Cookie Run: Kingdom Character Tier List for May 2021

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Welcome to the cookies world. This is the new RPG created by the Devsisters Corporation, and you are tasked with creating a cookie kingdom. You will have to help your cookies to construct their kingdom and making a part of their festivals. Many quests wait for you to be filled by yourself and help your five cookie heroes make peace and rise the land back.


Cookie Run: Kingdom Character Tier List for May 2021


If you are a player who is looking for the best cookies in this game, you should have explicit knowledge of the tier list. So here we bring you the all tier list and the best ones to choose based on their tier classes, and after referring to this guide, you will be able to select the best one out of the total. So download Cookie Run: Kingdom on PC and know which Cookie is best for the game.


What is the Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier list of?


The tier list is the characters available in the game, and they are divided into based their skills. There will be three tiers in the Cookie Run: Kingdom, and they are ranked from best to average as follows.


Cookie Run: Kingdom Character Tier List for May 2021


  • S Tier is the top tier available in the game, and better called them the wise choices. You can make your team stronger and tougher through S-tier heroes, and these S-tier heroes can defeat their enemies without much effort.


  • A Tier – A tier heroes are good ones, and they will not be the best in the OP. But if you didn't get a chance to acquire a top-tier hero, this will be the most excellent choice you can make in the game.


  • B Tier – B tier heroes are the average ones in the game. They are not the best and yet not will be wrong. You can exactly say that B-tier heroes are a terrible choice, and until you make it into a better cookie, B tier will be enough for making it somehow.


  • C Tier – C tier are the heroes who are under average, and they will be the worse to choose in the game. If you don't want to send the main hero to a battle, C-tier heroes will be useful to that occasion.


Who are the Cookies in each Tier?


Several cookies come under each tier, and let's identify them as follows.


S Tier Cookies


Strawberry Crepe Cookie


This is a new S-tier cookie available in the game, and it is a provisional tier rate. Strawberry Crepe Cookie can DMG areas and reduce the DMG received from X2 cookies along with the maximum HP. DMG Resist is a suitable topping for this cookie character.


Pure Vanilla Cookie


Pure vanilla cookie is an S-tier new cookie, and this is a healer and a supporter role. This Cookie has a skill at restoring the HP of allies when they engage within a battle. And also, the pure vanilla cookie can provide a shield to the partners, and that can absorb the damage they take. This will be a top-tier healer in the game, and toppings of this Cookie are going for CD or the Full ATK. Those are designed for quick healing and more healing.


Herb Cookie


Herb Cookie is a healer in the game, and he has some epic grades with him. If you are searching for a good healer for your gameplay, Herb Cookie is the best, without any doubt. He is so much specialized from healing within PVE, and this Cookie can restore the HP values of the allies. And also, Herb Cookie can remove the debuffs from his allies.


Espresso Cookie


Espresso Cookie has the best and specialized skills for AOE damage and the CC effects. It also has some grinding skills, and through that, Espresso Cookie can generate a whirlwind that is capable of pulling the enemies from the center. And also, this whirlwind can inflict damage on the enemies. The position of this Cookie is the middle and acts as a magic DMG role. Without any second thoughts, this Cookie is the Best in the game.


Licorice Cookie


Licorice cookie is just like the Espresso cookie, and it acts as the best mid-liner damager. This cookie hero is the best-known one for the magic skills which can summon the minions for causing damage. And also, the Licorice cookie uses a spell to increase the defense of its party. This is the best epic graded mid later in the game.


Milk Cookie


Milk Cookie also another tanker that is good enough for PVP and PVE. This Cookie is standing and contributing towards the area damages and taunt enemies for protecting the allies. And also, this Cookie is responsible for reducing the incoming damages from enemies.


Dark Choco


Dark Choco is a cookie stand on the frontline, and it is tanky. This Cookie can speed won the defense get from enemies and resulting in causing significant damage towards them.


Black Raisin Cookie


Black Raisin Cookie is an Ambush role, and its position is the mid lane. Area damaging is the one it is specialized in, and recommended toppings for this Cookie are full attacking build and the Searing Raspberry Topping.


