Eclipse Isle Gameplay with Tips and Tricks


Eclipse Isle is a Battle Royale game that is unique. It has an Anime style aesthetic, which sets it apart from the others. The game allows players to choose different heroes that have specific skills. Moreover, players can search for ores that will enable them to get weapons and abilities.


Eclipse Isle Gameplay with Tips and Tricks


The game follows the story of an isle that is eroding due to a potent Solar Eclipse. The Battle Royale allows a maximum of sixty players. Players can use their unique skills and weapons they loot from around the map to secure a win for their faction.


General Gameplay Tips:


Eclipse Isle is the only Battle Royale that allows players to use Samurai equipment like swords while also keeping a modern touch by allowing guns.


Once the game starts, we recommend landing in areas that are on the corner of the map. Landing in the corner ensures that you can gain enough loot while being in a place that has a lower density.


However, if you wish to learn the game, we recommend dropping in the map center. In Eclipse Isle, most of the good loot is in the middle region. Therefore, a higher density of players lands there. So, if you want to get familiar with the game mechanics, the middle is the way to go.


Eclipse Isle has quite a large map. The map reduces its size over time through an “eclipse.” As long as you are found in the eclipsed area, you take a lot of damage.


Complete the in-game Tutorials:


Eclipse Isle Gameplay with Tips and Tricks


Eclipse Isle has intricate mechanics. It has specific unit-based skills that you can learn by practicing. However, if you wish to learn the game’s basic mechanics and understand some of the more complex ones, we recommend not skipping any tutorials.


These tutorials teach you how to pick-up-items, ride in-game animals, use skills, etc. Completing the tutorials gives you extra rewards that allow you to unlock a hero of your choice.


Mine Ore as Soon as you Land:


Eclipse Isle has a unique mining mechanic. Ore is mined in the game so you can unlock your Ultimate skill while also increasing your damage. If you do not mine, your attack damage will be relatively low.


Moreover, having an ultimate skill allows you to synergize the rest of your abilities better so you can deal with a more considerable amount of damage. So, try to focus on mining ore as soon as you land.


Focus on Looting:


Battle Royale games are generally extremely fast-paced. Eclipse Isle is no exception. A lot of times, players try to rush into fights without proper gear or equipment.


Equipment in the game can be classified into tiers, they are color-coded, and they go from Normal to Legendary. You can get better gear by either looting the regular chests or going for supply crates that randomly drop in the middle of the map. If you like fighting and have a more aggressive gameplay style, we recommend that you spend at least ten to fifteen minutes looting as you should be able to have the right gear by then.


Use the best arrow for every Situation:


Eclipse Isle Gameplay with Tips and Tricks


Using your bow and arrow is an integral part of Eclipse Isle. The most common arrow in the game is the fine wood arrow, which has no real advantages. There are specific arrows in the game that you can use for situations. Here they are:


⦁    Frost Arrow: Slows enemies in a particular radius.

⦁    Finewood Arrow: Basic arrow.

⦁    Tracking Arrow: Tracks players on impact for a concise amount of time.

⦁    Flame Arrow: Lights the enemy on fire.


Use the Environment to your Advantage:


Eclipse Isle has an extensive and dynamic map. Players should learn how to use this to their advantage. The game has an Ambush mechanic, which you can use to your advantage.


To get an ambush kill, hit players with an arrow when you are behind them or from an angle where they don’t see you. We recommend camping the edge of the zone as most players run towards the circle without checking the circle once the eclipse start closing.


There are plenty of bushes and empty barrels hidden around the map if an arrow doesn’t track you; you can use the bushes or the barrels to hide from enemies or to land an ambush attack on them.


Note: Hiding in any empty package or barrel will instantly remove all tracking debuffs off you.


Beware of Lightning Zones:


Eclipse Isle Gameplay with Tips and Tricks


Throughout the game, Eclipse Isle’s AI intelligently scans the map for the area with the most static players/campers. It then sends a lightning zone in that particular region.


The lightning deals a large amount of damage to players caught in the crossfire. If you are in that particular zone, we recommend running away or instantly taking cover to make sure you don’t get hit by it.


After the Lightning Zone passes, you can move to the area that just had one to loot it as it should be relatively safe. This relative safety is because most players will have already left the area.


Level Up in the Mid-Game:


Eclipse Isle has a level progression system in the game. It allows a sense of depth in the mid-game when most Battle Royales usually are too static.


You can use monster camps to level up as they increase your attack power by a considerable amount. These camps provide you with a level boost, which makes you much harder to kill.




Eclipse Isle is an entertaining anime-style Battle Royale game. The game's unique elements, such as leveling up and character skills, add a sense of depth and progression into the game.


Unlike most Battle Royale games, Eclipse Isle has many unique weapons that you cannot find anywhere else. These include swords, knives, medieval guns, and much more. Read all the above-given tips, tricks, and strategies and follow them to the letter to dominate your opponents with ease.

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