Laplace M – How to Increase your Battle Rating?



Laplace M – How to Increase your Battle Rating


Laplace M is an MMORPG that has taken the gaming world by storm. The game is developed by South Korean Publisher ZlongGames and is based on the game's PC version. The game is based on a Ragnarok themed gameplay and thus features fluid graphics.


Laplace-M allows players to engage with each other in open combat alongside allowing NPC PvE as well. The open-world game has plenty of side quests and generally follows a much leaner free-to-play model than its competitors.


Focus on Reforging Equipment:


Equipment is an integral part of Laplace M. Like most MMORPGs, gaining levels is not the only way to increase your battle rating. Moreover, having the right equipment is the key to flash-farming mobs as, without them, you will not be able to clear areas with much ease and will struggle quite a lot.


Equipment can either be purchased or can be bought by the Auction store if you have enough of the in-game currency. For earlier levels, we recommend focusing on drops rather than splurging in the auction market as those resources will be quite useful later on as you play the game.


Reforging is an integral part of the game, and it allows you to combine items that have the same rarity and are of the same type together. This means that enchantments that are present in a particular weapon can be combined with other ones for a maximum of 4 enchantments per item as that is the maximum amount of sockets you have.


How to reforge?


Laplace M – How to Increase your Battle Rating


Reforging is quite simple. Firstly, it can only be performed on equipment that is of purple or higher rarity. Each enchantment you wish to do consumes some resources. This is dependent on the gear’s level. Usually, you can expect that your bronze, iron, or mithril reserves will be drained quite a bit. Some rare enchantments consume Silverstar as well.


You can always look at the enchantment you are going to get by reading the combined stats just before you click on Forge. Keep in mind that every new stat you gain out of that item results in an increase in your overall battle rating.


Forging according to your Class?


Like any MMORPG, each Class has a particular way it's meant to be played. In Laplace M, there is equipment that is intended for a specific class. For example, a warrior might want items that boost his overall DPS. A tank might go for items that increase his vitality etc.


Remembering that every Class has their preference in equipment is extremely important when reforging as it allows you to combine items that provide you with the most benefit rather than just an increase in Battle Rating.


Change your skill-points as you progress:


Laplace-M allows players to freely change the skill points they have accumulated at any moment. Unlike most MMORPGs, changing your entire skill tree takes some percentage of your resources.


The game provides you with additional skill points once you reach level 50. These are generally replaceable skills for every character. Remember that there are only four active skills that a character can have at any given point.


Juggling these skill points is extremely useful. Due to non-linear level progression, some skills end up becoming more helpful as you level up, and some lose their efficiency extremely rapidly.


Laplace M – How to Increase your Battle Rating


Moreover, some mobs are more prone to die quicker if you have a particular skill tree. Having the freedom to completely change your skill tree and adapt yourself to the battlefield quite a decisive advantage and allows you to increase your Battle Rating quickly.


Complete Dungeon Raids with your Guilds:


Dungeon Raids have the best equipment drop rates in the game. However, unlike most MMORPGs, Laplace M has no solo dungeons. This means that if you wish to complete a dungeon, you need to have a party of 5 or even more for you to have a chance.


The party must, of course, be extremely synergized. To get equipment that increases your battle rating from dungeons, we recommend going for the Daily Dungeons and the Elite Dungeons.


These have the best drop rate out of and can guarantee a good drop for a particular class every time you run through it. Moreover, since the dungeons are not random, it gets easier to clear them the more you play.


Complete all Your Quests:


Laplace M does not have a lot of main storyline quests. Instead, it focuses on exploration and urges players to explore for themselves and talk to as many NPC characters as they can. If you look at your minimap, you should be able to see characters you can tap on to walk up to them and talk to them.


Most NPCs in the game have a mission or quest for players. These might include dueling the NPC, fetching something for them, clearing an area of mobs, or a unique interaction that is only available to a select number of NPCs.


Laplace M – How to Increase your Battle Rating


Some NPC battles might feel harder than others, as it is a one-on-one, you can go ahead and transform and try not to use the auto-battle feature and dodge attacks manually. Each of these interactions should reward you with a very decent amount of XP and currency.


Areas that have higher level mobs have NPCs that are quite strong as well. But keep in mind that not all NPCs in a particular area have the same difficulty. Therefore, we recommend talking to every NPC in a specific area as it increases the chances of you getting a win.




Laplace M is an MMORPG that focuses a lot on Battle Rating. As the game progresses, it gets harder to get equipment that has a substantial or even a negligible effect on your already high battle rating.


Following this guide will ensure that you can have a decent battle level rating since the start of the game which will allow you to go for dungeon raids, ultimately progressing your Battle Level quite rapidly.

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