Latte Cookie


Latte cookie is a cookie released from the March update of the game, and this one is standing in the middle. Latte cookie's main power is the crowd controlling, and she generates a latte glyph with the use of her skills. Latte glyph has attracted the enemies to the center of the game and damages them with a silent effect.


And also, this latte glyph is doing another damage over time from the outside and the inside. If you upgrade that skill, it is increasing the damage of the Latte Cookie.


Cream Puff Cookie


Cream Puff Cookie is also a cookie that came from the March update, and it belongs to a N/A tier rank as it is yet to post. You can identify this Cookie as a support class, and she will be standing in the backline.


The main power and the strength of ream Puff Cookie are to restore the party member's health. She can also create a jelly tornado from an extensive area using Jellius Extremus skill, and it will do considerable area damage. Spell might of Cream Puff Cookie will also restore the HP of party members.


Almond Cookie


Almond Cookie is a supporter in the game, and this Cookie uses a magical handcuff to defeat the enemies by giving them low HP. And also, Almond Cookie is applying enemies with a damage link debuff that will disappear from the damage get by apprehended foes between the linked opponents. This process is not something that we can interrupt, and the handcuffs used here are not going to work on the summoned enemies.


A Tier Cookies


Kumiho Cookie


Kumiho Cookie is a unit from the front line and does damage to the enemies. You will see two forms of Kumiho cookie as Marshmallow fox and the cookie form. Cookie form is the form that can inflict damage within an area and charming the nearest enemies. The charming effect will not be permanent and only going to be last for few moments. The fox form of the Kumiho Cookie is firing upon enemies.


Sparkling Cookie


Sparkling Cookie is a good healer and an epic graded character in the game. He can heal his allies and raising chances for critical strikes as well.


Madeleine Cookie


Madeleine Cookie is a defense role from the front line, and it is an epic graded cookie. Madeleine Cookie is well known for his High Defensive stats and the HP values in the game, and the skilled Commander is going to restore Madeleine's HP. ad. Also, it is increasing the ranged attacks inflicting than the regular ones.


When this Cookie is using Commander Skill, madeleine Cookie is all the way immune to the debuff. Madeleine Cookie is the best frontline unit choice due to its taunt skills and damage-reducing skills.


Pomegranate Cookie


Pomegranate Cookie is a supporter of epic Grades, and she is standing from the rear line. This Cookie is supporting her squad within combats by giving the allies an attack buff. This would be an excellent unit for the buffing attack powers of the same allies.


Tiger Lily Cookie


Tiger Lily Cookie can be identified as a famous epic graded Cookie, and she is well known for the enemy immobilizing. Tiger Lily Cookie is causing damages to the enemies by immobilizing, and she has the speediest regular attacking system with the use of active skills. This is a good unit that is suitable well for the PVE and PVP as a healer too.


B Tier Cookies


Purple Yam Cookie


Purple Yam Cookie is from the front line and known for an epic graded character. This Cookie is a well-known character for its damaging skills.


Werewolf Cookie


Werewolf Cookie is also an epic graded hero and belongs to the front line in the game. When its skills are unleashed, the werewolf cookie transforms into a wolf and will have more damage power with high HP value.


Vampire Cookie


Vampire Cookie is an epic grade rear line character, and it is well known for life steal skills. Life steal skills of this Cookie is causing damages, restoring the HP of the allies.


Rye Cookie


Rye Cookie is a rear line epic graded character, and it is a known damage dealer to the game. He has a skill that can target the highest HP enemies and cause them severe damage. This Cookie will be very strong against the bosses.


Chili Pepper Cookie


Cookie Run: Kingdom Character Tier List for May 2021


Chili Pepper Cookie is known to be an epic graded character and is specializes in causing high area damage to the enemies' rear lines.


