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Last Updated: 2021-03-22 Current Version: 2.0.5761
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The game is overall awesome, but you do need a good connection. It has pretty scenery and good graphics, the chat box deletes everything every time you slide out. It isn't to difficult, but it is challenging so it doesn't get boring. also it doesn't tell about the weapons in the tutorial, but to get info on all traps, gadgets, and weapons; go to your gallery and it gives weapons on each and every item you'd pick up in-game.


I actually really love this game and I'm extremely good too, but there is one problem stopping me from winning. Whenever I land, or in the middle of a battle, my phone willl just freeze. unless I restart it myself it will just stay the same until it restarts itself. Multiple times I will be looting or right next to the person I'm about to kill and all of a sudden it just freezes. I've missed so many wins by my problem, please fix this bug.


my fav battle royale game but i want the controls to be better. Building sucks in this game. There should be a button so that the inventory switches to build mode and instead of showing you the weapons, it should show the different buildings u can build and then on pressing it again it should return back to weapon mode, just like as it is in fortnite mobile. It will make it alot more organized, easy, and it wont take too much space on your screen.

Creative Destruction is a sandbox survival game that features the utmost fun of building and firing.

In the mood for a heart-stirring showdown? You will parachute into a vast battlefield where 100-player deathmatch is raging. Outplay your way to be the last one standing.

Build the best, break the rest! Jump straight in this do-or-die battle where you can wield creative weapons, race against snowstorms, and unleash your inner beast.

Varied gameplay modes, weather and time systems bring a new level of hectic fun. Whether you fight like a lone wolf or team up, there are always surprises waiting to be explored!

Come embark on a winner-takes-all slugfest in Creative Destruction today and show’em what you could be.
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