Everything You Need to Know About Characters in Destiny Child


Destiny Child is a Gacha Card collection game that is developed by SHIFTUP Studios. The game offers extremely addicting gameplay and a large amount of content. This guide is mainly meant for individuals who are not aware of all the character variations present in the game. Characters in the game are known as Childs in the game.


Everything You Need to Know About Characters in Destiny Child


Characters in the game have a large amount of depth; they have stats, rarities, item builds, progression guides, and much more. Knowing all these details helps players get an edge over each other and helps develop a deeper understanding of the game.


Character Powers and Stats:


Characters or Childs have a few stats. Mainly, there are five different kinds of stats that you should look out for when playing the game. They are:


⦁  CRT – The amount of critical damage you are dealing with at a particular time.


⦁  AGL – What your current Agility stat is. (Also includes your hit chance.)


⦁   DEF – The amount of damage you can sustain. Also known as an armor buff.


⦁    HP – Your current health points/hit points.


⦁    ATK – How much damage you deal with one hit.


Note: ATK damage translates to healing amount for Healing Classes.


Character Types:


Characters are divided into classes in Destiny Child. Classes are mainly divided into five types:


⦁    Attacker – The class that deals the most DPS / Damage.


⦁    Supporter – Provides useful buffs to the entire team.


⦁    Debuffer – Opposite of the Supporter, debuffs the whole enemy team.


⦁    Defender – Primary Tank class, soaks up the most damage.


⦁    Healer – A vital part of the team, increases the maximum HP of all characters while also healing them during the engagement.


Everything You Need to Know About Characters in Destiny Child


For a particular team, you can only have five characters. Therefore, we recommend having one of each class for the most balanced draft. This draft will ensure that your team can sustain itself while also dealing a considerable amount of damage.


Another kind of lineup we recommend for more experienced players is not having a Debuffer but having two Attacker classes. However, it would help if you focused all your efforts on healing your Tank. Without a Debuffer, fights are expected to run much longer, but this lineup will ensure that you can face off against enemies of a higher level.


Attacker Class:


Attackers deal the most damage in the game. Your main attacker should be your primary focus for most of the game. Therefore, upgrading her should be of paramount importance.


The AGL Stat on your Attacker is the most crucial parameter of defining a good Attacker. Missing attacks is something you don’t want, especially in the late game. Therefore, having a high AGL stat will ensure that you deal with a large amount of damage while not missing any attacks.


We also recommend investing in some HP points as Attackers are generally too squishy and can die from one hit in some cases.


Everything You Need to Know About Characters in Destiny Child


Supporter Class:


The supporter has a large variety of buffs that are of great help to your overall deck. These buffs can vary from a small heal to a large stat boost for a short amount of turns.


For Supporters, we recommend increasing their HP and DEF points as much as you can. Investing in anything else is redundant as their sole purpose is to stay alive so they can dish out reliable damage.




Debuffers are perhaps the least important in all these classes. Their primary goal is to curse the enemy, which leads to them having reduced stats, lower attack damage, etc.


Most Debuffers also deal with a considerable amount of damage. So, it is recommended that you invest some points into increasing their CRT or ATK stat while also improving their overall survivability by increasing their HP stat.




The Defender is the tank class. Their main objective is to be able to absorb as much damage as they can.  Therefore, for Defenders, we recommend heavily investing in DEF and HP so they can sustain the most damage.


Note: Always use your Taunt skill when it is available.


Everything You Need to Know About Characters in Destiny Child




After Attackers, Healers are perhaps the essential part of any lineup or draft in Destiny Child. They increase the survivability of your team by a considerable amount and are thus recommended for any lineup.


For Healers, we recommend investing in CRT as it allows you to deal with critical heals that are extremely powerful. If you want more reliability, you should probably skill ATK as it provides your draft with a more consistent and reliable heal.


Character Elements:


Character Elements are used in a lot of Gacha games. They are classifications of every character. A character belonging to an element will take or deal more damage to another character of a different element.


When starting, we recommend having a mix of all five elements in your team. Later, as you understand the meta and figure out what element is played the most, you can switch your cards accordingly.


Best Character Rarities:


Character Rarities in Destiny Child are relatively easy to understand. Each child has a particular amount of stars beside their name that indicates their rarity.


The most common card is a 3 star. This goes up to 5 stars, which are the best and the rarest cards in the game. There are also extremely rare six starred childs, but they can only be obtained for scarce treasure packs.


Everything You Need to Know About Characters in Destiny Child


How to Level up your Character?


As you progress into the game, enemies get harder and harder to kill. If this is the case, we recommend leveling up your character to get better stats. First, you should have a primary card that you wish to level. Then, you can use all your standard cards (and even rarer cards in some cases) to level up your primary.


Note: You will lose one card in the process of leveling up. So, only choose cards that you are okay with losing.




Destiny Child is a gacha game like no other. It features a lot of depth in gameplay, and the addition of Character Elements, rarities, and different class types makes the game extremely enjoyable for seasoned veterans.


The game is somewhat challenging for newer players to get into. Therefore, we recommend taking a close look at everything you need to know about child’s and sticking to the lineups mentioned above.


Later, players can experiment as Destiny Child offers a wide variety of customization. So, read the above-given information and use it to your advantage or to dominate opponents. 

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