Creative Destruction- Tips and Tricks to Play Safe


Creative Destruction is a free to play action game developed by NetEase. The NetEase company does not need any introduction. It is so popular for its exciting and adventurous action games like LifeAfter, Cyber Hunter, King of Hunter, Stick Fight: The Game, Badlanders, Marvel Super War, and many more.


Creative Destruction- Tips and Tricks to Play Safe


Creative Destruction is also a hit by NetEase; it has more than a million downloads on Google Play Store and holds an average rating of about 4.2. Another fact about NetEase games is their nice animations. They deploy their games with the best application of graphics for the game scenarios and especially the game’s characters. Furthermore, the game is light in weight, easy to play, and complete entertainment for the gamers.


Creative Destruction Tips and Tricks:


Creative Destruction is a “free to play” game. It is a beautiful combination of Battle Royale and Sandbox gameplay. Every game needs different strategies and tricks accordingly to their features.


We already know that Battle Royale is a battlefield category, and the player has to survive till the end of the game to win. But the Sandbox is a different idea of gaming; for those who don’t know already about it, the Sandbox is an idea where a player can choose whatever he wants to do while playing the game.


It allows the player an opportunity to be creative while completing the game tasks. So same is the idea implemented in Creative Destruction. You are allowed to be creative while achieving the in-game objectives. There are a few tips and tricks that can help you in this gameplay.


Checkout your In-Game Objectives Fist:


No doubt that The Creative Destruction gives you the permission to choose to play and do whatever you want to in the game, but always give preference to your in-game missions and objectives, and do the rest while fulfilling those missions. This trick will help you gain experience points and will help you move towards the next level.


Creative Destruction- Tips and Tricks to Play Safe


The reason for this is that the game has strategized such missions that will benefit you more. For example, if more damage level is required to move forward at a certain level, the in-game mission will be designed so that you can fulfill that damage level just by completing that mission.


It is possible that you may get that much damage by doing something else, but the in-game missions will give you a strategy to go with, with a target to achieve, that will help you with the stats while you are free to do other things as well.


Pick a Landing Spot with more Benefits:


Like every Battle Royale game, you are free to choose your landing spot. In Creative Destruction, the player should choose a place with more buildings and stuff. The reason behind this is that you will get to have more weapons and accessories that are required in the game. But be careful; there will be many enemies out there for the same reason you will choose that spot. Get armed as soon as possible!


Gear Up yourself:


The most important tip for you after you choose and land on the battlefield is to Get armed as soon as possible! You will face many enemies on the battlefield, not knowing where they are or what they are up to; the only thing you can do is to FINISH THEM as soon as possible.


So, gear up because this is the one thing that will help you in your survival. Creative Destruction is an extensive weapon gallery; you will find every weapon there, including Riffles, Shotguns, Pistols, Submachine guns, Grenades, Bombs, and whatnot.


Keep Looking at the Compass:


In Creative Destruction, you will see the track lines on the screen. That is your compass; the Compass holds much importance in the game, so you have to keep checking it. It will intimate you with different icons for different situations to alert you or inform you of different things.


Creative Destruction- Tips and Tricks to Play Safe


For example, if you see the footprints approaching on the compass, this indicates that there is an enemy behind you. It intimates the sounds and their direction. You get notified with yellow or red alerts for enemies as per their distance from you. If the enemy is a little far from you, it will give the yellow alert, and if there is a red alert, be ready for it because the enemy is right behind you.


You can dodge fires, see your enemies' moves even can direct you to rare weapons on the battlefield with the shiny icon. Get that chest filled with weapons with the help of the compass.


Build Buildings in the Creative Destruction Battle Field:


Yes, you can build a building in the game, and these buildings will save your life. Creative Destruction has put the idea of buildings very effectively because you build these buildings to save yourself or bluff your enemies.


As soon as the enemies intimate you or enter into the area of enemies, be quick, and build a building. The protective walls around you will not only help to protect you, but you can bluff your enemies and track them inside. Finish them in your own building.


Trick your enemies by building up many buildings in the same spot that will confuse your enemies, thinking of many players covering them inside your building.


Loot accessories inside the Buildings:


You can find the best loot weapons inside the built buildings; you have to be careful; according to the gameplay, it is seen that buildings are the best places to find out weapons and chests full of the armory. Choose a location with a few buildings and search there, hunt for airdrops and chests.


Creative Destruction- Tips and Tricks to Play Safe


Learn to shoot and Stay Safe:


The Creative Destruction Battle Royale is nothing but the fittest's survival; you have to be smart, skillful, and quick. Follow the little real-time tricks; for example, you’re capturing an enemy right in front of you, now attack and strafe skilfully and keep moving. Don’t stay in the same position for longer. This is the one way you can be saved from more damage. Be creative and think of the strategies that can help you out.




Creative Destruction is an amazing game that allows the player to be imaginative and do anything with real-world survival and safety ideas. Always stay armed with the best possible equipment, keep your eyes everywhere, and play a safe game.


Your strategy and Skills are what matters the most during a Battle Royale gameplay. So, make sure to practice as much as possible and be perfect in every way. Understand weapons and your situation before engaging in fights because you are up against real players.

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