner as it makes it easier to raise the anima rarity.


Be More Fluent with Controls and Movements

The next thing you can opt for doing an Alice Fiction character upgrade is to make them more fluent with the controls and in-game movements. When a hero is capable of performing the most out of the game with some perfect controls, they will be much more skilled, which is also a key factor for winning. Now, this is not difficult since the best android emulator: LDPlayer 9, offers you the chance to do this perfectly and smoothly.


It is the Keyboard Mapping feature that helps you here, and it basically creates some personalized key controls. It happens like this. When this feature has been activated with your emulator, it allows players to easily move by setting W, D, S and A keys for running and moving. No more screen tapping. Moreover, if you want to attack, you can set a key for it specifically if you use this feature. Likewise, you can set several keys for several controls from the game, and that will make you more familiar with the game than ever.


The next thing that can ease the character movements is the Keyboard Macros. It is going to help a player by writing macro commands for repeating processes, and at the end, they will be combined into one command. So you are free to unleash the best potential from your heroes more than ever.



So that is all that we can bring you from this Alice Fiction character upgrade guide, and you can use these methods to raise your players' levels without any issue. After all, it is always better to upgrade your units as it gives you much potential to deal with your gameplay modes, and you will find it very easy to deal with the gameplay with the right upgrade done. So, try these methods and do your best for your gameplay.

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