C Tier Cookies


Snow Sugar Cookie


The snow sugar cookie is a middle-line character, and its ole is the magic role. Overall has the skills for damaging and lowering the ATK speed of the frozen enemies. In some situations, snow sugar cookies will work well, and this is a below-average unit compared to other tiers.


Mint Choco Cookie


Mint Choco Cookie is the rear character from the support role. He has the skills for haling allies and for speeding up their ATK speed. Mint Choco Cookie is suitable for some specific situations.


Poison Mushroom Cookie


Poison mushroom cookie is an idle hero from the middle role. The primary skill is the poisoning and the damaging and suited well for B or A-tier heroes.


Rare Cookies Tier List


There are also some rare cookie characters available in this game as follows.


  • Avocado Cookie – this is a top tier, and it will be a rare graded tank.
  • Knight Cookie – will belong to the A or B tier, which is graded as the rare.
  • Blackberry Cookie – this is a below-average character and is known for the damage-dealing
  • Custard Cookie – if you don't own Sparkling or the Herb Cookie, use this Cookie as your healer to the early game. This is a below-average cookie from other tier cookies.
  • Princess Cookie – princess cookie is a front unit ad with a defense shred kit with him, which can cause area damage and lower the defense of enemies. It is a benefit for the early game.
  • Cherry Cookie – capable of stunning and area damaging but will be bad for the late game
  • Alchemist Cookie – main strength of this Cookie is the damage over time for the enemies.
  • Pancake Cookie – this Cookie can increase the attacking speed of the party based on the situation
  • Clover Cookie is a rare graded healer and will not be recommended due to its slow healing and low performance.
  • Carrot Cookie – this Cookie will be best for the early game support, and it can increase the party's defense.
  • Gumball Cookie is a rear line unit with AOE damaging and the speediest debuff skill based on the situation.


Common Cookies


  • Beet Cookie – targeting the enemies who are low in HP and belongs to the C tier
  • Ninja Cookie – C tier cookie, and it is not a good character
  • Ginger Brave – c tier cookie who is not suitable for the late game
  • Angel Cookie – c tier cookie and a healer. Not will be ideal for long runs
  • Wizard Cookie – c tier cookie and a mage damage dealer. It Will note be helpful in the long run, and better use it as a damage dealer
  • Strawberry Cookie – c tie cookie who is not suitable for long-running


Best Cookies & Best Teams for the gameplay in the Cookie Run Kingdom


We recommend using two tanks, two damage dealers with a supporter or a healer for the best combination of a team. Dark Choco, Strawberry Crepe Cookie, and the Milk are best as tanky characters and use Black Raising, Licorice, or the Espresso as damage dealers to your team.


For the supporter or the healer, roles select Herb or the Pure Vanilla Cookie. Those combinations would be best for a good team for the gameplay.


Herb Cookie would be the best healer for the game without any doubt, and he has maximum health to offer from his healing effects. And the second place for a healer is going to the Sparkling Cookie as he can heal two targets for a reasonable amount of HP. As for the third-best healer, we can name Custard Cookie, and she can put a temporary shield for two targets, leading to effective healing.


If you need a better tanky character for both PVP and PVE game modes, chose Milk Cookie as it can contribute significant damage and taunts the enemies to protect allies from harm.


Best Heroes through LDPlayer


As the Cookie Run Kingdom has a rerolling system to earn cookies, you need to perform rerolls several times to reach a top-tier hero. So it doesn't make sure for you to give a better cookie at once, and it will take lots of rerolls to earn. As this is so time taking, having a chance to perform several rerolls in one time will be so advantageous. That is why LDPlayer has the feature called Multi-Instance Sync.


Multi-Instance sync will let your emulator make copies from it and perform several rerolls from all the copied players at once. This way will let you earn a quick top cookie to the Cookie Run Kingdom, and there will be no time for disappointment.




Make a team that makes a balance to your strengths with these cookies and shuffle them out to have the best performance. It will help you to do the best on opponents and exceeding the powers yourself. So think wise and make your best choices for choosing a cookie from this tier list.

Download Cookie Run: Kingdom - Kingdom Builder & Battle RPG on PC

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