Arknights The New Operator Tuye In-depth Review

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Arknights is a strategic tower-based defense game with several characters named Operators. When the players move forward by unlocking several stages and missions, they will find new characters in the game. Arknights developers have released several operators to the game from time to time. It makes the game plat more vivid with the ongoing and upcoming missions. During the game, the operators have to block the enemies and do ranged damages.


Arknights The New Operator Tuye In-depth Review


Today, we will discuss one such new operator introduction in the game. They are essential to the constant well going of the game. The name of the new operator is Tuye. She has several enormous skills and abilities. Now, we will find the backgrounds details of Tuye and her unique talents and skills. You will find it more useful when you are going to play the game with the operator Tuye. Download Arknights on PC and make it more spice. 


Background of Tuye 


Arknights The New Operator Tuye In-depth Review


Tuye is a five-star future welfare unit from the Single Target Medic. She came from the operational lead seal event in the Contingency contract season four. Like all the other CC-type welfare characters, the players can get Tuye without any charges by spending only 300 Contract Bounties. They can get all the five potential tokens of Tuye for 720 Contract Bounties. Respectively they are 100, 120, 140, 160, and 200. 


Apart from that, with the summer skin of Castle-2 and the furniture pieces of Lead Seal Panant, she has the chance to join permanently to the shop. She will participate in the shop once the event ends. After that, the players can buy Tuye and all the available Tuye tokens at any time. There are few steps of her fellow CC welfares follow. But, Tuye has a somewhat different part from them. It is slightly different from what already exists. 


Her steps are more like to Bibeak, who provided a Dualstrikes as a new identity. It is how the scene built for herself as the prominent summoner for many other players. The new operator, Tuye, is trying to penetrate through the likes of Silence and Warfarin. It will happen as a new kit of her own. 


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General stats 


Considering her general stats, it is not much different from her mates of five-star Single Target Medics. It can be said that most of her stats are a pure copy of Warfarin's stats. But, Tuye has a relatively high HP level. She has fewer rates of time of defense and deploys and attacks. Tuye needs 21DP to deploy, and her redeploy time is 80 seconds. It is more similar to Folonic's stats.


Tuye can make quite long attacks with intervals of 2.85 seconds. This is purely the same as the stats of all the other Medics in Arknights. Anyway, Tuye has an interval as an essential attribute of her kit. It is proof of his only talent.


Talent | Water storage 


As mentioned earlier, Tuye has one talent, but it is essential. She is trying to racial her traits. This talent is all about storing the heals and distributing them later with a strong force. Tuye can heal up to a 55% attack boost with the maximum level of her potentials. This will happen if she has made no attacks during that 4 seconds.


This talent can be either more or less. It depends on the type of cement that she has set as a unique operator. There is something more to say when we talk about what talent means rather than healing others. It is the unique attack boost ability that Tuye gets in some stages. Most of the time, this creates in the levels of Contingency contracts. During that time, her speed of attacks will be debuffed by -30 or more than that. The effects of cold status will also work on this.




When we talk about an operator, the skills of that particular operator play a significant role. They all have some unique skills. Like that, even Tuye has two primary skills, and namely, they are Aqua Lopp and Cardiac Stimulant.


Skill one | Aqua Loop 


Arknights The New Operator Tuye In-depth Review


This is her first skill, and it can make quick heal to ally. It will act as a shield around them, and it can protect them from all the damages. It is similar to the 200% of her attack at the highest investment for five seconds. According to the description, this skill may have a low cost of SP for 12. 


But it looks so pretty and works well. But, in the actual game, it has a brief time pf shield. It activates till Surtr changes her S3. Most of the time, it leaves without any practical use. This skill good to use as the S3 of Aak. Because if you get it on the accurate b=palce in the land, it will do the best job. 


Skill two | Cardiac stimulant 


Arknights The New Operator Tuye In-depth Review


This is her second skill, and it is more similar to the S1 of Warfarin. But, these two skills are going in two completely different ways. So, this is a unique skill of Tuye. It has infinite time, including a charge time of 50SP. But sometimes, it ends, and the players have to load it up again. When this skill is activated, Tuye can do damages up to 60%. But, with that, she can heal enemies who have an HP level of less than 50%. 


When the allies fall under the HP level of 20%, Tuye can quickly distribute a healing burst among them. It will not care about the interval timers of the attacks. Using the current attacking stats of Tuye, she can heal allies up to 300%. After this 300% burst happens three times, this skill will end. This shows through the number of floating water bubbles around her. Then she has to recharge herself again.


In the game, you will see how these skills and talents network to do an excellent performance. It will put back her regular attack intervals with the condition of 50%. It will give Tuye to get additional advantages usually. Generally, Tuye's primary skill will rarely burst with 300%, and it will provide more boosting to her skill. This will only happen if the operators did not burst by 50% to 20% in a single attack, and Tuye should have enough time to refill her water tank.


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Arknights The New Operator Tuye In-depth Review




So, you can purchase the new operator in Arknghts named Tuye. She has standard rarity up to all the other ST Medics with an interesting kit. She has strong healing abilities, which will be essential during the battles. But, if you already have Sussurro, Shining, or Warfarin with you, the Tuye will not do a big deal to you as they all have similar skills. But you can select Tuye if you need her.


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