Guardian Tales – Advanced, Tips Tricks, and Strategies


Guardian Tales is an RPG game that is developed by Kakao games Corporation. The game features Puzzle Solving Gameplay that lets you discover hidden resources and treasures. The RPG also features Strategic Combat that allows you to fight massive bosses.


Guardian Tales – Advanced, Tips Tricks, and Strategies


Guardian Tales also has a competitive mode. It features Intense PVP and Leaderboard ranks. You can assemble and synergize with three other heroes to face others in real-time combat. The game has a guild system and hero and weapon collections as well.


In this article, we will talk about advanced tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you get much better at the game.


How to Form a Team:


Team Composition is an essential part of Guardian Tales. For this, you can draft your team in two different ways.  You can either go for a mono element team or a duo element team. It also makes farming Evo stones extremely efficient. You can go for a Duo Split simply because you can get a DPS as Arabelle or Marina as a Tank that can be put into any team composition.


Do remember that flexing your team does not let you get bonus element damage. But, you do often get the 50% range or crit bonuses. You also want to focus on having a comp that can have skills of each other.


For general composition, you should go for four 5* heroes and either three range + unit or three melee + unit, but that should only be done in later stages of the game. For Healers, try going for Favi or Aoba. Favi helps you remove conditions and is of water type. Aoba has skills that better suit some specific combinations. You should look into them on your own.


Here are team compositions that we recommend for each specific element:


⦁    Water – Marina / Rachel / Favi / Catherine

⦁    Dark – Arabelle / Lupina / Karina / Yuze

⦁    Earth – Bari / Tinia / Hekate / Aoba / Marvin

⦁    Madlad Fire – Pilt / New fire champ / Dolf / Aka

⦁    Light – Eugene / Lapice Aisha / Eva


Do keep in mind that characters like Arabelle can fit into any team composition so you should always have them in your bag in case you want them.


Guardian Tales – Advanced, Tips Tricks, and Strategies


Do not Level up your Equipment:


Do not level up your Equipment which you are not going to use in the endgame. Remember that the main questline provides you with a massive amount of much better weapons than the weapons you will be upgrading.


Moreover, it gives you the ability to match and mix your abilities, which you can use to run most of the game. Moreover, always use the random evolution feature to get higher rarity items that have decent stats.


For accessories, you should go for percentage attack and DPS and percentage health and defense. Also, try to save up for your battle medal and keep random accessories into account.


Using Random Evolutions:


It would help if you always enhanced the level of your Equipment with hammers only. Never use random Equipment. This is mainly due to Random Evolutions.


You can use random evolutions to increase 1 to 2 stars and then increase 2 to 3 stars, which then goes to a maximum of 4 stars. After getting to 4 stars, you should use random evolutions to get a better stat and a higher rarity on your weapon every time.


What items to buy?


Guardian Tales – Advanced, Tips Tricks, and Strategies


There are particular items from the shop that will be much better in terms of purchasing compared to others. Here they are:


Battle Medals: You should do Colosseum and Arenas daily. Even if you win or lose, you get two battle medals, which you can exchange for the right accessory. It would help if you always went for the Minotaur’s Necklace.


Purple Shop: Try to buy everything but prioritize Stamina grinders as much as you can.


Star Piece: Star Pieces should be stockpiled for building upgrades. You can dump the rest or sell them in the auction house. Generally, you should have about 20-star pieces.


Hero Crystals: Hero Crystals are extremely late game items. You should save them if you wish to progress further in the game after a certain point, as they are mainly used in limit breaking.


Always Complete the Storyline:


Storylines in Gacha Games are usually undervalued. However, Guardian Tales is different. It has quite a unique questline with a lot of rewards baked into it. You should try and speed-run it as soon as possible so you can focus on rerolling and trying to get your characters to the next level.


The storyline also provides you with valuable insight into the game. It helps you understand the many nuances of characters as you progress further since it helps you engage with every single one of them.


For a most balanced approach, we recommend that you spend half of your time trying to complete the storyline and half of your time trying to complete the side quests and emphasizing rerolls over pulls.


Complete your Login Rewards:


Guardian Tales – Advanced, Tips Tricks, and Strategies


Guardian Tales has a lot of login rewards that you can take advantage of for a chance of progressing much faster in the game. These quests are relatively small and do not revolve around a lot of grinding. So, we recommend you do them as quickly as possible.




Guardian Tales is a Gacha game that has unique gameplay mechanics that separate it from the genre. It provides players with the evolution mechanic that brings in another blend of RNG into the game.


The game also has many currencies and special events such as Arena with an emphasis on PvP. This ensures a fresh take on the game while adding a large amount of progression into it.


In conclusion, you should focus on trying to improve your composition as much as possible. Therefore, we recommend that you follow the comps we have provided for an optimal chance of beating the game quickly and ultimately progressing extremely fast.

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